Windows 10 October 2018 Update biggest problems and complaints

The October 2018 Update (version 1809) is the second semi-annual feature update and the sixth major refresh for Windows 10 that introduces a new set of improvements and features around productivity, performance, and security, including the highly requested dark theme for File Explorer and new cloud clipboard.

In addition, this release includes two new built-in apps, including Your Phone and Snip & Sketch. Microsoft Edge and Windows Security receive several improvements, and a lot more.

Although this is another significant update designed to improve the overall experience, no every device is upgrading to the new version without stumbling into glitches, as many frustrated users have been reporting many problems with the update.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll highlight some of the complaints users are shouting with the October 2018 Update.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update problems and complaints

Here are some of the most important problems and complaints from users moving to the newest version of Windows 10:

Install problems with Windows 10 version 1809

As per usual, the biggest complaints with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update are regarding installation.

Missing files after upgrade fiasco

Although hiccups during the early days of a new version of Windows 10 are expected, nobody expected to click the Install button only to return after the upgrade to find out that their files were completely gone.

Shortly after the company announced the availability of the October update, as manually download, a small number of frustrated users started reporting that the upgrade process deleted their documents, pictures, videos, and other personal files.

At the official Microsoft forums, Robert Ziko (opens in new tab) reported:

I have just updated my Windows using the October update (10, version 1809) it deleted all my files of 23 years in the amount of 220gb. This is unbelievable, I have been using Microsoft products since 1995, and nothing like that ever happened to me.

On Reddit, users tksn said:

I downloaded the assistant, and it started downloading. When I woke up this morning the download AND the install had finished (might be a bit scary to some, but okay - I was going to upgrade anyway). I then proceeded to go about my daily routine. Upon opening my music mixing program, I noticed something strange. Some of the packaged content had disappeared, and so had my user library. Upon further inspection of the containing folders ("C:\Users\Public\Documents" and "C:\Users\user\Documents") the files had suddenly completely vanished.

Also on Reddit, user mrStov3 shared a similar story:

I finished the update and restarted my PC. Upon arriving at the desktop, I quickly realized that several files and programs were missing. I grabbed a cold beer in anticipation of the rage to follow. Programs like Spotify and Discord were gone (no big deal, re-downloaded) but I also found that all of my Rainmeter skins and files were COMPLETELY gone, along with EVERYTHING FROM PICTURES AND DOCUMENTS.

On Windows Central, one of our readers (anon(10531315)) said:

Happened to me yesterday. "Documents" folder was emptied on my T470 laptop, and the files were nowhere to be found. Fortunately, everything was backed up on a NAS.

The missing files after upgrading bug is perhaps the biggest and most serious problem found in this new version, and it was so significant that even forced Microsoft to stop the rollout.

Thankfully, the problem now has been fixed, and the October 2018 Update should no longer delete files after the upgrade.

The only caveat is that the fixes will not recover your files. If you upgraded to the October 2018 Update before the fixes were available and your files were deleted, you'll need to contact the company directly at +1-800-MICROSOFT or find a local number in your area (opens in new tab). Although the Microsoft support team will help you recover your files, the company will not guarantee that you'll get some or all of your files.

If you're planning to upgrade, make sure to backup your files before proceeding.

Intel Audio device drivers

While there hasn't been a lot of reports, as the new version became available, the Microsoft support website (opens in new tab) started warning users about a compatibility issue with a "range of Intel Display Audio device drivers," which can cause excessive processor utilization and significantly affect battery life.

According to the company's support site, "if you see a "What needs your attention" notification" when trying to upgrade, and the Intel Display Audio device driver (intcdaud.sys, versions – is installed on your system, you should click the Back button to cancel the installation. Otherwise, you will end up with problems.

If you're unable to get the October update because of this issue, Intel already released an update (version that includes a fix for this compatibility problem.

Slow installation

Although there are a lot of factors that can affect the installation process, several users have been concerned about the time that it takes to install this release.

A Reddit user said:

Windows 10 October 2018 update - Stuck at 0% for 4 hours.

At the Microsoft forums another user (opens in new tab) explains a similar scenario:

When I try to update my laptop containing Windows Enterprise to Windows 10's October 2018 Update (version 1809). It gets stuck on 42% after several reboots. When I do a clean install with an ISO, it installs alright. I have the same issue on another laptop. >

Apps problems with Windows 10 version 1809

In addition to the installation problems, there has been a lot of complaints about apps breaking, disappearing, or not connecting to the internet.

