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Windows 10 upgrade not showing up yet? Here's how to manually trigger an update

Microsoft has opened the floodgates for Windows 10, making the upgrade available in 190 countries around the globe. If you've already reserved the upgrade on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 and are yet to see the update, there's an easy fix that allows you to manually initiate the download process.

Before you begin, ensure Windows Update can download and install updates automatically. Not sure how to do that? Here's how:

Turn automatic updating on or off

  1. Open Windows Update by swiping in from the right edge of the screen (or, if you're using a mouse, pointing to the lower-right corner of the screen and moving the mouse pointer up), tapping or clicking Settings, tapping or clicking Change PC settings, and then tapping or clicking Update and recovery.
  2. Tap or click Choose how updates get installed.
  3. Under Important updates, choose the option that you want.
  4. Under Recommended updates, select the Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates check box.
  5. Under Microsoft Update, select the Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows check box, and then tap or click Apply.

Once automatic updates are enabled, launch Command Prompt in Administrator mode and enter the following command: wuauclt.exe/updatenow. That should trigger the Windows 10 download.

How to start a command prompt as an administrator:

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
  2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.

If you're having any issues, be sure to hit up Windows Central's forums. This discussion is dedicated to force updating.

While you're waiting for Windows 10 to download, check out our review!

Windows 10 review

More Resources

We already have extensive coverage of Windows 10, in case you need more information or how-to articles, make sure you check these resources:

Thanks Chung for the tip!

  • Thinking about downloading the ISO instead.. I have a laptop is preinstalled with win8.1 .. If I extract the product key..will it work on win10 iso installation?
    Note: Laptop is just 5 months old..
  • I do not thinkg so as this is free UPDATE for your windows 8.1
  • What?
  • Your meant to upgrade first before fresh install or won't activate
  • How to extract that key?? I remember there's a program for that, I just forgot it!
  • I use to use a program called jolly rancher which would give me the product key, even for Office.
  • Magical Jellybean Keyfinder Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • there is a program called RW... when you have it, go unter the AHCI tab, then the subtab MSDN
  • The pre-installed product key for Windows 8.1 should be underneath the laptop.
  • Yes if you are making a clean install using iso instead of updating .. Then you shld enter your W8.1 product key..
    If you don't know your product key..
  • false i tried and my key is not valid  
  • You cannot make clean install prior upgrade to windows 10 first. Only success upgrade to windows 10 will upgrade your previous version of product key into w10 version. After upgrade, find your new product key, write it down, then only you can clean install windows 10. However Microsoft claim that after upgraded and login to your Microsoft ID, you can reinstall windows 10 without the product key as Microsoft ID already have your windows version record. Anyone can verify that?
  • I just used an ISO to upgrade my pc from W8.1 to W10. There was no trickery involved in the process. It shows that it is activated as well. Using these workarounds are pointless when the ISOs are available. The process is painless and works as it should.
  • Thanks mate good to know you can upgrade straight from ISO. That's the kind of thing WindowsCentral should cover, not the quirky way working just on W7...
  • Not pointless for me-- the update that was supposed to install the "Get Windows 10" app on my W7 machine keeps failing. Using the ISO and my W7 product key is the only way I can get my upgrade. (afaik)
  • Go back and read what I said. What you did is the MAIN REASON why the workaround is pointless because you used an ISO.
  • where did u get the iso from? kindly share the link or mail it to me at and is it an enterprise copy or what? any help would be appreciated.
  • Microsoft Software Download site
  • Hi I am thinking of doing this, did it delete your files thanks in advance.
  • i am using pirated version of windows 10 so what if i installed ISO files because i dont have produck key and c where can i find ISO files...????
  • Instructions can be found here  
  • So if I get a windows 10 ISO and enter my windows 8 key it will work? Do you need to go through the update process first...or just get the windows 10 ISO, and enter the windows 8 key?
  • You can't use iso file for upgrading Your previus system. ISO file are used for a clean install. You must upgrade through Your Windows Update, or from Windows Store.
  • Just updated two different pc with iso, burn to dvd and run setup from desktop, just dont clean install by booting from the dvd.
  • Where from did you get the ISO file????
  • Please I want to know how you use the ISO to accomplish that. Did you boot from a DVD or USB as in restarting your current windows or you opened the setup program from you media intallation source while your current version of windows (W8.1) was in operation?  I also currenlty have W8.1 OS on my PC and I am scared of the upgrade as I do not want to lose many of my already intalled prorgrams and app fearing that Installing from from an ISO may perform a clean install that will wipe out everything. Please educate me, thanks.
  • With your PC already running, put ISO disk in the disk drive. Find the disk drive from My PC, Open it and find the .exe to run it.
  • No need to extract the product key, just Install Windows 10, It will be activated.
  • I am not sure how this upgrade thing is handled. I had one PC that came without any OS (bits were swapped so OS removed) - I had ISO installed W10 TP on it. Today after getting full upgrade, I stopped Insider Builds, it then restarted and now my W10 is still activated. I believe you can convert - Pirated Windows (keyless versions) to Genuine as long as you associate your local account with MSA. You DON'T need to be a life time insider as every other blog said. At least for me that isn't the case today. Not an insider on keyless PC, but have genuine full version installed.
  • Similar story. I clean installed over my windows 8 PC a couple months ago and have done several resets on build 10240 and just yesterday i finally put to stop receiving insider previews and i restarted after and it says Windows 10 Pro activated.
  • How do I know if I was updated to the released version of 10? I have 4 PCs, 2 on 8.1 (not updated yet. I have a PC and Surface Pro 2 both on the fast ring... How do I know when they are "updated" to Windows 10?
  • Go to cortana or the search box the tpe in "winver" without the quotes
  • Most laptops have a sticker with the key on it underneath.
  • I use that so much, Thank you Microsoft.
  • The OS key is in a secure area of the ROM, you don't need to extract it as it's used automatically by Windows to activate the machine. Saves losing keys or getting them stolen.
