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Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Low Light photos samples and comparison shots to Lumia 920, 925

We know a lot of you have been itching for some low-light camera samples from the Nokia Lumia 1020, a device that should be landing on your doorsteps as early as today if you pre-ordered from AT&T.

Last night, we hopped into mid-town Manhattan to grab some samples with the 41MP beast and they’re posted below. We also have four samples comparing to the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925, so you can see the differences therein and two video clips as well.

The images have been resized for the web (click to enlarge) but as always, we’ll give you the full resolution ones here on our SkyDrive (link, 149MB ZIP), should you want to pixel peep...

Tour of Nokia’s Glance screen on the Lumia 925 and Amber update

We’ve reported quite a bit on Nokia’s Glance screen in the past but we also know some of you are new to Windows Phone and may have picked up a Lumia 925 this week or a Lumia 1020 next. If that’s the case, you may not be familiar with how to enable Glance (or even what it is) and all the options that it has available to you.

So we whipped up a little tutorial video to show you how to enable this feature (it’s not on by default, though we don’t know about the 1020 yet) and configure it for your liking.

Glance, for those who don’t know, is Nokia’s always-on clock for their Lumia line. It launched with the Lumia 925 but will be available on the Lumia 1020 for launch and other Lumia series devices when Nokia’s Amber update rolls out later this summer. Basically, a clock is fixed on your otherwise-off display and while it of course uses battery, it’s quite unassuming for usage.

Nokia launches Capture The Night; win a Lumia 925 and trip to NY

The Lumia 925 has received praise for the improved optics and software on-board to make low-light photography an absolute breeze. First introduced on the Lumia 920, Nokia added OIS (optical image stabilisation), leading to amazing results and is now pumping up the hype for its latest flagship Windows Phone. Introducing Capture The Night, Nokia's launching a promotion to market the new smartphone here in the UK.

To prove just how good the Lumia 925 is in low-light settings, the company has sent 15 units to secret locations around the UK. Each night at 9:25PM (starting on July 24th), each and every Lumia 925 will snap a photo at every location. This is where consumers get involved. As well as showing off the result of the improved imaging capabilities, Nokia will be giving away all 15 Lumia 925 handsets (as well as a trip to New York) if you can guess where that specific Lumia 925 is.

Nokia Lumia 925 launching this Saturday in Singapore, Lumia 1020 in Q3

We first saw the Nokia Lumia 925 at an event in London back in mid-May. It marked the first time aluminum was used as the majority of material in a Lumia. I guess you could call it the Luminium 925. Lame jokes aside, the device hit folks in the UK and Europe a month later and then just today on T-Mobile in the United States. Now our pals in Singapore are three days away from being the first with the device in Asia.

VimpelCom joins other major Russian mobile operators ditching Apple and the iPhone

It has been reported that the top three major Russian mobile operators have ceased selling the iPhone. VimpelCom has closed its partnership with Apple, following MTS and MegaFon. We previously looked at MTS preferring Windows Phone over the iPhone, feeling more comfortable with Microsoft's mobile platform, but this is an issue for Apple on a larger scale. 

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 Unboxing; We have Data Sense

As we noted earlier this morning, the Nokia Lumia 925 with its aluminum body and 8.7MP PureView camera went on sale today on T-Mobile, giving customers on that network their first shot at a high-end Nokia Windows Phone.

The device retails for $49 (with a 2 year repayment plan) or $550 outright and could be bought in stores or online, which ever you prefer.

Nokia Lumia 925 now available at T-Mobile; we're picking one up

The Nokia Lumia 925 has been a rather elusive Windows Phone in the US. Already available here in the UK and in Europe, consumers in the states have had to wait until T-Mobile and supporting retailers eventually launch the product and stock the flagship in local stores. Today's the day and T-Mobile has now published a product page for the Lumia 925 - it's available for order.

Deal Alert: Save big in the UK on this wireless charging pack for the Nokia Lumia 925 at O2

Look at this, a deal that isn’t focused in the United States. Our friends across the pond can take advantage of these sweet savings if they’re based in the UK and have a Nokia Lumia 925

While wireless charging isn’t integrated into the device like the Lumia 920, it’s worth checking out. Especially with the following deal after the break...

Lukewarm attention to T-Mobile Lumia 925? Customers complain about lack of information

This Wednesday, July 17th, T-Mobile is set to launch the aluminum based Nokia Lumia 925—a sister device to the flagship Lumia 920 with improved camera optics and a thinner, lighter shell. But you wouldn’t know it if you called your Microsoft or T-Mobile Store to find out.

