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What's new with Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Alongside the new features and changes included in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is also delivering a number of improvements to the Edge web browser.

In this new version, Microsoft Edge revamps the look and feel with elements of the new Fluent Design System. It improves support for PDF and EPUB files. There is an updated experience to manage your favorites. You can finally pin sites to the taskbar, and there are several new tweaks under-the-hood to enhance the overall experience and save battery life.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll give you a closer look at the most important changes that you'll find with Microsoft Edge for the Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft Edge new features and improvements

Fluent Design

Microsoft Edge receives some noticeable visual changes around the frame using Fluent Design elements. Starting with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the browser uses Acrylic material across the tab bar and other controls adding transparency and a sense of depth.

PDF support

In this new version, the browser introduces better support for PDF files.

Along with previously available PDF reader features, it's now possible to edit, print, and save PDF forms on the web, or files locally stored on your device.

You've been able to annotate web pages since the browser was first introduced with Windows 10, but starting with the Fall Creators Update, Windows Ink is also expanding to PDF files with features like a ballpoint pen and touch writing, highlighter, and eraser.

On long documents, Microsoft Edge can now display its table of contents for easier navigation. If the file includes this feature, you'll see a Table of Contents button on the top-left side of the PDF toolbar, which you can click to quickly jump to a particular part of the file.

When working with scanned documents that don't have the proper orientation, you can now use the option on the top-right corner of the toolbar to rotate the file.

In the toolbar, you'll also find a new Layout menu with options to switch between one-page to two-page layout, and an option to use continuous scrolling.

Another interesting feature with this update is the ability of Microsoft Edge to read PDF files aloud. The option is available in the toolbar or using the Ctrl + Alt + R keyboard shortcut. While using this feature, you will get access to controls, including to play/pause, jump to the next or previous line, and an option to change the voice and speed.

In addition, when working with PDFs, selecting text will get you access to a new context menu that allows you to use the highlighter, copy, ask Cortana or add notes.

EPUB support

Microsoft Edge is also getting better handling EPUB files. Alongside internal improvements, starting with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you can now annotate EPUBs using highlighter, underlining, and adding comments.

You can use these new annotation features by selecting text on the e-book to access a new context menu with options to use the highlighter, underline text, copy, ask Cortana, and add notes.

Additionally, when creating notes, you can use the keyboard or Windows Ink using your digital pen. (Though, it's not possible to use your pen to annotate directly into a page like in PDF files.)

If you're reading books you've purchased from the Windows Store, then your reading progress, bookmarks, and notes will sync automatically across devices.

Favorites improvements

This new version of the default web browser for Windows 10 is also updating the Favorites experience with a new folder-three view that you can drill-down to quickly select where you want to save a new link, instead of using a drop-down menu.

Saving a new favorite, you'll also notice a new animation making it clear that your link got saved in your Favorites list.

Additionally, it's now possible to right-click and select Edit URL on saved link from favorites bar to modify the site URL.

Finally, when accessing the right-context menu for tabs, you'll find a new option to Add tabs to favorites, which when selected will create a new folder in Favorites with all the sites that you have open in the tab bar.

Website permissions

As more websites start supporting push notifications and location-based services, you'll see more requests for permissions to enable notifications, access to camera, or track your location. In order to help manage the permissions you grant to the sites you visit, Microsoft Edge now introduces a new Show site information page to review permissions.

Once you've upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, on any website, you can click the lock or "i" icon on the right-side of the address bar to see and manage the site permissions.

Alternatively, you can go to Microsoft Edge settings > View advanced settings, and under Website Permissions, click the Manage button to see and change the permissions you've already granted to websites.

Microsoft Edge new 'about:flags' settings

Similar to other modern web browsers, Microsoft Edge includes an "about:flags" page with settings and experimental features meant for developers and advanced users, and this time around Edge is eliminating most of the options, instead of adding more.