  • I recently called microsoft about this. If you install with an ISO your key will be invalid. You must first upgrade using the reservation feature then you can do an ISO install at any point from there.
  • The product keys will NOT be compatible and you will have to go back to Windows8.
  • I tried automatic upgrade - failed 4-5 times. Downloaded ISO, extracted it to a folder, started setup.exe, no key is required. Everything goes fine. I had Win 8.1 Pro with a MSDN individual key, not VLK (not so sure, but think so). Not a clean install, everything is upgraded. Only "Classic shell"program was deleted (have reinstalled it again no problems with new RC version). Also Media Center is removed (I used KM Player and other free players).
  • Don't worry, it will be work because it's upgrade. Windows Team confirmed you need a new key when you install a fresh Windows 10 only.
  • no i tried key is not valid...
  • It's explicitly stated on the troubleshooting activation site that a windows 7/8/8.1 key will not activate Windows 10 if using fresh install. It must be upgraded in place. If it worked for you, great. For myself, it did not. Don't suggest this to people without the caveat that it isn't supported and may not work.
  • hi i tried to put the command in command prompt and delete everything in downlod folder but i still not be able to get win 10 upgrade running in check for updates.When i check the update it says no more update available the actual update failed 6 times when i check my history of updates   what i have to do should i wait or what plz help   thankyou
  • YOu don't need any key for free upgrade. Onely things you need are (1) suitable hardware ( some graphic driver anre not available for windows 10) (2) Installed and activated genuine windows 7 SP1/ 8/8.1. (3) download windows 10 installation file form .Pls make sure to choose correct version based on existing windows and architecture . Instruction to choose and install  YOu can download ISO file and open in your 8.1 . open in file explorer and run setup file as administrator. It will be activated automatically without asking any key. you will be asked to enter kwey if you clean install. you can skip to enter key to complete installaton if you install on tpreviously upgraded PC ( you need to upgrade once first to get the hardware ID registerd for windows 10). YOu can install clean without key and it will be activeated.
  • I tired that. It's asking my for a product key. Obviously a free upgrade doesn't have one. I tried entering my Windows 8 key and keep getting an invalid key error message.
  • my laptop is 1 year old,windows 8.1 preinstalled and i install windows 10 and its activated already using the ISO file i got officially from microsoft.. * make sure u install the latest updates of windows 8.1 and received an app of "get windows 10" .. dont boot from flash drive  instead click the setup of windows 10 from flash drive after making it bootable NOTE: dont try to boot from your fd or make a clean install u will require a windows 10 key..
  • Downloaded it but isn't installing. Error code 80240020.
  • Search google, plenty of answers there
  • Traitor..... Bing it
  • Best reply!
  • super LOL!!
  • WHAT? I'm sorry, even though i absolutely love microsoft, google is just a better search engine. also, it's july 30 and i still haven't got the notification. i reserved ages ago, my PC is more ready than anyones, it says i'm 100% compatible, but i'm not getting a notification!?
  • Delete all the content on the folder:
    C:\Windows \softwaredistribution\download then open CMD in admin mode and type: wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  • I'm not okay with downloading 3.5 Gb again.
  • There is some problems with the first download.. That's why it's better to delete all and start again.. After I made that it installed windows 10 perfectly :)
  • Downloaded it fully the third time.
  • Also took me a few tries.
  • Good call. :-)
  • Dit it and it's downloading plus 5 GB now!
  • Same for me, hope it works this time. 
  • is that work fine now ?
    because i have the same problem ..
  • I can delete all but one file in that folder. Typing that command at the prompt does nothing for me
  • Thanks for the tip. It did the trick here.
  • it doesn't work on windows 7  
  • Yes it does.  I just used it sucessfuly.
  • Yes i think that worked!  
  • I did that, but now the folder $windows.~BT has nothing but a folder named Sources. Help, because I don't know what's happening
  • Man, I deleted it but wuauclt.exe /updatenow does not work, it just does nothing, yes I double checked the spelling, can you help me?
  • This is what I had to do. Found W10 had tried to install twice yesterday morning but failed. Found the tip above last night and got it going before going to bed. All set up now and enjoying on my Surface 3.
  • I've tried this at least 3 times.  I get the same error every time.  Even more annoying is my wife's computer upgraded no problem on it's own, but mine won't upgrade at all.
  • You, my man or woman... are a god-sent frickin' genius! Thanks a million!
  • Works like a charm! Thanks so much for the tip!
  • Or use this--
  • Great tip! Seems to be working now. Thx!
  • It did not work, got the same error as before.
  • Got the same error bro. I think I am going for the ISO thingy.  
  • you can go there to solve the problem ! lot of people have this problem so click this link, it's safe :
  • Yep, this does the trick. I've waited for it to kick in automatically, but no luck. Thanks for the tip, I'm seeing the hidden folder now :)
  • Keeps giving me failed, no matter how many times I try, on both my PC and Surface Pro 3! This is getting frustrating, I mean there is no reason for it to fail when all files are already downloaded on my C drive.
  • What about insiders on 10240, anything to download, or just the security patches?
  • Just a security patch. The build version according to the registry is still 10240.
  • Also didn't work for me so what i did i got the Create Media from Microsoft and selected upgrade this PC and it worked. My Windows 10 is activated and i have all the settings and apps.    So i think it is just like downloading it from the Update but you don't have to wait for it or get any errors.
  • That the trick. Downloading now! 
  • So you had the option of keeping all your programs and stuff? Cuz I have Adobe PS and all that junk, these will remain right? Thanks.
  • Firstly a format and reinstall from an ISO won't now activate as MS have deleted all previous Win10 activator codes. You have to reinstall over an qualifying OS. No need to know the original key. If you do, your Adobe Cloud stuff will vanish and you will need to log onto the Adobe Cloud Desktop when Photoshop CC etc will be automatically reinstalled.
  • Same here worked like a charm. Windows 10 actavated and all my files ect are right where they should be.