Microsoft Store apps connectivity

While you can fix most app-related problems by reinstalling the app in question, this time around, after installing the October 2018 Update, many users noticed that apps, such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, and other modern apps could not connect to the internet even though the device had a working connection to the internet.

On Reddit, user zeroomegazx explained:

After applying 1809 to a very clean install of 1803 most of my apps will not see network connections including the windows store. IT professional here so I've tried all of the usual stuff. Anyone else experiencing this? Makes me mad cuz I can't play Forza...... among other network related apps...

At the official Microsoft forums, Gregorc Simon (opens in new tab) shared a similar story:

I have just updated my PC from 1803 to 1809 on company's PC. Now I noticed that Edge and Mail apps are not working. Meanwhile, I can use Outlook, Chrome, Firefox, IE without any problem.

On Windows Central, reader Vandrey Trindade explained:

I'm testing Windows 10 October Update 2018 on my work machine, it installed without problems. The only thing not working is modern apps not been aware of my Internet connection. Windows Store, Feedback hub, Movies, and TV... none of them are working because they can't find my Internet. Everything else is connecting just fine, even Windows Update searching online... lol

Microsoft hasn't acknowledged these as bugs with the October 2018 Update, but it appears that modern apps, including Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store, relies on the Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and if this feature is disabled on the device, then apps won't be able to connect to the internet.

In many cases, users also reported that switching the network profile to "Private" to "Public" fixes the issue.

Microsoft Edge favorite syncing

Several users also complained about Microsoft Edge deleting their collection of favorite.

For example, on Reddit, user NyanPoyo reported the following:

After 1809 update I lost all my favorites in MS Edge on my PC. Because both PC and Phone are linked to the same MS Account my phone just synchronized to PC. Now favorites are empty on both devices. Thank you, MS.

In a different thread, user wotmate shares:

shared favorites are completely gone since updating my PC to 1809. Everything seems to be syncing OK, EXCEPT edge.

Bluetooth notifications

Also, several Windows 10 users have been reporting problems with Bluetooth devices after upgrading to version 1809.

User hasnogames on Reddit said:

My Sony MDR-1000x worked flawlessly in 1803, probably the first time in Win10's history, but after 1809 they constantly either lose connection or go mute every other second.

User zahaco shared a similar problem:

After updating to 1809 my Bluetooth earbuds have started to intermittently cut out. They appear to still be paired/connected, but I have to reset the sound output in affected programs (or re-connect them) in order for them to work again.

Other users also complained about Windows 10 unable to display battery percentage for the Xbox Wireless Controller:

1809: Still no Bluetooth battery percentage for Xbox Controller. Seriously? ).

Image source: Reddit

Feature problems with Windows 10 version 1809

In the early days of version 1809, a small number of users have also recorded problems with various features, including File Explorer, notifications, Task Manager, and Start menu.

File Explorer dark theme

Perhaps one of the biggest visual changes that you will find with the October 2018 Update is the new dark theme for File Explorer, but it appears that the feature isn't working as expected for many users.

For example, a user on Reddit reports:

File explorer dark mode not fully dark.

User VKorso on Reddit said:

I did a clean install however after reboot Dark Mode shows me now this… horizontal ugly bar, can I "reset" dark mode?

At the official Microsoft forums, user tr3zyy (opens in new tab) shares:

I updated to V 1809 last night, and I am having issues with the dark mode in file explorer and drop down dialog boxes.

Image source: Microsoft forums

A lot of frustrated users made their voice heard by simply showing a screenshot of the problem using the dark theme in File Explorer:


Another bug that seems to be causing headaches is a problem with the notification mechanism. A lot of users have said that after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1809, they stopped receiving toast notifications and notifications no longer appear in Action Center.

Tailb_Dota on Reddit said:

"No New Notifications" magically appears/disappears. Also, Action Center sometimes shows on the other side. v. 1809.

In a different thread, user chandrashehar_sigh shares a similar story:

Notifications not showing after updating to 1809. For example after a screenshot, the snip and sketch pop-up must come as a banner notification. That doesn't show up. Nothing else shows up ever after the update.

Image source: Reddit

In the Microsoft forums, Radek Šamánek (opens in new tab) shares:

I updated all my devices to the newest windows 10 build 1809. On both surface 3 and laptop Lenovo G580 I experience a problem with not working windows notifications. The notifications icon in the Windows 10 task bar tells me I have new notifications, but when I click on it, I can not access them because the action center is empty.

