When is the Microsoft Surface Duo release date?

Surface Duo Mylio
Surface Duo Mylio (Image credit: Microsoft)

When is the Microsoft Surface Duo release date?

Best answer: The Surface Duo is available for preorder in the United States today, August 12, 2020, and it should start to ship on September 10. It's available for preorder through the online Microsoft Store, Best Buy's website, and through AT&T. Starting September 10, you can purchase the Surface Duo online or in stores.Dual-screen fun: Surface Duot (From $1,400 at Microsoft)

Surface Duo release date

Microsoft's Surface Duo is the first Surface device running Android. It has a unique form factor that includes two 5.6-inch screens attached with a hinge. First teased several months ago, the Surface Duo has caused fervor and anticipation among Surface fans. Now, the device's launch is just around the corner. You can preorder the Surface Duo now and it starts shipping on September 10, 2020. The Surface Duo starts at $1,400 for the 128GB version and goes up to $1,500 for the 256GB version.

The Surface Duo can be used in different "postures," which is a fancy word from Microsoft for positions. You can use it with the two screens next to each other horizontally or rotate it and use the screens with one vertically over the other. You can also flip one of the screens of the Surface Duo around to use a single screen at a time.

The hinge of the Surface Duo is stiff enough to hold the weight of a screen at various angles. You can lay one screen flat while another is angled upward, or you can place the Surface Duo in tent mode for watching media or presenting.

Microsoft doesn't technically call the Surface Duo a phone, but it does have telephony capabilities. Microsoft positions the Surface Duo as a device for productivity that utilizes a unique form factor that adjusts to your workflow.

When is the Surface Duo coming to more countries?

The Surface Duo launches in just the U.S. at this time, though it could come to other countries in the future. Microsoft has not confirmed launch details for outside of the U.S., though it has said that it will share more information about market expansion in the future. The Surface Duo has passed certifications in other countries, which gives some indication on future plans.

The fact that the Surface Duo has cleared certifications in several countries suggests that the device will likely ship to other countries at some point in the future. In some form of certifications or leaked documentations the Surface Duo has appeared on Canada's UL LLC and Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

People have suspected that the Surface Duo would have a limited launch for some time, and Microsoft's initial launch in only the U.S. matches expectations. At this time, Microsoft has not shared any details regarding where the Surface Duo will ship internationally and when that will happen.

Surface Duo preorders now live

You can preorder the Surface Duo through Microsoft, Best Buy, and AT&T now. Starting on September 10, 2020, you can purchase the Surface Duo online or in stores.

Preorders for the Surface Duo are available through the websites mentioned above, but if you want to handle the device in person before you buy it, you'll have to wait until September 10, 2020. After that date, the Surface Duo will also be available through select physical stores.

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