  • It doesn't happen on my uncle's laptop. It will appear like "Some updates wre not installed". What was the reason?
  • Just learned the long way that you must upgrade before you can use the ISO to do a clean install. I presume then that my existing product key will be authenticated as being associated with Windows 10.
  • I did the same mistake of clean installing Windows 10 over my Windows 8.1 installation because the instructions led me to believe that would activate it as well :/ Have you managed to get your Windows 10 activated, and how?
  • Presumably reinstall windows 8.1 then upgrade (not clean install) windows 10.
  • think ms release it 2 weeks ago with build 10240, now we just get updates. it was 10240 that went to RTM. Probably why we haven't been seeing the byuild number in the wring bottom of screen saying technical preview  
  • Not working for my Win7 though "Get Windows10" is visible?
  • Trying to update from Win 8.1. It has failed 7 times, re-downloaded 4 times... And now wuauclt.exe/updatenow doesn't function for me anymore. Looks like I'm stuck with 8.1.
  • Should've had some patience bro.
  • Delete all the content on the folder:
    C:\Windows \softwaredistribution\download
    then open CMD in admin mode and type: wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  • I tried that too and still nothing.
  • And this-
  • Just use the tool from Microsoft
  • I've used this tool however it won't let me activate windows. I noticed it wouldn't download apps chosen in the store.I went to make sure everything was activated and sure enough it wasn't, it did ask me to claim the pc with microsoft which I did. When I hit activate, it loads and then says windows can't activiate try again later.  Shows a new product key below. Hopefully just a bug that will get fixed.   
  • Did you do a clean install or use the update thing? 
  • Actually, there won't be any bug fix for this issue. Because this isn't a bug. According to microsoft, you will get your free copy of Genuine Windows 10 only if you upgrade through their reservation system.  Just talked to a microsoft support guy. As per his instruction, you need to Go back to Windows 8.1 or whatever your old OS is by going to Update->Recovery-> Go back to Windows 8.1 (old version here). Then you should properly upgrade to windows 10 again through their reservations system. Now I am waiting for the update from the reservation system. Hope that makes sense, Thanks
  • I was getting the same thing. I don't know if you've resolved it yet, but I just clicked activate about 7 times and it activated.
  • please help me how i can upgrade 8.1 to 10. im trying wuauclt.exe/updatenow but its not i stalled. if i download iso how can i get licence.
  • I reverted back to build 10166 as Windows Central advised, but no update. Can't even update back to build 10240 anymore. Ouch
  • Build 10240 is what everyone is getting. Why the hell did you revert back?
  • In one of the posts Windows Central said to revert back so there's a clean update. Apparently if u had a clean build 10240, it won't work and so u have to revert back
  • 10240 is RTM, so you were already there buddy. If you are on 10240 you have the final build!
  • Thanks. I reverted back before I got ur useful advice lol. One of the guys here posted a link from Microsoft and it seems to work... Downloading W10 64bit on my SP3 now. Hopefully it's a clean installation. Thanks for the tips guys. Never went on the insider program on my desktop, so that should be normal update
  • I just click reset button to get clean W10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Did a complete factory reset... And windows 10 is being installed as we speak. A completely clean upgrade is ideal. Thanks for your tips guys
  • What abt phones guys.. M waiting eagerly.. Since last 1 hour. By mistake I have started insider download. I don't want that... I want proper win 10 update.. When will it come..
  • Phones will get the update later this year.
  • This launch is only for PCs, it will take several months until Windows 10 Mobile is released.
  • Just use the update tool:
  • Thanks man, this seems to work for me!
  • That is worked for me! Thank you!!!
  • does it upgrade the win 8.1 or we need to enter the win8.1 keys? I too had downloaded the OS from Update tool but scared to lose my Genuine windows which cane along with my OS.
  • I got error WindowsUpdate_80240020 on Windows Update when I tried the above.
  • Use this: Delete all the content on the folder:
    C:\Windows \softwaredistribution\download
    then open CMD in admin mode and type: wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  • Thanks. Tried this but doesn't work :-( Maybe Microsoft will release something...
  • I tried but it's not working
  • Try this to-
  • Thanks a lot. Worked for me especially after I deleted the contents of C:\Windows \softwaredistribution\download
  • i could not delete all the contents of the folder. one folder could not be deleted. how did you get past this one?
  • I'm stuck in Preparing to Install from many hours....what to do??  
  • How long it will take to download ?????
  • Hopes are high.
  • Bloody pain in the ass.
  • Ikr Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What about the insiders? Isn't there any fixes coming? After that latest update edge is always crashing , the whole is OS is damn slow I need a fix!
  • Insiders are already on RTM if you are running 10240.
  • I know but it's fucked up !
  • This is no working for me. When I write wuauclt.exe /updatenow and hit "enter" nothing happens :/
  • Same for me, i don't see anything. Network is not busy downloading anything either
  • The command line won't return anything.  However you should see some files/folders appearing in the folder you just emptied and on the root c: drive you should see the $Windows_BT folder (Or whatever it was exactly I forgot already haha).
  • Will it be something like 'SLS' and 'DataStore'?  
  • On Task Manager, wuauclt has 0% cpu, 0% memory, 0 written bytes, 0 read bytes, etc. Then, like 30 seconds later, Explorer has stopped working. Every time. Will reset update components. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's the size of the update?
  • A/c to MS its 3gb.
  • 2699 MB
  • this worked. I couldn't see the update but now its downloading. Not sure if my laptop will support it since its a really old model and doesn't even support 8.1 but I still have that installed. Will update this once the download is done
  • For non tech saavy ppl just launch Media creation tool and it'll let you upgrade to Windows 10 straight from it
  • I used it on 2 PCs and it shows that i have the same serial number... can you pls check on yours?
  • Thank you for this! After everything failed, this seems to be working :)
  • Are all your programms etc still there after the upgrade? Or do you have to reinstall everything?
    When i run the tool you liked to, The first of the 3 options was grayed out.