Microsoft hasn't acknowledged a problem with notifications, but some users are suggesting to revise the Background Apps page in the "Privacy" settings section and checking apps you want to receive notifications fixes the problem.

Start menu

The Start menu also seems to have a few issues as several users have noted problems with the user interface and search.

For instance, on Reddit, user PM_COFFEE_TO_ME, posted a screenshot that clearly shows that search is not working as expected.

Image source: Reddit

User PrvRyan also shared another screenshot that shows how Live Tiles overlap when pinned to the Start menu.

Image source: Reddit

Also, at the official Microsoft forums (opens in new tab), JoelBoydston1 complains about Start menu settings getting reset after the upgrade.

I've just installed the win 10 fall updates (version 1809). Now, whenever I reboot, windows restores the default start menu apps and icons, eliminating my customizations.

Disk Cleanup

Although the legacy Disk Cleanup tool doesn't seem to have problems, many people have been reporting potential accidentally file deletion as a result of the utility introducing a new option to delete the contents from the "Downloads" folder.

On Reddit, user wewegoeswild reports:

Windows 10 1809 Update includes Downloads Folder in the Disk Cleanup. Please do not include them, almost all of my files are still in the downloads folder.

The Disk Cleanup tool is now a deprecated feature starting with the October 2018 Update, and it's recommended to use Storage sense to free up disk space.


A small number of people have also complained about the upgrade process deleting their custom settings.

For example, a user from the Microsoft forums (opens in new tab) reported the following:

Latest October feature update reset and wiped things that weren't supposed to be wiped.

Some of the settings that the October 2018 Update deleted, include:

  • Task scheduler tasks have been brought back to default values, history has been wiped and turned off.
  • All past events viewable through Event Viewer have been wiped.
  • System restore has been shut off, and all restore points removed.
  • Windows update shows no updates in update history other than "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809 Successfully installed on ‎03/‎10/‎2018" meaning that all past updates history has been removed.

On Reddit, user wthreex complains:

Why do all my settings change for each update? Like: Background desktop, sound setting, folder option, Everything! How do I stop this?

Although this may seem like a bug (as we've seen reports in the past), in the same thread, another Reddit user suggested that this particular problem could have occurred as a result of a corrupt profile, in which case, Windows 10 ended up applying the default settings.

Also, at the Microsoft forums, user ForsterM (opens in new tab) shares:

I installed Windows 10 1809 on my PC (automated update). I didn't have any Data loss, but one thing that's annoying is, I changed my Start menu (deleted some tiles, add new tiles, etc.) but when I restarted my PC, all changes are gone. I tried it several times without success.


In addition, there have been various complaints filed about users unable to sign in to their account after upgrading to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

A user at the Microsoft forums (opens in new tab) said:

One desktop lost my login password and would not let me back in. I was lucky to find A YouTube video on how to get back in without my password. Microsoft should have tested this version 1809 better. This could cause major problems for users.

Also, on a different thread, user InformanceICT (opens in new tab) explains:

Today colleges of mine started to get the Windows 10 v 1809 update. Nothing to worry about, really, was my thought. But as the update finished, logging in 'stalled' the computer.

Performance problems with Windows 10 version 1809

While most people would expect a new version to perform better than a previous release, some users have been experiencing performance issues after installing the October 2018 Update.

Task Manager

Windows 10 users who recently upgraded to the October 2018 Update quickly started noticing that the Task Manager wasn't displaying accurate processor usage.

On Reddit, user invisiblehacker explained:

When I open my task manager and switch to more details. The CPU usage of the processes has one more division by 10. For example, when I open chrome, it will show the overall CPU usage to be 100% but chrome's usage to be 3-4 %.

User FF-2018 (opens in new tab), at the official Microsoft forums, reports in more details the same problem:

This bug was introduced in Windows 1809 (Redstone 5 Oct 2018 Update). The Task Manager reports total CPU use correctly, as is confirmed by the Resource Monitor. The Resource Monitor reports CPU usage by individual apps correctly, but the Task Manager does not. Instead, the Task Manager reports a fictitiously low figure, less than 10% of the actual usage for individual apps, even though total CPU use is reported correctly. This bug can be reproduced by doing a CPU-intensive task such as video encoding (H264 or H265), and in multiple instances, if need be.

