Why use a PC case when you can put a gaming PC inside a Sega Dreamcast?

Sega Dreamcast Pc Mod
Sega Dreamcast Pc Mod (Image credit: Temujin123 via ComputerBase)

What you need to know

  • A modder built a gaming PC inside the body of a Sega Dreamcast.
  • The PC runs on an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4560g APU.
  • The custom PC also features a DVD drive.

Why use one of the best PC cases when you can pack a gaming PC inside the body of a Sega Dreamcast? That's the question a modder by the name of Temujin123 answers with their latest creation. Temujin123's Dreamcast died about 10 years ago and they decided to put it to good use instead of letting it become e-waste (via Tom's Hardware).

The custom PC runs on an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650g APU, which means that the modder didn't have to find space for a dedicated GPU.

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CategoryCustom Dreamcast PC
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G APU
MotherboardASRock X300M-STX
RAM2x 8GB Crucial Balixtix SO-DIMM @3600 MHz
Storage960 GB Corsair Force MP510 (M.2), 1TB Samsung 970 EVO (M.2), 120GB Samsung 830 (SATA)

It isn't the most powerful gaming PC around, but it's still a fun project. The Samsung 970 EVO isn't the best SSD anymore, but it's still a good drive. Most importantly, the custom PC can play games off of DVDs, such as Supreme Commander.

The Dreamcast was ahead of its time in many ways, but it was ultimately a commercial failure. It was the final console that Sega ever made, ceding space to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo in the console wars.

Modders have found ways to pack PCs into all sorts of bodies and cases, now including this custom Dreamcast build. The only question left is will it play Doom?

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