Windows 10 Mobile support officially ends today

Lumia 950
Lumia 950 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 10 Mobile support officially ends today.
  • Going forward, the operating system will receive no more security updates.
  • Backend services will phase out over time as well.

Windows 10 Mobile officially reached end of support today. The operating system will receive no more security updates going forward. Additionally, backend services will phase out over time. The end of support date has been known for a long time, but today is the official cutoff point. Microsoft has an FAQ page (opens in new tab) that answers many questions about what end of support means and what Windows 10 Mobile users can do.

Windows 10 Mobile and its predecessor Windows Phone 8/8.1 were loved by many but ultimately failed to compete with Android and iOS. Many debate what caused the death of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone, but the reality is that Microsoft has moved on, including moving on from supporting the operating system.

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Instead, Microsoft pushed its mobile efforts towards Android and iOS. This year, Microsoft announced a major partnership with Samsung, greatly enhanced the capabilities of the Your Phone app, launched the preview version of Project xCloud on Android, and announced the Surface Duo.

How do you remember Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • It will be missed. Had bad luck, but it had its own merits to make it a good OS. Definitely underrated.
  • Still using my WM10 device, no biggie, will die out eventually but so far, it works for me; I see that Windows 10 has reached 900M+ users on its platform with zero official google apps in the store, which is quite funny cause its beginning to clarify how much google is hell-bent on hating Microsoft, I'm just wondering how is Google going to get away with this monopoly, then again someone must file a complaint/lawsuit so that this doesn't continue but I doubt Microsoft is the complaining type, which is unfortunate in this situation, buuut we have EU for that.
  • Yeah I am glad at least the EU does some checks on Google's monopoly (sadly the EU is not that popular since quite a lot of people use it as a scapegoat for their own or country's problems).
  • I would have loved a Windows mobile device that had both great mobile apps and compatibility with Win32 apps via Continuum or something like that, but the Surface Go now fills that gap for me.
  • I'll be pouring out 40oz. in memory of another homie gone too soon.
  • The UX was fast and smooth. The keyboard on Windows 10 Mobile was and still is the best. I use SwiftKey on Android, which is nice and better than Gboard, but it still doesn't compare to Windows Phone.
  • I had a Twitter thread earlier today on this topic. It bums me out that this is no longer a thing. From an OS standpoint, I still argue it was the best option. The phone gap was its downfall. Most people I got to try it out left the platform due to that shortcoming. I still hope that at some point we'll be able to get a Windows phone again. I just don't like either of the options out there now. iOS feels like a Palm Pilot and Android is powered by Google who I don't trust with my data.
  • I think you will but it will be different next time round. I have a feeling Android and Windows X will be brought closer together going forward or maybe we will see the new windows become the mobile os that also works as a tablet/desktop when docked. Interesting times in the so called smart phone world as I see this as the end of the smart phone over the next 5 ish years.
  • Wait, there was a Windows 10 Mobile? 🤔
  • Good morning, my dear friend.
  • I remember W10M fondly. Unfortunately, it was hamstrung by the lack of major applications and support (thanks to Google) and never really matured. W8.1M was pretty much perfect, and then W10M came along and upset the cart and everybody had to start over with too many features removed or deprecated and it was unstable and required too many resources to run on older phones. That was the last straw (and the lack of new hardware) and most W8M app developers gave up and left for greener pastures in Android and iPhone development. With W10M apps, if you had a 80% market share, you might be able to pay the rent. Over in the Android and iPhone world, if you had 5% market share, you could retire immediately.
    That is why W10M failed.
    Regardless, I loved my Windows Phones, and many a time spent a restaurant meal demonstrating what it could do to amazed iPhone users.
    Sad to see it all go. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.
  • Every time I interact with my Android, i'll shed a little tear in remembrance of better days, and what could have been. Farewell my friend. 😥📱💔
  • Farewell Windows 10 Mobile, you will truly be missed. Especially because you were an OS that I can trust with my data, because your UI was very fluid and beautiful, because the hardware had some of the best camera at the time.
  • Loved it and still miss it
  • Best mobile OS I used. From 2010 to 2018. I was on android and I am now on IOS. Neither are as good in many ways. Of course, the cameras are better in 2019, the speed is faster and there is more storage. However, the phones I liked using were Windowsphones. I hate what I have now. They are "me too" grids of icons where you can have the open but chaotic Android versus the closed but very stable IOS. Microsoft failed to love phones. They didn't understand the new mobile world until it was too late. They had Apple and Google envy. They didn't capitalise on being first with features. They reset the OS every couple of years to destroy the developer community. They failed to produce a compelling ecosystem (why no music family plan?). No Microsoft Pay after featuring it in 2012! Then they bought Nokia and did nothing with the phone building skills they bought. A bunch of amateurs.
