Titanfall 2 goes 'Bang Bang' in its official launch trailer

We're mere days away from the launch of Titanfall 2, and EA has chosen to reign in the occasion with a brand-new trailer. Set to the sounds of "Bang Bang," the launch trailer gives us one last chance to get hyped for the intense Titan battles to come. Take a look at the trailer below.

To recap, the game not only serves up the intense multiplayer battles familiar to those who played the first title, but Titanfall 2 also introduces the franchise's first single-player campaign. During the campaign, you'll play as rifleman Jack Cooper, venturing into battle with his Titan BT-7274 as the story unfolds.

Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28 for Xbox One and PC, and is available for pre-order now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Never played the first one but this looks pretty good, I might pick it up.
  • Might get me an Xbox for Xmas
  • If it wasn't from EA I would buy this game
  • +
  • Your loss. EA publishes and develops a lot of good games.
  • I don't doubt they have good games but my personal experience has been mediocre, so even if they have good games I don't want to buy them because many others I consider them bad. Same reason I don't buy any apple product, some of them are pretty good, but as a company I don't like it for their proprietary stuff
  • Dumb stance. Respawn developed this, not EA. EA published this, they are one of the largest publishers of video games in the world, they even publish a lot of fantastic indie games such as Unravel. You cheat yourself out of playing a lot of fantastic games by taking such a silly hard-lined stance.
  • Nothing worng with his stance and I support and respect it.  The only EA games I will ever touch start with the Name Star Wars.  Even on that, I am careful, Respawn devloping or not, EA whole design format is not to make Great games but make Stupid amount of money for sharehlders.
  • Title sent my brain straight to Rammstein... My fave game advert song is still "oh no you didn't" mercenaries 2. And it's an original, seems to be a lot of mediocre covers around.
  • One of the best games ever.  
  • Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Battlefield and Titanfall....oh the choices! Wanna play them all :D
  • I have all except for horizon 3. I was a huge bad company 2 fan, the multiplayer was fantastic, battlefield 4 and hard line both let me down. I was pleasantly surprised with battlefield 1, the multiplayer is great from what I've played.
  • Hope it fails miserably. Any developer that pisses on the original fans is scum. Respawn are worse than EA themselves.
  • What are you talking about?  I'm a HUGE titanfall1 fan.  I play almost every day.  How has Respawn pissed on me?
  • Kids and I will watch this closly.  Titan Fall 1 was a waste of money. The kids gave it a month and were bored. I tried it, but with the kids do not play it, I do not.