The Lumia 950 and USB OTG: Thumb drives, microphones and keyboards

In our review of the Microsoft Lumia 950 I noted that there is support for USB OTG and Type-C peripherals. Now, we'll go more in-depth and show you some of the more practical things you can do with it using a cheap USB Type-C adapter.

The gist of the technology means that you can use external storage like a USB thumb drive or any USB card reader and connect it up to your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL. Using the build in File Explorer in Windows 10 Mobile you can then browse the drive, view and edit files like .docx, .pdf, image files and music, create folders, move things around and more.

Obviously the big benefit here would be for students or those in enterprise who need to transfer documents or access files on their phone from an external storage source.

You can also use USB microphones like the BLUE Yeti microphone (opens in new tab) for higher-quality audio recording.

You can connect up a wireless or even wired mouse too, which results in a mouse cursor on your phone. However, we did have stability issues on occasion. Likewise, keyboards work as well for typing.

Unfortunately, connecting up an Xbox controller had no benefit and no, it did not work with Halo Spartan Strike. Seeing as these are mostly driver issues, and this is technically Windows 10, we suppose Microsoft could roll out wider support for various USB peripherals.

Regardless, it is clear now that our phones are running Windows 10 OS, so none of this should be too surprising. Still, if you can now know that this does work in case you were on the fence. Certainly this also opens the door for more USB peripherals for Windows Phone in the future, and that is very exciting.

For more information on Microsoft's Type-C support you can read their documentation:

Microsoft: Windows support for USB Type-C connectors (opens in new tab)

Watch our hands-on video and let us know what you think!

USB Type-C Adapters Tested

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Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • ZOMG...
  • So... In 3 years time Apple will reinvent usbotg and it'll be magical and the best ever!!!
  • Dock connector on old iPhones and the new Lightning connector since iPhone 5 all support various accessories, so in fact we're really late here.
  • U cant connect an iphone to a usb portable storage, so.............u are wrong.
  • No, you're wrong. We're late.
    Old iPhone can support accessories from old 30 pin connector and Earphone jack and Lightning can connect to flash drive too.
    Android support for OTG since years ago.
    Everything you can plug into Windows Phone prior to Windows 10 and working is just a charger in USB port and Earphone in phone jack. You can't even use earphone button and bluetooth shutter button to take a photo.
  • Not that it really matters but I'm pretty sure neater iPhone or android supportes mouse. And also pretty sure iPhone does not support a standard usb drive.
  • Android supports USB mouse and thumb drives since at least 4.0 (tried it myself). Don't know abut iPhone.
  • Pretty sure there was mouse support on Android 1.5
  • iOS doesn't have mouse support which annoys me as we use them to remote into desktop PCs occassionally.
  • That is extremely stupid. This is what happens when you only look at one platform and then make comments. Congratulations, you sound like a jackass. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can get lightening usb storage for iphone. Posted via the Windows Central app
  • Well, I can connect a f***ing DVD reader to my 8" Windows 8.1 tablet. I don't need any external power. And the best part? DVD drive is taken out from my laptop.
  • Let's not forget that Nokia did this a long time ago... Example the N8
  • Yup.. had that on my C7. It worked well with a card reader. Back then (2012-ish) I had a Nikon DSLR. I could take out the CF card, plug it into the card reader attached to the USB OTG cable...  The phone will detect the CF card, I could then email the picts (or upload to FB). It does make the phone hot though.
    Imagine the advantage in places and situations where your phone is the only way to go online          
  • What this amateurs don't know is that symbian was still way advanced then any other system out there right now. The only thing that kills it was the dung people...let's put it this way. 2007 and after. Usb on the go support, mouse and keyboard support, any usb flash, (2010 symbianAnna, external hardisck support. Yes, you hoed it good, 1 tb external, files playe! 2000 and before: True multitasking...2015 still has the lead. 1999, entire ui change capability with just a theme. 2015 only android can do it in a retarded way! 2004 support for internal had. 2010 full hdmi support (nokia n8, the only multimedia device ever!) 2012 full support for cameras so large 41 mpx is nothing. Yes, this is a system limitation that only symbian truly has no problem handling it with ease. Symbian wa a true mobile system, it's only downfall being the ferry now specks, but this kids should always give credit to a devices doing all of this with jusyt 256 mb ram, even less before it.
  • Symbian was is and always will be unusable POS.
  • @vhyr - After he listed the things it could do back on '07 you still call it unusable?
  • You said it all my friend. Thank you 110% agree with you If only i had enouph money .... i will rise Symbian again...
  • I also don't know why symbian was refused by nokia , it was way ahead of its time . and to tell you I am right now replying to your post using my nokia 500 fate running symbian belle as I use it as my daily driver , even after using it for last 5 years , its fast and fluid as it was in the beginning and I just can't think of losing it . I just love my symbian phone too much. well at the time I bought it it was a phone with 1 Ghz processor , and with only 256 mb ram , it really runs multitasking well.. it is all because symbian was based on C and if anyone here knows something about programming language than they should know that C language is most efficient in utilizing resources and not like android which is a resource hungry which hangs even on quad core processors with 2 gb of ram.... just can't stop praising enough of my symbian phone . I miss symbian so much, and it was good to hear that there are people who remember the symbian for how good it was . why won't someone start a kickstarter and collect some money from online funding and again relive the glory days of symbian..
