Surprise! Here's what's new in Windows 10 build 10159

This week was pretty exciting for Windows Insiders as Microsoft surprised users by releasing not one, but two Windows 10 previews. While the software maker rolled out Windows 10 build 10158 to the Fast ring of updates on June 29th with a number of improvements and various visual changes, the company also released Windows 10 build 10159 on June 30th, which the company says includes over 300 bug fixes.

Why did Microsoft suddenly release a new build? According to the company, it validates every build it produces internally, and builds are tested by engineers "OSG and Microsoft". If the build passes all the tests, the company rolls out the bits to Windows Insiders. First they become available to the Fast and finally to the Slow ring of updates when is stable enough. And as we all know, Microsoft isn't just working with a single build. It's always working with multiple builds, and Windows 10 build 10158 and build 10159 just happened to pass all the tests to be available to the public.

So, what's new in Windows 10 build 10159? Well, as it turns out the major changes included in the new preview is a tweak in the login screen, which now features a centered design with a circular image. Before, the profile picture was aligned to the left with the box to enter the login credentials to the right.

Also the login screen, not to be confused with the Lock screen, now features the new default Windows 10 "Hero" image which Microsoft showed off on a new video a few days back.

Also, if you're upgrading a preview without a custom background image you have previously set, you'll now also see the new Windows 10 "hero" image as the default background on the desktop.

Quick Tip: If you like the new wallpaper Microsoft has created, you can browser the following path "C:\Windows\Web\4K\Wallpaper\Windows" to extract the wallpaper, so you can use it on any device, including in Windows 8.1. It's worth pointing out that Microsoft is not just including one, but multiple sizes of the same image to accommodate all the screen sizes Windows 10 will support. (Source Twitter)

The other changes are happening under the hood. Microsoft says it has included hundreds of bug fixes in build 10159, so this new build should be more stable. The company has not released any specific details.

Microsoft also warns that users may run into the error 0x80246017 if you happen to be downloading 10158 when 10159 is being rolled out. If you see this error, simply restart your PC and downloading the update once again.

As you can see, there is not much new in this particular build, however Windows 10 build 10158 is packed with changes, improvements, and a few new features, such as tweaks to the Start menu, taskbar, and flyouts. There are also a few improvements on Tablet mode, where users will see quick access to the "Power" options and "All apps". Cortana, Settings app, and Microsoft Edge also receives some interesting improvements. Also, Windows Insiders can now test the Phone Companion app and a lot more.

Check out everything that is new in Windows 10 build 10158.

