Wireless speaker support could be coming to Xbox One consoles

The industry group's membership is made up of more than 30 brands, including audio heavyweights like Harman Kardon, Bang & Olufsen, LG and others. Xbox is the first gaming brand to join the group, which puts it in a position to partner with others in supporting premium wireless speaker hardware.

Microsoft hasn't explicitly laid out any plans for wireless speaker support, but joining the trade group certainly opens up the possibility of tighter integration of some sort. On the partnership, WiSA President Tony Ostram said:

Xbox delivers a fantastic gaming experience with premier audio alongside a significant amount of content into the homes of consumers, including TV shows, movies and music. Together, we can create simple high-performance audio solutions through the integration of high definition wireless audio for all Xbox fans."

Dolby Atmos support was recently added to the Xbox One, and interoperability with WiSA-certified audio hardware could serve to round out that experience. Microsoft is currently focused on unleashing the Xbox One X on the world on November 7, but we could hear more about its wireless audio plans soon.

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  • Damn! Xbox consoles are basically pcs now. Love that!
  • 🙄
  • Your eyes gon pop from your upper head.
  • No. PC is a open platform based on common standards for hardware components. Xbox One and PS use the same hardwarestandards and Xbox One offers aincreasing number of multimedia and other features, but its not a PC, its a clsoed, proprietary System, simlified ond optimized for gaming. A PC with Windows 10 what is a PC most closely to a Xbox One still is a universal device for all kind of scenarios and is still an open platform where you can play games form steam, Windows 10 store, Origin, uPlay etc... and you can use all kind of software with for any specific task. I have a Xbox one and a PC and I like both for what they are and I cant wait for the X, but consoles definitely arent PCs and never will be PCs. They are good in what they are built for. If they were PCs they were irrelevant.
  • Wireless audio support to the Invoke maybe?  I can only dream of support with Sonos
  • How many channels does the Xbox one have for controllers? Could they not dedicate of those for wireless speaker hub? Just like what turtle beach ia doing.
  • Microsoft is was also launch partner with Dolby for Dolby Vision. The Xbox One still currently does not support Dolby Vision. So this could go either way.
  • Not sure I understand the practical application of this. What is the advantage over something like optical in a practical sense?
  • Not sure if practical is the right word. More like convenience and flexibility to put speakers wherever without a million wires.
  • "Flexibility" i guess is the key word here. Thanks!
  • I have a 7.2.4 setup. I used to have a 5.1, but when I added the additional surround channels and the four Atmos speakers I had to buy a new receiver and run wire for the new speakers. With this, there should not be a limit to the number of speakers that can be added, I do not need to run additional wires, etc. Just add a new speaker, pair the speaker to the hub and it works. I would not go through the Xbox, I would connect the Xbox to a receiver and let the receiver do the transmission to the speakers, but for those who only have a TV and the XB1 having it built into the Xbox is a good thing.
  • Sounds intense, but with this example and the other comment above I'm starting to see how it would work. I mean, I'm still a speaker bar in an apartment kind of guy, but I see how it could work for other people with serious home audio.
  • I also live in an apartment with not a lot of room anyways, so I do that have the space for a nice setup. If I did then this would definitely be useful.
  • I assume this relates to portable Bluetooth speakers?
  • If I'm not mistaken, it's on a completely different band than Bluetooth.
  • Aww, that sucks, I thought it was going to be a means to use things like the Invoke with Xbox.
  • They talk about hi definition wireless audio so I'm also assuming it would be something different than bluetooth buy not really sure.