  • Because with all things, it doesn't matter how good it is/was, no one was buying it. Everyone wanted an iPhone or Android phone.
  • Yes I used to the same thing! From my N8... HDMI out to big TV, USB OTG to HDD full of media. The Nokia media center app would open and I'd use my PS3 controller to browse the interface! All in 2010!!! I don't know if that's even possible with 2015 phones.
  • I will never understand the hate for Symbian... I remember an occasion where my N8 saved the day on a video shoot once... It was the only device we had with us capable of charging a gopro camera!
  • Because it's not always about what your device can do, it's about how easy it is for users to do it.
  • So by that logic, we shouldn't use manual cars because automatics exist?! It's a sign of the times though... The world is becoming ever more full of exorbitant, self entitled sheep who seem to be unable, or frightened, to think or research things for themselves.
    Edit: Just to clarify, I'm not aiming that at you, nor any one specific group of people.
  • It is possible with 2015 phones but we agree on one thing here...the n8 was an amazing device. Though my n900 was even more amazing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah shame Symbian UIQ didn't take off - the Motorolla A1000 (& A9xx predecessors) were way before their time - loved mine at the time!
  • Haha... Yes exactly! Although I've supported windows phone since the Lumia 900.... I still feel the phones are not at par with my old N8. It's about time to finish playing catchup and come with something unique that sets u ahead and differentiates from the rest.
  • many people still miss symbian. I thought I am the only one left. Symbian was so complete OS, nothing else today feels as powerful, complete and customizable. Not even close. And WP especially feels so much crippled after being with Symbian for so many years. Why did MS not learnt a single thing about Symbian while purchasing Nokia. N8 still feels way better than any of the Lumias I used till date. Camera is better, bluetooth transfer is better, has mini HDMI, USB-OTG, and so many small yet handy features. It had OTG without any fancy type c connecter. One worth mentioning is FM transmitter. No phone in market yet has this feature. God, I miss symbian so much.
  • Psst Lumia 1520 has FM radio builtin :) PS - Symbian was amazing.
  • Android is on par but there was just something special about the n8 accomplishing it all on 256mb of RAM. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looooove my N8 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So
  • Yeah, thought I had this on my old Nokia N8
  • I remember having and using my N8 to plug into a tv and show the screen, video clips, photos, internet browsing and all i needed was the use of the suppied mini HDMI cable !!! now at the same time was the first IPhone, which could'nt even connect to another phone using bluetooth !!  I had some very humble IPhone users that night after they spent a day bigging it up  !! 
  • I wish you had pictures of their faces. I really feel that Marketing, UI was the bane of Symbian at the end. Nokia were far ahead of their time.
  • Love my n8 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • An iPhone that you plug into a dock and it becomes a Mac would be pretty cool. Hell, it may actually get decent dev support for OSX. Actually, Intel is rumored to power the next iPhone. If Apple gets the iPhone 7 out before the Surface Phone, they could actually beat Microsoft to having a true desktop in your pocket.
  • So they will release a phone that has iOS and OSX running on it? Unlikely. They don't have the benefit of the unified OS that Microsoft has, and they are also pretty adamant that phone, tablets and PCs should not converge.
  • But Apple alrady advetised that with iPad Pro one doesn't need (Macbook)PC any more.   
  • Doesn't mean anything. That tablet only runs iOS, so it's not replacing any Macbook. Not even close to what the Surface Pro is. Heck, even a regular Surface can run full Windows 10.
  • Yup, Ipad pro owners still need a PC with iTunes on it whenever a bad OS update bricks their devices.
  • Pretty sad. Their pro tablet needs another computer's helping hand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm not sure why people think that iOS and OS X are so different. Much of the core is the same thing. Windows 10 being a unified OS is more marketing at this point. Apple's apps aren't completely Universal, but they have a lot in common.
  • No. iOS and OSX is vastly different. OSX in touch is bad whereas iOS with usb keyboard is worse. The core they share is same but most of the components are thrown out because of the devices they run on. If same core makes the OS easier to merge, ChromeOS and Android will merge faster than iOS and OSX.
  • Apple as we know about them, they still wont do it. When they do, that's actually a big threat to mobile efforts of Microsoft. Apple got a healthy developers support, it wont take long developers will publish apps that will take advantage new Apple SDK. That's a Microsoft nightmare and this is why there is no excuse for Microsoft to hold back. Chrome OS is already supporting to run some Android apps, that makes Chrome OS a proper desktop OS by having native apps, though it will not be a threat to Windows itself but its a threat for Universal Apps Platform of Microsoft.
  • The universal app strategy isn't just for desktop and phones. It is for many hardware that will be designed in the future. IOT, Hololens surface hub etc. Its good that android and chrome is sre merging but still wont serve the purpose of using it. Its just the cost factor driving to buy one a chrome book. Otherwise one wouldn't like to buy a chromebook as one doesn't like to buy a windows phone due to lack of things in it like apps.
