This is your Windows 10 Mobile phone using Ethernet for blazing network speeds

Windows 10 Mobile is just Windows 10 with some UI changes. With the latest Insider preview release, Microsoft is enabling something we knew was possible and coming eventually: Ethernet support. With this ability users can plug in an Ethernet adapter to either the Continuum Display Dock or even directly into the phone itself using a USB Type-C adapter.

I decided to give it a try and here are our results!

What works?

Microsoft noted that build 14322 brings some support for Ethernet adapters on Windows 10 Mobile with more support on the way. Luckily, I already have two USB Type-C Ethernet adapters on hand to try out and so far I am two for two as both worked without any hitches. I didn't even see the alleged 'warning' that will be removed in the next flight.


Hubs (Image credit: Windows Central)

Here are the two adapters I used for this test:

Certainly the Anker one is more expensive (nearly twice as much) but you are getting three USB 3.0 ports, which also all work when plugged into a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL giving you a lot of options. The Anker one is also aluminum, and they are a company that makes reliable products.

The Aerb is not only cheaper but smaller too making it more ideal for travel or throwing it in your pocket.

Personally, I'm looking to get this new Anker device, which is basically Continuum in your pocket. It has two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, and it has a spare USB Type-C port for charging. [Edit: Whoops! This Anker has no Ethernet, but I suppose you could plug a USB Ethernet adapter into one of the ports!]

See at Amazon - Anker Premium USB-C Hub with HDMI and Power Delivery (opens in new tab)

How fast?

I connected both adapters directly to my Verizon FiOS router, and my download rate should be 100 Mbps.

For the test, I turned Wi-Fi and Cellular Data off in the Action Center to make sure that the Lumia 950 XL was not using either. Later, I even put the phone into Airplane mode (Ethernet still works in this setting too).

Microsoft noted in the release notes for build 14322 that there is no visual indicator yet for Ethernet connections, which will make this process simpler in later versions of the OS.

All three results (two shown above) had the phone downloading at around 90 Mbps (98-95 Mbps) using the Microsoft Network Speed Test application from the Windows Store (opens in new tab). Uploads were at around 60 Mbps.

Using the same setup on a quad-core Intel Core i7 PC netted similar results with downloads nearing closer to 100 Mbps.

For a real world example, I used Hulu to watch a video. There was no lag between starting the video nor randomly jumping around the video stream, which never even hesitated to buffer. In a blind test, you would think the video was playing locally instead of streaming.


The ability to directly connect Ethernet to a Windows Phone is a small milestone in the merging of desktop and mobile functionality for 2016 and beyond. As more phones begin to support Continuum being able to get high-speed internet directly to the phone setup will be crucial for the paradigm to be taken seriously.

The forthcoming HP Elite x3 will be one of the first devices to really leverage this Ethernet ability as their Desk Dock has an Ethernet port built right into it.

There is no doubt that those in enterprise will be able to take advantage of this feature and even for consumers it offers a nifty way to do very large downloads. Case in point, doing OS updates to Windows 10 Mobile could go much quicker when connected to Ethernet as well as restoring from a backup, reinstalling apps, mass download of a music collection, and more.

What would you do with Ethernet on your phone? Let us know in comments!

