Windows Phone 8.1's Wi-Fi Sense might also be part of Windows 9-Threshold

Microsoft could be adding one of Windows Phone 8.1's best features, Wi-Fi Sense, as part of the next version of Windows for PCs, code named Threshold and also called Windows 9 by the media.

wi-fi sense, which claims it got access to an early build of Threshold, has posted a screenshot from its registry that strongly hints that Microsoft is putting in Wi-Fi Sense into the OS. Windows Phone 8.1 owners can use Wi-Fi Sense to store user names and passwords of public Wi-Fi hotspots so they can automatically connect to them on their next visit without any manual typing. W-Fi Sense also allows those smartphone owners to share their Wi-Fi credentials with others without revealing passwords.

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This certainly would be a helpful feature for Threshold owners, especially those who use small tablets. However, as with any early leaked build, it's possible Microsoft could remove Wi-Fi Sense from the OS before it is officially released.

This is the second Windows Phone 8.1 feature that could be added to Threshold-Windows 9 as the storage management tool Storage Sense was also spotted in this leaked build. A public technical preview of the OS could launch in late September or early October, followed by an official release in in the spring of 2015. What do you think about Wi-Fi Sense possibly being added to Windows 9?


John Callaham