  • In fact, iOS and MacOS are as unified as Windows 10. Only universal apps could be a differentiator, but who is really interested in those?
  • Yeah who is interested in having the same experience on all his devices? /s
  • We are but you have to realize that most people don't care...strange world. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But not if they saddle it with iOS.
  • No way! Lmao. There's no way Apple makes a iOS+OSX on their next iPhone. If they were going to do that, the iPad Pro would have it. What about Apple's resistance to change makes you think they would do this to iOS now? Haha Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • As others have said, it seems unlikely as they had an opportunity to do it with the iPad Pro, but they didn't, Unless they're working behind the scenes to bring both iOS and OSX together, then I don't think we will see it in their phones for a while.
  • IPhones have been able to screen mirror since the 4s using either Apple tv, hdmi cable or vga cable. This means they can do pretty much the same as continuum.
  • Continuum is not about streaming content to screen. It is about using the app you installed on your phone, which scales automatically to a tablet version just by connecting to a screen, keyboard and mouse. Simplest example is using alt+tab shortcut to switch between running apps if the phone is connected to a keyboard and monitor. Does command + tab work with iPhone in such a setup???
  • No, that's a silly thing to say. Can it act as a track pad while driving the monitor? No. Can it act as a phone while driving the monitor? No. Does it resize the app to run full screen on the monitor? No. Can it drive the monitor, mouse and keyboard wirelessly? No. I'm sorry if this offends your Apple sensibilities, but continuum is true innovation and neither Apple or Google are even close. In the same way as neither the iPad Pro or Chrome Pixel tablets are even close to a Surface in their capabilities, while costing very nearly as much. Microsoft aren't resting on thier laurels anymore, they're innovatingand even Windows isn't the awful experience it was.
  • Google could easily port some Linux desktop and have their apps run in windows. In fact, they won't do it because it is a ridiculously stupid idea.
  • My Apple sensibilities are not offended as I use all os's, Windows, Android and iOS. I am just saying that for the few occasions I need to connect my phones to a large screen, screen mirroring on ios, screen casting on android and miracasting on Windows, using a Bluetooth keyboard is good enough. Posted via the Windows Central app
  • Interesting view of the Apple ecosystem and the iPad Pro
  • @Crosswhite17 - Might be good enough and only the customer can determine that.  But make no mistake, continuum is very much different as others have said.
  • In that it scales the app admittedly. However I can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the big screen using my iPad Mini, Apple TV and Bluetooth keyboard and print and scan with my wireless printer. This is as close to a desktop experience as I need from a portable device at the moment. At work the iPad has replaced the laptop as the main presentation tool by its ability to connect to TV's and projectors using Keynote or PowerPoint. Similarly I can use my Nexus 5 with keyboard and mouse to give a good desktop experience too. My Lumia 735 also gives quite a good desktop experience but is just let down by the built in office app, hopefully the upgrade to Windows 10 will come soon to improve this with the individual office apps.
  • IPhone is about simplicity. Their users don't want a desktop on their phone.
  • How about androids? Don't they have all these features already?
  • Yes, I've been plugging XBox controllers, a DAC, and OTG peripherals into my Android phones for a long time.
  • Taking my 5 devices to AT&T, gonna get 2 950's and a 950XL and save $40 U.S. a month because I add it to my DirecTV account. GOOD BYE VERIZON
  • Wow. I alrady used 3 year ago with Lumia 920 usb-to-micro-usb OTG adapter (and 32 gb usb-merory-stick) to connect Lumia with usb-drives etc, so Verbatim 32GB Nano USB Flash Drive with USB OTG Micro Adapter.
  • I own a Lumia 920 and I'm pretty sure that doesn't work.
  • I'm pretty sure that doesn't work because I own a lumia 920 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pretty sweet but I'm still waiting on the unlocked Lumia 950. If it ships by the 25th , why not accept preorders already???
  • Yes, cool! I will buy Lumia 950 XL : white ( free microsoft dock also ) on Launch event at New Delhi - got invitation today  Loved both the phone 
  • seems rich, I got invitation for Mumbai event, but doesn't have money to buy :P
  • I'll pass... For the price of a 950XL I can get new pipes for my Harley.....
    Better to invest in something I know will be around for the next 5 years... Lol.
  • In that case, don't buy any phone. In 5 years it will be old and nobody will want it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think he means the OS.
  • Lol true
  • I'm pretty sure you won't even using 950xl in 5yrs. Lol
  • Nah you should chop your slow, noisy Harley in for a proper bike... Go Triumph Rocket III. THEN you'll have a "real man's" bike that's to last you :)
  • You must have meant Triumph Rocket III. Yamaha does not manufacture the rockets. 
  • Thanks for the reminder- trying to be witty after being woken up by my 4 month old daughter at about 3.30am didn't work too well for me! I should know who made it as we have one lol!
  • Most people swop their phones every couple of years. Even if Microsoft stopped making phones your phone will still work so it is not that much of a risk is it? There are plenty of android users still running phones on Jellybean or earlier. Posted via the Windows Central app
  • Lol and you say the phones are overpriced and behind the times. Harley is as overpriced and under equipped as they come.