More info on USB Type-C, OTG and more!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Daniel, you never fail to deliver. I was waiting for this post!
  • While you're summoning Daniel.... Just for ***** & giggles, is this feature available on either iOS, or Android❓❓❓
  • Yes. Been on galaxy for awhile. Posted from PornHub
  • Wow. Not too bad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yes it is available for iOS, I think Apple showed it at their iPhone SE launch. They used a lightening to USB adapter and USB to Ethernet adapter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So, MS got it working about the same time as Apple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • No. I have seen videos on YouTube that are over a year old. However I don't believe that Apple officially acknowledged that it would support this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Heck it was available on wm 6.x
  • Me too. I love using the Ethernet instead of wifi or wireless. Having my phone as a literal Ethernet-connected desktop will be great. Speaking of this, the post mentions continuum and USB -C. I wonder how this will work, because there is no physical difference between a standard USB (which I already have) and USB-C ethernet-USB converter. I hope that my standard converter will work.
  • Agreed. I now know which one to get. Thanks  
  • Does it work in Lumia 540?
  • No.
  • Might be tricky without USB-C.
  • rather impossible
  • Not impossible. Galaxy's been doing it with micro usb for some time. Posted from PornHub
  • On 640 xl??
  • ^ "Might be tricky without USB-C".
  • Aaaaaaand we have your daily winner!
  • oh maybe I'll ask if it works on a Lumia 520 or an Compaq iPAQ? Like never Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • It used to work on my MicroVAX
  • Well if you use a PC with wmdc installed and a rather large usb cable yes
  • Personally, I'll probably never plug my phone in with ethernet, but it's really cool that it can now.
  • I was thinking the same thing, but then I started thinking about how there were times I really could've used this when I used to do telephone work in Boston. No cell cervice in the basements of buildings there, so no data if you needed to get a file or something. I'm actually pretty excited about the idea of this even though it's not something I'll need any more.
  • I got faster speed on wifi no point in ethernet
  • The point is we will have that option.
  • Same here, even on 802.11N WiFi.
  • With which technology? When is wifi faster than equally new ethernet?
  • When it's AC
  • Yes and no. 10 Gbit ethernet is out there but not for consumers. AC standard wi-fifi is gigabit capable, but it is all about the obstacles: in reality you will gigabit ethernet speeds with super-high reliability, while AC will be great but because of the nature of radio, it will never achieve perfect reliability. So, what matters is, what you need it for. Hard to beat the convenience of wi-fi. Good enough in 90 out of 100 situations. In the other 10 situations, ethernet will be fantastic, so you will be happy to have it available.
  • It is not the Ethernet that limits the speed, it is the transfer speed of the USB cable that limits the speed. I have just watched a video by Josh Drew on YouTube that shows that his WiFi gives better speed than Ethernet on his Android phone through micro USB 2. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: Jole bogdan,
    Good for you, but my Comcast wired eithernet is rock solid fast and mostly constant. Comcast Wi-Fi is inconsistent, sometimes great, sometimes slow. Ethernet will be a welcome option for me.
  • But I'm getting the same speeds with the same phone and app Daniels babbling about using WiFi at home... Posted from PornHub
  • What's sad is it could be done on wm6.x(except instead using a computer with wmdc in between)
  • That is blazing fast!! Good article, Daniel.
  • My wifi is faster
  • So what when you don't have WiFi. Or just Visitor WiFi. Or need the most reliable and stable network. Ethernet beats WiFi any day on those point. Open up and see the possibilities.
  • Uhm...the likelihood of someone who blocks guest WiFi allowing you to plug in is unlikely... Posted from PornHub
  • Are you on a mission? We heard you. Ugh.
  • Wow, that's interesting! Can Android or iOS do this, even?
  • It's possible on Android, though it's not very consistent and is pretty buggy, especially when you don't turn off Wifi and cellular data.
  • Yes iOS can by using lightening to USB and USB to Ethernet adapters. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is what exactly I asked a month ago (, it didn't take long to see it done!
  • I actually saw the x3 as a sort of forshadowing of this feature, becuse of the dock.
  • I am still waiting for USB tethering and reverse tethering which are more convenient to me.
  • Me too, my modem is not reliable so i'd like to use my phone instead
  • Well tethering is possible but the reverse hasn't been available simce 6.x unless you have bt ap
  • The office hot desk is an ideal place for Ethernet where security restricts use of Wi-Fi. Reduces latency on remote desktop connections and makes network drive access quicker. Yes, that has to be coming.
