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Windows RT-based Surface and Surface 2 will only get some of the features of Windows 10

Owners of the Windows RT-based Surface and Surface 2 tablets will get an update sometime in the future that will include some,but not all, of the features that Microsoft plans to offer with Windows 10, but details about that update have yet to be revealed.

Windows RT is the version of Windows 8 that Microsoft launched in 2012 that was meant to run on devices with ARM-based processors. Only a few Windows RT-based products were ever released, and the most popular were Microsoft's Surface and Surface 2 tablets. In a statement sent to CNET, a spokesperson stated:

"Surface Pro 3 (and the entire Surface Pro lineup) will update to Windows 10. We are working on an update for [the Windows RT version of] Surface, which will have some of the functionality of Windows 10. More information to come."

Microsoft has not said if it will provide the same update to the small number of third-party Windows RT devices that were released in late 2012, such as the Dell XPS 10 and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, along with the more recently released Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

Source: CNET

  • Wow. RT users really are getting the SHAFT.
  • to be fair, the number of RT users is so low that MS can afford to not spend too much time on it
  • When you consider that 99% of RT users have RT on a Microsoft device, it's a bit harsh. Not like WP7.8 on Nokia devices, it's 100% Microsoft software on 100% Microsoft hardware. Very bad signal.
  • This. Plus one of the benefits of Windows 10 was supposed to be that the NT kernel would truly be universal across the different processor architectures (that's how Windows Phone will get the universal apps). I would have expected Microsoft to make a stronger push for ARM tablets with Windows 10, not kill them off...
  • Exactly, Microsoft should do something for that. Still hope RT can run Windows 10 For Phones.
  • Well, that was the idea until recently! And I think it's the natural way to go, dunno why they wouldn't do this. Remember? They were going to unify RT with Windows Phone, that was the pitch.
  • Microsoft wont abandon PC that are allowed to upgrade
  • am i missing something? the article say they are getting the update, just not all the features. why all the negative comments?
  • Because its only for the surface 2 not other devices. Hence the last paragraph. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • On an RT device you could only get Windows Store apps.   So whats the big fuzz alll about?!?!? If you get Windows 10 and the ability to run Windows Store Apps without the full capabilities of the OS designed for x86 systems, what exactly is going to change for Windows RT users???!!!
      ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! People here just love to scream and whine about everything. Nothing is ever okay... Did you guys really expect that Windows 10 was going to bring the full desktop OS to ARM based tablets???? I'd hope not... ore else you'd be really, really stupid! Jeeshj!!!! I really cant stand the unfounded bitching, whining and complaining from some users here :S
  • Your an idiot....its Microsoft that's calling all oses windows 10....when they clearly are not....if windows 10 os cannot go on arm devices.....then stupid...."its not windows 10" its window's doesn't matter what Microsoft wants us to believe
  • I guess your the kind of guy that believed that with Windows 10 you'd get an desktop environment on your Lumia?!?!?!  Windows 10 will tailor itself to the kind of device its running on. So ARM based phones and tablets, obviously, would not get the full Windows 10 (desktop/pc) experience. But your settings will be saved, your apps will run across multiple devices and it will feel as its all the same everywhere. That being said, not every devices will have the same capabilities, because that would be impossible and different devices need a different approach. Anyone who finished kindergarden should be able to understand the difference, really!
  • You are missing Michael's point. You had a watered down version of Windows 8 and now you will be getting a watered down version of Windows 10. As he said, what are you losing? Absolutely nothing.
  • Michael, As someone that bought a Surface 1 then Surface 2 the first days they were available, I completely agree with your statements. Surface RT is really designed to run only Windows Store apps.  The desktop mode exists to run MS Office and run some OS level tasks not implemented in the "Metro" interface.  Win RT 8.1 added many of the control panel functions to Metro and I expect the RT version of Win 10 will add more desktop functionality to Metro.  Add a Windows store version of MS Office and there will not be a need for the desktop UI.  I predict a command line may be available to support enhanced functions but no desktop. I've been around long enough to remember the transition from DOS to Windows.  Hey, I questioned was it wise to move your hands off of the keyboard to use a mouse and made fun of the Mac users in my office.  Twenty years later I'm hearing the same argument about the new touch focused UI.  Face it, the desktop UI is near legacy status.  If you don't believe me, take a look here -
  • I can relate to that with my Canon 650D with a touch screen compared to my Canon 6D... using touch is much easier to get things done.
