Where's the best place to buy a Razer Phone 2?

Where's the best place to buy a Razer Phone 2?

Best answer: If you're looking to buy a Razer Phone 2 unlocked, the best places to go are Amazon and Razer.Amazon: Razer Phone 2 ($800)Razer: Razer Phone 2 ($800)

Buy it unlocked from Razer and Amazon

The two main stores where you can buy an unlocked Razer Phone 2 are Amazon and Razer's own retail page. Both are accepting preorders ahead of the expected October 26 availability, and both are selling at the RRP of $799.99.

Other retailers will likely join, such as local partners and carriers in launch territories, but right now hit one of these two stores to get your name in for an unlocked phone with no contract commitment.

The Razer Phone 2 will support Verizon in the U.S.

A question that many American phone buyers have when dealing with unlocked handsets is whether or not it will work with the Verizon Wireless network.

Razer has confirmed on its store that the Razer Phone 2 is both GSM and Verizon compatible in the U.S., so no worries there.

Choose Razer's store for accessory bundles

While both stores are selling the phone at the same price, Razer is the place to go if you want to snag some accessories to bundle with your phone. The official case, tempered glass screen protector and eventually, the Chroma wireless charging dock, are all listed in the Razer Store. (It's never a bad idea to get a case and screen protector right away.)

Currently, Amazon doesn't have these listed, so it's accessories you seek, you need to go the Razer route.

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