You can now get the Dremel Digilab 3D40 3D Printer for just $807.50 on Amazon thanks to a price drop to $850 and a 5% off on-page coupon. The printer normally sells for around $1,300, but the drop to $850 is a match for its lowest ever. The extra 5% off is huge and the first time we've ever seen the Dremel go so low.

Whether you want to use the Dremel as an experienced hobbyist, a beginner to the world of 3D printing, or in the classroom, the Digilab 3D40 is an award-winning printer that's easy to setup and works for everyone. It has a 4.5-inch full color touchscreen that makes the initial setup a breeze, and you'll be operating it in less than 15 minutes. With built-in Wi-Fi and remote printing software, you can get the printer working from just about anywhere.

The Dremel only uses PLA filament for printing, a thermoplastic made from renewable resources. The other option is ABS and it's important to know this printer doesn't use it since these two filaments are what most 3D printers use to print. If you need more PLA filaments of all different colors, Dremel has a large selection, and many of those options have 5% off on-page coupons as well.

If you want some inspiration, check out sites like Thingiverse where people put their 3D printed masterpieces on display.

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