On the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, when accessing "about:flags," you'll find that the page is now divided into two sections: "Developer settings" and "Standards Preview."

In the Developer settings section, the available options remain the same as before with the exception that you'll now find the "Hide my local IP address over WebRTC connections" option.

Under Standards Preview, you can control only a few experimental features, including touch events, VP9 video format, JavaScript features, service workers, standard fullscreen API, individual transforms, and CSS Masking.

Microsoft Edge new settings

In the settings page for Microsoft Edge, you won't find significant changes, but there a few new improvements. For example, in the section to import settings from other browsers, if you're switching from Chrome, you can now bring your Cookies and Settings, in addition to bookmarks, browsing history, and save passwords.

The "Advanced settings" section now adds an option to show search history, and another one to show site you frequently visit on "Top sites."

Other improvements

Along with the new enhancements, Microsoft Edge incorporates some other minor tweaks.

When launching the browser, you'll notice a new splash page that allows smoother color transitions to the Start and new tab pages.

Opening the tab preview bar your current tab stands out from the rest with a subtle highlight, while inactive tabs will show a slightly transparent preview. Also, in this new version, tabs will open and close more smoothly to feel faster and more responsive than before, and when closing tabs the close "X" button will remain clickable even when a JavaScript dialog is open.

In the main menu, you'll now find turn on to enable Read aloud, pin a page to the taskbar -- just like using Internet Explorer --, and a new button to use the browser in fullscreen mode (F11).

Buttons introduce a new click animation to feel more responsive, Hub has been updated with a new star icon, and the share experience has been tweaked to appear below the Share button, instead of in the center.

Starting with this new version, WebVR adds support for motion controllers to interact with digital objects while using virtual reality.

As part of the ongoing effort to bring Progressive Web Apps to the browser, Microsoft Edge now includes a preview of Service Workers support, which can be enabled in the about:flags page.

If you're not familiar with Service Workers, these are event-driven scripts to enable features (e.g., notifications, background sync, local storage) previously only available in native apps.

Under-the-hood Microsoft is updating the Payment Request API (opens in new tab) to match most up-to-date W3C Payment Request API specification.

The DevTools (opens in new tab) is getting a few interesting changes that developers will appreciate, including the ability to set DOM mutation breakpoints, view ancestor event listeners and CSS "@" rules in the Styles page, and more.

The Console and Debugger receive several improvements and preview support for developers to start debugging Progressive Web Apps. Also, the browser introduces support for unprefixed implementation of CSS Grid Layout, CSS properties object-fit and object-position.

Additionally, on Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Edge will include Windows Defender Application Guard, which is a new feature that offers a sandbox experience for web pages to protect against zero day attacks and malware.

Image source: Microsoft

The new feature also provides data persistent, which means that once an Application Guard session is open, users will be able to safely and seamlessly access favorites, Cookies, and saved passwords.

Wrapping things up

As you can see, the new features and changes included in this version of Windows 10 are not significant, but they're welcome additions that should help to improve the experience while browsing the web and working with PDF and EPUB files.