    The second one said that it will keep your files, but not your apps ( not interested in apps ) i want my windows programms .. :)  
  • will it clear files and document in our laptop, or just upgrading?
  • FAKE!
  • Thanks. This is the one that got me Win 10. I did the fixes for win 10 update icon disappearing no-go to delete update files and admin cmd etc. No-go again. Only this DID work. I chose for single/this pc not multiple pc's.
  • It worked! Downloading now. So excited! :)
  • Tried doing this command (btw my laptop is running Windows 7) but nothing seems to be happening. I'm still not getting the Wndows 10 update. Please help! I have reserved for Windows 10 in the past. 
  • Just take a chill pill and wait? It won't kill you to run W7 for a few more days and let MS run the show
  • When shall insiders get the update? My build 10240 says it's up to date!
  • You're already on RTM buddy, no need to do anything. Unless you want a clean install..
  • I had thought of that ;) Thanks.
  • But my firmware isn't completely up to date. It's still the older firmware version, not the one states bg Windows Central to be the "up-to-date" one.
  • Hi please follow this instruction in order to get the update of Windows 10. download and install the tools.  
  • I would add that you select create an iso file rather than update...for me selecting the update option gave more headaches than I needed. After you create the iso file just mount it and update from there. For some reason updating using that tool wanted to change my language an in the process erase everything instead of just updating
  • Im pretty sure that is fake, dont click it  
  • it's microsoft site, fake ? lol
  • The tool worked perfictly. Windows 10 installed and actavated, All files transfered.  Running Great.
  • Same thing here error code 80240020
  • With so many difficulties around .... Downloading the update third time .... Excitement level rushed to minimum .... :(
  • Should've just waited for MS to push the update to you. Sheesh...people need to learn some patience!
  • Where we get windows 10 in Lumia phone
  • Patience my friend.. We'll get it within the next few months
  • Patel bhai •ધીરજ
  • Woo hoo! Got it!
  • That works!! Great, thanks!
  • Software distribution folder is showing 2.68 GB size on my asuis vivobook.  
  • W10 total size is 2,712.60 MB
  • Am downloading 17% completed
  • A very useful comment, thank you for taking your time to post this. Really appreciated. You are Windows 10 saviour..
  • Okay this is what helped I deleted the content from C:/Windows/Software Distribution/Download folder and then I run the troubleshooter for Microsoft Update problems(here it is that I opened the command prompt and entered the folowing line:wuauclt.exe /updatenow ..after that it started the update for windows 10. Try it maybe it will help you to.
  • Yep, that's what worked for me too. The wuauclt.exe /updatenow command wouldn't work until I had run the troubleshooter. Right now my System process is running around 25-30% of CPU and Service Host:Local System is downloading 80 Mbps. I'd say it's working, but I'm not quite there yet.
  • I guess I spoke too soon... Things have downloaded alright and something used quite a bit of processing, but the softwaredistribution\Download folder is only 204 MB and there's nothing more downloading or processing. I tried the wuauclt.exe command again, but it only causes another failed Upgrade to Windows 10 Home in my update history.
  • Hmm,not sure why do you have such problems...maybe a reboot would help? If it doesn't help,than go here and download the iso works just like a normal upgrade
  • I just entered the command and download started. Thanks for the tip
  • I too ran the command. How did you verify that the download is in progress? 
  • Got it...
  • How is it you verified the download was in progress?
  • it will show up in windows update
  • If you download the ISO, you DO NOT NEED TO EXTRACT YOUR KEY to perform an upgrade. Run the setup.exe on the ISO and it will upgrade your installtion using your key and remain activated after upgrade.
  • Is that how you upgraded? From which version?
  • That is what i did.  I had windows 8.1 pro on a Asus ROG.  The upgrade would download but would not launch (windows update history was full of failures) so i downloaded the ISO onto USB, double clicked the setup file and presto windows 10 less than a hour later :)
  • Quick question: my $Widnows.~BT was around 6GB yesterday and today it is down to 2GB. Is this normal?
  • Same here my folder was 4.04 GB in morning ... Now redownloading around 2085.1 MB
  • Well, mine is not redownloading anything... :(
  • Go to c:\windows\softwaredistribution and delete the folder named download and then try again .... It will start the download from scratch.
  • Did that 2 minutes before u commented, now it is redownloading. Thnx anyway
  • The reason why it won't work for people is because the boot.wim file and a second unknown file don't download when you check for updates. Some speculate that it's because they're time locked until the 30th. Try changing the time to 30th July and deleting everything inside "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" and "$windows.~BT" then run the command wuauclt.exe /updatenow in command prompt as admin, it should start downloading the update including the missing files.
    Edit: I can confirm that this method works.
  • can't delete says the action can't be completed because the file is open in Application Experience...what to do?  
  • Wait for MS to push the update to you
  • will there be any effect on registry due to the deletion of downloads folder
  • Don't delete the folder itself just it's contents
  • But will it do any problem to the windows activation?
  • To my knowledge, the command prompt suggestion above did not work for me. Running Windows Update did. The download is complete. Now preparing to install...
  • Windows update worked for me too after nothing happened using the command prompt!
  • Very good Graham. Different options are helpful. My 8.1 notebook has restarted and is now 25% finished configuring the update for Windows 10. So far, uneventful except the long wait that seemed to do nothing.
  • Did it activate?
  • Windows 10 review page making app crash on lumia 630
  • Grrr. Six computers here in Berlin - two of them Insiders, the rest all running 8.1 or 7, and all have been running since last night. All have the hidden bt folder with at least 4 GB of content. And yet... nothing at all has happened in the last 12 hours, except for an Acer Iconia tablet telling me it can't upgrade to W10 because Intel hasn't updated its graphics driver.
  • I can see the installation file already in my windows folder. Can I hit the install .exe now or should I wait for the notification that I can do the upgrade already.? ( reserved copy not insider preview )  
  • After this step reboot and open windows update,option to updated should now show. Worked for me.