The good news about this problem is that Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, and it's working on a fix.


Performance while gaming seems to have affected a few Windows 10 users after upgrading to version 1809.

For example, on Reddit, user gitbotv complained about low frame per second (fps):

Is anyone else getting low FPS in OBS which also translates to the Stream?

Although some other users suggested the problem was a graphics driver related issue, gitbotv said that after playing around with the settings, disabling Game Mode in the Settings app fixed the problem.

In a different conversation, user WhyAaatroxWhy reports:

After the latest 1809 October update, it became very sluggish both in-game and on-desktop.

In the same thread another user shares the same frustration:

Very sluggish even after dduing and reinstalling drivers. I've installed at least 3 different drivers and done 4 different ways of installing them (...), And the only better gaming experience I got was installing previous drivers 389.xx then dirty installing 399.24 on top of it and then reinstalling my monitor drivers. But honestly, I'm going to chalk it up to this October update and hope they release a fix.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

After halting the distribution of the new version, Microsoft released an update to fix the data loss problem, but it appears that cumulative update is causing Blue Screen of Death errors on some devices from HP.

According to Reddit users, update KB4464330 that bumps the version number to build 17763.55 is causing bug checks that are not easy to fix:

One of These 'Quality' Updates Can Cause an Unrecoverable WDF_VIOLATION Blue Screen Error & Make Your PC Unbootable!

The Microsoft forums (opens in new tab) also includes similar reports:

This update has hit several computers in our organization, and it's causing them to all blue screen and prompts the user to perform a Windows repair. Performing a system restore from the day before seems to fix it for now.

Wrapping things up

And these are just some of the problems and complains. Across the web, you'll find a lot of reports unveiling other isolated incidents with the October 2018 Update. Again, no everyone is having issues, but it's now becoming evident that Microsoft is having update quality control problems, as the company has millions of people testing pre-releases of Windows 10 and some of these issues could have been prevented.

In the case that the October update isn't available for your device automatically, it's recommended not to install it manually until you know for sure that it's safe to upgrade. You can always block the update using this guide.

If you can't wait, don't forget to create a full backup of your computer or at least a backup of your files before proceeding with the install. In addition, you can also remove apps that may cause conflicts, and disconnecting unnecessary peripherals to prevent problems during the installation.

If you stumble upon issues with version 1809, remember to share them in the comments, or use the Windows Central forums to get help. Also, don't forget to check our comprehensive guide to troubleshoot and fix problems with this update.