  • Well if you take pretty good care of your phone, it might last for five years. Lol Honestly, I'm still on the edge if I will hold off for Surface Phone or get 950xl soon.
  • And how much will you spend on maintenance and insurance fees for that bike over 5 years?
  • This great, seems to have at least as much funcationality as android, but has potential to do much more as well. Something like you mentioned, using an xbox controller would be amazing to play some games. We need to get this USB-C thing going faster now.
  • What about printers?
  • Can we print wirelessly with Windows 10 Mobile?
  • Yes!!
  • You could do that with 8.1.
  • Don't talk rubbish. In 8.1 it is only through third party app whereas in Win 10 it is inbuilt. Moreover one can also print to pdf in Win 10.
  • I'm also thinking about this too. Though there is a Wireless Printer support already, just needs more app to take advantage of it.
  • wow. thats so cool/useful!
  • USB microphones? Really?
    That sounds as though it would fall foul of the law of diminishing returns.
  • actually, there are some quality USB mics out there that are FAR better than the onboard mics. similar to what i see some tech bloggers doing now, plugging in their mics into a phone and using the phone to record an interview.
  • I think you'd be surprised. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • 'sauceum.
    Sucks about the Xbox controller support but I don't see that being very practical on the phone
  • You don't see how playing games with an XBox One controller could be practical? One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I'd really love to be able to play with the Xbox controller on my phone. Just imagine, you had a hold for the controller where you could put your phone and use it like a handheld console. Also there would be no need for a MOGA gamepad (still didn't buy one because I don't see why, if I have 2 Xbox pads already). Xbox labeled game would make even more sense.
  • That would be amazing!! It would be like having a more ergonomic version of a Nintendo DS!!!
  • I wonder if the Xbox wireless adapter plugged in would allow the controller to work?
  • Its pointless right now just like moga never really caught on by the publishers to recode their wp games like they did with Android initially
  • They really need a Usb type c cable (and driver for 10 mobile) for the Xbox one controller and enable Xbox one streaming to the Xbox app like it does on the desktop version
  • Dead Trigger 2 with an XBox controller is the only way to play. It's also the only reason why I'm so far ahead in the game.
  • I left that game after completing 7-8 levels. It was becoming pain in da aass to earn a staggering large amount of money to unlock to level 10 and then unlock a new continent...pheww...
  • Its actually useful to have Xbox Controller support for W10M. With Continuum, they could make W10M compatible devices as a lite gaming machine making your phone acts like a console. It would be great if there is new SDk for games to take advantage Continuum by utilizing the phone screen as a controller like Nintendo DS and use the TV/Monitor as a gaming screen.
  • Provide feedback.....
  • brilliant!
  • Blue Yeti support. Wow! Talk about a mobile studio.
  • Too bad other phones don't seem to support it. Do you think that could be fixed with a firmware update?
  • It could be... But not likely... We gotta wait till official release of the OS for older phones...
  • No other Windows Phones on the market currently have what Microsoft has deemed as the minimum hardware requirements to use Continuum. So highly unlikely, sorry.
  • But that's because you need enough processing power to support the output to two different screens at a time, two apps at a time (if you are using an app on both the screen and the phone) plus the fact that Edge renders desktop websites in Continuum. USB OTG is independent of that.
  • Uau this is awesome, just ordered two usb type c adptors after seing this. It will be awesome to connect flash drives, CF cards (by the way Daniel can you please tell me if the lumia 950 can read raw files at all?) and external hard drives to my future the 950 XL.
  • Hmmm, time to start buying some USB-C flash drives! Wonder if you can get a drive with a different a connector on each end for also plugging the same  one into my SP3?
  • Sounds like a neat idea.
  • The SanDisk ones can but like most 1st gen c accessories their a fire hazard(read the reviews on amazon)
  • Nothin wrong with some fire...
  • "We don't need no water, let the mother f*$&er burn"
  • Winter is here. We could all use some free heat. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Nice
  • Offtopic i cant help it, Hey Dan, where can i get that wallpaper? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A quick image search on bing and i found it :) Right Here on hdallpaper
  • So do current phones running the Insider Build 10586 now get this functionality as well? One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • No, I just tried plugging a mouse into my 1520 with an OTG cable, and nothing happened. No power going to the mouse at all. This is something that would have to be enabled on the kernel level. On XDA, the original Nexus 7's didn't have OTG capability, but some smart guys fixed it by flashing a custom kernel that enabled it. Windows 10 doesn't let us tinker with that sort of stuff.
  • Thanks for replying as I haven't tested this on my Lumia 920 since the last build and nothing happened then. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • It works on the V10 right out of the box :)
  • Lol oh I know. Full screen PlayStation games and USB OTG to my PS3 controller on my V10. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Conceivably, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition should be able to work with an Xbox One controller connected using an adapter. As long as plug-and-play works, everything else would be able to run the game (DirectX 11, controls, etc.).
  • On a PC, but they have separate versions of that game, it's not universal =[
  • I have to admit, the underlying WM10 OS is no joke. They really mean business trying to bring as much desktop/tablet level functionality over to phones. This is looking good, all we need now is an intel cherrytrail powered phone to connect all peripherals under the sun hehehe!!!