  • Upgrade at the press of a button they said. Yea right , I never wrote so many cmds in my life , i downloaded the windows bt so many times, waste of bandwidth , now downloading the iso final solution, yea 1 button upgrade :)
  • Or you could have just waited for MS to push the update to you. Is it really so difficult for people to be patient??
  • That's only until october, the ISO isn't even the full version or the actual release!
  • The solution didn't work for me at first, but then I installed all the available updates from windows update (including the optional ones), ran the command again, and it worked like a charm.
  • I was waiting for an invite to a lanuch event in Dubai, but never got one. I was roaming around, checkingaround, searching the internet for the possible venue of the event but cant find it, i asked few people but nobody knows about it, they never heard about Windows 10 even. I was checking the local news but didn't find anything. Where the hell is the launch event of Windows 10 in Dubai??? Is it included in the chosen 13 cities? Its so quiet in here!
  • I have got $windows-bt folder but its only of 126 took whole day. Dont understand the problem. Pls help.
  • Can I update my Lumia phone in windows 10...right now.???? Plzz help me..??
  • Keep pressing Search update bablu you will get it at some point. :)
  • No, and yes, no the definitive version just the TP and yes can get the 10 TP for mobiles
  • I'm stuck at build 10074 and I'm not getting newer build what to do?
  • I'm downloading the ISO just of anyway will need to do clean install so is better get the full DVD now than download once and again 4GB of anyway will appear as you insert the ISO if upgrade or do clean install
  • How can I see if the update is being downloaded? I reserved my upgrade on my HP Stream 7 a while back and the Get Windows 10 app still says so. WU doesn't find anything Win10 related and it's not in the Store either. I tried the command line mentioned in this post but there's no output. And no action anywhere in the tablet as far as I see. Did MS blow it big time with this whole "reserve Windows 10" stuff?
  • My hidden folder is already 6GB in size, but the notification doesn't appear. Help
  • Mine was at the same and I went into the update installation, did the last minor update for windows 8.1 and restart, then I saw the "ok lets continue" notification
  • Same as above, W10 is downloaded in the hidden folder, but doesn't notify to install. I don't want to redownload..
  • Its same with me...
  • When I put the command prompt in it says windows cannot find wuauclt.exe/updatenow ??? Help
  • Place a space after .exe...
  • My update goes over 8 GB??? What next if it still fail after completed downloading?
  • Mine was downloading the same when I left. We'll see
  • Doesn't work!Doesn't work!Doesn't work!Doesn't work!
  • When will it be out for phones!?
  • No exact date as yet. General consensus has it at "the coming months"
  • Thanks guys, you saved my day.
  • I had to follow someone sent link of YouTube and thereafter I got updates on both tab & pc
  • I lost my 3 GB data. It's not working after 100 % download complete, it shown error could not able to upgrade. Manual triggering go to hell.
  • Same here. Failed twice. I also tried with Media Creation Tool, same again. Now I'm trying to download the ISO it that helps.
  • Here's the fix that did it for me. Follow those steps exactly. Just a note: wuauclt.exe/updatenow command should have a space between 'exe' and '/'
  • started download but now stuck on 61%
  • Some say to delete files. Don't! For my one to work I ran this troubleshooter: . Then clicked "check for updates" ran the command and I am now downloading Windows 10 :D
  • You can see the download progress here: Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update 
  • People are making way to much of a project out of this. If you can't do basic research and install it, dont bother. Upgrade worked perfect, first try. Everything is working, no issues Keys to the Upgade
    Run Compability Check
    If Software is incompatible, uninstall! Especially AV....
    If Drivers aren't incompatiable, wait to upgrade! To many people don't maintain their Windows and install bloatware, unnecessary software and don't clean their registry. You can't force it and expect it to just work 100% of time. Take the time and research! Yo
  • it doesn't fucking work for everyone, OK?  There's no "basic research" that can fix that.
  • Just because you cant figure it out or your PC isnt compatiable or you didnt maintain or prep your PC  , correctly..... Isn't anyone elses problem. Thats where basic research comes in. Ive install on a Touch Screen Laptop and PC without issue.
  • Some problems are not at our side, but at MS's. You've had no issues, and that's great, but that doesn't mean if someone IS having issues then it's due to their incompetence. I will never understand why people comment on posts in that rude and uninformed manner.
  • Some people are just cocks. 3 of my PCs are doing or waiting for me to give the okay to upgrade, but my main one just won't.  Even on a coiimpletely fresh 8.1 install (yesterday) fully updfated and patched and trying all the tricks I RESEARCHED on the net.  The KB updates required are installed, they just won't trigger so I've just downloaded the Win10 Media Creation Tool from MS and its currently chugging away nicely. MS did a good job with much of W10, but the upgrade tool obviously needed some more work, if not just the ability to tell ppl their hardware isn't compatible (mine certainly IS) and to wait a couple of weeks and try again.  
  • This command works on run
  • doesn't work, sorry.  all I get are several "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro   Failed" entries in update history.
  • Installing W10 on my 2nd comp. This w/o the Get Windows 10 icon and any action by Microsoft to initiate an update. The wuauclt.exe /updatenow worked on this HP Touchscreen notebook. I got an install error code. Solution: Empty the C:\windows\software distribution\download folder. Start the download again. It is working! The wuauclt command actuates the update through Windows Update. Best...
  • Thanks for the triggered the update.... downloading 6.6 GB on one and 2.3 GB on another!!! wonder why so big difference?
  • x64 Vs x32 will have something to do with it.  But thats still a really large difference.  
  • I have x64 8.1 and the download was 2.3 GB but failed. Twice.
  • But how to do automatic update when I don't have enough space on C (Tablet) and I can't have it. I have SD card. How to change location where temporary data for installation of Win 10 will be?
  • Move data to your SD card, freeing space for installation. Clean HDD using the drive utility. Uninstall programs you do not use or use infrequently.
  • No way, I do whatever I can to free disk space.
  • If you aren't willing to free the space up, then you won't be able to get it. Temporarily delete stuff till W10 is installed, then move it back.
