Wait out the winter with Amazon Kindle e-readers up to 44% off today only

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Kindle Ereader (Image credit: Amazon)

No one does Amazon device deals better than Amazon, right? Today's daily deals section includes the Amazon Kindle e-reader for as low as $49.99. That's $40 off the regular price of the Kindle, and it's actually just one of the ways you can save. Basically every variation of the Kindle is on sale. Choose from black or white. Choose from ad-supported or not ad-supported ($20 more but still discounted from its regular price). You can even get three months of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription tacked on for free. Considering Kindle Unlimited normally costs $10 a month, that's another $30 in savings with access to thousands of books for you to read on your new device.


Amazon Kindle e-readers | At least $40 off

Get the discounted price with three months of Kindle Unlimited at no extra charge. That's a $40 discount plus $30 in savings versus the normal cost of the subscription service.

The classic Kindle is all about facilitating a healthy habit of reading lots and lots of books. It has a 167 ppi display that resists glare from the sun or bright lights. It is meant to feel like you're reading from real paper and does a pretty good job of that compared to a bright screen from a tablet or smartphone. You can dive deep into your books and explore all new worlds without suffering from eye fatigue.

This Kindle even includes a light on the front, which is an improvement over previous generations. You can also adjust the brightness based on where you're reading so you get it just right.

The Kindle includes 8GB of internal storage. You could store thousands of books with that much space. Kindles have also historically been very good with battery life. We're talking about a battery that lasts for weeks because the device is designed to maximize that property.

Highlight passages while you read, look up words you don't know, translate foreign words you can't identify, adjust the text size, and more. The Kindle makes reading as easy as possible for you. You can even sign up with Audible and get some audiobooks and listen with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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