  • Will USB DAC work now on W10m? This feature keeps me from buying one (the DAC not phone). Been wanting to use my 1520 as main portable DAP with an external DAC.
  • I've a geek out 1000 that I want to use to connect with 950xl and Mrspeakers Alpha Prime headphones, I'm hoping for this to be possible!
  • Power draw still being a major issue
  • True...
  • I think it would be wiser to try those Bluetooth controllers and see if those work, the ones that work in other ARM devices, drivers are the Achilles heel for these phones without x86 support ;)
  • Yep with the death of rt we could only see basic hid support for usb aside from needing an adapter & external power
  • 950 has build 10586 right? The same build number in my 1520 and 920. But neither respond to USB OTG. Mouse cursor doesn't appear and USB flash disk are not accessible. Why 950 can do that?
  • Good question, maybe it's a hardware thing??
  • This feature requires a Firmware update on old hardware, hope MS wouldn't force us to buy a new hardware to enjoy the benefit.
  • aw that's sad to hear :(
  • Same question here...
  • I'm thinking a Bluetooth mouse works, but I understand you want otg.
  • I can confirm Bluetooth mouse works. Have my MS Sculpt Comfort mouse working on my 640. Nice!
  • Well its time to lay the 920 to rest.
  • This is just the start. It's only forward from here. 3D APIs development and gaming focus was oddly missing from W10m initial development but with the new organizational changes within the leadership reported today, this seems to be on the agenda for future updates hopefully as soon as Redstone. I would love Microsoft to build the same bridge here, that is start supporting 3D APIs on iOS and Android (OpenGL?) as well as improvements to their own DirectX APIs for w10m. And why am I rambling about that? To see XBOX controller work with my beloved windows phones.
  • I dont think its missing its just not available to independent devs. yet
  • By missing I mean they haven't made any changes, improvements, upgrade or otherwise to the 3D APIs that were already present in WP8.1 and has been brought as is to W10M. Or this is what my understanding is. Would love to be proved wrong.
  • Can you connect a Geek Out 1000 portable dac+amp and output FLAC files or Spotify from 950xl through GO 1000 & into headphones?! Any audiophiles here that can answer either way? Cheers.
  • Oh god. I yell you what, the audio out on a Nokia is harsh. Now, flac and OTG would bypass the POS internals and get what you want. I don't have the phone yet (waiting for xl), but I have been wondering. I don't know if there are many of us audiofolks on here.
  • Yeah the SQ in 99.x% of smartphones and tablets is rubbish. Fingers crossed we get to use usb dac ASAP! I think you're right, we are a rare but thoughtful breed, maybe we need to set up a forum thread for audiophile headfi listeners
  • It should work since Windows mobile supports FLAC playback. And the OS is like the x86 version on tablets and PCs
  • Fingers crossed, waiting for someone who receives this phone to confirm.
  • Is support for peripherals exclusive to windows phone? If so, that should be announced as kind of a big deal. Before Apphole announces it as their own invention...
  • Eh, android added otg support 4 years ago. Though many devices didn't enable it.
  • No, it's not exclusive to WP, WP is late to the party. It's not a big deal though, nobody was really calling WP out for OTG not being available(that I know of.)
  • Actually few number of people asking or complaining for USB OTG for a long time. Thing is not alot of people using WP and not alot of people even know USB OTG so no one pressuring Microsoft for this.
  • OTG, I wonder if it supports a barcode scanner for excel.
  • USB scanner usually can be configured to work as a keyboard.
  • Oh, good grief.  You have been able to use a bluetooth mouse w/W10M ever since Continuum worked.  I did it with both the 635 and 640.  Novelty, but really no valid use.  And why on earth would I connect a flash drive to my phone?  Again, these are ridiculously impractical features.
  • PCs and Phones are full of "worthless" and "impractical" features. It is called attempting to meet the varied needs of vastly dissimilar markets and customers. Ther eare phones, including Lumia that can transfer files over Bluetooth. Running into a friend who dropped some photos onto a USB thumbdrive and being able to download them to your device w/o network, etc. is hardly "impractical." There are millions of apps that people lament not being on WP or WPM that are far less "practical." But my needs and yours might be completely different.
  • Oh, good grief. ScubaDog is leaving another negative comment on Windows Central. Again, these are ridiculously uninspiring comments.
  • With the amount of people you burn for their comments are you sure you're not playing a black mage in FFXIV or a fire mage in WoW Dan? This is hilarious.
  • Ye have little imagination poopadog! Try engaging those creativity related brain cells hehe.
  • Looks like someone lives in a impractical world
  • You know what I think? I think Apple is slowing down the world! Wont it be great if all you have to take to work was your phone and monitors are already provided in the office. All you have to do is plug your phone in and Voila you have a full computer. I hope this feature gets the hype it deserves and people don't wait blindly for apple to do something before it gets widely adopted. NFC has been there since and until apple released the iPhone 6 that when many people started using NFC pay systems. I hate you apple!