  • This is the lead in to a really effective universal remote desktop app, which will turn the phone into a functioning PC experience.
  • This is what I thought too. I wonder where this goes in the future. I could imagine somthing like the graphics card dock from Razer. A dock that adds computing power to the phone when it's connected.
  • You will need 2 USB-ports (and circuitry) if you want both external processing and networking though...
  • Ethernet for the dock makes very much sense. ​Wi-Fi coverage is not necessarily a given
    or there might be reasons one does not want to use Wi-Fi. It is no so much the speed that is of interest 
    but rather a consistent availabilty and reliablitly. I still remember trying to use Wi-Fi in an Silicon Valley 5-star hotel in SanJose where I stayed for a week.  Hotel stuff had no idea as to why Wi-Fi would not work in my room (respectivley my part of floor) and referred me to AT&T.
    The hotel was totally booked out because of several weddings and conferences. I talked to AT&T every day of my stay. 
    What should I say: to no avail, total waste of time. 
    They gave me a free coupon for their service for another place and another time. Only had my iPad with me, thought it might be worth a try to travel with just an iPad. Stupid idea as I learned.
    Won't happen any more (and I won't get an iPad any more anyway.    
  • ​I wonder if one can enable wifi sharing while on ethernet. so you could plug your phone in, and let your ipad etc run over the wifi. that would be genious
  • Didn't the latest update for Windows 10 (not mobile) let PC's and tablets do just that? If so, I don't see why a phone running the same OS wouldn't be able to, even if in the near future.
  • 8.1 had the ability to share cellular data with PC
  • Yeah, and 10 can do that too. However, different kind of data that we'd like to share. Thanks though.
  • Hopefully they somehow enable that, on the PC one has been able to do it for quite some time (i think since vista?) by using command promt and the 'netsh' command. Windows central did an article on it    
  • I read your comment as if it were a poem, actually (lol!). It had a certain rhythm. In any case, valid points. Despite wi-fi N and AC availability and "very good" stability, ethernet offers perfect stability and low latency (both being very important with SIP/voip/skype and online gaming, among other things).
  • I think for those people claiming MS has given up on the phone space or that they don't take it seriously will be eating humble pie in the next few years. The merging of OS to one platform really is the future from what I can see. The one thing I don't understand now though is Anti Virus. Does WM have defender by default? Enterprise surely would not want it's LAN infected from a phone connected to it and if the OS is truly a single OS then a phone is as vulnerable as a PC or am I seeing it in the wrong way?
  • Viruses typically aren't made for Windows on ARM devices, so this won't be an issue directly from the start. Coupled with the fact that Windows 10 Mobile only runs apps from the Store by default and only runs them in a sandbox, it's not as easily breached. The issue would mostly arise from a user who downloaded an infected attachment to their phone and copied it over to their computer, but the majority of enterprise users would either be protected from this anyway or just wouldn't do that because of how few people use their phone as a flash drive.
  • Good points. That said, if the long rumored Surface phone comes out with a 64bit processor then we may have something to worry about. Many breaches of a LAN come from email downloads and that could open up a whole new era of AV for phone. I am told that phone should have a 64 bit OS in the near future.
  • 64-bit cpus are better protected than 32-bit cpus. Like @aschletter wrote, viruses stem from open platforms. When you have a Store and restrict third-party "open" downloads of executable code, you will be fine. Coupled with sandboxing in every Store app, every app has their own file system (not literally - but most easily explained anyway!). We will all be fine. And, again, you can infect Windows 7 users on PCs if you want, but you will not see any damage dealt to your phone, just like how Windows users cannot run OS X executables downloaded from a website, but still download them and send them to OS X computers to run the code there. Maybe not the most fair comparison, but still.
  • Besides MS neutered the bt stack
  • Regarding anti virus sorry in WM10, technically all apps are sandboxed which prevents apps from behaving badly. Plus all apps from the Windows App store are vetted too. The only way to get malicious apps on a WM10 device is if you side load it yourself.
  • The phone isn't vulnerable in all the same ways a PC is, for example the UWP apps are sandboxed and that's one benefit of them in general over more traditional desktop applications. You could still download a file to a phones storage that was infected, but in theory it would be a lot more difficult to execute malicious code that could affect other machines on the network from a phone. There could be a benefit to something that scans the files stored on your phone, other mobile platforms do have anti-virus / security tools available.