  • I have a 32 GB Dell V8 Pro and managed to get 10 GB of free space. Still waiting for the notification. According to Paul Thurrot, if the installation detects that there is not enough space it asks you to insert a USB drive to continue the installation and tells you to keep it if you ever want to return to previous version. Still waiting but my patience is near its end.  Thinking of going full kamikaze and hope for the best. Saravá!
  • I have also 32 GB Prestigio and I can't get more then 3 GB free. Now I can't even start Disc Cleanup software, it's something broken obviously. I think that the best thing in this situation is to do clean installation and before that to find out CD key using Key Finder program. I even manually forced update but nothing happened (yes, I have Windows icon that noted I'm ready for W10). Best regards
  •   Hi, you will probably need a factory reser to gain more space. Here what worked for me: 1. Factory reset 2 days ago (and a lot of updates...) 2. Went to media download MS page and selected upgrade this pc 2.1 Got the Something happened. Windows 10 installation failed. 2.2 Followed instruction for this error: Select English language and keyboard, delered temporary BT.. and other wins... folder and started the download and upgrade again in the media tool. 3. Using W10 now with 6 GB left. Just downloaded Office Mobile and activated Cortana (the 2 main reasons to update on a mini tablet). Searching for setting to install apps on my SD card. Good luck man. Hope you get it.      
  • Thanks tried it & it worked
  • I have tried this with no luck I have gone into admin command prompt type in the information you supplied and when i hit enter all i get it is :-  C:\Windows\system32 so what is wrong?  
  • Open Windows Update. You should see Windows 10 is ready for download.
  • Didn't work me, and I don't see it in WU
  • Done that and nothing is there, All is states is that 'You're set to automatically install updates' I have the windows icon in my usual bar but even when i click on that it says nothing about Windows 10 updating. Is the Windows 10 upgrade only available to limited customers initally and Microsoft have kept this bit very quiet?
  • I don't think that's the case, but they can send this update out in batches to prevent server issues. After several other issues I was dealing with, such as a security app error that needed corrected and this step listed, my win 10 update is processing.
  • I never could get the reserve icon to show up even after working with MS Support. Then I tried this step today and it popped up the icon and jumped right into the download of Windows 10! Thank you WC for the tip! I'm up and running now. I just hope I don't have issues with my dock and dual Dell DP monitors at work. Fingers crossed.
  • It's 100% safe right
  • This isn't working for me
  • Same here. It says in my window update that it has failed installation 4x now.
  • Its also ne
  • The download stopped twice once at 41% then 51%
  • Can't download the update on any of my kit, I am an insoder and am running 240 on my laptop - no sign of an update here, my desktop is running 8.1, i have tried all the tricks but nada nothing, windows updat history shows loads of failed attempts to upgrade to widows 10. I am in the UK - would that have anything to do with it??  
  • Somewhere here i saw that 240 build is a release build, so, i think, you doesn't need any update
  • Is Windows 10 upgrade suppose to silently download in the background or are we suppose to see some kind of download percentage in Windows Update or some kind of notification. The only thing i see on Get WIndows 10 apps is a button "OK, notify me when ready" clicking the button does nothing just close the Get Windows 10 apps. The $WINDOWS.~BT  appeared and now its gone in file explorer. In Windows Updates all I see is you're set to automatically install updates.
  • brilliant worked for me
  • How did you know when your download was done? I'm not seeing any progress. I do, however, see changes in my C: drive.
  • Yeah I've been trying this trick since yesterday, no dice. I left the x64 ISO downloading since last night, I'll just create a USB and update that way instead of waiting for the stupid reservation to react.
  • I manage to install the update (from win 8.1), but i don`t think my windows 10 is Activated.
  • The Get Windows 10 apps icon is now missing on all my device my netbook, my tablet. Is this normal?
  • This happened in my DELL V8 Pro too. I still see the program GWX on the options in Personalize Notification Area but no matter what option I select (show icons, show notifications, ) still no icon to click. Hope it is allright!!  
  • I triggered the update - and it downloaded the update.  Got halfway through the "Preparing Update" part then failed with error code C1900208 . Google seach of that error code shows lots of people having the same problem.
  • Whenever I check for updates it give me an error "80072EFD"
  • Pls someone tell me if Microsoft service centre can restore my Lumia 830 to normal.i installed technical build and it went completely wrong appearing in German language when I reset the phone.can they recover 8.1 back without charging service fees  
  • You should not have done that, not being a pro. Search this website however, multiple articles have been written about restoring.
  • Use windows phone recovery tool.
  • Nothing happens when I enter in wuauclt.exe/updatenow
  • Open windows update. After a few minutes it should say it is downloading. If not; delete all files in C:\windows\softwaredistributiom\download. Reenter the commands and check if the downloads folders gets filled again. If so, you're good!
  • Tried this, not getting any files back. It has been at least 10 min.
  • Thanks!  That worked.  Downloading now.   So, once the download is complete, how do I install?  Or will it automatically install, or prompt me?
  • I tried that Command Prompt line and all I got was this: 'wuaclt.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.  
  • UPDATE:  I typed the command line in wrong after all. Now went into Windows Update and it says it's downloading! Woo Hoo!!!
  • I'm stuck in Preparing to Install since many hours now.....please tell me what to do??
  • Yeah there we go. Took 5 minutes but see the folder now.
  • Thank you
  • command not working for me...
    dell venue 8 pro not getting the update.....y.  
  • Search for how to get free update to win 8.1, as I understand 8 not compatible to get 10.
  • The windows icon in the task bar disappeared and can't find the win10 update. Wt should do please
  • 4 min to download 5.4gb wow ms servers are fast.
  • In windows update it showing downloading windows 10 and stuck at getting setip files ... For more than 30 mins
    What to do?????
  • Thanks this worked perfect I got windows 10 
  • Doesnt work at all.
  •   So, mine is stuck downloading at 0% for the past 30 minutes. How long did it take everyone else to download?  
