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WMExperts Podcast Episode 57

Malatesta and Dieter discuss the the latest Windows Mobile device rumors and software. Listen in!


Hardware News

Microsoft/WM News

Software News

And the Rest...

Thanks to Stephen, Lil Sunshine, and Michael!


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  • ok with samsung, you do have to load the modem driver thingon your pc(similar to the unlocker program)...but to load the omnia with 6.5 you get the new rom (in our case its a .bin file) load it into the "bootloader program" plug the phone in while its turned off, turn it on and you have 6.5 in 2-3minutes.
    maybe different with the epix.
  • Mal,
    Twitter is great! I'm not keen on broadcasting where I am or what I am doing. But, I do use it to track my expenses with tweets to my Xpenser account. I also use Twitter to follow my favorite blogs. Also, direct messages allow you to use Twitter as an IM or SMS replacement.