The Tile Essentials bundle has all the Bluetooth trackers you need and it's $20 off

The relatively new Tile Essentials (2020) bundle is on sale for $49.99 at Amazon. The package includes two Tile Stickers, one Mate, and one Slim. The group normally sells for around $70. Since it was introduced in October, this bundle has never gone on sale. Previous deals just saw it at the same $70 price with some extras, including an Echo Dot at one point even though that has since expired.

Tile Essentials (2020) Bluetooth item trackers

Tile Essentials (2020) Bluetooth item trackers

Comes with two Stickers, one Mate, and one Slim. The latter two have a 200 foot range, and the Stickers work up to 150 feet away. Make your phone ring when you lose it. Use the Tile app to track on a map. Use the community for larger distances.

Where are your keys? Your phone? Your wallet? Ever have trouble keeping track of your stuff? I know I do. I'm sure everyone does at some point. What you need is a Bluetooth tracker that you can use to find your stuff no matter where they are, even if you just left them in your old pants or dropped them underneath the bed.

With the Tile Essentials bundle you get several Bluetooth trackers you can use in a variety of ways. For example, if you lose your phone, you can press the Tile button to make your phone ring. That function will work even if you put your phone on silent, which is always a huge fear with doing that to your phone. You can also use the Tile app to view a map with the location of your trackers. It remembers when and where you left your stuff behind and can tell you.

The different trackers have different ranges. The Mate and Slim both work with a Bluetooth range of 200 feet. The Stickers have a range of 150 feet. If anything you're tracking is farther away than that, you can appeal to the Tile community. Recruit Tile members anonymously to help you find your items by pinging their apps and getting an indication of where the stuff your tracking is.

The Mate has a replaceable battery that lasts for one year. The Slim and Stickers have built-in batteries that last up to three years.

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