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Mehdoh updated to version 3.2

Why it was only a few days ago that we saw Mehdoh updated with some cool new features to make it Windows Phone 8 friendly. Seems like developer Chris Field isn’t content to leave it there, as today were seeing yet another bump for the popular Swiss army knife of Twitter apps.

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Windows Phone is blessed with some of the best Twitter apps on any platform, one of the heavyweights is undoubtedly Mehdoh. A sleek totally metro app that simply packs in tons of features for your social networking needs. The app has just got another update.

While Windows Phone has plenty of on-board social networking potential little can beat a dedicated app for folks who need that little bit more. We take a look at the latest version of mehdoh, join us.

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We’ve seen quite a few of the “big players” in Twitter apps for Windows Phone get their respective Windows Phone 8 bump in the last few weeks, so it’s great to see reader favorite Mehdoh get its due.

Mehdoh for Windows Phone 8 get quite a few new additions with the latest update, which is of course, free if you previously purchased the app (or locked it in when it was free). From lockscreen notifications to fast-resume, the Twitter app certainly gets the performance boost from Windows Phone 8’s new APIs and beefier hardware.

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We broke the news back at the beginning of December that the wildly popular Twitter app Mehdoh had disappeared from the Marketplace. More ominous was the closing of the Twitter account and a Tweet from the developer, Chris Field, that working on the app was no longer enjoyable. Within a few hours though, all was back to normal and there were even a steady flow of solid updates, culminating with version 1.9 which will go live in the next few hours.

Yet all is not well. The app will be permanently discontinued very soon and pulled from the Marketplace. If you have it, it will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but we will no longer see any updates. From the Mehdoh website:

"Due to various reasons, at the start of December we took the decision to close our App Hub Windows Phone development account with Microsoft. Since then the request has been going through the various departments, and via GeoTrust (who digitally sign the application). It now looks like that process is coming to an end.

This will mean that Mehdoh will eventually be disappearing (unfortunately for good this time) from the Marketplace. You may be aware that we recently submitted 1.9 for certification... we are seeking clarification if this will make it to the marketplace or not.

We believe that removing the application from the marketplace is best for users in the long run, as it means they will not end up downloading an application that is no longer under development, or being supported. For everyone who uses Mehdoh, and especially those that bought it, we thank you greatly for your support - You will still have a fully functional application to use and enjoy. Also a big thank you to everyone else who has supported Mehdoh, even when they don't actually use it themselves!"

We're going to save our tirade and disappointment for next week's podcast, but for now, we'll go with what Tyler L. said when he tipped us on this: "This seems to me like a middle finger to all its users". Indeed.

Small update: Seems as if v1.9 has some problems with settings screen. A supplemental update may try to be submitted to the Marketplace and in the meantime, the developer has made the XAP available for those who can side load.

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We're not exactly sure why but Mehdoh, the indie Twitter app that has quickly worked its way to the top, has vanished from the Marketplace. Doing a search for the app yields no results and following the app-link results in a message announcing that the app is no longer available. To make matters worse, the official Twitter address for Mehdoh has been deleted and from the developer's personal Twitter account, it notes that he's basically lost interest in developing Mehdoh, describing it as a chore:

Before we over-react, we need to remember indie devs are normal folks like us who have on-days and off-days, often dealing with life's stresses in addition to the problems of trying to run a small software business. But from the looks of it, Mehdoh was pulled by the developer and might not be coming back. That's a real shame as v1.5 became a really strong Twitter client with a great feature set and improved performance (yes, we use it regularly ourselves).

We just interviewed the developer of Mehdoh, Chris Fields, this past weekend and things seemed on the up and up, so we're a bit confused ourselves. We've reached out to Chris to hopefully get a better understanding of the situation.

Update: Well, call it odd timings, but the official @mehdoh Twitter page has been reactivated after being closed. There's also an explanation of sorts "For some reason, Mehdoh wasn't set as published on the marketplace. It is now. Sorry for the inconvenience.". We'll certainly welcome the non-return of Mehdoh, if true.

Thanks, Amir, for the heads up

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Mehdoh updated to 1.4, brings more support and fixes

Mehdoh, the lightweight Twitter app for Windows Phone, has been updated to version 1.4. We took a look at Mehdoh being the Twitter app that was Mango-ready out of the box. It features flipping live tiles with push notifications. So, what's new in 1.4?

  • Option to select how many tweets to fetch
  • Ability to fill gaps in the timeline
  • Fix for vanishing live tile mention/message count
  • Reworked new tweet screen. now also supports landscape
  • Support for twitvid image uploading
  • Support for inline image hosts

Mehdoh is a superb little Twitter client that's over-shadowed by the big brand names like Birdsong and the official Twitter app. You can download Mehdoh from the Marketplace for $0.99.

Thanks @techjunky79 for the heads up!

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We have another app-update round up for you to catch up on. We probably missed a few, but here's what we have for now.

  • Poynt v2- See review. For those who don't have Local Scout or just prefer to have an alternative, Poynt received a nice Mango update. The new version features weather on the Live Tile and pinnable sub-sections, like restaurant, gas, movie, weather, business, or people search. You can also add info to Contacts now, though it's fairly limited at this point. It evidently also uses Bing Search now, which is a nice touch. Overall, the app is quite sharp and free though we think scrolling could be improved a bit. Grab it here in the Marketplace.
  • Subsonic Streamer v5 - Yet another music streaming app, but this one streams from your home PC as opposed to an online service and features local-storage (for when offline). Once again, since its Mango-fied, it now has background playing, streaming, downloading and fast app switching, making this app really useful now. Of course, it's $3.99 but for those who need it, they love it. Grab it here in the Marketplace.
  • Mehdoh Twitter v1.2 - Mehdoh has the distinction of being one of the only Mango-fied Twitter apps in the Marketplace (see video hands on) and its already had two updates since its release. The latest version brings the ability to double tap the header to scroll to the top of the list, tweet the title/artist of the currently playing track, auto complete @, live tile updates for direct messages and the option to choose start up list. We really dig the ability to Tweet your currently playing song as we have seen a Twitter client offer that yet, plus with notifications and the Live Tile, we really dig this app. Pick it up here in the Marketplace.
  • GroupMe v1.2 - Though still in "preview" mode, GroupMe has taken a big step in the right direction by offering live tile notifications and photo sharing. Though Groups in Mango sort of makes GroupMe redundant, we're sure there are a few of you who need this free app. Get it here in the Marketplace.
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Although we know a lot of the big Twitter clients out there will be going "Mango" soon, Mehdoh is a completely new Twitter client from developer Chris Field that is Mango-ready out the gate. The app is in the final approval stages for the Marketplace now, meaning it should be showing up any day now.

Mehdoh is a fairly impressive v1.0 client. Featuring background checks for mentions (every 30 minutes), Toast Notifications, flipping live tile (shows your profile pic, along with number of mentions) and adherence to the Metro design, we're quite impressed with this minimalist, yet highly functional app.

In addition to the above, it features a "report spam" selection, conversation view, super smooth scrolling, fast app resume, reTweet with comment and the ability to view web links and images inline with the Tweet--something that is highly useful.

The app does take a little while to update, mostly because it pre-downloads a lot of data, however Chris is looking to tweak this and we can expect it to change upon final release or soon thereafter. Mehdoh will fetch for $0.99 upon release with a free trial. A free,  ad-supported version is planned, but not until a decent ad-service for Mango apps can be had in the UK. We recommend for the Mango users out there to give Mehdoh a look, as it's pretty sharp for a v1.0 release from an indy developer. Check out our video preview to get an idea of well it works.

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