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Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • do you know whats new also, that its not functioning ryt, its suuuuuuuper laggy!!!!!!! but the browsing the page is good but when going to settings or want to use the entering url, in other words when using edge's options even the title bar is lagging, hope they fix it I'm used to use edge as my main browser!
  • Just switch to another browser. Don't wait one more night hoping they would fix it, and only to see they didn't, and so on month by month...
  • lel XD
  • Amazing how laggy Edge is on sites like YouTube, Facebook. I can type in letters on those sites and wait 3 - 5 seconds for the letters to appear! Its a shame as I feel Edge has potential. Its the usual jack of all trades but master of non scenario.
  • ikr :P
  • Its not if you have a Treadripper and RX Vega like I just got. Nothing like 32GB of Ram and nvme to get edge rockin.
  • Hmmm, when I use Edge to visit sites like WC, Facebook, Youtube, etc. I am seeing nearly instantaneous renderings. I do have good broad band internet and a high end computer; would that make that much of a difference?
  • yeah off course, but that's not my case, edge is lagging, its using like 40% of the cpu idk why, and lagging for that, hope Microsoft is aware of the issue
  • It doesn't even move the needle on the 16C32T threadripper.
  • That's an interesting assesment because I SPECIFICALLY use edge for streaming sites, like youtube, netflix, etc., over firefox, and I LOVE firefox, BECAUSE it is FAR LESS LAGGY, or, not at all laggy and much faster than Firefox, safari, OR chrome! So maybe you should stop hating, stop lying and pay for better internet Because edge does NOT lag!
  • bro, idk If you believe me, I'm a Microsoft fan boy I have everything Microsoft, if youd like id upload a video showing you how unresponsive the app is
  • Seems like something that would be related to some people's computers? Edge on my computers, including an SP3, are buttery smooth and much more responsive than Firefox and Chrome. 
  • yeah I think so, I love edge I hate the other browsers, I really want to know a fix! the options are not responding only after 10 secs, even hovering over option don't make animitions until I w8 like a couple secs, and the edge is consuming 30 % or more from the cpu
  • Do you have any of the flags enabled?
  • what flags?
  • Well... I inject my codes into Edge (and Chrome).
    To automate things, to stop vid auto-play (and hit arrow keys to control volume and playhead, hit home to restart the vid), remove ads, to operate Edge with no kb-only, etc.
    Edge runs fine on my Alienwares and Surface Pro tbh. * Saves me more battery than Chrome.
  • ouch... cannot edit anymore, so I make my edit here.
    operate Edge with no kb-only < operate Edge with kb-only :p
  • The same laggyness happens to me too on my Lenovo Yoga laptop. i5 3rd gen CPU. It doesn't happen on my desktop or Surface Pro 4.
  • I'm on the Lenovo y70-70, hope they get it fixed fast
  • I can confirm that Edge is taking responsiveness to new lows. HP 1000 G2 tablet. Wiped EVERYTHING. Installed Fall Creators Update on an Education edition of Windows 10 Pro (I'm testing for wider deployment... not going to happen anytime soon :). Applied updates. Nothing else installed (other than Chrome but only after I noticed weirdness in Edge).  No custom settings ANYWHERE other than the Education defaults. Edge starts displaying parts of a page and stalls for a LONG time. Then, sometimes, the rest of the page displays. Other times the load fails outright. Chrome shows none of that. Instant display of the whole page consistently. Edge also consumes far more CPU cycles than Chrome (and, in my experience always has... so much for the claim of battery superiority). Windows Central (a battery hog of a web site :( is a perfect example. It took Edge minutes to settle down from using 1/3 of the CPU's cycles while Chrome was done using the CPU almost when it finished rendering the page. FYI Microsoft is playing a nasty game vis-a-vis privacy. If you see the defaults for the Education edition you'll notice that all of Microsoft's "tips" and similar stuff (i.e. when all your activities are sent to Microsoft) are disabled and cannot be enabled even if you wanted to. Why? Because in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro they send so much of your personal activity to Microsoft, including searches and web sites visited (plus, when you read Microsoft's privacy "informational" pages you discover that Microsoft is extremely coy when it comes to disclosing what information is sent to Microsoft and what is retained by Microsoft... they're far, far worse than even Google)! In most jurisdictions that would be illegal if that happened to minors.
