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Take a look at the future and new multiplayer features for Xbox Live

This week, Microsoft is celebrating Xbox Live by announcing and sharing new features throughout the week. Yesterday we had our first look at the new Friends App on Xbox One. Plenty of new changes and features are coming to Xbox Live in the next-generation. Here are some new changes for how multiplayer works and how the Xbox One is built for the future. Videos and details below.

First video we have features Graeme Boyd who does social for the Xbox team and Albert Penello who happens to be the Director of Product Planning on Xbox. Albert Penello drops a ton of solid facts on the Xbox Live Cloud and how it’s going to help future proof the Xbox One. You’ll also learn how your profile and all content associated with your profile will follow you from Xbox One to Xbox One. You’re also picking up on the benefits of using Kinect, from powering on your home entertainment system to saving game clips with your voice.

Up next we have Graeme Boyd again, but this time joined with Larry Hryb. The guys are chatting up various folks involved with the Xbox One and the video is focused on multiplayer in the next-generation. Check the video, but here’s a breakdown of some cool features coming to Xbox Live on the Xbox One

  • Smart Match – allows you to search for matchmaking games while doing other activities on the console.
  • Improved reputation system – play with similar gamers that fit your play style. Your Gamertag will now place you with gamers with similar reputation. Block button will mute a player and remove them from matchmaking with you in the future. If you receive a lot of blocks, your reputation in the community goes down. But you can improve it by being a good participant in the Xbox Live community.
  • Home Gold –Designate an Xbox One console as your “home console”. This allows you to share digitally licensed games with anyone using your console, benefits of Gold also get passed to family members using that console. Sign into any Xbox One console and all your game saves, digital content, home screen are all with you.

Check out the videos and let us know what you think of the future of Xbox Live. Did you notice how the new dashboard allows for different colors? 

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  • Hey, somewhat off topic, but I'm asking because of the video, why does myTube not react to the rotation lock in GDR3?
  • Probably has something to do with the app not fully supporting the feature yet. It is only a beta version for this sort of reason though, so will be fixed in a future update if the developer gets ahold of the info of it not working.
  • It doesn't work in portrait view ever...does it?
  • Yes it does?
  • But it doesn't make sense that if the rotation lock disables the accelerometer, why would the app still access it?
  • It doesn't disable the accelerometer, it just disable orientation changes for specific applications of the phone it seems. When taking pictures it still indicates if I'm holding the phone upright or sideways.
  • Works fine on my Ativ S, if screen lock is enabled, videos continue to play in portrait when the screen is rotated to landscape and when screen lock is disabled videos go full screen/landscape when the screen is rotated to landscape.
  • What app are you using?
  • Not only gdr3 im on gdr2 and metro tube wont play video
  • This Paul I been having problems with metrotube as well
  • use primetube.
  • Lol MyTube or gtfo
  • 2nd !!!
  • Dribbler.
  • Too bad, you'll only be second rate.. tsk tsk
  • The dashboard animations are gorgeous.
  • Yes they are. All the animations on the Xbox one dashboard look so great.
  • +925
  • Indeed the dashboard and UI in general look amazing
  • FINALLY! A revamped UI.... Yay
  • Wait, they are removing my avatar? :(
  • I hope not.
  • No they arent everything is staying with your xbox live account
  • I kinda don't get the "take your account anywhere with you" point. I can't imagine a practical scenario, where i would use that. When i go to a friend, we will surely use their profile and where else would there be an xboxone lying around, where i can log in with my account and start playing on my own?
  • Good point.. I agree!
  • If you're playing multiplayer at a friends house you would be using your profile not his.  THAT'S the point.  If you check itnot a hotel that happens to have XBox Ones in the room that Xbox One would log you into your account and profile allowing you to play your games using your saves.  That's the point.
  • If we are playing multiplayer at a friends house, why would we use my profile? (except maybe the fact, that he doesn't have gold membership). It's not that i am playing with my profile, while he is leaving the house doing other stuff. So if we play together, why using my profile?
  • what if your friend does not have the new game that you just bought and you want to play it with him ?
  • Get out.. You're dumb
  • Not only that, but apparently your digital content (downloaded games) will also be available to you on that friends console.
  • Lol really? Everyone likes to play multiplayer on their own profile so they keep their guns, stats, etc. And also for acheivements
  • Do you really want to be MyFriend (1) online instead of your own tag?
  • You're seriously asking that ?! I want to take my account everywhere! This is not the 90s anymore, my online persona is me, not playing with other people's profile, that's gross.
  • Does anyone know if we buy digital versus physical we can have our games with us when we log into other Xbox Ones? Unfortunate that feature will be removed on the first update..
  • Believe that still is the case, the change was to not allow disc based titles to be played anywhere (you need the disk) but for your digital purchases, if you can access your profile (any XOne) then you can access all your games.
  • Thanks, I also tweeted XboxSupport about my inquiry, I'll post here whenever they reply.
  • You can already play digitally purchased games on another Xbox 360, just by logging in to your gamertag. so I would assume it would continue that way.
  • Oh really? Lol, just shows how much digital games I buy. Thanks.
  • Million dollar question - Will the Games app on WP8 get updated to reflect the changes like having followers and include the same info with what your friends are up to. I would love to see my friends feed as a live tile on my phone.
  • I think SmartGlass will just be integrated with Games. At least I think that would be the best action, so you can access all Xbox services in one place.
  • Gorgeous. Everytime I see more of the XBox One, the happier I am that I placed my pre-order ages ago.
  • So it seems that we're going to compete for cloud game saves now. Lovely! I'll go tell Valve...
  • So how much cloud storage do we get again?
  • Your "Source" link is is going to a reddit site that shows anime porn (
  • Gorgeous UI, will look amazing on a big TV.
  • Sweet
  • so what happens if you have more then one console at your house? how does home gold work? I have 3 xbox 360's in my house now
  • You'd only have gold on your gamertag for the other two xbox. Any other users would have to pay for gold themselves on the other consoles.
  • If you have three Xbox Ones at home, and your gamertag is gold, you specify your home console and everybody on that console has gold at all times. Then, you log in with that same gamertag on your 2nd Xbox and use it there all the time. Everybody on that first Xbox will always have Gold, even if your gamertag is signed in and playing on another Xbox. I do not think Home Gold will be applied to the Xbox 360, unless I have missed something somewhere. Also. I can't think of a way to get Gold on the 3rd console without paying for a 2nd gold subscription. Well, I mean, of course you could sign in and play with the one Gold gamertag, but you could only use that method to use Gold features on 2 consoles at the same time, not 3.
  • I like that game saves are automatically stored both locally and in the cloud now. It was annoying having to switch between the two on occasion.
  • Is there a non YouTube link to the video? I don't have a google account and this requires login.
  • I assume you are having problems with the Xbox One is built for the Future video? Go to and look for a post from yesterday entitled Xbox Live Compute, Smartglass, Kinect, and more. Or if on the WPC app, watch via myTube app if you have that installed. That works for me as well.
  • Using metro tube and it won't play. requires login.
  • Wish some of these changes came to the 360. You know, like features that can be added by software.
  • I hope the blocking thing does work. I've blocked & reported people in the past only to be matched with them again in the next game.
  • It may be too late to get a response for this question, but can someone explain that Scottish guy's role? And I don't mean his title, I mean what does he actually do?