Do you think Microsoft made the right choice by delivering a new build this quickly? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • it was a welcome build but didn't seem worth downloading 3GB just for that wallpaper and new login screen.
  • Well, I guess the 300 bugfixes it includes over 10158 can't hurt either.
  • Well it may sound funny, but I'd have preferred downloading those 300 fixes rather than downloading a whole new build.
  • Not the process that the previews goes through. It's currently all or nothing.
  • This.
  • Pratham, don't forget the 300 under the hood bug fixes
  • I remember them, but they could just have released fixes as patches have been released for previous builds.
    What I essentially got as a user was what I mentioned - new wallpapers and a new login screen. 3GB does seem a lil high for that much of a change (300 bug fixes included). Now that we're nearing the final RTM release of Windows 10, one would expect such minor changes to come with patch updates rather than a full-sized OS build.  
  • With respect you do realise MS is still testing the deployment system? That's what a Beta user is all about, if you don't want to download a 3Gb file then stick to the mainstream. Plus who's to say those 300 bug fixes won't come to over a 1Gb in size and MS needed to ensure a clean upgrade instead of patches breaking the system?
  • your entire comment is a contradiction...
  • 300 bug fixes
  • Software is so much more than you can see....
  • Mine is preparing to install now.
  • Great. I had faith you could do it.
  • Waiting for 10158 on my mobile phone
  • Especially *that* wallpaper. It's atrocious. It clashes horribly with the rest of Windows 10's design.
  • Don't like it -  change it.  Calling  the wallpaper atrocious is just a bit over the top.   
  • It's not me I'm concerned about. It's the non-tech enthusiasts. You only get one first impression, and this is not a good one for Windows 10. It's outdated and doesn't fit in with the design principles of Windows 10. The mismatch is jarring. It would've possibly worked on Windows Vista, but not on Windows 10.
  • LOL, you are saying there is a design principle for walllpaper. I guess non of my wallpaper fits Windows 10 design principle, I need to remove myself from Windows 10. /s
  • I love it. See? It called "different taste". Also you can use whatever wallpaper you want if you don't like what you see.
  • Hey guys, I just made these windows 10 original hero wallpaper with ninja cat riding unicorn (without flames) and a confused android with apple in hands standing near :D The first is 1680x1050 and the second is 1920x1080 enjoy
  • I can't access the file. It gives me an error.
  • I think that is a fantastic image.  I may just have to download and use it.
  • I don't care if you like it or not, or if I like it or not. I care about the first imression it will leave on every potential customer who sees it. Explain how it doesn't conflict with the rest of Windows 10's design principles.
  • Please explain how it conflicts with the Windows 10's design principles? How any of the previous wallpaper fit with the design principle? Your taste does not represent everyone else taste. People like you are just making a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Not even a molehill, it's just their current corporate logo, nothing more.
  • Perhaps you should get something more in line with your taste - you know, like an 8bit color minecraft image?
  • It has nothing to do with my tastes. It's about a consistent design philosophy. The Minecraft block image would also clash with Windows 10's core design principles, just as this atrociously mismatched "hero image" does. Also, Minecraft isn't 8-bit.
  • I don't find it atrocious, but it is not necessary. You already have your lock image, and then this image, and then you have your desktop image. Really? What was the problem with just the color bg? We should have control over it. And you all stays with the "don't like? change it", but, excuse me, where can i change? Seriously, and not being sarcastic, I don't know where to change. And this excuse won't work with all the W10 inconsistency. It won't work with the 6 types of right-click design (desktop, taskbar, start menu, edge, edge tabs and other apps), or the 3 types of icons (apps, old w32 ones and new w32 ones), or the lack of color on tiles.
  • If you can't find something as simple as changing the colors, they maybe you shouldn't be testing Windows 10.
  • Your capacity of interpretation is strange. If you had read all the discussion, would know this question is not about the colors. It's about the login screen - the one they're saying just "change it". But i'll try to excuse this lack of attention.
  • How hard was it to wait a day and release the other build? Waste of data
  • Waste of data?
  • Yes, quite a few places around the world charge a premium for internet service. One of the things my fiends in australia complain about. as well as the data caps on their home internet. Here on the eastern shore of maryland I have quite a few workmates that use verizon mifi's because there is no other choice for internet service where they live.