  • But the thing is we are NOT getting Windows 10. Or RT. Whatever. If there is one it'll be called 10RT or something right away at the launch event.
  • As I read it, RT devices cannot be updated to Windows 10. They just get a similar looking UI. Remember how WP 7.8 looked a bit like WP 8 with its re sizeable tiles. Bit of bad news for us Surface owners.! Thanks MS.
  • Not bad news, i love my surface RT as it is and will be buying a Pro3, my little boy can have the RT.
  • Suppose the issue for me is my Surface 2 is not very old, but I'm sure it will start to feel that way in the coming years.
  • Not really. You would get a Windows 10 version, with all the features your hardware is capable of. You'd still be able to only buy Windows Store Apps, just as it is now on WinRT. The biggest isseu Windows Phone 7 users had was that they could not install apps specificly designed for Windows Phone 8 on there Windows Phone 7 devices.  With Windows 10 on ARM you will not have this problem. Every modern app created for Windows 8.1 and every modern app that will be created for Windows 10 wil run n your Surface RT or Surface 2. There is absolutely nothing going to change for you, with the one exception that your desktop enviourment, that you now have in Windows RT, will no longer be there. Your filemanaging will change I supose. What they are saying is: Windows RT users will get the slimmed down ARM based version of Windows 10, the same one that is designed for phones and tablets smaller then 8 inches, only Surface RT/2 users will have it on a 10 inch screen. Thats all there is to it.
  • Hi Michael, I truly hope that you are right because to be "orphaned" once again after WP7.8 just doesn't feel right. I had a Lumia 800 and I understood and accepted that for the betterment of the platform, a change needed to be made. That Nokia / MS made WP7.8 was a nice gesture but to some extent I still felt left behind. Core functionality was  intact and even slightly extended with WP7.8 but the small trickle of functional apps for WP7 became even smaller after it was announced WP8 would have a different core, requiring new apps. I knew that WinRT was a relatively small platform when I bought a Surface 2 + Type cover about 4 months ago. Even that there was a small chance it would be left behind like WP7 when I did buy it. But since it was Microsoft hardware with Microsoft software, mostly bought by "loyal" Microsoft customers, I thought that the chance was slim to none it would go the WP7.8 route. Now I am not so sure. Maybe it is Microsofts...eeeuh...lack of good communicating to be clear in what will happen with RT, or maybe I am just too impatient, but in the statement MS did make, it is not said clearly what will happen, but hinted at only "certain Win10 functionality" will come to RT. If you ask me, it sounds a lot like a we are being prepared for a WP7.8 scenario again. Just the fact that RT was not mentioned in the presentation last week (all other platforms - Xbox, phones, x86 PC's - were mentioned...only some lines in the Q&A section about RT) is telling. I hope I am wrong, but I am not sure. I like my Surface 2 a lot and when an update comes (in whatever form) it will still be one of the best devices I have ever owned. But for it to be practically shelved so shortly after spending €400 on it only a little while just would not feel right. And app support for new (and eventually existing) apps would certainly be out the window. Please MS: don't let me be right!
  • WP7.8
    Never forget, never forgive
  • Well, they (we) were the few users that believed in Microsoft's hardware vision and supported them with our money, I think it's pretty sad that are betrayed and get left out of this revolution.
  • I was an early adopter. I wanted to support MS,. I was concerned that they would dump the platform if it failed, but they gave express assurances that they will continue to support to platform, I was a great supporter of the RT. I will be very upset if they do not provide a proper upgrade. [I was always expectring desktop to be less availavlbe once the office touch apps are available]
  • What I think you're trying to say is, I accept your money, thank you, but if you've seen do not remember you. Like you my money worth the same and my Surface 2 I bought in September 2014 and January 2015, ie 4 to 5 months later, I say it's obsolete.  
  • Why did you by a Windows RT tablet when there are Windows 8.1 tablets for the same price or cheaper? Some of the cheaper tablets even included a detachable keyboard.  