  • edge is fixed, its super buttery smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's super awesome!!
  • I hope they fixed the high CPU bug that sometimes kicks in when browsing InPrivate.
  • Oh, and the sharing through OneNote (not the clipper), which is broken... All in all is still my first choice when navigating, but they have hard work ahead.
  • They'll never fix the 800 MHz Skylake clock speed when watching Youtube videos, will they?
  • Anyone know a company that's using the payment api? I haven't bought anything from Microsoft Store online for the past 2+ years. I just want to experience that payment system.
  • Why though? Why would you care, you'll use it when you need it. And if you don't actually need it, it a Microsoft's problem then.😉
  • Is it something like error page after clicking "Buy"?
  • I'm running Win 10
  • Edge only available on win10, I noticed that and I edited my post.
  • The biggest change I noticed is it doesn't work. It hangs on every click. I've never seen so many "page stopped responding" alerts. I would be happy to work with the Edge team to try and fix it or provide them additional diagnostic data, but I can't get anyone to respond to me.
  • Interesting. I'm not having any issues at all Surface Pro 4, Surface 3, Dell Venue 8 Pro
  • My Surface 3 has been well behaved since the update. Now I'm updating my Church's Insignia 8" Windows tablet. Will update my Surface Pro 3 next week if all remains well.
  • Problems might came from your hardware maker. Bad driver?
    Check the thread mturk1995 started.
  • How about the ability to not automatically play videos on a web page. Those floating windows that pop up with the viedo (if you want them or not) are terribly annoying. 
  • I inject my own code to do this.
    the pseudocode would be like
    if( not ended once ) {
    vid.time = vid.len - .1f;
    then you can hit "Home" to restart. Floating windows? popping up vids?
  • Are you taking about video ads playing or something else?
  • A lot of news sites do the floating video.
  • Sad to see so many ppl facing problem with the new Edge update, but for me it works better than before, load faster and smooth.
    The only let down is when loading youtube will be slower...
    now I use Chrome to watch YouTube, but other than that I use Edge, and edge have the function to screenshot the page, that's a great feature I used a lot. Very convenience.
  • Its not just YouTube. Sites like Facebook are horrendously slow with Edge (compared to Chrome). I like Edge but it wont be a browser I use all the time until they sort out the terrible lag on sites like YouTube and Facebook. I mean come on those two sites have to be in the top 5 of all sites regularly visited and the lag on them while using Edge is terrible.
  • Hmm haven't had issues browsing those sites
  • I think the problem might be with new YouTube. I restored the old YouTube and Edge works blazing fast. Give it a shot.
  • wow that's for real! i just did it, it works!!
    Load much much faster...
  • This is why I wish Microsoft would ditch EdgeHTML and go with a rendering engine developers are obviously optimizing for. I know MS has put a lot of work into their own rendering engine, but it isn't helping the situation.
  • Totally agree.
  • On one of my least critical devices (an HP 1000 G2 tablet, 4 GB/64 GB) I did a complete wipe and install of the Fall Creators Update. The FCU is a big FCU to Microsoft's customers (did anyone at Microsoft think about how the acronym for FCU would sound when said aloud? :-) DO NOT INSTALL THE FCU IF YOU ACTUALLY USE YOUR COMPUTER FOR ANY SORT OF WORK--WHETHER IT'S SCHOOL OR IT'S FOR PAY. Wait until at least 2018 unless you absolutely need one of the "feature improvements". I saw nothing that made me go "Hmmm. Neat." like I did with the Creators Update in the spring. Let other people be the guinea pigs! When Microsoft released a Service Pack for a previous version of Windows you wouldn't see the introduction of so many new bugs as the FCU just did. Microsoft would've delayed released the SP until it worked. They wouldn't have released for the sake of meeting a fixed deadline. E.g. Swype. It worked for a few minutes but then never more! Now the Swype on-screen keyboard no longer sends words to any apps. Microsoft also got rid of the split on-screen keyboard :(. On a tablet you could comfortably hold the device in both hands and type with your thumbs. No more :( Edge is certainly not immune to the introduction of new problems. It seems like EdgeHTML is now really trying to be much worse than the competition (notably Chrome). Before the big FCU Edge was not great but it was becoming somewhat stable with