  • Only if the phone ran an intel chip. The windows phone OS on arm is a sandboxed OS like iOS and does not require any anti virus. Now if the mythical surface phone comes out in early 2017 that ran an intel chip and full windows 10. THEN it would NEED an anti virus.
  • The CPU manufacturer is irrelevant to that. Store apps are sandboxed on the phone, like they are on the PC. An Intel chip will not change that.
  • Seeing it the wrong way. Posted from PornHub
  • This would be a cool video demo on YouTube hint hint :)
  • The Anker you listed with Hdmi didn't list Ethernet. Are you sure?
  • Yeah, jumped the gun on that. Article has been updated.
  • Does that work on lumia 640 xl?? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Obviously not. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anker Premium USB-C Hub with HDMI and Power Delivery: Can it be used as a Microsoft display dock? 
  • Seems like this bodes well for Xbox One controller support directly on the phone (as opposed to having to use it in continuum mode) in the anniversary update.  Was support for Xbox One controller outside of Continuum ever confirmed? I picked up a microusb to microusb OTG cable to use with my 1520, hopefully it won't require USB type-c or one of the new phones that support continuum.  I'm looking forward to playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on the 1520 with the xbox one controller and the Nyko Smart Clip, would really suck (for me) if it is only coming to the newer phones.
  • This is a really cool feature that I didn't even notice was announced or coming. NOW they can really start to leverage Win10 Mobile as a computer on the go with ethernet + continuum.
  • Sigh... I got the update yesterday... W10 mobile is still horses&%$, crashing apps (including windows central) crashing Edge, etc etc.   I don't care about any of this.... I just want a smooth OS for christ sake
  • Then you should not be trying the insider builds. Download the latest update for retails devices which is not a redstone build and you will not face moat of the issues. Sent from Lumia 930 using U-WinCentral app
  • I have yet to experience any of this with the Redstone builds (but I always do a hard reset after each update).
  • There's a solution for that...
  • You probably have to wait another one year to get that stable update and new features. Or about 6 months.
    But win10m has much potential than ani other OS.. MS is not bringing new features daily so we have to wait.. And btw.. Stick to wp8.1 .. My advice. Posted from Nokia 3310
  • Then go back to windows phone 8.1 or get an iPhone.
  • Or just get the latest W10M retail build (he runs Insider build) Rock solid here.
  • Complete opposite for me, I have the latest retail build and my phone constantly resets itself.
  • Which phone? maybe you should do a hardreset. 950 xl here without one single crash or unpredicted restart in 2 month in the production build.
  • 950 xl. I don't particularly want to reinstall dozens of apps, wasting gigabytes of my data allowance, hell I already had to do that once after an update, didn't have to hard reset but now if my installed apps worked any more, I had to reinstall everything. This OS definitely has a lot more gremlins than 8.1.
  • Which phones support this feature.....??
  • Lumia 950, 950XL (for starters) they both have USB-Type C.
  • Does it work on lumia 640 xl??
  • No only 950 & 950XL.
  • So it is only for phones which support usb type c...??
  • Yes. As long as those phones support Contiuum.
  • To be honest the connection shouldn't matter, so long as the USB input/output is at least USB 3.0 it should be feasible.
  • No. Usb-c has different protocols in the transmission and can transfer not only data but audio, video, network and data over it. It may be emulateable somehow but since the protocols are not available for normal usb you would need a software-converter in each of the devices you connect. Very unlikely that you'll see that coming.
  • Cool, I stand corrected.
  • I would assume any windows 10 phone with a USB Type C connection. As it is a OS feature that requires to ability to connect to ethernet cable.
  • 950&950XL
  • That's wonderful
  • the only thing continuum for windows 10 mobile need is snap screen for multi-tasking, like play video/ youtube while editing word or RDC simultaneously
  • Well, you kinda do have two screens. You can play a video on your phone while you work on the big screen. But yes, I would love the ability to snap on the big screen. Have three apps running simultaneously. Talk about killer.
  • Hopefully soon.
  • I thought this was possible? What about the MS demos where they showed off drag-n-drop between Office apps using continuum? Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • I did hear from someone said it would come in the future.
    However, for playing videos while using continuum, another solution is to Casting the video to DLNA monitor or miracasting dongle with alternative mode, but continuum monitor need to connect wired/docked.
  • Hey Dan can you test my new app? It was published today...
  • All I can say is, Wow.
  • Cool!
  • Now Microsoft needs to build a nice docking station with an Ethernet port. The Microsoft one looks pretty bad.