  • Surface RT came with Microsoft office. At the time, on any full windows 8 device, I would have had to purchase that separately. It is a great device and still does everything I need it for, but it stinks that Microsoft appears to be forgetting us.
  • So you get what you pay for. Cheap stuff with free bundle. What more did you expect?
  • Yep. As an RT owner this really does not bother me. I think in the future I will be upgrading to a pro anyways.
  • I have a Surface RT. Bought it when they first came out.  I don't consider myself being shafted. While it would be nice to be able to get Windows 10 on my Surface, I realize the product is 1st gen and may not be compatable with new OS upgrades.  My Surface RT is not my workhorse productivity device, nor was it ever meant to be.  As long as Microsoft provides enough features so that my Surface will continues to work seamlessly with my other devices, I'm okay with that.  I'm definatley not in the camp that believes regardless how old a piece of hardware is, that it should be able to be upgraded indefinately as technology advances.
  • If you get the update which will enable you to run all the latest universal apps than you will have an up to date device.
  • Wow very mature response
  • My entire family owns Surface RTs. I guess we're all just confused as to not just why Microsoft wouldn't bring Windows 10 to the original Surface, but why it would even be a challenge. I mean, if they can bring Windows 10 to a Lumia 520 then why can't they bring it to a Surface RT?
  • The first thing you should do is stop selling Microsoft product. Or at least explain previous purchase only can update some features of Windows 10. It is a complete shame. I feel cheated.
  • Because what would it run? The ARM SKU of Windows 10 is only for devices 7" and under. The problem is that Microsoft oversold Windows 10 running everywhere. In reality, this was a crude, but smart decision, as it shows that RT is finally dead, and it makes a clear distinction between mobile and desktop. I saw this coming from the very beginning and that's why I never bought into one.
  • Did they say they wouldnn't? Seems to me with the small number of RT users they just didn't prioritse getting it ready for this event. I'm sure it will be for release and hopefully before that for preview. What it'll be I imagine is the feature set of Windows on phones (minus the calls & phone features) but sized to be the same as what you'd get on a Surface Pro. ie. no desktop cos that's no longer needed with Office Touch, but otherwise a big tablet version, Windows 10 for devices larger than 8" basically.
  • Bingo.
  • The details are ambiguous from the Cnet statement. They said they would be bringing some of the features but never said RT wouldn't get 10 at all. Better to wait till there is official clarification on the matter.
  • They would need to maintain RT for another product life cycle.
    RT is going to be segmented then phased out like WP7 devices.
    Glad I didn't buy a SP2 RT the other day..
  • Just like you I have owned a Surface from new and I don't feel like I'm being treated unfairly. At least not yet. There are no details of what will happen to Windows RT so it's too early to say if the devices will be of any use in the Windows 10 world or not.
  • 1. Segmentation. Microsoft will differentiate W10 on RT.
    2. They will provide at most minor user end updates. Thinking 'RT' features such as desktop will be made possible by docking phones.
  • Agree 100%. I use my original Surface all the time, but I knew it was never meant to replace a full laptop. People really are expecting a little too much from this update I think...but, that's what happens when there's a whole lotta hype about something before everything is officially announced
  • This. It is definitely not my work house, but great for the one game I play on it. Browsing the web and using a few apps. I love the thing.
  • Agreed. I purchased my Surface RT at release in 2012 and I'm not angry. In my case, I may not be disappointed as I plan to get the next generation Surface Pro that ships. I think as long as Touch Office, Cortana & the new notification are added that's more than enough. No one expected the Surface to be a laptop, it's a tablet...and if you look at Android & iOS, they surely don't abandon there tablet models after just one major update. So that's another way to look at it. Microsoft should at least feel obligated to give a full Windows 10 experience to Surface RT & Surface 2 owners.
  • You mean Apple. Most android phones companies have 0 support after a product is released.