  • Then quit from Windows Insider
  • Yeah... You definitely should not be installing OS builds on a hotspot. That's definitely not Microsoft's fault. The bug fixes were specific to the build. The entire point is to get the clean build, not just patch stuff. Otherwise we'd still be on 9926. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • its ok @pratham sarwate, you can chill in the slow ring, we'll test this out for you.
  • For a metered internet, I understand.
  • I hope the login screen background will sync to the desktop background in the RTM and that the reason it doesn't do that yet is that they wanted to show off the new background. Which does look nice, by the way, but I'd prefer to see my desktop background there.
  • Maybe stardock will end up bringing that to their object desktop bundle(logon studio, windows blinds)
  • Windows hero at the start up of windows 10 mobile..that would be the most amazing thing
  • Man I need to get this new build. Last build bricked my device, and had to roll back. Will get it again later today.
  • one word: ATLAST. 
  • thats two.
  • xD
  • This!
  • Bug fixes are always welcome. I didn't care much for the new login screen sine I use picture password.
  • We all do .. :D  
  • Windows phone wallpaper too lol
  • And they didn't gave us a link to download it :(
  • I am so bummed there is no going back from those damn circle profile pictures. :(
  • The circles have grown on me. With so many straight edges due to tiles and square windows etc. The round helps break things up.
  • Dunno about desktop, but have you seen these circles on phone? Terrible... they're literally rolling in and out of screen (incoming call, ending call, opening contact details...). With all the smooth and nice fade in/out animations Windows 10 has on phones, this is a huge step in the wrong direction. It doesn't fit the whole theme. Also generally, seeing sharp straight edges everywhere and then suddently circles only in one place... it's not that bad (except for the animation) but for me it feels out of place.
  • Wonder if they destroyed the look for the boot manger yet
  • Agree.  They are terrible.
  • Anyone facing activation issues?
  • Yes. Apparently the have changed the products key which will be active when build 10158 is released to the slow rind (ISO File). Check out MS Community for the new keys.
  • download ms toolkit.. and activate windows from there. .
  • This may be a dumb question, but what is the phone companion app? Does that allow texting from the computer?
  • Not in it's current form. That will be rolled into the messaging app in Windows 10 after some time (maybe next year)
  • Ok cool, thank you!
  • Not sure but I'm hoping that they do something in line with iPhones handoff feature where you can hand off a call from your phone to the PC. But I think it's just similar to the Windows phone app.
  • The Phone Companion app only helps you to install Microsoft apps and services to other phones, so you can connect those devices with Windows 10. Though, you can plug in your phone and transfer files using the app too. Thanks,
  • Maybe it has to do with what they mentioned about operator billing for Wi-Fi only devices
  • Will this be animated in the final build?? I saw the video of making this awesome image... #crossedfingers
  • installed it after 4th try  first 3 tries download failed at 80%    
  • Mine keeps failing too.... cant get it to get past 30% until it says "unable to finish updating, removing all changes."  It's a shame too.  I couldnt install 10130 either until i got the ISO.  I would be very interested to see the changes but i guess i will have to await the slow ring release.
  • go into file explorer and find the drive where you installed windows 10 and do a disk clean up (make sure its a system file disk clean up) then make sure you check Previous Windows Installation and Windows Install Files (something like that) you'll see them they are the only two with 2-3GB of memory. then clean up and try again to install the build.
  • To use a way-overused phrase, it seems faster. This build seems a lot more responsive than previous. I don't click the Start button multiple times now wondering if it heard me yet. Edge seems a lot more stable now as well.
  • Now, if only my PC could find the update. Still on 10130 and showing no updates.
  • Only available for the fast ring. You are probably in the slow ring.
    If you previously reverted to an older build, select fast again.
  • Ya facing same problem... Dono how to overcome update issue.
  • May be an obvious question, but have you double-checked that you're still in the fast ring in Advanced on the windows update screen? Not sure why else it wouldn't show these newer builds
  • I'm on 10130, and I can't update either, even after changing to Fast. (it keeps resetting to Slow)  
  • See here for solutions to this problem.  
  • That's a GREAT resource!  Thank you LeFreak :)
  • I have heard that if you toggle the "Defer Updates" option on and off this may fix the issue as well.