  • The display dock looks so good to me, I have 2 and may get a third one. ;P
  • Are you kidding? That display dock from microsoft (have one here before me) is the nicest hardware i have seen in a long time. It would need an update for ethernet but it is not at all looking bad.
  • What would I do with Ethernet on my phone?  Download ALL the offline maps.  Over WiFi it's problematic at best.
  • I'd download most of the Gameloft games and their data files via Ethernet. :)
  • Any one tried it on l1520 &l930 .... Which have usb type-b ????
  • HAHA you made that up. Does not exist. You cannot use this on any phone except the 950 and 950XL PERIOD!!!
  • ...or other usb-C windows smartphones like the hp x3.
  • As cool as it is, it needs visual indicators as well as native system settings need to manage ethernet connections and lastly, it needs its own quick action button in action center.
  • Is this exclusive to continuum devices with a usb c connection or could we try on a micro usb device as the 1520 Windows Central app for Windows 10 on mobile
  • USB type c
  • In theory there is no reason why micro usb wouldn't work except for forced obsolescence. USB type-C is merely a connector, it has nothing to do with the data traveling down the cable.
  • It needs the transport protocols at the connector. As long as that is not build into that on both sides of the devices the data is not interpreted or sent in the right way. And it is not likely to happen like that.
  • Oh yeah baby
  • Anyone here uses Earthlink connection?
  • Business users use outlook (most of them). The day multiple signatures with pics, links etc are doable in the outlook app is the day I'd consider continuum. Desktop apps are just Soo much better (at the moment) than mobile versions. Virtualiation helps bit I want native apps doo g the work. I guess it's coming, when it does i will do a moonwalk all the way to California (I live in London)
  • Microsoft is killing it!!! Loving it! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • would be cool if we could browse local files on another pc from the phone so we can really test how fast it can go, maybe it fully utilizes the 1gbit bandwidth
  • You actually can - download & install Microsoft's FREE "Remote Desktop" app.
  • hope they add the manual IP configuration feature...
  • A 89MB top speed, and mine barley tops 2MB, my internet is so slow might as well be classified as dial-up. I know dial-up is 128BPS, but damn it's so slow might as well be.
  • I'm using 512 kbps. 1 GB download takes around 4-5 hours IF network doesn't break. Heck, I don't even get full 512 kbps. Instead of getting 60-64 KBps I get 50-55 KBps.
  • You're getting the correct speed. Speeds are advertised in Kbps (kilo BITS (notice the lower case 'b') per second) which in this case is 512. You're seeing it in KBps (kilo BYTES per second) which translates to 64KBps (notice the uppercase "B"). For conversion, 8 bits = 1 Byte. Hope this helps :)
    Oh and try upgrading your connection. Speeds below that are illegal in my country (not kidding)
  • You're getting the correct speed. Speeds are advertised in Kbps (kilo BITS (notice the lower case 'b') per second) which in this case is 512. You're seeing it in KBps (kilo BYTES per second) which translates to 64KBps (notice the uppercase "B"). For conversion, 8 bits = 1 Byte. Hope this helps :)
    Oh and try upgrading your connection. Speeds below that are illegal in my country (not kidding)
  • Lol dude I know it  See I've used k'B'ps and k'b'ps. I'm an Electronics and Communication engineer with little experience. 50 kBps = 400 kbps; 112 kbps less on average. And is it really illegal?! You're from India right?! Here in my city most connections are on this speed. 750 INR/month for this ****.
  • It is! TRAI has mandated a minimum speed of 512Kbps and in next one or two years it will be 1 Mbps. They have planned to take it upto 5 Mbps if I'm not wrong
  • Yes, I know that. I've read that bill. It was passed in 2012. It stated that every service provider should upgrade their minimum speed to 512 kbps by 2012 (or 13?!) and up to 2 Mbps by 2015. I got that 512 kbps upgrade in 2014 and in name of 2 Mbps upgrade BSNL has given 2 Mbps with 1 GB FUP. It's ****. Also in my area BSNL is only provider so they are do whatever they want to do. Nothing affects them. 5 Mbps...never heard about it. As far as I know 4 Mbps unlimited is around 6.5k INR/month.
  • Very cool, I kind of want this just because. Many niche features in this OS that are so cool to show off! By the way, it seems there is a wordvmissing from the article. Right below the speed test images: "All three results (two shown above) had the phone downloading at around 90 Mbps (98-95 Mbps) using the ." Using the what?