  • Not really, I have a two year old HTC One M7 which shipped with Jelly Bean, received KitKat, (not to mention update versions of Sense UI from HTC, shipped with Sense 5, received 6 and will be getting 7) and is scheduled to receive Lollipop in the coming months. Your statement may be true of the lower end & budget Androids, but a lot of the high end Android devices are being supported for 2+ years with OS updates. I would think Microsoft would support one of it's own flagship devices for atleast one major OS update. A short life cycle is almost expected of a budget product, but the Surface RT was over $600 after including th type cover.
  • The flagship is the Surface Pro series.
  • My Surface RT runs today.  It will run tomorrow.  I have no expectation of getting Windows 10, it would be nice to get a refresh of course.  Store Apps should still run on it, as they do now.  Business as normal.
  • And we have a WINNER!!! Just when I was starting to fear the entire Windows community had transmuted into a mob of whiny . . . whiners, nice to see some conventional wisdom enter the discussion.
  • Probably just the new Start screen and nothing else. The beta test is over! Windows Phone 8 all over again.
  • This. They're doing the same kind of thing to RT users as they did to WP7 users. Seriously they should've at least offered a trade-in program to minimize the damage done to their reputation. I can imagine some RT users becoming Microsoft haters after this.
  • Maybe they will
  • Its called getting Microshafted :P
    TRADE-INS? They are still dumping Surface RTs >.>
    That is unethical imo.
  • Why, they are getting Windows 10.  For free, how are they getting the shaft?  Windows 10 is not out the door yet, so wait and see what happens.  Did you really expect to get all the features of the Intel based Windows 10, on 2 year old hardware, that is running arm.  Just like phones, the older stuff does not get all the features.  Maybe in the future when Arm are as powerful as Intel processors, but till then.
  • The part that confuses me is that WP8 devices run on Arm. Why can't RT get at a minimum everything WP8 gets under the hood? Perhaps it will. Then again, perhaps this is why there was no Surface Mini, nor a Surface 3 because they realised they were going to sunset RT. It makes me wonder if they're going to move phones to Intel eventually. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  • It's the opposite. RT costed a lot in development, were trying to get a feel of the market.
    Us WP users will get all the RT features, and Surface RT users will get a slap of fresh paint :(
  • Not really, we knew the desktop was getting the chop in Windows (RT) 10 therefore we should get the Action Center, Continuum, Cortana and the new version of Office but any win32 stuff, the desktop and the taskbar will be gone.
  • That's what I hope for...I guess we will have to wait and see
  • I know, I was wandering if my Surface 2 would get any love. It's ok, it still runs great, my only complaint I can think of is how spoiled I've become with WordFlow....i have to think to type on wife's iPhone
  • "We are working on an update for [the Windows RT version of] Surface, which will have some of the functionality of Windows 10."
    Maybe they are referring to the new Windows 10 RT/ARM that ARM-based phones, phablets and tablets will run? That version won't have all the functionality of Windows 10. Also, some would argue todays Windows RT 8.1 doesn't have all the functionality of x86 Windows 8.1 (the ability to run x86 programs).
  • It is Windows Phone 7.8 all over again
  • +910 Microshafted editon
  • Paid only $220 for my surface, it runs well but I'm looking forward to an upgrade when the time comes. I'm glad they are killing off rt. Too hard to explain to consumers.
  • I own and love my original Surface RT. Got it till I can get a full Surface (4). I don't feel shafted at all. You can't expect a $200 Surface tablet to be fully same as a $600 Surface Pro computer! I knew it was limited in ways (only compared to Surface Pros of course). I knew RT couldn't do full everything, that's why it's RT. I didn't expect RT to get Windows 10 at all (because RT couldn't get 10 Preview). I thought they were gunna fully kill it before 10! So I'm happy it'll get 10! I understand it's an off-shoot, & it's hardware/software are different/limited from FULL Intel computers. It does everything I ever need it to do. Basic things like Netflix, stream movies/tv, output to my tv, games, web, USB/flash drive, full Office for school, backup phone, hell even torrent (allegedly). The ONLY thing I don't like about RT getting 10, is it might ALLEGEDLY remove the 'Desktop' & file explorer... Which I love & use often.
  • They are still selling RT devices. That is the only reason why RT is getting 'W10'.
