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What you need to know

  • World of Tanks is a free-to-play action game for PC and consoles.
  • It's getting cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next week.
  • Console players will be able to challenge each other going forward.
  • You can download World of Tanks for free through the Microsoft Store.

World of Tanks is a popular free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where you take control of a tank to blast your opponents off the battlefield. It's quite popular even after all these years, and developer continues to add long-requested features.

Recently, the team said that it was adding console cross-play on July 21. The website said the following, alongside providing a breakdown of upcoming changes.

Cross-play is coming to World of Tanks on console, allowing Xbox and PlayStation Tank Commanders to play together or battle each other! Cross-play will be available from July 21.

World of Tanks looks great on Xbox One, especially Xbox One X because it's incredibly sharp and appears to be rendering at 4K resolution. has had many years to optimize the title for consoles and it keeps on getting better with each update. If you're into MMOs, be sure to check out World of Tanks because it's one of the best games available on the console in my opinion.

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