fewer "Oops. Edge has stopped responding. Recover webpage?" rendering problems. With the Fall CU Edge that problem to have been addressed at the huge expense of load times. It's most noticeable on search pages (and pretty much everything else too). A few items will load (but be non-functional) and then there will be a looooooong delay before the rest of the page is instantly rendered, during which the page seems like it's failed to load. At first I thought it was my wifi or my network connection. Nope. The second I downloaded and fired up Google Chrome searches were rendered without delay and almost instantly in Chrome. Definitely an EdgeHTML problem that will be hard to fix. Poorly coded pages (like Windows Central) also cause Edge to consume CPU cycles like crazy. I compared the CPU load for Windows Central on Edge and on Chrome. It took forever for Edge to drop its CPU usage while Chrome dropped almost insantly. FYI This was all on a complete fresh install. Not one single extension installed anywhere. The only piece of software installed after the install of the OS and updates was Google Chrome (updates as of 20th of October). This was as virgin an install as you could possibly get. If only Google would make its interface a teensy bit more touch friendly for Windows. Then there really would be no need to run Edge whatsoever (I find Edge is marginally easier to use when I'm in touch-only mode). It's been 2.5 years since Edge was released. It's improved somewhat but it's still such a mediocre browser that Microsoft should be ashamed of what they've done.
  • Did anyone see that Edge does not highlight anymore the whole word when clicking and dragging to select words/lines?
    It looks like they disabled the "smart selection".
    Or is this happening just to me?
  • It's true and that was mentioned in one of the change logs back when it was still a preview. You can also drag and drop to the favourites bar to bookmark it too (Drag and drop that bit to the left of the address, not the tab), which is something WPC seems to have missed too.
  • Youtube videos are extremely laggy as before/plz fix this issue regarding youtube, plus they should implement amazon,ebay,aliexpress,freelancer web apps inside the edge for faster navigation.
  • On WiFi 5 Mhz Surface 3, not having YouTube lag issue.
  • No issues here too with Youtube. I am also on a Surface 3 with a clean installation of Windows.
  • I lost all of my favorites on my desktop after this update. Until now I didn't realize you couldn't export your favorites. I had to copy the database of the Edge install on my Surface and copy it to my desktop to get my favorites back. Such a stupid workaround when you can just export them in other browsers.
  • It's as if Edge is being written by people who have never used a web browser before. I mean seriously... favorites management in IE4 is better than Edge. Why is there a different menu item for renaming a favorite and editing the url? In every other browser it's just edit and you get dialog, Edge just gives you a wonky textbox with a scrollbar instead. Have they fixed the issue where if your favorites bar overflows, the favorites in the overflow are not repositionable? That is such an epic fail. You create a new favorite bar folder which either ends up in the overflow or pushes something you want front and center into the overflow, and you cannot move the folder from the overflow area to the displayed area. Now if they had a favorites management UI dialog where you could move around all your favorites and reposition, edit, etc. them as wanted, I would be able to forgive the transgression, but alas they don't... so I decided to move on to a different browser.
  • We've been able to edit Favorites in the Favorites Hub before this update. Arranging all Favorites Bar items including those that overflow is easy by drag and drop.
    I don't get all this Social Media b***h Mode.
  • @SpinelessWonder, I just tested this for your question. First, there is a huge improvement in the Favorites Bar -- it finally supports nested folders properly. But, and this goes to your question, only if they are in the visible part of the Favorites Bar. The overflow area is inert. You can't reposition, rename, or change the URL for favorites or folders or even open folders to access Favorites inside them in that section. So much improvement, but still a ways to go before perfection. Note that you can easily reposition items in the overflow area of the Favorites Bar from the Favorites Hub (the Star/Hamburger hybrid icon). As long as you don't need to move favorites around on the Favorites Bar a lot, this is probably fine. For me, the deal breaker was lack of support for nested folders on the Favorites Bar and at least that's fixed. I don't mind using the Favorites Hub for the less common Favorites (but I agree it would be nice if you could do everything right from the Favorites Bar).
