Valorant roadmap detailed in new dev diary, Riot Games aiming to release six new heroes per year

Valorant Episode
Valorant Episode (Image credit: Riot Games (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Valorant is the new arena shooter from Riot Games.
  • Riot has detailed a roadmap for when to expect new heroes.
  • There's also other post-launch support on the way.

Riot Games' arena shooter Valorant is out in the wild and now that players have had some time with it, Riot is turning its eyes to the future. In a new dev diary, a basic roadmap for the future of the game is laid out, with the obvious addendum that due to work from home and scheduling around the holidays, plans may change. You can take a look at the full dev diary below.

One of the biggest takeaways from this dev diary is just how often new Agents will be released. Riot is aiming to have each Episode last six months, with three Acts per Episode, each Act being two months long. Each Act will also bring a new Agent, so players are potentially looking at six new Agents per year.

New skins will be added weekly or bi-weekly during Acts, while new game modes are going to be added when they make sense, which is likely to be at the very beginning of Acts but this could change. As an aside, there are also new reporting tools being developed to help curb toxic player behavior.

We'll continue to provide updates as Riot shares more information on how Valorant will change and improve over the next few months.

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