Where should you buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions?

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Where should you buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions?

Best answer: Purchasing Xbox Live Gold via the Microsoft Store is the best for most Xbox owners. It's fast, convenient, and you can get regular discounts.Microsoft: Xbox Live Gold ($10+)

Why buy Xbox Live Gold from the Microsoft Store?

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's premier Xbox One subscription, highlighting the best of its online capabilities. It unlocks multiplayer, alongside regular free games and discounts, making it an essential accompaniment to the console in 2018.

The Microsoft Store offers Xbox Live Gold in 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year installments, with discounts when purchasing longer subscriptions. While a monthly renewal costs $10, annual subscriptions retail for just $60. That's a 50 percent savings when buying upfront.

Furthermore, Microsoft often serves discounts and promotions for Xbox Live Gold, offering limited-time savings or bonuses. Tailored promotions may also surface when your subscription has nearly ended, providing a further incentive to stay onboard. Right now, Microsoft has discounted 3-month subscriptions from $25 down to $10 quarterly. which means you save up to $60 annually.

With Xbox Live now tied to Microsoft accounts, there's tighter integration with devices outside the living room. It makes the Microsoft Store the most seamless, convenient place to buy Xbox Live Gold, automatically binding your subscription to your Xbox profile. You won't need to wait for physical cards or redeem codes; the benefits are instantly available on your Xbox One.

Don't ignore other deals

While the Microsoft Store brings the convenience of a first-party storefront, don't overlook other retailers. Third-party sellers often independently discount prepaid codes, making for opportunities to secure cheap subscriptions. Amazon is among the many regularly cutting multi-month keys, while CDKeys offer competitive pricing all year round.

Discounted prepaid codes can still be stacked on top of an existing subscription, rewarding those who accumulate memberships over time. If you can find the right deals, it's a great way to save outside of your standard renewal.

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