  • 25 minutes from start to finish
  • I was losing my mind trying to get this to work. I got my Surface 3 for my birthday last month and didn't know I needed an app to get the update. I ran update many times today and it kept saying there was no updates. I had to look through all the settings to find the silverlight update that wasn't updating and I forget one other. I clicked on install all Windows updates and partners and finally when I tried this again it started downloading.    Feels so good, now I can let it do it's thing and I'll play with it later.
  • There´s no way to put it to work here, W8.1 Pro, activated, I´m a Windows Insider, and the update doesn´t show up for me. Tried lot of times this procedure but it still not working. Any sugestions?
  • Anyone please tell how much time it will take to download windows 10???????
  • not working on 8.1 :(
  • Does not work. Every time I launch Windows Update it freezes and says Explorer has stopped working. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well I'm kind of puzzled...not by Windows behaviour, I mean by users... :D Microsoft clearly stated that not all PC would have been updated on the first day...actually they clearly told that many would have received Windows 10 only in the following days maybe weeks who knows.
    So why everyone is now expecting to be in the first wave remain a complete mistery to me...
    Forcing update, just have a look around over whatever Windows forums or blogs, is not doing much good leaving most people simply stuck in the middle of a tampered update process instead that waiting that the taskbar tells you your upgrade is ready to go.
    So I have the feeling that most of the people complaining are people forcing the update...which shouldn't have much to complain anyway since somehow they didn't understand and followed the upgrade procedure planned by Microsoft.
    Relax guys your PC was doing fine yesterday without Windows 10 and will do the same tomorrow...wait yout turn and the updating process will take its course or if there are any real bugs about it will be ironed out soon.
  • Hello When I do the cmd command the computer does nothing. It already tryed to install Win10 but it failed! What should I do!!!! Really want to get windows 10
  • When Windows 10 is downloaded this way, does everything stay on the laptop or does it get wiped? For example, I have Steam plus games on my laptop, so if I download this will it delete everything?
  • Hey folks I actually happen to use a pirated versionn of Windows 7 (ultimate). Can anybody just explain me how can I get my hands on W10?
  • Yes go down to the store, take the copy to the checkout counter, pull out your wallet and pay for a copy. Bring it home and insert you disc and follow the instructions you cheap a#$%##$
  • I ran the Preview on 3 devices (HP Omni 27, HP Envy dv6 and HP Stream 7 - yeah, I work for HP, so I have lots of stuff from them :) and got the latest update to get it to RTM without any issues. Now for my SP3, I see the folder on my C drive and I will try a completely radical approach here: I will just freaking wait until the upgrade starts triggered by Microsoft. After all, that is kinda what their plan was. A staged roll out. So I will chill and let the process do what it is supposed to do... no rush and hopefully no fiddeling around.    
  • You're gonna wait for the official process?   Weird.
  • It works. I can download windows 10 from windows update
  • Showing size 2,713.8 MB
  • Well, Windows just told me that it is time to upgrade to 10 on my SP3. We will see how it goes....
  • i finally figured it out....Windows Update said I had an update that had failed and I couldnt find it in update history so I disabled my AVG and did a system restore to earlier today and once it had been completed, the update was there waiting for me. Alot of effort but im hoping it will be worth it.   hope this helps
  • great tutorial, except desktop PC doesn't have "Change PC Settings" so it has been completely useless
  • My pc secretly try dowldload window 10 pro the free upgrade total 3 times  . each time gave  same generic reason error 80240020 why it failed  is a  so vague . I truely think it bogus upgrade at this point . I actual done with it at this point I stay on window 8.1 pro till dam  computer breaks . Another  reason being instead of year like microsoft said to choose to upgrade to windows 10  now it short in to 3 month done with it not worth my stress not worth my pocket book either   . Just thought throw this at Microsoft I was able get standard version window 10 upgrade to download so pretty darn funny why window 10 pro would fail pretty odd  but you all wanted me to pay for that version upgrade what abosolute  joke of upgrade to what suppose be amazing new Os . cant even upgrade to same level i already paid extra to have  rolls my eye  
  • @MattG1978 @KaizerAllen   watch this video ....this method is 100% woked for me.
  • If I use the approach discussed in the article is the file going to download and allow me to install when I am ready, or is it going to install immediately?
  • Thanks. This admin cmd did it. My Windows update previously stated win 10 will load later....that is after I'd used cmd to get several other updates manually suggested by Windows forum.
  • @happyhotspur Try going to Windows Q & A forum. There's an article about several updates you can manually add via admin cmd line, I had to get these before this article's tip worked. Also make sure your PC meets the requirements. I had to compress my C: and remove an unused file to get 20GB free to meet spec.
  • Downloading on my wife's Acer win7 laptop now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Update failed. Guess I'll try tomorrow. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This downloads then fails. Just grab the ISO. Works fine.
  • That did the trick; Thanks for the tip!
  • Just follow the instructions from here:
  • If i'm in the insider program, am I suppose to receive an update too?
  • Is this a insider or full version activated windows? i am also downlading it but i am not sure weather it is insider programme or full version. And i have deleted all the files from softwaredistribution and $WINDOWS.~BTand initially contained about 6 gb file now it doesn't after i deleted from that folder. Is there any kind of risk related to windows 10 upgrade after deleting that files? But now i am dowloading it but dont know wheather it will work or not?
  • This worked thanks a lot WPC! Just activated my free trial a few hours ago and downloading now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is there any countermand for this CMD command. I don't want to download the update as of now and want to stop it from being downloaded. Is there any way to stop it from being downloaded. Even if I am downloading any other update in my 8.1, it is showing that downloading windows 10. Help
  • Your method of accessing the Windows Update is something I've never seen before for Win7;  point mouse in corner and move up? Why not just click ont the little white flag icon in the task bar and then when that window opens go to the Windows Update the Change Settings. You must be talking about Win8 because Win7 has nothing as you discribe.
  • does not work
  • Is there any countermand for the above CMD command? Is there any way to stop downloading the windows 10 update? I don't want to install it as of now.
