The force is strong with this week's Deals with Gold for Xbox One

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has announced this week's Deals with Gold offers. The promotion will see Xbox owners saving big on a selection of games, including the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 4, and Forza Horizon 2. Not only that but there's also a Microsoft publisher pormotion currently running too. Should you game on the Xbox One or Xbox 360, there'll be deals for everyone to take full advantage of.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Listings with * denotes deals for Gol subscribers only. Let us know in the comments if you pick anything up from the lists above.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I missed out on Battlefront for £20 on disc in Tesco last week :-/ Should have got it as soon as I saw it - The pull towards digital made me not bother for some reason, even at a great price
  • Reasonably glad I didn't now - It'll probably never hit £20 digital whilst it's still got players. But a £7.50 premium isn't that bad for the benefits of Digital (There are benefits for me, and yes I am aware of the downsides of Digital too)
  • Might take a punt on The Force Unleashed games, but I'd be hoping for Backwards compatibility as my Xbox 360 is going to make room for a PS4 when the PS4.5 comes out and I can get a cracking deal
  • They are some of my favorite games so I sure hope that as well Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They were fun until the end of the game, where magic powered stormtroopers took millions of hits to kill
  • Major Nelson just posted 2 minutes ago that they are now Backwards Compatible! Insta Purchase now!
  • Just bought kalimba, ryse legendary edi and sunset overdrive season pass. I just need the witcher 3 season pass to go on sale and my life is complete (until something cool comes out).
  • Kalimba was the best puzzle platformer of 2014.
  • I might buy d4 and beyond eyes
    There are more games which are on sale
    Will try to add the list here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Both games are very enjoyable.
  • d4 gameplay doesn't looks good to me. I am going for state of decay! Sent Using Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • They should really have Minecraft in there.
  • Why? it's selling just fine on it's own
  • not everyone prefers to go for full retail price Sent Using Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • Saw something odd. Games for Gold will be free right? But Madden NFL 16 is listed as Free Play Days but no time frame is given..! Can anyone explain pls..?
  • That's not a games with gold game, it's free in the EA vault. EA decided it was going to be free for a period of time.
  • Ohh ok that's good. But they should explain it more clearly VenkiDknight - Sent from Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim
  • Thanks! Love these kind of articles. Just picked up battlefront deluxe for 35 bucks
  • On a slightly related note I love the fact that the 360 games with gold are visible on the one, now I don't even need to turn on my 360.
  • Only problem is it registering on 360 download history for example downloaded the full pinball fx free on xb1 but cant on 360
  • I'll pick tomb raider, finally
  • May pickup the sw:pinball pack thats pretty much all for 360 . As for won id like to convert fm6 to digital but it's still not enough a discount for someone who bought vip/car pass on sale a few months ago, as for horizon 2 ultimate id be better off buying the remaining dlc thats missing separately
  • The Force Unleashed 1 and 2 now on Backwards Compatibility!