  • By continuing to use it, frankly. My Lumia still works just fine. As long as it and the current apps continue to work, I see no reason to stop using it. It's really a silly question.
  • Same here. We're still standing.
  • I am still LOVING using my L1520, and I have another one in the drawer in case this one dies, and after that I'll just go back to my L925. I don't need/want the latest greatest, and as long as it functions, I'll stick with my L1520's and/or L925.
  • like the s%*t it was
  • I don't miss how long it took for apps to start, but I DO fondly remember the OS's smoothness. I walked into a Microsoft Store recently and noticed their staff tote around Windows 10 Mobile devices (well, who knows what OS they are exactly, but they're not iOS or Android). I waxed nostalgic with a salesperson... ahh, good times.
  • Nothing beat Windows Phone from a UX perspective. The UI was sublime, the fluidness was a dream. I'd argue WP provided a mobile experience hitherto and since unmatched. Windows 10 Mobile was when things started to go downhill, and the failure that was UWP was kick to the shins. Nevertheless, Windows Phone's UI and UX principles live on in the Fluent Design language, beginning with Microsoft's 2012 rebrand. Seeing Office 365, Windows 10, Xbox, and so many other products changed for the better from the influence of Windows Media Center/Zune/Windows Phone brings joy to my heart. :)
  • Updating my trusty 950XL for the last time right now. I hope its lasts til, surface duo phone is released and beyond. :-) android and IOS dont even come close to the smoothness and ease and simplicity of window 10 mobile even today. I have a work phone Samsung galaxy S8 and while the display is on par and its a little faster, the camera on my 950XL is still way better and the Bluetooth/Cortona car integration blows it away!! So i will continue to enjoy it till it breaks or they finally integrate windows back into surface phone in the future. :-)
  • They should have stuck with Balmer and got android apps running and available in the store. The OS was the superb, and had they continued their efforts with continuum, and Android compatibility they would have had a success on their hands, sadly MS development went at a snail's pace and the market left them behind
  • BlackBerry phones ran Android apps (before they actually made Android phones) and it still wasn't enough to keep it alive.
  • Yeah the whole Android compatibility does not make much effect if there is no popular store like the Playstore on the phone imo.
  • More like emulation kills everything, even android itself is a bloated platform that Google themselves are trying to develop something else "PWA" is just another acronym for it.
  • You still need a central store though (for phones/tablets at least), though PWA or some other way to run it through browsers or such may change that.
  • Let Play Another Rendition of TAPS!!!
  • Just like my Dreamcast, the soul still burns. One sim is always in my Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 and my other sim is in my Note 10+. I swap the Windows 10 sim between the Idol 4S, Lumia 950, 950XL and 1520 while my Lumia 1020, 830 and HTC One M8 with Windows all enjoy a wonderful retirement on Wi-Fi. NOW all of the writers that lack journalistic integrity that have previously said that Windows 10 Mobile was dead can now say that and they will FINALLY be right. RIP Windows 10 Mobile. Thanks for the memories and career opportunities.
  • I still use my Lumia 640 for fun on wifi. I'm still amazed at how good it is even today.
  • It was the best, smoothest and most logical phone OS out there. Unfortunately for consumers they are stuck with only two smart phone OS options and neither one of them are ideal and the lack of competition has hurt the consumer market. I would still be using my Verizon version of the HP Elite X3 had the battery not taken a crap with no way to replace it.
  • From Lumia 710 to Lumia 650 I had fun along the way although I can't figure out why the screen won't turn on but I hear the sound from the phone
  • Have the HTC HD7, Nokia Lumia 925, Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL and then the Microsoft Lumia 950XL. Windows Phone was my first Smart Phone OS. Since I broke the digitizer on my 950XL... I've been on Android since. Bummer to see Windows 10 Mobile go! It was great!
    For now I settle for my Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Microsoft Launcher and all of Microsofts Apps and services possible!
  • thanks press, devs, people...and kill it /s
  • Please accept my sincerest condolences.
  • Still will be using it for the foreseeable future! As my L950XL still works and I paid good money for it albeit not as much as some folks at launch 😅.
  • Same, I paid good money for it too albeit less than at launch, 100 bucks XD .
  • Windows 10 Mobile was the speedest of them all and always a protector of privacy.
    It had such innovations but all are gone now because MS stupid decisions
    No doubt than WP8,8.1 was the gold era but W10M was the universal ready os and it feels very much close the desktopW10.
    Will miss windows phones but will be using it until 2020 or 21 maybe ;)
