VLC for Windows 8, Win Phone 8 Kickstarter hits fundraising target

The VLC team has announced on its Kicstarter project page that it has accumulated over £40,000. This was the set target for further Windows 8 / RT and Windows Phone 8 development to take place, as well as consumers being able to download VLC from the Windows Store sooner. It's an achievement that illustrates the strong backing the free media player has.

But the fundraising hasn't halted however. The team will use all excess funds above and beyond the £40k to speed up the development process to bring the app to Windows Phone 8, since it's stated the extra capital will enable the team to parallelise the workload of the ports to Windows 8 / RT and Windows Phone 8.

As well as a huge thank you for the support displayed thus far by the community, the VLC team revealed some additional features that will be worked on full-time after the initial release is complete:

  • Camera Input Support enables users to record anything connected cameras can see and stream it live
  • DLNA client and server integration for playback of media stored on DLNA capable servers on your Windows RT tablet or Windows Phone. Stream everything VLC can play on your tablet or Windows 8 PC to your DLNA capable devices (Xbox, etc.)
  • Integration with locally attached devices for media playback and synchronisation
  • Smartglass support

The team has previously kept everyone who has been following the Kickstarter project up-to-date with some concept screenshots of how the finished product could look like. We were impressed by what the team had come up with and VLC is an extremely popular media player, one which we feel would do well on the Microsoft Store (as well as Windows Phone!).

So while a VLC app for Windows 8 / RT and Windows Phone 8 isn't going to be released tomorrow, it's great to relay the announcement that the project has reached its fundraising target and development will kick off in the new year. 2013 is going to be big, we can feel it in the bones. 

Source: Kickstarter

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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