WMExperts Podcast 10 - Q9h vs Q9c

Ask and ye shall receive, Sunshine. ...That's a real user name, we're not just being flip. Ok, we're being a little flip. Listen in for a 15 minute discussion comparing the Morotola Q9h (Full Review and First Look) and the Q9c (First look at the Q9m here, it's basically the same thing).

Shoot us an email at with a question for next week's full podcast (which, truth be told, might arrive just a hair late, we're traveling again next week). Better yet, leave us a voicemail: 866-904-5882 x222

Dieter Bohn
  • (And yes, I was so focused on getting the *Month* right in the intro that I got the *year* wrong instead. No, I can't explain what the deal is with me and dates)
  • That's Ms. Sunshine to you Dieter if you're gonna be flip ;). But seriously, thanks so much. Can't wait to listen during my evening commute. Already downloaded it straight to my Q9M using the Audiobay podcatcher.
  • Ms. Sunshine! Two mistakes in the first two minutes!
    My devious plan of intentionally making mistakes to get people to comment is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen it. :cry:
    Hopefully it will answer your questions - please do let me know if you have any followups.
    Question for everybody: Audiobay vs. Newsbreak? I know Murray prefers Newsbreak and I know the vast majority of our direct WinMo traffic comes from NewsBreak... hm.
  • Personally... I use Juice and have WMP orgainze it. I know... Microsoft is evil and it sucks, blah blah blah... I just like WMP11's organization, I guess
  • I guess that comes from not being able to afford the crazy expensive data plan :(
  • Hey, I'm just as bad. iTunes (evil store!) to grab podcasts then sync to a memory card.
    And I just confirmed we'll be a day late next week. I *could* have recorded it tonight, but there's not a ton to discuss and, well, I'm tired and wouldn't be all that interesting. :-/
  • I use NewsBreak myself but have been meaning to try out BeyondPod for awhile, which has been getting some great feedback...
  • Audiobay was crazy cheap ($5.95; on sale), so that's what I bought. BeyondPod was my first choice since it's free, but I could not get it to work.
  • One thing that you didn't mention is that the q9c has the GPS hack for much faster satellite acquisition time, which the q9h doesn't have as far as I know.
  • Dieter, I'm a heavy audio user. So, 2.5 mm jacks matter to me! The Q9M/C is the only recently released Windows Mobile device with an analog jack. What's up with that? Why make charging your phone and using a wired headset difficult?
    Heck with the standard battery (the Q9M ships with the standard battery), you need to keep the phone plugged in just to get through the workday. With the Q9h you need a special part to listen to music through headphone. Of course, you could listen through the speakers and drive your coworkers crazy or drain the battery even faster by using bluetooth. Why have to make such hard choices when the manufacturers could add the jack for less than $0.01.
  • news break all the way
  • news break all the way
    Couldn't agree more.
    And with heavy use I was getting 2-3 days on a standard batter with my q9m. now that I finally have data, I get about 24 hrs....but thats with checking two accounts every 60 mins.