Win an Xbox One X from Microsoft and Taco Bell

The Xbox One X launch is just around the corner, and now Microsoft is teaming up with Taco Bell to give fans a chance to win one. The promotion, Microsoft explains, will give anyone who purchases a $5 Steak Quesarito (yes, that's a thing) box a chance at winning one of the consoles.

Taking part is fairly easy. Every $5 Steak Quesarito box will contain a code that you can text in for a chance to win. The promotion is set to last from August 31 through October 4, and Microsoft says a "potential winner will be notified on an average of every 10 minutes." Winners will not only get an Xbox One X, but also a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox One X is due for launch on November 7, and we're expecting the console to go up for preorder any day now.

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