The Aukey USB-C 10000mAh portable dual-output power bank is down to $17.01 with code AUKEYR45 on Amazon. Without the code, the battery charger is worth $23 and does not drop from that price except through rare coupon codes like this.

The power bank has a USB-A port, micro USB port, and a USB-C port. Both the micro USB and USB-C ports can be used to recharge the device, and the USB-C can also be used to power your devices. That gives you a lot of options for charging and a variety of ways to plug in. The power bank has a total power output of 15W, and the 10000mAh battery is large enough for all your mobile devices and tablets. The refined design is comfortable to hold with a minimal LED indicator to show the remaining battery level. You'll also get a two-year warranty from Aukey. Users give it 4.9 stars based on 19 reviews.

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