  • Yeah we are. And just imagine the poor slobs like me - I also bought into a... Zune:  The HD was wonderful but really only like 5-6 apps ever developed for it and a disaster.  I lost money. Kin:  Poor little phone.  3 massive months of life before the plug was pulled. I Lost Money 2 Surface RTs: we know this story. So much for cross platform compatability. If ARM based phones are getting Windows 10, how come ARM based Surface tablets arent getting it? Even using the feeble argument of scalability and one size fits all.  I lost a $1000 on 2 of these winners... Windows 8:  Bought this update - we know how this story ends. I had similar experince early on as an early adopter with Android.  G1 (never had an update before becoming obsolete), and a mytouch 3g (the second ever Android device) only received 1 partial security update over a year after promised and then it was dead.  Lost money on a contract with these winners and never went back since. They best come up with something for the RT people or I'm seriously buying fruit flavored hardware from here on out. It's the ONLY platform to offer long term usability and updates. I can't give Microsoft any more money and I also beg to differ there are millions of RT users. Get up to date. They eventually sold the vast majority of their RT stock and eventually made most of that write down back.  
  • Shit, i seriously thought we were getting some good news with Windows 10 also running on Windows Phone. Why the hell cant rt get updated to windows 10? Wtf.
  • Do you really want a phone ui on an 11" landscape tablet?
  • I don't see why it would be worse than on a landscape 8 inch tablet, like the one shown in the event
  • Isn't that what the vast majority of tablet users have ;) with their iPads ;)
  • As much as I love noth of my Surfaces (Original RT and 2), I think we are seeing the end of RT devices.  With the new processors on the market that are making full Windows tablets slim, light, fanless and with decent battery life, I can't see whyt MS needs to continue down the RT road.  It just doesn't make sense to have the split ecosystem anymore.
  • Yes, i hope so. I hate RT ...
  • Why, I have been very happy with my RT tablet. What is there to hate. Its like a Chromebook on steroids.
  • But you can run Linux on Chromebooks and if it's an Intel one you can use Wine to run Windows applications. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm sure running Linux and Wine with Windows applications is a great experience, but I'm not interested. I do pretty much everything I need with my Surface2, rdp to my work desktop gives me even more. Its all I need with me if I'm on call or out of the office.
  • Chromebook + WINE? Not worth it :P
  • Real intelligent. You don't like it, so you hope everyone that has a device gets screwed. You're a genius.
  • I really like my RT. It's my go to device for when I went to play around or check things out.
  • +1 ... Thought the same :/
  • Because that ARM SKU is built for devices 7" and under. It was never made for the Surface. Plus, it would look ridiculous.
  • If it still runs store apps then who cares. 7.8 could not run new apps.
  • I own and love my original Surface RT. Got it till I can get a full Surface (4). I don't feel shafted at all. You can't expect a $200 Surface tablet to be fully same as a $600 Surface Pro computer! I knew it was limited in ways (only compared to Surface Pros of course). I knew RT couldn't do full everything, that's why it's RT. I didn't expect RT to get Windows 10 at all (because RT couldn't get 10 Preview). I thought they were gunna fully kill it before 10! So I'm happy it'll get 10! I understand it's an off-shoot, & it's hardware/software are different/limited from FULL Intel computers. It does everything I ever need it to do. Basic things like Netflix, stream movies/tv, output to my tv, games, web, USB/flash drive, full Office for school, backup phone, hell even torrent (allegedly). The ONLY thing I dont like about RT getting 10, is it might ALLEGEDLY remove the 'Desktop' & file explorer... Which I love & use often.
  • Not forgeting lumia 2520
  • +2520
  • Love my 2520
  • about the know the other brand that MS owns that runs RT?
  • Not happy at the moment. I have 2 Surface 2 tablets I bought last year that won't get windows 10?!
  • No, you'll get the equivalent of Windows 10 RT, just like you have 8.1 RT now
  • I was a big fan of RT, hoping for convergence between Windows Phone and RT, and a bright future for Windows on Arm. I preordered the original Surface RT. That all died for me when the 8" tablets came out and none supported RT. Not even a Microsoft or Nokia-branded device. That's what the 2520 should have been, IMO. I was forced to get an Intel-based tablet to get the 8" form-factor. And it was a revelation. Things that had been a struggle for me on RT (such as dearchiving) were built into the OS on x86! So people like me abandoned RT, for lack of any other option if we wanted a small tablet... and we discovered we kind of liked it once we'd done it.