A handful of anxious and future Lumia 925 owners have been either calling or stopping by their local Microsoft or T-Mobile stores to find out more information about the high end Windows Phone—T-Mobile's first, for Nokia. Turns out, quite a few are getting shrugs and “we don’t have any information” from customer service reps.

Microsoft Stores reportedly don’t have anything to say on the device, though they will take your Lumia 1020 pre-order—which is great if you’re on AT&T. With T-Mobile, it seems that they know more about the Android-based Sony Xperia Z, which also launched the same day as the Lumia 925.

Photos and video of our first look at the Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile

T-Mobile has had a busy day today. They announced some cool upgrades to their network, showed off a new upgrade program, and made the Nokia Lumia 925 available for the first time here in the United States. We were live at the event in NYC and spent some time with the device our friends across the pond have been enjoying for a few weeks. Photos and video after the break.

T-Mobile US announces 4G expansion and new Simple Choice Plan for families

T-Mobile is rocking on with its US press conference today. We've found out exactly how much we'll be having to pay for the Nokia Lumia 925, as well as when we can expect to see the new Windows Phone launch in the states. Alongside the smartphone announcement, John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US, also unveiled new services and upgrades at the mobile operator that will help out customers. 

T-Mobile announces price and availability of the Nokia Lumia 925, goes on sale July 17

We knew it was coming, T-Mobile has just announced the pricing and availability of the Nokia Lumia 925. The latest Windows Phone 8 device to hit T-Mobile in the United States will go on sale July 17. Want pricing? Read on.

T-Mobile Lumia 925 will have Wi-Fi calling, 16GB of storage and more

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Nokia Lumia 1020, but let us not forget that T-Mobile is poised to launch the fantastic Lumia 925 within the coming days (or weeks). In fact, that press event is tomorrow and we’ll of course be there to cover it.

Now, the support page for the T-Mobile branded Lumia 925 has gone up and we can finally confirm once and for all its final specs.

UK retailer Clove announces availability of grey Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is available in black, grey and white. UK retailer Clove has just announced that the company will be stocking the grey version this week, which will join both the black and white. All three variants are unlocked and ready to rock and roll with compatible networks and SIM cards. 

Nokia Lumia 925 announced for Australia, available from July 17th

Nokia Australia has announced the Lumia 925 will be available this month with retailers across the country looking set to have the device available on the 17th. Telstra will also be stocking the new flagship Windows Phone from July 30th and Optus on August 1st. The price for the new Nokia smartphone is stated to be $699.

Camera360 to partner with Nokia and the Lumia 925 Windows Phone

Bloatware just got a lot better on our Windows Phones or at least in China. Camera360 has announced a partnership with Nokia that will have the camera app pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 925 sold in China.

Camera360 is a fantastic Windows Phone app that is part photo editor, photo organizer and camera app. There is no doubt that Camera360 will compliment the Lumia 925's camera very well.

Nokia Lumia 925 Review: The best Windows Phone available?

Windows Phone Central's review of Nokia's next flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Lumia 925

Nokia has numerous Windows Phone 8 handsets available on the market, but that hasn’t stopped the Finnish manufacturer from launching yet another flagship smartphone. The Lumia 920 launched late last year, along with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 to the public, and since then we’ve seen multiple devices come to life, including the affordable Lumia 520. Nokia is certainly hitting each price point.

We’ve got our hands on the new Nokia Lumia 925 and have been able to play with the new smartphone to see how it fares with low-light photography, performance and general mobile phone use. Billed as the best Windows Phone experience yet, how does the Nokia Lumia 925 stack up and is the mobile phone as good as Nokia promote it to be? If you’re in a hurry and can’t read our review: yes, it’s actually that good.

Nokia shows off precision in the Lumia 925 camera with new ad

Nokia has published this promotional video on its YouTube account that shows off how the company has managed to construct the camera that's featured in the Lumia 925. The new flagship Windows Phone has a sixth lens when compared to the Lumia 920, but still sports the same OIS (optical image stabilisation) and improved apps and software tweaks.

Video of the Amber update for the Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 925 launched with a slightly improved camera compared to the Nokia Lumia 920 and 928. That sixth lens does help, but it’s the software in the Lumia 925 that makes the biggest difference in improving the photo results. Don’t fret Lumia 920 and 928 owners, the Amber update from Nokia will help bring your camera up to par. Here’s a video of it on the Lumia 920.

Nokia is giving away a Man of Steel movie prop and a Lumia 925 Windows Phone

If you're a fan of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, and like Lumia Windows Phones Nokia has a contest right up your alley.

Nokia USA is giving away a Command Key used in the Man of Steel movie plus a Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone. Entering is simple. Just re-tweet this tweet and you're done.