  • Agreed
  • You know what I think? I think Apple is slowing down the world! Wont it be great if all you have to take to work was your phone and monitors are already provided in the office. All you have to do is plug your phone in and Voila you have a full computer. I hope this feature gets the hype it deserves and people don't wait blindly for apple to do something before it gets widely adopted. NFC has been there since and until apple released the iPhone 6 that when many people started using NFC pay systems. I hate you apple!
  • I can't stomach the reviews that tell us that the iPad Pro is a breaking new ground. I suppose better to note they are trudging through the ruts left by Windows RT. The recent article noting that Panos Panay likely has a Surface Phone in research now. So I am torn. I frankly believe if we want these devices and OS to survive we need to purchase the 950 and 950 XL. We see what happened because everyone waited out the nearly 2 years for these new devices. Now, everyone trashes design forgetting that these are 2 of the 6 likely devices coming in the next 12 months. Frankly, I was going to wait it out. I purchase unlocked phones and I am waiting to pre-order a 950 despite having a great 930 running 10586.11 NOW. If (and it is still if) the Surface Phone becomes reality, I can make that decision then. But check out Paul Thurrott's assessment of these new Lumia. Those of you clamoring for thin phones, these are there. Light, powerful, expandable and USB C ready. NOW.
  • Weird, I've seen nothing but mediocre reviews on the iPad Pro, but I don't read/watch bias blogs/videos... Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • And yet you are here. So, you do read/watch baised blogs/videos. You just do for the ones that are biased towards what you like. 
  • Xbox One Streaming via Continuum ;) one day.... I'm interested to try Xbox One streaming on a range of low end hardware because Steam streaming has struggled with the decoding part on computers I've tried that really should have been able to cope. Xbox One streaming seems lighter, but I've not tried it on anything less than an i7 SP3
  • Same reason you connect a flash drive to your pc?  I don't get that it's so hard to get. I do get that not everyone will benefit from it, but there is no stopping the train now. The smartphone form factor WILL become a pc soon. It's simply inevitable.      
  • Do transferring data to sd card or to external USB using built in file manger in windows 10 works in background or we have to stay on the screen until it complete...because in wp 8.1 it pauses if i switch to start screen or to other app...please someone answer
  • I tried to copy files from phone memory to sd card and it even works in the background (noticed since 581).
  • Great...actually i have stopped checking the preview built coz i had to give my phone to cousin......
    What about other background tasking (ie. sound recording, maps download , torrent download , in app download and where the PDF's and such other files are being stored which we received via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ...?
  • I'd really like to know if the 950/XL support external USB touchscreens via continuum dock... If anyone has the knowledge or ability to test I'd really appreciate it! :)
  • If the touch screen display has HDMI input, and doesn't force a resolution higher than 1080p, there's no reason why it wouldn't work.
  • I 2nd this. That also brings up the question if the touch screen could also be used as an external monitor when recording video and if you could use the touch ability in the screen to pull focus. So many questions of what can be done and how the 950/950XL and cortinum can be used... AND I LIKE IT!!!!
  • Neat idea! I really hope devs open their minds to new opportunities these features could enable. My reason for asking the question is I'd love to build 'CAR-tinuum'... A 7/8 inch touchscreen+amplifier in the dash of my car, powered by W10M.
  • WOW!
  • WIll grab a Lumia 950XL ASAP after launch in Pakistan :D
  • Does the current hardware for L1520 support the usb otg? I think the current wm os 8.1 is not supporting otg. Does anyone tested this on wm10 os preview build?
  • I tried just tonight with my 1520 on the latest build, and no it doesn't work. It would require a firmware update to make it happen. We might as well forget  about that ever happening.
  • Thanks for the reply
  • Isn't this like a "it's about time" type of thing ? Android devices have been doing these features for a long time as I understand it (connecting a USB or card reader)....
  • Connecting usb pen drive is not a problem but the problem is to protect the phone from the virus that can come from the pen drive. Android never took care of this issue but they let there user use pen drive at there own risk. I think Microsoft has found the way to protect the phone from virus and hence now they have made this feature available in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Any virus that gets transfered from your PC to the flash drive wouldn't be able to execute on your phone anyways. It's a non-issue.
  • Would that be true if Microsoft gets Win32 software working on W10M?  
  • Now someone needs to test out a USB DAC and/or amp for audio.
  • I've got a Schiit Bifrost Uber usb dac connected to a Schiit Lyr2 with Amprex Bugle Boy tubes and Mrspeakers Alpha Prime headphones as well as a Geek Out 1000 portable usb dac amp. I really want to be able to use my incoming 950xl as source dap with my headfi setup!!
  • Very nice setup you have there. I am just waiting for them to add native FLAC support to WIndows 10 like they said they would. That would certainly trickle down to mobile and make a Windows phone a better source dap.  
  • Thank you very much, I'm really proud of my setup, it's about as TOTL I can go affordability wise so after slowly upgrading, I'll be sticking with this setup for five years. I would love a Cavalli liquid gold amp one day! What setup do you have?
