Upgrade to a new mouse pad with the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition on sale for $8

Hyperx Speed Edition Medium Mouse Pad
Hyperx Speed Edition Medium Mouse Pad (Image credit: HyperX)

When's the last time you even thought about your mouse pad or bought a new one? Take a look at it right now. Are the edges fraying? Is it a bit of a mess? Maybe it's worth upgrading to something that could actually improve your game.

The HyperX Fury S Speed Edition Medium pro gaming mouse pad has dropped to a low price of $7.99 through Amazon. This actually seems to be a price match with Best Buy where you can also find the mouse pad on sale. That means when it disappears in one place, it's probably going to vanish from the other. The HyperX mouse pad normally sells for $15 or more, and the first time we ever saw it go this low was during last year's Black Friday sales. It has been bouncing back and forth from its normal price since then. Grab it now before it jumps back up.


HyperX Fury S Speed Edition mouse pad | 47% off

This is a simple deal but a good one. Grab the mouse pad for nearly half off its regular price and upgrade your workstation with something that looks great and performs admirably. Last thing you want to worry about is your mouse pad.

HyperX designed this mouse pad with competitive gamers in mind, which means it's going to be great for you even if you're just a casual gamer or someone who wants a decent mouse pad. The mouse pad's cloth face provides a uniform surface that's both comfortable and fluid so you get a nice flow of mouse movement. It's a durable pad, too, thanks to the seamless stitching that ensures the edges won't fray even after normal wear and tear.

A mouse needs a dense and uniform surface, and the HyperX's pad has some texture to it, too, so your mouse's sensor can get precision tracking all the time. There's also a rubber base on the bottom, which means the mouse pad won't be sliding around even as your hand is moving at the speed of light.

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