  • I have this problem as well, and a number of users on the Insider Hub forums are reporting the same problem (I'm following multiple threads on this topic). We are still set up as fast ring, yet the update never appears. A glitch in the update process somewhere. Microsoft has not been proactive yet in responding to these concerns in the forums - not even telling us they are aware of the issue or working on it.
  • I'll just add that Gabe Aul tweeted this afternoon that they are working on this issue.
  • Same issue here. Same ISO installed on desktop and laptop. Desktop got the upgrade, laptop did not yet.
  • I had the same problem. I found a new setting near the fast/slow ring setting where I had to link my MS Account. That fixed it for me...
  • Me too, no 10158/159 in sight for Surface Pro 3 on Fast Ring.
  •!hUc2SSDI!9VRPiak8tS90rKbbVEEA0MCn5QbI8YgWRA_gCkFmcrY . this is 10159 x64 Download this if u want
  • Phone Companion crashes after start in both builds: 158 and 159
  • Can it be installed on atom based systems yet with a compressed os?
  • A new build for that ?!
  • i'm not on preview but want those wallpapers on both mobile and desktop. could someone please upload them on Onedrive and share the link.thx
  • Try this:
  • The pink is sexy. Just saying. And I don't say that often about pink.
  • Windows Spotlight not available in 10159.
  • Wonder if windows mobile (still hate calling it that) will get an update too
  • Could someone share those new wallpapers via OneDrive, please?
  • Here:
  • When is isos ready?
  • When the build rolls out to the Slow ring. Thanks,
  • Who knows, after a day now, Downloading stays at 0%....
  • Restart the Windows Update service using Task Manager and try to update again. Thanks,
  • Rebooted a few times, does the same thing...but, I'll try that..
  • I just hope it fixes the PIN login. I have a super complex password that is a pain to type. PIN doesn't work on any of the three devices I have the preview running on.
  • I had the same problem with the PIN. What I did  was tell Windows that I forgot the PIN - and it asked for my password - then let me reset the PIN. Otherwise, PIN wasn't working.... Once I did this on all my devices - it worked. I think something early on sync'ed up to the cloud which caused the problem...
  • Just reset your PIN and it'll work after Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Issues with 2 builds sliding in on top of one another. Nothing serious, just that a huge portion in my time has been spent nursing these two installs. Seems some new drivers from Fujitsu gummed up the works. On my tablet, the install tanked even though I had cleared up space. Starting over there. Excited just the same, but they can wait a week on the next one LOL. I am sure the bug fixes prompted this.
  • Okay, can someone please post a link to all those versions of the new hero image?
  • Wallpapers
  • Anyone else have sound issues? Build 10159 I'm not getting any sound
  • Yes many of us:
  • Unfortunately it looks like they broke the feedback app on the new build. I can search for feedback but there is no way to submit new feedback.
  • New wallpaper looks really nice on my Lumia Icon lockscreen.  Getting closer to RTM!  
  • 10159 runs beautifully only bug I've ran into so far is if my SP3 goes to sleep, and I unlock it, it doesn't ask for a password and just shows a frozen start screen.
  • I couldn't get 58 to go. 59 installed w/o a hitch
  • I am still stuck on build 10130.. any reasons why? My windows update says i am up to date.. And yes, i am on the fast lane...
  • Same here. I even formatted my 2 machines that have not gotten it. These boxes have lots of issues with 10130 though, so perhaps one of those (like the account verification bug) is causing it to not see the new builds? Surely an ISO will be out soonish with final release coming right around the corner.
  • Same for me too! Have been constantly trying to update on fast ring, but didn't get 10158 or 10159 update notification. :(
  • I had the same issue. I searched (and searched, and searched) and found a site that had a copy of the ISOs. I downloaded them about 5 hrs ago and was up and running in no time. 10159 seems very solid where 10130 would have memory errors whenever I tried rebooting.  
  • Same here bud
  • I had the same problem. Make sure that it didn't reset you to the slow lane. Next, go into accounts and make sure that your is verified. After that, I got the update after several hours.
  • For me same was resolved by modifying some register values. Check this out it might help:
  • download 10159 iso or esd file   
  • Does Cortana only work in US in this build?
  • New Windows wallpaper look awesome. I'm still waiting for my hp stream 7 to get the Windows 10 upgrade notification.
  • Build 130 was all I could get the HP Stream to load...
  • You can download a batch file to give you the GWX in your notifications tray. The batch file is called win10fix_full
  • Great job! Finally all the bugs are gone on my setups! Also finally audio using 24bit 5.1 setup on SB Z is working again on 10159! Love the new login screen with the new background image!
  • Anyone managed to extract wallpaper for Lumia 1520? I need it.