  • Speak only for yourself. I chose an atom based Asus tablet and thought that I loved it but the screen and overall performance plus the poor battery life had me wanting for something better. I was so concerned about running full Windows programs but realized I only used Chrome and it was actually pretty awful and that the modern apps were more that efficient. Then something magical happened, I bought a Lumia 2520 and I cannot keep it out of my hands. I even find that I don't need the power keyboard and it has most of the apps that are on my 1520. So yeah I would like an update as there are no other tablets that interest me
  • I've got 2520 too and it is very nice and battery lasts like forever. One problem though, occasionally the touch screen is not responding when I wake up the tablet from sleep. I have to boot the thing to recover. After getting the MS Wedge Mobile Keyboard, the touch screen has been working more stable. It is some kind of power saving issue I guess. Have you had issues with the touch screen?
  • It didn't say you weren't getting 10, you wont be getting all the features, whatever that means.
  • So does this mean rt will finally die after Windows 10 comes out?
  • RT is already dead. It died after the Surface 2.
  • And that's a shame because I don't need more than RT. So I will enjoy it for many years to come with 8.1. MS wants users to use 10, that's why its free. If they don't update my surface 2 to Windows 10, then I won't use 10. It's that simple. Like people on windows 7. MS want you to go to windows 8 (and pay again) but many don't care what MS want. They paid for W7 and will stay there.
  • Except, Windows 7 users can get the free upgrade to Windows 10.
  • RT is dead as evident from the Surface Pro 3 announcement. There's no real point anymore because Intel CPUs have gotten a lot better during that timeframe and it caused a lot of confusion for those who don't keep a close eye on Microsoft. As for me, I really like it. As long as they produce that touch version of Office for RT then I'm really happy. Don't really need anything, apart from, maybe, Spartan.
  • Very disappointed. People think Microsoft's incompetence killed RT, when really it was the ignorance of consumers.
  • RIP, 2520. I hardly knew thee...
  • Windows RT 8.10, just like the WP7.8 was.
  • Yep, and that "upgrade" didn't give us much...
  • WP7.8 gave me enough to make me happy for another year, but ofcourse my world really opened when I bought a WP8 device ;)
  • It does feel a little like that. But certainly it can't be that bad.
  • Maybe they'll be clever and call the final version of Windows RT "Windows 9". ;-)
  • LOL All doom and gloom arent the? As an owner of 3 Surface RT's and a Surface Pro 3 I dont see this as all that bad at all. The devices are NOT new by all means .. These devices were literally released to bridge the gap between the time frame intel had to release a decent x86 processor that wouldnt require nearly as much power. Which if you look at todays chip's they have done a pretty damn good job. Also why you dont really see ANY windows 8 tablets that are ARM because it doesnt make sense to even bother with that. Anyways if you still have a Surface RT then its time to move on man you will def. use your tablet a hell of alot more when its running a full blown copy of windows 8.1. I am still amazed that I can run Visual Studio with all my add-on's, Ableton Live with all my vsti plug-in's all from a device as slim and sleek as my Surface Pro 3.
  • Bummer... This may be the final kick I need to upgrade my Surface RT tablet to a Surface Pro 3.
  • Just wait for 4. Surely around the corner
  • You owe it to yourself to get a SP3.
  • I have an original Surface RT. Love it! It got the job done for two years till I get the new Surface 4.
  • Great news. Still use my RT
  • Yeah. I'm still rocking a Surface Rt!
  • I guess "Windows 10 on all devices" didnt really mean all devices. Honestly, what is MSFT thinking?
  • Well now I do feel like I've been kicked in the ricker by Microsoft. That will teach me for believing in msft and buying into their products, never again. Very disappointed, lets hope Msft really do follow through on their promise and I get SOMETHING.....doubtful
  • Then go to Apple, oh wait the older devices do not get all the features... Go to Android...oh wait they barely get updates.  You are getting Windows 10 so stop the whining.