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Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Updated on Surface Pro 4, I no longer have the brightness option in the Taskbar, in the Battery section. Neither does it auto dim or brighten up anymore. Hopefully Microsoft releases Intel iGPU driver update sooner than last time, when the driver only officially supported 1607 and 1803 already launched for 3 months already before they updated it again.
  • what again same problem? I have faced same on 1803 later it was fixed
  • Didn't have it on 1803, this is the first time I ever saw it. I'll do a reset later, like for all updates, to make sure absolutely everything is fine ... but this is weird.
  • Same issues on my Surface Go, in addition to horrible battery life now. Probably should just roll back...
  • Whenever I have that issue it usually means something has gone wrong with the "HID Sensor Collection V2" in Device Manager. Uninstalling the driver and restarting the computer to reinstall has fixed it for me.
  • I'll give it a go
  • OK, tried it. Made no difference on my SP4.
  • I was hoping to find solutions to my two main problems with the 1809, but they're not even mentioned (!). I lost Timeline, which has no new events since I installed October update on 10/3. I've tried toggling the settings, restarting, etc, but Timeline still is not populated with anything. Also, it seems Cortana no longer can respond to "Cortana" - only to "Hey Cortana" (yes, I've tried helping her respond to how I say it, it changes nothing).
  • Any suggestions for how to solve these problems (except of attempting a "clean install") would be greatly appreciated!
  • YES. Finally someone who had TimeLine issue. I also faced the issue. My TimeLine just went away and was not working, tried everything, the problem is that it deletes some of the registry keys and that's the reason TimeLine is not working. I did try many fixes including registry changes. But only solution I found was to clean install my PC. Maybe try your luck with registry stuff. I failed. Had to clean install, only that worked.
  • Already tried adding back the registry keys, I'm afraid. Not looking forward to clean install... hoping a future cumulative update will solve the problem.
  • You should report it in Feedback Hub, by the way. I didn't find anything there, so I entered a new bug. If they want us to use Timeline, they should make sure, first, not to kill it, and, second, to fix it so that it works again.
  • I found the solution to the Timeline bug. One obscure site mentioned that Timeline didn't start despite adding registry keys and restarting several times, but it DID work after a shutdown then boot. I did the same thing: shutdown, then boot 30 seconds later. Suddenly my Timeline is populating again. How odd.
  • I have the same problem on my computer. Oddly, I can see all the activities on my Android phone, but not on the computer I use. I will try the shot down, boot later fix
  • Yes, this fix works ☺ Thanks
  • the only bug I've experienced is the internet connectivity bug on Edge (occasionally) and the Task Manager displaying the CPU usage incorrectly. Otherwise, everything hunky dory for me
  • We've got two computers with the same problem: no sound sometimes. No error showing or anything, there's just no sound coming out when something is playing. Restart the computer and it's fine, again on both computers.
  • There was a driver issue with the latest update where Windows pushed out the wrong sound driver to machines. If you uninstall the incorrect one and let Windows find and install it automatically it should fix the issue. Apparently Windows have released a fix anyway so if you don't mind waiting it should be patched.
  • No mention of the broken Timeline animations?
  • This must be a minor issue that no one else but you is having as you persist in mentioning this every time but I've seen no real proof of the issue.
  • The notifications thing was a problem for me. I was also getting a problem after S3 sleep. PC would wake up but the display stayed off (in standby not just a black screen), then it would BSOD (only noticeable when checking the event log after a restart due to the lack of display). Error code A0 INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR. I rolled back to 1803 and the problem went away. I'm hoping a clean install will fix it once the ISO is available again
  • You should be able to fix the notification issue by resetting the background apps setting in Settings. Just toggle it off restart then turn it on again. Settings > Privacy > Background Apps >Let apps run in the background
  • "Find in page" in Edge no longer works across multiple tabs. You have to give focus back to the textbox in order for the arrows (Previous/Next) to work on another tab.
  • Installed early. Going on three weeks and no issues at all (Alienware 15 R3 and Surface Pro 4). Why is the articled titled "everyone" and then ends with "no [sic] everyone?"
  • Do you still have the Brightness Toggle in Battery on the Surface Pro 4?
  • Yes. I can see the option adjust brightness
  • Good for you. Seems like I'll have to do a Full Reset on my SP4 then.
  • Agree.. I also doesn't see any of these mentioned in article.
  • Using 1809 I have seen a BSD without clue to the why.
  • Windows Update is one of the most pathetic upgrade process. It's very unfinished and does not work at all. I've had bad experience with WU in 4 of my devices and 2 other friends' laptops whom I tried to upgrade using WU. It just simply does not work. Whereas, Media Creation Tool just works everytime. I don't know why Microsoft does not pay attention to WU. It seriously needs a severe makeover as it is unrealistic and does not get the job done most of the times, especially with big updates. Thankyou for reading my concerns.
  • They couldn't be bothered to even try to fix any of the many broken things but they managed to screw up big time. Another big fail for Nadella and his cronies.
  • I guess either the Win 10 insider program is not working or Microsoft got hacked in their Update Servers with malwares.
