It's E3 season so leaks are to be expected. However, companies leaking their own games is still surprising to say the least. Today, Warner Bros. accidentally leaked Hitman 2 by posting a logo which could easily be seen on a dark theme. It's unclear if this was intentional, but if it isn't it'll serve as a great reminder that browsers don't always have white backgrounds.

Warner Bros. was teasing a new game reveal in 72 hours, but now we all know what it is. Industry insider "lashman" linked Hitman 2's logo on the Warner Bros. website ahead of its reveal. The publisher might take the image down on Twitter, so we've posted a screenshot of it below.

Hitman is a long-running franchise which has seen many ups and downs. Recently, IO Interactive split from Square Enix and partnered with Warner Bros. for the next installment in the franchise. Instead of simply providing a linear game, the Hitman reboot dropped maps as episodes in order to keep players engaged over the long run. The approach received significant critical acclaim because it told an engaging story and provided lots of replayability.

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Instead of simply killing an enemy, Hitman required you to find and unlock new ways to terminate them. This is the essence of the game and hopefully Hitman 2 will continue that trend. It's unclear if the title will be a new download or an expansion to the Hitman game already available on Xbox One. No matter what it turns out to be, we know that it'll support Xbox One X. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the project in the coming days.

Updated June 4, 2018: Warner Bros. removed the logo from its website signifying that it was indeed a mistake.

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