  • A great OS, with some fantastic features. One of the better concepts was the people hub in WP7 (I think it was also in WP8) where you could link your Facebook and Twitter accounts into your phone book, and view your contacts' social media updates on their contact card, as well as update your own social media and respond to comments, without leaving your phone book. They also rolled out tighter foursquare and trip advisor integration with the contact hub, so you could essentially look up a contact, find a decent restaurant, share the details and put the dinner date in your calendar without leaving the contact hub. They even tied Bing Maps to the system, so it would send the directions of the restaurant to both you and the contacts' you were sending the invite to, but scrapped that option after a couple of months. That was the pure magic behind the early Windows Phone concept....integration. The people hub was so tightly bound to other services that it allowed you to be so much more efficient. You didn't have to hop from trip advisor to foursquare to the browser to your contacts to bing maps to the calendar to set up a meeting. It could all be done in one place. Genius. By the time WP10 arrived, they'd completely done away with all that clever stuff. I'll never understand why.
  • Bleach is coming to destroy all of your comments lol
  • Hi Bleach I see you have made an extra account ^.^
  • Who will Android/iOS steal features from now?
  • Did I understood correctly that the Windows Store will be blocked to on WP 10?
  • wrong. Windows 8 store will shut down this month. Windows Store will still have windows 10 Mobile apps for at least one or perhaps even two years more. So W10M will be able to download and use apps through 2021 and perhaps even into 2022. After that you will have to sideload the apps.
  • "wrong" ok lol, well good to hear at least.
  • I switched from a 950XL to a OnePlus 7T a couple of weeks ago and while I'll remember WP nostalgically, I'm not really missing it as much as I thought I would. Live tiles a little, the way notifications are handled more than anything, but that's about it. I'm digging the 90 Hz screen refresh, Bluetooth in my car is much more reliable, the few apps I rely on are better, and Your Phone is a game-changer for me. I've been able to integrate all my MS services including camera auto-upload to OneDrive so my overall mobile experience is better.
  • I really like W10M on my Idol4S.
    Love OneNote & all the Office apps.
    It's just a great experience.
    Microsoft's decision to kill the best mobile OS and a solid, secure cross platform experience really stinks.
    They gave up. A company as far reaching as Microsoft cried uncle and gave up.
    What they did betrays their mission statement.
    They obviously don't want a mobile device with their products.
    I wish the heck that I didn't.
  • Black Lumia 950 XL still going strong here, however the OneDrive for pictures can be rather quirky now and then. A shame we will not see more of Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I will fondly remember it for what it was and what it could have been, but sadly it was taken from us too early by that lying nuttella ahole. We will never forget. RIP Winmo
  • How will I remember it? So much promise, and such a spectacular slow death. I remember back in 2012, I had just updated my Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone from 8 to 8.1, and that fall I bought the new Surface tablet, also running 8.1, and I thought: this is it! Finally, the same OS on my phone, my tablet, my Lenovo laptop. Perfect! Just what I wanted! Such continuity! It was so promising! And then: the slow death started....what a waste of a great idea:(
  • I still have working versions of 6.5, 7.8, 8.1, and 10 mobile. I just wish my 950 would boot without looping. But cameras, processors, and batteries have advanced beyond what we could get in Windows Mobile (I'll say Windows Phone here for the last time).
  • It might be the battery. Buy a new polarcell battery and it will work. I had the same problem with my Lumia 950 XL and I got a new battery. It no longer loops.
  • I will remember Windows phone and Windows Phone/Windows 10 mobile as a great compatible experience between mobile and pc within the Microsoft ecosystem.
    I will miss live tiles, and never understand, why Microsoft will not pursue and do more with them this going forward with their mobile and pc endeavors. The business mindset, despite promoting creativity the last 5 years, has been agressive.
    I am going to miss Pureview purity. Competitive platforms are currently competing on HDR and clarity, true to life. But I'm missing the conversation on the purity of the image. I think Nokia got that right.
  • Windows was great from my first Nokia Lumia smartphone back in 2012 which was a Nokia Lumia 810 and then the 925 on TMobile. Still have a Alcatel Idol pro 4S but will miss the platform. Had to post this on my Google Pixel as I can't sign in on windows central on my Alcatel . Anyway it was a great experience. Windows 8.1 had the best typing experience to this day. It was amazing how accurate it was and I hardly ever made a mistake unlike typing on Android. The predictive text was outstanding. Will miss the uncluttered feeling of windows. Android just doesn't have that cohesive sense like windows did. Android is ok. Lots of apps and an excellent camera on the phone, but live tiles set themselves apart from the dead icon grid of Android and apple. I know there is square home and the like but it just isn't the same.
  • (ok please just let me post important info)
    Windows 10 Mobile Support ends January 14, 2020 (Also why is the link getting my comment marked as spam???) They changed it in the last update that we will get one more update to W10 Mobile in January, so it dies the same day Win7 does.
    Since I can not leave a link, please go to Windows 10 update history 1709 Mobile December. They updated it on 12/13/19.
  • Ok I'll try to post a direct link as proof. (Edit: yes it work thanks)
  • Hurray one more month of Win 10 Mobile and possibly one last update coming in Jan 2020. One month closer to Surface Duo phone 2020.