Unlocked Lumia 900 available at 1 Sale A Day in both white and cyan for $220

The Lumia 900 has revealed itself on 1 Sale A Day numerous times now, but we're here yet again with another deal. Available in both cyan and white, the Windows Phone 7 smartphone can be picked up (in reportedly "new" condition) for $220. That's not a bad deal at all, especially when it's unlocked and sporting 4G capabilities.

The product comes with 1-year warranty with Nokia, but do hurry if you're considering the deal as there's only 11 hours left. If you've forgotten what the handset features, we're looking at a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display (400x800), 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 1MP front-facing camera, 512MB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

Source: 1 Sale A Day (US only)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I picked up two of the cyan ones.  Just a note, I've bought a lot of stuff from 1saleaday, their shipping times are inconsistent at best.  I picked up one of 900 black phones in early feb, arrived in two days.  I was going to give it to my mother, however, my wife dropped her 920 and shattered the glass, so.....  On Feb 19th, another black lumia goes up on 1sale, so I ordered that one, still haven't received it.  It will be interesting to get the cyan ones.  The one black one I've received so far came in and looks and works great.  I think for the price, it's great to give out to kids or good friends to get them into Windows Phone.  Still plenty of mileage left in those 900's.  I was also able to update it to 7.8 by using the good ole press update, count, kill internet connection and forcing it.
    Best of luck!
  • Yeah I bought a cheapo mouse from them once. It took so long to ship that I actually found a better deal and asked them to cancel my order. Their customer service is shit though, so they took 4 days to respond to my email and by that time it had finally shipped.
  • .....why would i get one of these its old
  • Because its $220.  Personally I would prefer to spend a little more for a cheap WP8 phone, like the 720.  But this does run 4G LTE, which is a plus for some people.
  • Well the 720 is not going to be any less than $300, but i agree $70 more will get you a 620 like mines.. :D
  • Zune > Xbox Music
    Also some apps aren't WP8 compatible.
  • Thats a good point.  The ironic twist to the WP7/8 schism seems to be that there are more apps incompatible with WP8 then there are incompatible for WP7.
  • Tango is a perfect example. Like why cant they just change the resolution cant be that hard
  • Yea or a 822 i think we should speed up the getting rid of wp 7.x already. Wp8 apps are just better overall on my 920
  • Rayman jungle run is live on the Windows store
  • This would be huge news if so but I don't see it.
  • Thanks for the tip bud!!! :)
  • Link please...
  • its in the article as source dumbass
  • Hmm i was referring to the comment about Rayman Jungle..
  • I think he's talking about the game, Rayman Jungle Run.....dumbass
  • Download the award-winning Rayman Jungle Run from the Windows Store here: http://bit.ly/RaymanJungleRun
  • Thank you..
  • Why are we talking about a Windows 8 game on a Windows Phone thread?  I don't understand.
  • Download the award-winning Rayman Jungle Run from the Windows Store here: http://bit.ly/RaymanJungleRun
  • I have Sprint :-( will this phone work on Sprint network?
  • This phone will not work with Sprint. AT&T and T-Mobile only. T-Mobile is restricted to 2G while AT&T is up to 4G LTE.
  • Actually in T-Mobile in some areas i am able to get HSPA+ ("4G").
  • I have Lumia 800 which is obviously european version and I have used AT&T type SIM card from Net10, I used to get H (HSPA) around 4-7 mbps. Right now I am using T-mobile SIM card and I get 6-7 mbps in most locations but in some locations its only Edge.
    I think after t-mobile and AT&T merger failure, T-Mobile got some bandwidth as a deal and also they have started using metro PCS network. So, my guess is...T-Mobile network is better than AT&T without LTE. I can't comment on LTE as my phone doesn't support it.
  • t-mobile got spectrum as part of the deal. not bandwidth... t-mobile is also not using the metro pcs network... their network is CDMA. t-mobile is GSM. They are "in the process" of a merger, but the network merger is months, perhaps a year or so from being put together.