  • @SpinelessWonder, an update to my prior post -- you can indeed drag and drop and use Favorites in the overflow area of the Favorites Bar. Maybe it just needed some time to complete an analysis on them. It didn't work before, but it works now. I suppose it's possible that there's some annoying intermitted problem, but at least for now, I'll assume it's because it was still processing my Favorites. However, it does appear to include a new and easily reproducible bug: if you drag to move or reposition favorites within a folder in the Favorites Bar, it seems to cause a duplicate of a neighboring folder to appear. Just the folder, no contents inside it. That's bad, but it's so obviously a bug that I assume it will be fixed shortly.
  • You did find you can do all of the favorites editing you mentioned from within the Favorites Hub.
  • "...I lost all of my favorites on my desktop after this update..." No way, my Surface Pro 3 went overseas with someone the day the FCU was applied, I haven't had a chance to check Edge yet (they'll have it till they're back in ~1mth), is this just in your case, or is it the case for everyone?!?
  • I updated 2 computers, my desktop and Surface. My Surface didn't lose favorites and they were still synced with Edge on Android. Apparently this bug isn't new and has been around for at least 2 years.
  • Thanks guys, I REALLY hope I haven't been hit with this, might call the person who has it & get them to check! Bloody atrocious, when is their damn QC going to get better, been like that for years & years now.
  • @Darkness690, no change to mine during the update, although I have seen a few nested Favorites folders have empty duplicates that appeared after I tried to move them on the Favorites Bar. I've not experimented enough yet to determine for sure if that was the cause or if that was coincidence.
  • Having it read out a BBC post before was pretty cool. Wish I could change the default sync account though.
  • Oh, for pete's sake.  I don't need or want a browser that can read PDF files, mark up, save-for-later, change to "read mode", make coffee, iron clothes or whatever else nonsense Microsoft seems to feel they need to add to the thing.  I JUST need it to very quickly and consistently be able TO BROWSE WEBSITES.  That's it.  None of that other stuff is value-added to me.  And, BECAUSE MS is adding all this junk, the ONE thing I need it to do well, it really SUCKS at.
  • "It really sucks"? I support dozens of clients and I just don't see your issues. The rest of the stuff is perfectly ignorable is you don't see value in it.
  • Browses websites fine for me. The other stuff are great and useful extras to a browser
  • Hmmm, I really like the PDF viewing features.  Beats the extra steps to download, save and open in Acrobat. What's not to like?  Browsing websites for me often requires a PDF download.  Huge time saver!    And Read mode is a MUST for me when I'm on a tablet reading an article.  It gets rid of all those pesky ads, displays in a custom font size to my liking, takes care of word wrap and more.  It's a MUST have, Thank you MS for these very productive features!!  Oh, and by the way, it quickly and consistently renders the web sites I frequent really great too!
  • Well... I inject my codes into Edge (and Chrome).
    To automate things, to stop vid auto-play (and hit arrow keys to control volume and playhead, hit home to restart the vid), remove ads, to operate Edge with no kb-only, etc.
    Edge runs fine on my Alienwares and Surface Pro, and FAST. Blame it on your HW of choice. * Saves me more battery than Chrome.
  • I'm still encountering the same random issue with imported bookmarks as with all other version of Edge. I can import my bookmarks from Chrome and they randomly disappear?
  • After the update I woke up this morning and found that all of my 'Favorite' folders have been split into duplicates, except not equally split. For example, one folder may have originally had ten bookmarks in the one folder, but this morning that same one folder is duplicated and might have two in one and eight in the other of the same name, or even weirder - another folder in one of those duplicated folder that never existed in the first place. VERY strange!
  • Hey, at least you didn't lose your favorites all together like I did.
  • I know this is about Edge, but where in the Store do we find these "Mythical" books for sale (That we can buy and will work with Edge), not that I actually inttend buying any as the books I read are mostly already free.
  • There's a whole section for books in the store