  • Anyone please help me i am waiting from last 20 hours and still i haven't got any notification yet????
  • Can I still got a chance to upgrade in Windows 10 though it not already July 29. Is there no reservation already?
  • None of my devices got Windows 10 yet.
  • And how do we do this in Windows 7?
  • I triggered the updated by the described instructions, but then after the windows update downloaded it, there was a note "Check your PC before upgrading / Before installing Windows 10 insider preview,something needs your attention" and button "Check your PC" (screenshot here I clicked it and since then nothing happened. Why it says "insider preview" ? I have legal Win 8.1pro and qualified for the free upgrade. I am also registered in insider preview program, but never installed the preview on this notebook. Should I erase the folder $Windows.~BT and wait for Microsoft notification, when upgrade will be ready? Thanks
  • I have a hp pavillion 15 notebook.I have everything up-to-date including KB3035583 which is quiet important for windows 10 but the windows 10 app is not showing. I have tried all  methods including  the script method  but all methods is there anyother method or is my device not campatibile with windows 10.  PLsSsSs HElp
  • Does not work for me either. Tried all the tricks. Ah well; I'll delete the 6GB of downlaods and stick with Windows 7. Glad it works for most.
  • Hey guys the way i did it was by troubleshooting my windows update then entering the cmd promt all sorted now
  • When I entered the command, the updates shown were from 2005 and 2008, Visual Studio and MS Office respectively. I also used the Media Creation Tool from Windows, but whenever I choose the option 'Upgrade this PC now', after it checks the PC, it always shows 'Something happened'.
  • Awesome. Well done Microsoft!!
  •  just wanted to let folks know there is another way to force the install. Go to the windows 10ISO creation page, downloaded the media creation tool and it gives you an option to install windows 10 NOW or to create an ISO. Click install NOW and you are done.
  • Guys...I need your help... I have used this command and the whole update has been downloaded(something around 6.2GB in ~Windows BT) but it doesn't shows "OK Lets Continue". Moreover after everything is downloaded my Update center shows WindowsUpdate_80070057 OR WindowsUpdate_dt000"‎ (1) as error.   If anyone who has encountered this please share your valuable suggestion to overcome it.
  • i have getting error while installing im using wuauclt.exe/updatenow.  any solution
  • This turn on / off worked here (Win 8.1 embed in HP laptop)! Just had to wait a few minutes and had to install all 8.1 updates. Thanks!  Downloading now... Great expectations! Hope y'all can get it too (remember, a little patience is recommended). Cheers, Webwriter
  • i did not received update yet and manual update is not working
  • Guyz, I'm in a serious need of your help. I'm using Sony Vaio Laptop(SVE 15123CN) and wants to upgrade to Windows 10. but sony says we sony users have to wait till Nov15 before upgrading to W10 as they are "Preparing Drivers". what should i do? have anyone of you updated it's Sony laptop yet?  BTW. i tried "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" and it worked for me. W10 downloading now. it shows 8,141.5MB download but actually downloading like 4GB max(i figure this out via % of complition and data used). i also tried downloading W10 from Media Center but everytime it showed "Something happened". when "Upgrade this PC" and also when "Creat media for another PC" it goes on till like 70% download then i got "Something Happened". So i finally went for -> delete SoftwareDistribution/Download and "wuauclt.exe /updatenow". it started the download.
  • this did not work at all for me 
  • Do NOT download the ISO! That is only until OCTOBER FIRST! And it isn't the actual version, that was the Insider version that has things missing from the ACTUAL one. So everyone like The Extreme G and others are wrong. Do not just download the ISO if this doesn't work, either wait, try this, or use a different method like, "wcuaclt.exe/detectnow/updatenow" for example. I just don't want people saying to download the ISO because that method isn't the actual version and is only for a couple of months! Get the real version that you've reserved or by this method!
  • I've got the ~4.5 GB download in that folder on the C drive for two days now, how do I initiate the install? Or is that not possible?
  • I couldn't get this command script to work. Returns as unrecognized. Furthermore when downloading Windows 10, is there an option for doing a clean install? Everything I've seen so far only mentions upgrade. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can't get the 64 bit Media Creation Tool to load on my Laptop even though I have administrator rights. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  • Thanks a ton! I'm getting the update now!
  • I had $Windows.~BT folder in my C: drive but as soon as I entered  wuauclt.exe/updatenow in elevated command prompt this folder vanished. I dont know know wheather my windows 8.1 is upgrading to windows 10 or not. Any solutions?????
  • what do I do when the Command Promt Box opens?
  • windows 7 ult   Did not force update for me.  On another computer, I installed w10, with ISO,  and also unable to activate
  • i have updated my get win 10.. but it restart after after completion of update and i have the same old win 8.1... why??
  • how to upgrade from win8.1 tab. Is win 10 available for micromax canvas laptab in India?
  • Well you get what you pay for. For my laptop I have nothing but a flashing screen. No access to anything. Don't know my Windows Password and apparently there is no help. I naver sign in. Cannot remember it. All useless. Must a just buy a new computer and F-all?
  • My laptop just keeps flashing and is unusable. I have no access, although it appears to be connected I cannot actually fiad any way in. Windows icon does not work. Nothing. Help?  
  • Finally I decided to give Windows 10 a new install after rolling back to 8.1 after 2 weeks and surprise, my AMD Catalyst driver now works and my Dell Inspiron 5500 now has Windows 10 with discrete graphics AMD Radeon R7 M270. I'm very happy. FYI.
    I couldn't reserve Windows 10 anymore, so what I did after rolling back to 8.1 was to install all Windows updates using a Powershell module and downloaded the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool which name is confusing, it should be called Windows 10 installer. After running the installer on my PC for 2 hours, I finally got Windows 10 working like a Charm. Thanks to Windows Central for all these great articles, I really like the new OS, not going back to 8.1.
  • Don't delete the folder itself just it's contents Nước hoa XPO, máy xông hơi