  • Right now my setup is basic. (I've downsized allot recently). I'm using a Sony NWZ-A20 for hi-res DAP source and Beyerdynamic T51P for my work commute. And i just proudly got a Centrance Dacport Slim to use at work. Like you i will probably stick with this setup for years to come
  •  In the Lumia 950 forum, a user confirmed audio DAC does work. However, he did not say which DAC. However, the Bitfrost requires a driver in Windows so I dont have much hope for this combo to work... I have the Bitfrost Uber also. I have a Dragonfly that does not need drivers that will probably work. Looking forward to testing this out soon.  
  • How are you getting on with the Dragonfly?  I upgraded my Bifrost Uber to Multibit recently- it's a great step up, with more detail, deeper bass and more space.  I thoroughly recommend it.
  • That's cool
  • One thing I'm curious about is if you can attach a touch screen monitor to the USB. I know it seems silly but I'm curious to know what will happen so I'll try connecting mine once my dock comes. Windows 10 (desktop) just uses the generic driver HID-compliant touch screen.
  • Touch won't work at the moment.. But may be in future updates
  • Please let me know how you get on! I've been interested in knowing this since continuum was announced at build! :)
  • mechanical hard drive? or just flash drives/SSD?
  • It should support SSDs as well provided it's compatible with USB-C
  • Hmm. I have a SATA/IDE to USB bridge lying around. My mom just bought a 950. Hmmm.
  • Both mechanical hard disks and USB sticks work with my ms display dock. But no CD/DVD/Blu-ray...
  • Question: Does my Lumia 1520 running Windows 10 mobile also get support for OTG?
  • Don't think so mate. Sorry.
  • Wait, did they get rid of the Windows pop up about 'correctly ejecting the USB device' or how ever it was worded?!
  • Yes Windows is smart enough now to not need it be safely removed anymore (: Unlike OS X and ChromeOS.
  • Will other Lumias support this with the RTM version?
  • No, they won't.
  • Why? It's just a software issue as far as I know. The hardware is already there.
  • Needs power return = hardware issue
  • But sanpdagon 400 series and above supports usb dual role!
  • How do you know that ?
  • Will old Lumia support usb otg or not,after upgrade to w10.
  • They should. There's no hardware justification for them not to. Android has had it for ages. Nokia's with Symbian had it.  The only reason for this to not come to legacy hardware is because Microsoft doesn't want to. Which I'm sure will do wonders retaining at least those 1.7% that are still using WP...   But let's wait for the final WP10 version and see.
  • As always, Windows Phone is only now getting features that I had on Nokias almost 10 years ago.   ANYWAY, better late then never. I can see USB OTG being one of the only good things that WP10 will bring to my Nokia 1020 as it will not only finally free me from having to take the Surface with me on vacations to pass photos to it, it will also make it a lot more practical. This should have been on WP 4 years ago but whatever. At least now is. Well...on these new phones. The Insider builds still don't have it working for some reason...   Unless, of course, Microsoft decides to come up with some lame excuse to NOT enable USB OTG on any legacy hardware. In which case...well...I'll be slightly p*ssed (and would be royally p*ssed if I was still using WP as a daily driver).
  • You mean a lame excuse like the hardware doesn't support it. Being able to support acting as a USB host is not inherent in a USB peripheral. The hardware has to support dual mode, which may not be the case. If you aren't planning in supporting host mode, and WP 7 and WP 8, didn't, why would you use a component that does. Win 10, being largely targetted at PCs, is expected to support USB Host, so that capability is expected. Might as well include the requisite hardware on the phones. I wouldn't hold my breath that previous models have the hardware neccessary to support OTG, and they just never bothered to implement the software to enable it.  
  • Because... Nokia. They were using USB-OTG capable hardware even before they had any involvement with MS... Several of the last Symbian^3 devices (700,N8,E7,808 etc) supported it, therefore rightly or wrongly, I think people hope that the hardware was already there, waiting for the software to enable it... It wouldn't be the first time this happened... FM radios and Bluetooth file transfer as examples.
  • Exactly my thoughts..
  • Exactly.
    Nokia included a lot of stuff on the phones, even when WP did support it. And then they had to nag Microsoft to rush out updates to enable it. Because they were basic stuff even Symbian had. All the GDR's WP got were a result of Nokia's demands, not because Microsoft was actually THAT committed to updating it. As such, I highly doubt previous Lumias, specially high end ones, lack the ability to support USB OTG. If Microsoft refuses to enable it on them...that's a different story.
  • I can sense a surface phone.
  • I can sense windows phones becoming cool to more people. This maybe the first must have device for windows phone.
  • Cool
  • Does right click give you a context menu?
  • On start screen?.. Nope... Inside Apps? It will... It's just like press & hold on the screen..
  • Will old hardware support USB type-C?
  • Nope
  • Crap! Why did I buy WP in the first place! I do regret it! Would have better gone for BB10! Duh! Never mind! :/
  • BB10 doesn't support type C, either... It's a physically different shape of plug/socket... If you mean will old hardware support USB-OTG, then the answer is we don't know for definite yet. W10M itself doesn't enable it, but a future firmware update 'might'.
  • BB10 is dead with the Priv
  • What about pluggin in a Android actind as a mass media device?
  • Hey guys quick question, does anyone know if the phone is able to power the microphone used in this video? Or was the microphone used powered by seperate batteries? Thanks!
