World War Z gets cross-play between all platforms on July 22

World War Z
World War Z (Image credit: Focus Home Interactive)

What you need to know

  • World War Z is a popular novel, film, and game.
  • The title is a multiplayer shooter where you face off against countless zombies.
  • The game is getting cross-play between all platforms on July 22.
  • You can play World War Z through Xbox Game Pass.

World War Z is a popular novel as well as film. Recently, it got a surprisingly amazing Xbox One and PC game, but that game is about to get a crucial feature. According to the latest post on the Focus Home Interactive forums, cross-play will now go live in early 2020. However, full cross-play, even on PlayStation 4 (PS4), should hit on July 22.

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The team said the following about the initial cross-play announcement.

We're thrilled to release the Horde Mode Z Update... The new mode throws waves of progressively challenging enemies at teams of up to four, with increasingly bigger rewards for surviving. In between rounds, you can upgrade your firepower, defenses, and scavenge for free pickups like heavy weapons and medkits. In Horde Mode Z, you can play as any character you like. In addition... update adds The Bomber, a special new zombie that drops an explosive when downed, which you will only have a few precious seconds to disarm. Make sure you take it down with precise limb shots or it will detonate. Succeed and you will be rewarded with valuable loot... In order to make sure everything is up to standards on release, we've decided to push... cross-play and the new cosmetics to early next year.

It's great to see that the team is prioritizing quality over anything else. Hopefully, when full cross-play does roll out on July 22, it'll work and be a stable experience. Keep in mind that cross-play is already available on Xbox One and PC, the update in a few days is expanding the scope and adding PS4 support.

If you want to play the game, you can check it out on Xbox Game Pass. For $10 a month, you gain access to over 200 games like World War Z. Since World War Z is a multiplayer game, you may want to check out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that costs $15 a month, but bundles Xbox Live Gold.



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