WMExperts Prize-A-Day, Day 13

Lucky number 13, eh? Lucky numbers in general, I've decided, are a bad idea, as are unlucky ones: last night I lost a full two hours of my life that I will never, never get back, I felt compelled to go see The Number 23 (opens in new tab) as 23 is my childhood "favorite number."

So the only numbers I care about anymore are my "secret numbers," Credit card numbers, passwords (ok, these are numbers and letters, but still), and so on. In honor of these numbers that actually matter we're giving away a copy of FlexWallet today, a great and secure way to store all them numbers.

How to Win

Comment on this post: what sort of data do you store on your smartphone? Are you strictly a PIM and email type, or do you put it all on there? As usual, today's contest will be open until noon EST tomorrow, March 2nd (3/2, 23 backwards, OMG!).

Remember: Every entry in a daily contest doubles as an entry for the Grand Prize and the two Second Prizes! Namely: A Smartphone of your choice plus $300 to spend in the WMExperts store and a couple of Slingbox Pros.

(Full contest rules are here)

WC Staff
  • I am basically a PIM type user. If though, however, I was awarded a cool way to store important informations in a secure fashion, well I might just have to move on to the next level!!
  • I keep some music files, e-mails, videos, a few word documents and a few pictures. I'm slowly trying to make the Treo my only device but it's been tough.
  • It is all on their. I have used splash wallet and it was pretty good. But my phone is my brain on steroids, so if I have to remember it, it goes on the phone.
  • I keep PIM, email, ebooks, music, digital magazines, and a few pics, though I assume I will have more pics once I get a new PPC with a camera.
  • Address book, three of my e-mail accounts, to-do lists, notes, whiteboard copies (via camera), and diet tracking. Once in a while I may make a phone call with it...
  • I don't keep anything sensitive on my Treo. The closest I come is checking email from the phone. Not really a security concern, just no need to have anything sensitive on there (unless I get FlexWallet.)
  • I store it all, and I have it locked so no one else can see. It is one stop shopping so if I am ever stranded with nothing but my phone I can still access everything!
  • Got my PIM and any other kind of information such as passwords/logins, bank routing #, etc with SplashID.
  • I'm an "everything including the kitchen sink" kinda guy. I've got everything in one place and I like it that way.
  • I store pretty much everything - from personal and business PIM info to multimedia (music and vids mostly) files to encrypted "wallet" data using...Flexwallet, which I actually won during a different contest on a different site a couple of years ago. I'm mostly posting today so I can get another entry in the grand prize :D
  • being a recent convert from Blackberry, I am looking for an easy way to protect my data. I have all of my pwrds save in notes in outlook and on my Treo. on the BB, you could password protect the device, and if the wrong password is entered too many times, all data on the device is erased.
    Does anyone know if this is possible on the Treo 700wx? I need something much more secure. this thing has the keys to my entire life....yikes!
  • I don't store critical information in Outlook Notes but this would be great for credit card, healthcare and other private information.
  • I use my smartphone only for contacts, my calender and addresses yet. And sometimes some notes and of course tasks!
    But I look forward to use/store all my passwords and sensitive data on my smartphone, if there will be a good secure software available for this in Germany.
    I will use e-mail as soon as I have a better smartphone and enough money for stuff like that. ;)
  • I store just about everything on my smartphone, with the exception of credit card numbers (got those memorized). Calendars, email, contacts, registration codes for software, insurance policies, vehicle service info, gas milage and records, podcasts, office documents, support contract info, health insurance stuff, passport numbers, driver's license info... pretty much anything that I might ever need in my wallet or when traveling. Luckily, I've got it hooked up to our Exchange system at the office so I can do a remote device wipe if I ever lose it. If I didn't have that option, I'd probably have a lot less info in there.
  • Lots of stuff, but not everything! I use my Q as a personal and business tool, but I am slowly moving just about everything over to it. It is really a powerful tool w/the right SW.
  • PIM, no e-mail, podcasts (recycle), notes
  • Umm..I don't have a SmartPhone, but I do have a Dell Axim x51v which I use as a laptop replacement. I pretty much do everything on there from Metronome, Wallet, Addressbook, Notes, and much more.
  • Mostly PIM but lately my Treo has been acting as my photo book, video player, music player, and note book. I am still weary of placing sensitive data on my Treo as the SD card is too easy to swipe and pull data off from. If my SD card could be encrypted by the operating system without third party apps then I would... but for now, I will probably leave such data off.
  • I do mostly PIM and some email, but I've been starting to use the phone for bringing files to clients for Web dev and application dev projects. I dump stuff onto the card and pop it out for the client to transfer to his machine. It's pretty slick.. if not totally just geeky, since I could burn CDs or some such. :P
    I've started using LogMeIn to cue up my main workstation, fire up FTP on it and upload files that I either forgot or that were additional files needed for whatever purpose... THAT is freakin' cool! That's relevant to this topic, since I've been uploading files from my machine and downloading it to my 700wx to put on the SD card. I'm so blown away by all the new goodies I'm learning about this puppy! :)
  • PIM (calendar & TODO), phone numbers (duh!), MP3, a couple of "word", "powerpoint" and pdf files and my emails. Hey, are game saves counted as personal data?!
  • I'm still new to this Smartphone generation! Definitely want to learn new things with my Blackjack and hopefully only have to carry her around...without lugging the laptop to appointments! Let me win some kewl stuff!!
  • I store pretty much everything. Not real secure, but I am generally not concerned about it. Someone would have to be trying really hard to dig up any information on me, and would be disappointed about what they could get in return.