  • W10 is the worst update ever!
    I lost my files due to that update. Fortunately, it almost everything was recovered with DiskInternals Uneraser. They have a discount for software all October. Maybe, someone needs that information.
  • 1809 update, another sign of Nadella trying to generate reasons to kill off Windows along with the Surface Brand, so he could grind more profit from the cloud, ML, Enterprise businesses. MS is turning IBM.
  • Nadella seems like he's not enough hands on in recognizing these problems and actually doing something about. Does any of these employee's get reprimanded or demoted when major flubs occur? Or is it just more damage control through the press? Does anyone ever get fired for messing up so bad that people lose years worth of data? Enough with the slap on the wrists Nadella you need to be the CEO and do more then what you are currently doing.
  • The problem I found with Storage Sense over Disk Cleanup is that Storage Sense won't remove the Windows.old folder when you remove the previous version of Windows, something that Disk Cleanup does do. The only other thing I'll say is WTF are people in the Fast and Slow Rings doing, surely these issues should have been picked up in the Fast Ring, that coupled with the fact that Microsoft completely skipped the Release Preview means that these issues made it right through to production.
  • Feedback Hub simply doesn't work. Insiders do pick up the bugs, it's just MS who doesn't pick up the feedback. I read that few people reported the Task Manager CPU status bug and I did too, but it still passed. MS always says they're combining feedbacks, which would lessen the need of many upvotes but even that is having issues. For example, my feedback about the Task Manager bug hasn't been combined with others and it's even in English. So the Feedback Hub does indeed still rely on upvotes. Many people write their own feedback about the same issue which creates a problem, as ones especially with fewer upvotes can go unnoticed. Since the Feedback Hub is localized, I can only see feedbacks from my own country and therefore I can't upvote others unless I find a link somewhere. I also don't know if they separate Insider feedback and regular feedback, but I've seen some very "interesting" things in the regular side, that sometimes have nothing to do with the OS at all. Back in time one person was blaming Microsoft for port forwarding issues with their router.
  • True, but I also think that skipping the Release Preview was a big cause of the issues this time around and Microsoft will eventually fix most if not all of the issues mentioned in the article. TBH I'm one of the lucky ones who has had no problems with the update on either my Surface Pro 4 or my desktop. I also know of people who routinely disable telemetry that Microsoft use to fix these kind of issues. Some of them are even in the Fast and Slow Rings as well.
  • The problem is that the people Microsoft are using to "beta" their updates are unqualified to test and provide useful feedback...consumers. They don't listen to any of the feedback from enterprise users or developers. Adding new emojis nowadays must be much, much more important than functioning network stacks!
  • It shouldn't be insider's job to test! It's mainly MS's job to test their product, but they don't have anymore testers to do it after that moron fired them all, and there are signs on the internet that MS even allows non tested code to be shipped.
  • Microsoft does appear more interested in new features then actually focusing on stability and making sure things do not break. Maybe with such a vast ecosystem of devices that run Windows and many types of software and hardware. The ideal that you can perform such large upgrades twice a year is simply not sustainable. At best maybe once a year and the rest of the year focus on removing bugs, fine tuning apps we have and making sure updates get released when they are ready not when they are supposed to go out.
  • I strongly disagree that the frequency of the update has anything to do with this. Smaller and more frequent updates are inherently SAFER than fewer larger updates, not riskier. The only caveat to that, and in fact the core problem, is that there must always be release testing (QA) on the branch of code to be released. More frequent releases does mean more frequent release-level QA. But there's a reason Chrome, Firefox, every popular website, etc. all pump out releases regularly -- it's better than waiting to accumulate years' worth of changes and dumping them all out at once. Smaller, faster updates is agile development and it's exactly what MS should be doing. Where they failed was in providing proper release-level QA. They also, inexplicably, skipped the whole Release Preview period for Insiders, which exists specifically to catch these kinds of problems.
  • "years worth of changes" You cannot use an exaggeration to debate the point. People are suggesting 1 release a year, which is pretty standard if you look at Apple and many major Linux distributions. This would be less of an issue if they would use the second release of the year as a stabilizing push with little to no features added. They need to take a year to stabilize the platform. Right now, it is anything but. You cannot run a business on PCs that forcefully auto-update and break a myriad of things in the process. Windows 1709 or 1803 (one of the two) broke 8-Bit Laptop Embedded Displays (they display 6-Bit Depth i.e. inaccurate colors), and it's STILL broken... Microsoft is changing the driver models so fast that even Intel cannot keep up with it. All of those machines are unfit for graphics/video (color correction/grading) work, now. as a result; unless they have a dGPU to drive an external display via DisplayPort, HDMI, or TB3... I first noticed this when I moved images to my iMac and realize that the colors were ALL WRONG while they looked "fine" on my Laptop. $1,400 doorstop, now, cause it's completely unusable. If I had known this, I would never have upgraded... And it doesn't seem to be the kinds of stuff that Insider are interested in testing. Windows upgrades went from being seamless to being absolutely horrifying. I never used to think about clicking upgrade, and now I have my delay set to 365 days just to avoid getting this update pushed to my PC. Making it so that people with Home Edition cannot control their updates was the worst thing Microsoft has ever done. I am desperate for developers to embrace Linux, honestly. We need another general-purpose computing platform. I don't trust Windows anymore.