  • No not seeing it, I am on a SP4 with 1709 16299.19 the latest update although not on Insiders any more, just looked again in the store, no books.
  • US only. Switch your region and the book section will appear in Edge and the Store
  • Anyone with Facebook eperiencing a disappearing text box when making a new post containing a web address? It seems to disappear when fetching a preview of the address.
  • I have used Internet explorer metro version on Windows 8. I have used Edge. Two years ago it was a fresh start and one could forgive many mistakes. One could forgive problems with this and that site, text input, stability etc. But after two years... simply no. And adding useless features made interface too cluttered. The tab bar is never wide enough, and no one sane would put buttons to set tabs aside there. Then adding buttons to the 'More' menu so that now even on the 15" screen it needs scrolling??? And too many sites still have problems, some of them don't even work at all. And no it isn't funny anymore.
  • One of the biggest change for me was URL box, they finally made it normal, without hideing it on new tab, changing background on mouse hover, that was a mess. Now I'm waiting a dedicated page for settings, just like any other browser. They have to improve memory usage, after I made a test I found that it use more RAMs that Chrome, even if Chrome has more extensions installed. But at least they working to make it better.
  • Yay! Nested Folders finally work in the Favorites Bar!!! For me, lack of support for nested folders in the Favorites Bar has been my biggest problem with the prior versions of Edge. Another big fix that was a constant source of frustration for me was before: Shift-Del seems to work again for Cut (same as Ctrl-X). This originally worked in Edge, but then broke in the Creators Update. It appears to be working again in the FCU edition. If you always use Ctrl-X, this is probably meaningless, but for those of us who had gotten used to Shift-Del for cut, this is a welcome fix. Other big issues (at least for me) that remain are: Find on page is still completely wonky and often doesn't find text that is obviously right there on the page. This problem is absolutely unique to Edge. I should add that in testing while writing this post, the same words it didn't find when I started the post, it's now finding (and it was not just because the page was still loading). So maybe this is fixed and it just needed some time to complete the update, but until I know that it always finds everything on the page, I'll leave this in the problem column. Printing still lacks the control and options available in any other browser. Amazingly, there is no way to get to the Printer Options before printing (to select to print multiple pages per sheet, different zoom, duplex or staple options, etc.). Still no way to have it print background colors or images, which are a must for many business pages with graphs or even consumer reports (Edge simply doesn't print the color bars, making graphs completely useless). I see even on the credit monitoring site I use, the graphs don't print in Edge, because there's no option to turn on background images.
  • I don't have the print problems you mention. For me, it works as we would expect it, with all options available.
  • @Ron Simpson, I'd love to learn that I'm just being stupid. How do you tell Edge to include background images when printing? How do you access the printer preferences to select advanced options?
  • Hate Edge bookmarks.
  • Does anybody know how can I change smart video load option? I mean the whole video should be loaded before I get load point
  • The niftiest new features I experienced is the integration with my Android phone.  All my favorites are now always in sync between my devices  - yeah! And the coolest feature is the ability to open Edge on my computer to the same page I'm viewing on my phone.  Edge on Android is still in Beta but so far it's working quite well!
  • Sounds like a lot of great enhancements but the one thing that's keeping me from using it is the ability to manage my favorites on my favorite bar with context menus within folders and even just a simple dragging of the URL to the favorites bar.  Can the new version do those things?  If not, then I don't give a rat's ass about all that other fancy stuff because I still won't use Edge.
  • You can drag it to the favourites bar now, but unlike with other browsers, you don't drag the tab, you drag that bit to the left of the address bar... 'Cause you know... behaving in awkward and unintuative ways that makes features invisible is Microsoft's signature way.
  • You mean I'm supposed to be able to drag the little lock icon?  That no worky for me.
