Where to buy Surface Go in the UK

The Microsoft Surface Go is officially on sale in the UK, albeit a few weeks later than in the United States. But right now orders can be placed for Microsoft's new baby Surface and there are a few different places you can go.

Here's where to get your Surface Go.

UK pricing for the Surface Go is £379.99 for the base 64GB/4GB model and £509.99 for the 128GB/8GB model. Type Covers start at £99.99 for the black version and go up to £129.99 for the Alcantara ones.


Amazon has the Surface Go listed and is taking orders now. Both models are available for the launch price, and as always, Prime subscribers (opens in new tab) get free delivery.

Type Covers (opens in new tab) are also be available in each of the colors though there are no bundles, so you'll have to order it separately.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)


Where else would you find the Surface Go and all its accessories? Microsoft is shipping both Surface Go models, all the type covers in all the colors as well as offering the new Surface Mobile Mouse (opens in new tab) for £29.99.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Currys PCWorld

Surface Go is available on the high street through Currys PCWorld and you can either order onlinor head down to your local store and pick one up.

Currently, only the black Type Cover is listed, but you can save £20 on Microsoft Office when you buy a Surface Go.

See at Currys PCWorld (opens in new tab)

John Lewis

John Lewis currently has both spec Surface Go available to preorder but only the black Type Cover is currently listed here.

The Surface Go is now in stock and ready to ship.

See at John Lewis (opens in new tab)


Very is offering both models of Surface Go as a standalone or bundled with a Type Cover in any of the available colors. Some bundles are also being offered with Microsoft Office 365, though it's not included for free.

Very's edge for some may well be its three installment payment plans that it offers on its products.

See at Very (opens in new tab)

Anywhere else?

We removed Argos as there's a bug on the store it seems listing the Surface Go at £1,000 right now, but if you come across any more UK retailers that are taking orders for the Surface Go be sure to drop them into the comments below!

Updated August 23, 2018: The Surface Go is now available in the UK. Go get one!

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  • Worth noting that Argos are showing the top spec version @ £499
  • Any idea where we can see it in-store in London? I am hoping JL has it on display.....
  • £360 on ms website for baby model for students and teachers btw.
  • IMHO, I will stay away from the baby model
  • Currys PCworld staff have a tiny corner with 2 Surface pro next to a massive Apple and Googlebook area...
    I ask "Do you have the Surface Go, the one launched today" ??? I got the reply "Surtface go ??? what is that, no we don't have it, is it on our website?"
    I explained it was for my son, he then automatically directed me towards the Apple and Googlebook area and recommended an iPad Pro
    (really !?!?! come on!).
    I will get mine from John Lewis, Always got a great service.
  • I like to visit Currys PC World when I'm in the UK. It always reminds me of the old Best Buy in the US: cluttered, full of staff that know next to nothing, but still helpful like the time I left my Surface charger in a Scottish hotel room and didn't notice until I was in London. And I know some will disagree with me, but I do believe Best Buy is much better now: not cluttered, matches online prices, and in the larger stores there is usually someone on staff who are familiar with the products they sell.
  • When I went to ask, the staffer had to ask a colleague what it was - fair enough, it only came out today. Turned out the store wasn't actually selling Surface devices at all because the store was too far from major cities. Bit of a disappointment, but I just ordered it in to collect from the same store.
  • A little off topic, but does anyone know if the Surface Dial is compatible with the Go? I can't seem to find a definitive answer...
  • It's compatible, but not to use on the screen like on the Studio. It'll just be a knob on your desk.