  • take the wallpaper, copy to phone, set as background... why do you need someone else to do this for you?
  • I downloaded it because new is new. I would love to see all the beta tags get removed. All apps are opening now, quicker, and operating faster and smoother. Plus some new icons for first party apps
  • Hey guys, I just made these windows 10 original hero wallpaper with ninja cat riding unicorn (without flames) and a confused android with apple in hands standing near :D The first is 1680x1050 and the second is 1920x1080 enjoy
  • Hello sir mauro huculak... Can you share a link or something where I can get that wallpaper please? I love it, I need it. It would be amazing and kind of you or anyone if I get the wallpaper... Please? :)
  • Downloaded and installed perfectly on my desktop... but both my laptop and the laptop at work we are using as a test device refuse to see either of the updates from this week. Very frustrating, and 10130 is not particularly stable on either machine. I would really like to see an ISO soon that I can use to get past this update bug.
  • I haven't been able to play with it fully yet, but my OneDrive is still broken since build 10130, I was hoping this build would fix it - any one else suffering with OneDrive? (ps. It works on my other devices...)
  • do you guys know how to remove this at start menu "all apps"? @{Microsoft.Music.Preview_3.6.9991.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwems-resource--Microsoft.Music.Preview-resources-IDS_MUSIC_PREVIEW_NAME}
  • I like the centered design for login. :-)
  • Love it already
  • The sad thing is that it's a build for a background image, but my Win10 install is buggy and won't let me set a wallpaper, just a solid colour background.
  • Can someone upload just wallpapers ? Much thanks
  • 10159 Wallpapers
  • I still not have build 10158, Fast RIng build 10130 on my dell inspiron 3420, Windows keep saying Up to date.
  • dude download the iso file!hUc2SSDI!9VRPiak8tS90rKbbVEEA0MCn5QbI8YgWRA_gCkFmcrY  
  • My email details, take them away... Where is the security, authentication times 2...
  • Got my HP Stream to accept Win 10 Preview - finally. But now I'm stuck on build 130 and it doesn't show anymore available updates although it is set on fast ring. A bit frustrating actually, since it works just fine on my PC
  • Surprise! You are still stuck with a 4 tile column width on the start menu if you have been upgrading builds! :(
  • Me too! I'm also stuck with 4 tile column. I hope this will be fixed at next build Posted via Satellite
  • well.. wasnt fixed on the next build :(
  • Was Cortana voice responsive before this release?
  • Thanks for the update. Anyone having issues on their SP3 trying to get the mic to work with Cortana?
  • Hrm. My SP3 refuses to even see the build as available. Verified account. Fast Ring. Registery values correct. Even tried resetting, then reverting back to 8.1.  On my desktop, it was nice that even though PINs continue to break when upgrading, it showed back up as a login option after "recovering" it (despite PINs breaking on almost every build upgrade, I forgot to remove it before upgrading this time).  In other news, SP3 also still refuses to install the 5/14 firmware update. :/
  • Window not active because not connect to internet although it already connected
  • Will not install have tried many times goes pretty much all the way then reverts back to 10158 . I guess I'll stay there!
  • The new Logon screen is quite okay, its indeed way better than the previous build but still needs alot of work. Typography and some layout is quite bad imo. User name for example is proportionally bigger than the user photo and I think the user photo needs to be bigger. Also it lacks animations also. Personally I wish it would look something like this.
  • It looks like... the OS X login screen.  Layout and Circular Picture for user. I wish they'd take a cue from Apple and pick something to base their theme on, that way they don't have these non-discript wallpapers, you know.
  • I'm getting excited to load this onto my Surface Pro 3 on July 29th! (I know, sounds like an ad, but I am)
  • I had a problem with 10130 .. When i restarted my laptop it gave me an error and thn the sound drivers were gone. . 
  • what is difference b/w 10158 and 10159 ?
  • why is 10159 not uploaded by Microsoft 
  • Windows 10 build 10159 .. Is Awesome.. 
  • it would be nice if you could give those wallpaper to us 
  • Guys windows 10 10162 is released by microsoft .. download it now
  • TIP FOR ANYONE WHO CAN'T LOGIN WITH "PIN" ON Windows 10 Build 10162:
    I noticed a few of you on here had the same issue as me, using a pin no longer was an option to log in after the new build updates. I managed to fix mine! So, if you can't use PIN to login after installing the latest builds, follow these steps! 1. Open Settings
    2. Click "Accounts"
    3. Click "Sign in Options" on the left menu
    4. Under "PIN", click the "I forgot my pin" option
    5. Follow steps to reset your pin and create a new pin
    6. Restart Computer/Tablet It should now allow you to log in with your PIN again! Hope this helps!