  • Actually those of us on non pro surface tablets will not get windows 10. Read the quote again. We're getting "some of the functionality of Windows 10." This is the same thing they said to WP 7.5 users when they gave us 7.8.
  • I read it as RT is getting Windows 10 but with a small subset of the features instead, which is likely to be some form of the Continuum tablet interface, Cortana, Action Center and the new version of Office but any win32 stuff, desktop and taskbar won't be available.
  • Great so what features are you getting and not getting.  Also comparing this to WP 7.5 is not correct as no one with WP 7 phone could go to WP8.  Maybe you will get the same features as what is going to be on the phone version.  Which would make sense as the desktop mode in RT is very limited, and would truley make it a tablet.
  • Hate to break it to you but .. Surfare RT will still run Universal App's the same as they do now .. the Store will still have developers putting out Universal App's as the "ModernUI Store App's" will most likely still be WinRT API's like they are today. So before you jump off the cliff you still have a couple years with that device .. if by then you cannot manage to upgrade then thats on you I guess.
  • You really took it literally didn't you? There wouldn't be desktop for phones or desktop for RT devices. They are unifying the OS for better syncronization and for uniformity. Windows 10 on all devices meaning the apps, the fluidity and functionality will be strenghtened thus making a better WINDOWS experience. Not just desktop, not just RT, not just phone but the overall Windows experience. Isn't that fantastic? Microsoft is finally closing the gaps of these three devices and solidifying Windows. With that, RT devices run on ARM processors while the others run on Intel processors. I'm pretty sure that would make a difference with Desktop and legacy programs. Especially legacy programs. Did you expect desktop to come to Windows Phones too? I hope not.
  • Where did I say I wanted or expected desktop on phones or RT devices? MS is the one touting Windows 10 on all devices, without a caveat. But the caveat is it's coming to RT with "some of the functionality" Without knowing what that functionality may or may not be, how can I or others not be concerned?
  • And desktop on RT is really mostly there for non-touch Office. Give us touch-based Office and most wouldn't even want/need the desktop. I've already got a Surface Pro 3, but I'd break out my old RT tablet if they did something cool like allow WP apps to run on it finally.
  • Are there really anyone with a RT that have missed that it's not a full version of Windows?
    Oh, the new version of my car have a new engine. I demand to get it in my old model to...
  • Thank you!!!
  • Yea, my Pocket PC isn't getting Win10 either. It's certainly not 'all devices'. :0)
  • Bastards! ;þ
  • Hopefully they do the Lumia 2520 too since they also own that one.
  • Oh man.. My Surface 2.. Some functionality.. I can't afford a Pro 3..
  • I have the Surface and Surface 2, but even I knew the chances of getting Windows 10 was very slim. They both have served it's purpose. Any update they do get is welcomed
  • I hope at least that new apps for Windows 10 will still be compatible with Surface and Surface 2 tablets. I was hoping Windows 10 would bring more apps to the store.
  • My guess is they upgrade the WinRT API's and the maybe align the UI somewhere between What we have and Windows 10. There really isn't a lot that needs to be changed with Windows RT 8.1, other than making sure apps work in the future and you get Cortana, etc. Windows 8.1 works pretty well on the Surface and Surface 2, so there isn't a ton they need to do.
  • Exactly, we should also get Action Center and the new version of Office as well. That will effectively make RT into what it should have been in the first place, an iPad competitor.
  • A subset ( or more ) of new Win 10 functions, the new Store and Unviersal App support and I'm happy. Yes, it's a bit of a bummer we don't get full Win10, but as long as it is moving along with the new apps etc. I'm fine with it. I'm only not entirely sure on loosing the desktop with that update, as I use it still quite often.
  • Doesn't WP run on ARM? The code for is supposedly the same as on PC now, right? So shouldn't Win 10 run the same on ARM tablets as it does phone?
  • No. That ' universal' code runs on top of other code that is designed for the RT ARM platform.
  • This is a bad move, just 6 months ago bought the Lumia 2520, now it already DEAD???? Not pleased.
  • It stopped working yesterday??
  • When the Nokia 2520 came out the death of RT was already announced. It's your fault only that you didn't read the writings on the wall. After WP7, you should have seen it coming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android