The WD My Passport 512GB SSD gives you speed and space on sale for $80

My Passport Ssd 512gb
My Passport Ssd 512gb (Image credit: Amazon)

The WD My Passport 512GB external portable solid state drive has dropped to $79.99 on Amazon. This deal is a price match of one of Best Buy's deals of the day featuring the same device at the same price. This is a one-day only thing so don't expect the price to last long. While the drive normally sells for a street price around $90, it does go as high as $130 at Best Buy on a regular basis. Either way, today's drop to $80 is a match for the lowest we've ever seen, and it's a drop we have not seen since early 2019.

WD My Passport 512GB external portable solid state drive

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There are plenty of portable hard drives out there, but SSDs don't have moving parts which means they're more durable. That also means they can get pricey. Today's deal gets you the best of both worlds with a record low price on this 512GB model.

This hard drive is a newer generation of WD My Passport drives. There's an aesthetic difference compared to the previous generation. These feature metallic enclosures and matte finishes. They're also slightly thinner, taller, and overall sleeker. On the inside, a few changes were made as well. There's automatic backup software as well as built-in encryption to protect your data. Transfer speeds are slightly faster as well.

Portable SSDs are so much better than portable hard drives. I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. Hard drives are very vulnerable to vibrations and getting broken from heavy movement. SSDs do not have moving parts, which makes them generally a lot more durable. The technology just isn't as inexpensive as hard drives, which is why the latter have been more popular for portable drives. Today's deal makes up for that.

The WD My Passport features read speeds up to 540MB/s, and it's compatible with both USB-C and USB-A, including USB 3.1 Gen 2. It can automatically backup your data and has password encryption to keep it safe.

Use the WD Discovery software to monitor your drive. It includes features like WD Backup, Security, and the ability to import your data with cloud storage. Your purchase is backed by a three-year manufacturer's warranty from WD.

We actually listed this drive in our best external solid state drive roundup, giving it an award for the best aesthetics. Keep all that sleek metal protected with this carrying case.

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