  • Yeah the lock icon, when you click it and start to drag it, it turns into website's icon and once you hover over your favourites bar, it should get a label above it "Add to Favourites", so when you let go it'll be in your favourites bar.
  • I must have a different version than you cause that no worky for me.  Can not drag the lock icon at all.
  • Fall Creators Update 1709 (Build 16299.19), came via Windows Update. Make sure you have the Favourites Bar enabled (Hidden by default in every browser for.... reasons) and drag there. If you're on the same version and it's still not working for you, then I guess it's just Microsoft's fault. That highly-advertised Win+. emoji panel isn't working/opening for me on any of my devices for example.
  • Ah.  I have version 1703.  Guess I just have to be patient.
  • I experienced as Microsoft edge is slow than Google Chrome So you should switched it otherwise you can search on MS Store to get alternate.
  • What?
  • And still I can't open a new tab to my choice of home page or even my default home page.  Until I have this basic function I can't and won't use edge.  And I like edge.  But removing basic choice from the consumer is so outdated.  Hell even Opera Chrome safari and ie all give us the option   looks like edge is just trying to committed suicide.  It also wouldn't hurt if edge tabs could be moved about in a multi monitor environment like in ie.  I have to move new tab out and then do a separate click for full screen unlike ie. Also don't put the edge button on ie.  People on ie are there for a reason and it's called they don't want edge. Microsoft needs to sort the basics out or just like windows -10 mobile watch edge fade, if it's not to late already. 
  • Personally with all the late software issues in mobile and desktop you'd think they would be out to prove themselves but edge shows us just how show and how out of touch Microsoft really is with the consumer.  No weekly call ender view on mobile for 12 months even though 8.1 had it, same with linked email.  Removing one drive free storage and now resitting how users us the edge browser on their own owned machines. Microsoft continues to be use me, they feel from every way a third rate software company.   And sad truth is with a little common sense and openness they could be great again.   But not if I can't open my browser pages to the ones I choose. 
  • SCCM software center doesnt even work in Edge. Gotta use IE. 
  • Some governments sites still require IE but that's not the fault of MS.  These large organizations are too slow to modernize their websites, and besides that were irresponsible to code IE specific websites in the first place.
  • Egde has become super laggy after upgrading to the fall update. Typing in the address bar stall for seconds, scrolling mega laggy. It was not like that before upgrading. This is my cpu graph. Edge is the only open program. 1 tab :(  
  • It's always great to see more and more features coming to Edge.
  • You STILL cannot use InPrivate mode + an ad blocker/extensions.  
  • I'm definitely enjoying the ability to fill PDF forms in Edge. That was the last thing I needed a dedicated PDF reader for.
  • Edge after Fall Creators Update: better, but at least 2 problems persist...
    * On two laptops, Edge hub has Books icon; on 2 desktops, the Books icon is missing. Why?
    * I try to print from Edge, and choose to print all pages -- only page one shows up at the printer. Why?
  • Don't have that experience on Surface Pro4, Surface 3, Dell Venue 8 Pro.
  • I had several weird issues with Edge on one of my computers following the update. Most were temporary pauses (which could certainly be considered lagginess, but would happen just when browsing nested favorites in Edge, w/o even clicknig to open a site) and intermittent. I did an effective "uninstall" just on Edge and then reinstalled Edge. Everything worked well after that. All of the problems that started with the update went away. So, if you're having problems that others are not, and just disabling your extensions doesn't fix it, try this: 1. Delete (or rename if you think you might want to bring it back) the folder C:\Users\<your account name>\appdata\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe (Edge itself is in C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe) 2. Open an admin Powershell window and enter (important that it has Admin access rights):
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -verbose} Those steps reset Edge like it's a fresh install, but doesn't delete your Extensions (you'll be prompted to re-add them next time you start Edge). If your Edge is slow on certain sites or performing certain actions, give that a shot and see if it's not fast afterwards.
  • Nicely done. Thanks.