Whether you're working together with a large group, or you personally deal with a lot of files on a daily basis, having the right programs to view a wide swath of files can be costly and can waste your time as you switch back and forth.

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What you need is a program that can handle many file types, and one that can convert those other files into PDF format. Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on Corel PDF Fusion, a powerful tool that solves your problem. Instead of paying $70, you'll instead pay just $20. That's 71% off the regular price.

Corel PDF Fusion can open more than 100 different file types, it can combine multiple files into one document, it lets you annotate documents, and, of course, lets you create new PDFs.

Grab Corel PDF Fusion for 71% off the regular price!

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If you're sick of dealing with PDFs the hard way, why not make your life easier with Corel PDF Fusion? You'll be thanking yourself for years to come, especially since it's a steal of a deal right now at $20.