  • I have to agree. They need an entire feature update dedicated to stability and bug fixes for the current state of the operating system. Don't add anything new just optimize the current base.
  • 20+ years, 200+ gigs of data, all sitting on his hard drive, with no backup before an update? Not even in the cloud? Huh? And he just couldn't wait for the official release?
  • Gotta laugh at the "I left all my files in the downloads directory, and the disk cleanup deletes them when I select the downloads directory as part of the disk cleanup!"
  • @Mauro, what about the mapped drives issue where drives show as disconnected on login?
    This happens on both clean install of 1809 or upgrade.
    Google ‘1809 mapped drives’ for a bunch of posts about it.
  • Most of my computers on 1809 were fine, with no new problems (I have issues with Timeline where it appears to be incompatible with on-premise domains, but that was also true with 1803). One computer, on a client's domain had the Edge and Store App connectivity problem. It also kills Internet search from Start, which I use all the time, so that's painful. This computer does have IPv6 enabled, so that hypothesis doesn't seem to be right, at least in my case. However, I can get everything working by connecting to the domain via VPN or just connecting to another off-domain Wi-Fi network. Strange and Internet performance suffers some, but it works. So I agree that it's network-related, just nothing to do with needing IPv6.
  • If you trust bug report entirely on AI this is what happens.
  • Kinda of not liking this "auto on" feature for Game Mode. What if I wanted to use it for my browser?
    I keep wondering if forcing open the Game Bar on non-games turns on game-mode for that app?
  • My graphics settings for 1 monitor don't restore on reboot and I have to set them every time.
  • So most of these problems are related to IPv6. About 1-2 yrs ago I had a connectivity issue with SharePoint, and I was surprised that the support request was sent upstairs rather quickly. Turns out that a high-level US based tech walked me through the issue and had me switch all our connections across all devices in my company to IPv4 because while IPv6 is preferable not all the transfer points were capable of handling it. In other words, MS was getting ahead of the networks. I'm guessing same issue here now, 1-2 years later.
  • In my corporate environment we have disabled IPV6 due to myriad "broadcast storms" with it due to older layer 3 switches and routers that don't handle it properly. We are not yet on v1809 so it is not an issue, YET, but it is coming.
    I don't understand why users MUST have IPV6 enabled for Edge or the MS Store to function? Sounds like a bad idea to me.
  • What a Cluster $%#@ by Microsoft. Myriad drivers issues that should have been caught by regression testing (assuming they still DO that) and Insider testers (many who DID find these issues and they were simply ignored in favor of making it prettier.) Hopefully this is a wakeup call for MS to dump the stupid idea of a fixed 6-month rollout whether it is ready or not (but I'm not holding my breath.)
  • MS should get a proper QA team and QA process in place and rely less on that guinea pig insider program...but this would mean increased costs which is a nono for that moron CEO
  • Changing feature update delay to 365 days. Wiped System resort settings. Task Scheduler. Sluggish game performance (the only reason to run Windows at all, these days). I cannot risk that. Will sit on this version (1803) for as long as I can. Hopefully the next update, or the one after it, is better. Also, the bad Intel Driver support is noteworthy. Will be buying AMD if I ever buy another Windows PC. P.S. Windows 10 1803 completely broke Intel Drivers. They display 6-Bit color depth on Laptop Embedded Displays and the issue has yet to be fixed. If you use a Laptop with an Intel IGPU for Photography, Graphics Design, or Video Editing... make sure you use an external display over mDP, HDMI or TB (if you have a dGPU in your system), or check all of your colors on a computer with a decent display (like a Mac) that doesn't have the driver bugs Microsoft introduced with their constantly changing driver models.
  • Windows 10 1803 OS build 17134.345 HP Inspiron desktop. Since this update, it has been super slow, some of the pages will sometimes half load or load incorrectly, had received black screen of death and bsod (blue screen of death) . No was not fun to fix. The scan found a lot of files that had been corrupted due to this update. Thank the mighty developers that we have scan sfc with admin and can find out how to use it. And that is fortunate. Wish windows XP could make a come back. That was the most user friendly system I have ever come across. It's like they placed in a huge delay in the system that still is slow to do basic tasks.
  • Does anyone have the links to the feedback hub? I want to upvote these items that need fixing in 1809.
  • Ever since these feature upgrades started being released and forced onto my Home edition PC's. I have yet to find any of them important enough that I couldn't wait a few month or more to upgrade to them. Go back to offering all users security updates only and make these upgrades optional for the support duration of the current release. Even most Linux gives you a choice between cutting edge releases and long term support. Personally, I'd take LTS every time for stability.
  • Junk quality delivered by the lousy teams at MS. Good work on the ninja cat crap and emojis, while the quality of the OS is at garbage level.