Where is the best place to buy a Dell XPS 13 replacement battery?

XPS 13
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Where is the best place to buy a Dell XPS 13 replacement battery?

Best answer: Dell doesn't sell replacement batteries directly, so if you want to swap it yourself, you'll need to hit third-party outlets like the listings at eBay.Go to a third-party: XPS 13 722KK replacement battery ($74 at eBay)

Fairly hard to find

Whether it's because the parts aren't made readily available, because the latest model is still relatively new, or a combination of both, replacement batteries for the latest version of the XPS 13 aren't that easy to find.

Dell doesn't sell the parts directly, but as ever, there's always a way. If you hit the listings on eBay you'll find a handful of third-party retailers selling what you're looking for.

Making sure you get the right battery

The new XPS 13 has new internals and a new design, and despite being similar in size, it has a different battery to the previous models.

Specifically, for the more recent XPS 13 9300 model, you're hunting for the 722KK battery that has a 52Wh capacity.

Where possible, also try and make sure you get a brand-new item. Pre-owned batteries could have a history that leads to sub-par performance or lifespan, despite the likelihood they're cheaper to buy.

Dell could also do it for you

Alternatively, Dell will happily replace the battery for you. If your laptop is still under warranty, then it's likely you can get it done free of charge, but even outside of the warranty, you can get the work done.

Dell has a number of options available, including a mail-in service or authorized partners that can carry out the work on their behalf.

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