  • Unfortunately, there's a cloud hanging over Daniel's Anker-induced euphoria; any reader expecting "free tapas" is likely going to be disappointed... The referenced Anker 3 Port Hub with Ethernet is un-powered and has no provision for attaching a user-supplied adapter. As such, the host (aka, your Lumia phone) will be responsible for supplying any pass-thru power needed to operate the ethernet port as well as any attached  "bus-powered" portable devices. (The illustration shows only a single thumb drive attached.) It's unlikely that any mobile device could simultaneously power a typical mix of 3 devices connected thru an unpowered hub, and I fault Anker for not pointing this out in their promotional material. You might expect to successfully attach 1 or 2 low-power devices - like thumb drives or a camera, but a portable hard drive, scanner or printer may not work at all or would quickly deplete the Lumia's internal battery. The use suggested by Daniel's illustration shouldn't be a problem beyond a noticable reduction to the time between charges, but you may expect to wind-up waist-deep in techno-doodoo if you're tempted to make more robust use of those 3 ports.
  • Too bad cant do this on lumia 550
  • This is great for being able to run network diagnostics at work. Just jack into the switch rack n go
  • What about wifi direct it's must needed feature.especially in India Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Windows 10 Mobile is just Windows 10 with some UI changes"
    Really?  If this were true, than why wasn't wired Ethernet included since day one (like it was on Win 10 desktop)? I don't believe that wired Ethernet is a "UI" change.
  • There is no plug for it and software wise it was but needs to be handled different on phone hardware (ARM + different mainboard)
  • Yeah not on 1520 w/o continuum.
  • Man, I wish we had even close to 100Mbps internet.
  • I hope that the rumored Lumia 850 supports Continuum. I think it will be priced closer to RS. 35000 which is still expensive. Lumia 750 with continuum support priced around 25k will be the best option if it sees the daylight.
  • First of all, not happening. Only three tiers. Secondly, you're discussing pricing without thinking about the specs and finally, off topic
  • Not off-topic bro. New features like Ethernet support are rolled out only to premium devices. I think L850/750 can change that. I am actually a bit frustrated because all these features are advertised heavily but none of them reaches the majority of Win phone users.
  • This is really a mis-representation of facts and actually mis-informing the speeds shown do not even represent the capabilities of the used interfaces, but show the limitations of the broadband connection used in the test.  My 930 easily exceeds 100Mbps download speeds on my AC Wi-Fi at home, as in _well_ north of 100Mbps. These are 1000Mbps ethernet interfaces and a proper test here would be on a >200Mbps broadband connection.    Big numbers look pretty but they do not always tell the story you are claiming/pretending to tell..
  • He does not claim that. Of course this could go higher but what would it make for a difference if you'd use a 200 mbps connection? Is the ethernet 1 gbit/s or 100 mbits on the phone? I do not know. But in case it is above 100 mbits you need to use a internet connection of at least 1gbit/s. And i do not know many people with such a speed. Do you?
  • why is this a big thing? some fruit company did this years ago
  • I never trust this app network sped test from microsoft. It seems only measure the speed from your device to the wifi router, not the real internet. Last time i had problem with the internet because of a broken netwprk converter, and this app still showed great speed signal, whereas shpwed only 0.8 mbs from my end to the closest local isp. So I stop using it, this app's only good for your local speed test to check up on your local network hardwares.
  • Seems faster.
  • I'll get you a deal on time warner. 300mbps for the same price your paying for 100
  • I bought a usb type c adaptor for my 950xl and it does not work. Are there certain ones that work for phones.
  • you need to run the lates insider preview of windows10 AND have a USB to ethernet adaptor which is plug and play for the OS..
  • Can we use power over Ethernet, charge the phone AND connected it to LAN??? That will be so cool as it keeps the phone charged as well :)
  • Can it be used on phones without continum. I have Lumia 535
  • Nice article, enjoyed it.
  • Awesome. I could really use this--especially since insider build 14322.1000 just took out my Wi-Fi connection.
  • Can it make calls over Ethernet tho?
  • No unless it's skype.
  • This is a good direction, especially if it becomes a reality that we can do updates using wired net where wifi isn't available like in a computer lab
  • Thanks for this. I hope to show it to colleagues at work soon. Dan - I have a question for you about the" new Anker device" -  Anker USB3-C adapter with the power pass through. When I bought my Lumia 950XL in December 2015 I also got this: Morjava®IHUB-12  I knew this was meant for the USB-C on the 2015 Macbook - however, I wanted to see if I could use it with my 950XL to power (used MS power Adapter) and copy data. Didn't seem to work. OTG did work however without the adapter. When I got back from vacation and updated the Firmware from Jan2016 - OTG stopped working. I am not sure if it was the firmware or the ihub adapter that fried the OTG on the phone due to having a power supply plugged into it. I am hesitant to use any USB-C adapters with power for that reason. When you get the new Anker adapter - can you please test the OTG function while powering the phone through the adapter? Thanks!