  • Must be powered by seperate batteries I think
  • The Blue Yeti is USB powered. So as long as you can find a USB-C to micro-USB-A connector or use an adapter, yes, you'll be able to connect it to the phone. I'm not sure your battery will last long but you'll be able to do it.
  • Wonder if this can replace the display dock ;)
  • Dan what about a webcam ie in continuum mode ( on top of screen?)  
  • Webcam?.. Well dont know about that.. But you can use your FFC as a webcam for video call in continuum mode
  • [Yes, I know this is old...] I have the same question now though, I want to use a pipe camera (borescope) and they are just basically webcams with a 50 foot cord!
  • I believe enabling OTG a software thing ? If so will W10M bring it to older devices ?
  • Handy way to distribute viruses / malware. Not exactly what enterprises like.
  • can we have a onedrive link to your background please. you always seem to have cool wallpapers!
  • Daniel can you connect an external hard drive (1tb) to browse files?and also couldn't you connect a Bluetooth stick for wireless keyboard and mouse and then you wouldn't need the display dock when you use continuum with miracast?
  • That can be done as well... But wireless continuum will have a slight delay ( Miracast lags by a second or two ).
    Since L950 supports upto 2TB micro sd cards... Then 1TB external hard disc wont be an issue ..
  • Cool ill try it out as soon as i get my phone 3rd December i hope... :'(
  • I'm really excited by this tech move, it's just wow! So if you connect usb keyboard and mouse and stream it a tv or monitor through Ms media stick how does continuum behave? Is it pc mode or big mobile?
  • If your TV support Miracast, then it will be a PC on your TV..
  • Will older devices running W10M support usb otg? Posted via the Windows Central app
  • Older windows phones doesn't have USB-C ... So it's a hardware thing ..but they can still add this feature as a software update if they wish to by adding support for older micro usb ports... But I don't think they will..
  • I'll hate Microsoft if they don't!
  • USB OTG has NOTHING to do with USB-C. Nokia Symbian phones had it for ages. Android has had it for ages. Long before USB-C even existed. So no, it's not "a hardware thing". It's a question of whether Microsoft will, in the WP10 update, enable it for all phones or just "select" some. So no, the lack of USB-C is NOT a valid excuse for USB OTG to not be present when WP10 rolls out.
  • Nokia n900 was a First with this nothing new
  •   two questions: ​does the external microphone works in voice recorder app and in camera app for videos? does it work a usb type-c -> hdmi cable?   thanks  
  • I wonder if your mouse has the windows button mapped if it will bring up the start menu; it should, shouldn't it?
  • Does otg support with all W10M? (my- 730)
  • Another nice Windows 10 Mobile feature! Question: Would it also be possible to connect usb peripherals to older phones (ie. Lumia 1520) through a usb-micro usb adapter?
  • I will buy Lumia 950 Xl. I think it will excellent phone in 2016
  • Is it working on Lumia 1520. I mean USB OTG....
  • It's not on the Nokia 830.
    (I could check with the Nokia 930 but I don't really want to put such a buggy version of the OS on it just to find out)
  • So now we do need windows defender to protect my phone from virus that comes with flash disk?
  • No because Windows phone only support software from store.
  • Can I use the USB OTG on my Lumia 730..
  • Well where is WiFi direct it is more important than otg I think...!!!
  • What mouse is that?
  • Could we connect an external hard disk? Is it supported???
  • Lumia 950 XL is 2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A57. LPDDR4 3GB RAM. Support microSD up to 200 GB(which only available now but can actually support 2TB). Battery 3340 mAh. Rear camera 20 MP PureView 1/2.4 " sensor. triple LED flashes,
    ƒ/1.9 aperture,
    optical image stabilization. 5 MP
    1080P video, ƒ/2.4 aperture. Iris scanner (near infrared) for Windows Hello. Continuum for Phone via Microsoft Display Dock for Windows 10 & Office to cast with HDMI television.
  • Windows phone has finally almost caught up to Android in this respect. I wonder what Microsoft's plans are. I'm keeping my 8x to keep watch. I hope they start advertising more. I hate duopolies. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Adding xbox pad would be cool
  • This article made me get my surface mouse and connect to my Lumia 925 via bluetooth to see if I could control it as well. It is a little laggy but it works too!!! I cant wait for my Lumia 950XL, I just hope there is no issues when I add the TMOBILE SIM card as for the time being, I have had to add the ACCESS point separately anytime I factory reset the device.
  •     Cool.
  • Xbox one controller support would be interesting. Keep us posted.
  • Can OTG be set up so that charging can be done at the same time?  I know it works with some tablets (Dell?) and not with others (HP Stream).  If so, 950 can really replace laptop during travels.
  • Wow, it really amazing
  • Could we plug in a usb stick with video, play it and stream to a television or monitor wirelessly through Continuum?
  • Or another scenario.  A game (racing, FIfa, etc) where we stream wirelessly and plug in a controller and play through the TV.
  • Much fun could be had demonstrating W10M with a wired mouse to an iPhone user and then marvelling at them touching their screen.
  • Does WM10 support Bitlocker?
  • Now THIS is smart technology.