Xbox All Access for Xbox Series X, Series S: Everything you need to know

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (Image credit: @_h0x0d_ on Twitter)

A couple of years ago we revealed Xbox All Access, which is a contract service you can use to get an Xbox console by paying in monthly installments, instead of a single upfront payment. Microsoft trialed Xbox All Access with the Xbox One consoles back in 2018 in a couple of markets, but with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft expanded Xbox All Access quite broadly to several new countries.

So, what exactly is Xbox All Access? Here's what you need to know.

Xbox All Access: How does it work?

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Xbox All Access is a 24-month financing program that signs you up to a contract, giving you an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S for a low monthly fee with zero interest, and no annual fees, installation costs, or hidden charges. It also includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving you access to Project xCloud game streaming, over 100 high-quality Xbox games, and access to Xbox Live Gold multiplayer.

Financing agencies like Citizens One (in the U.S.) handle the contract portion of the agreement on Microsoft's behalf, ensuring that monthly payments are kept. If payments stop for any reason, Microsoft can lock the console remotely if it isn't returned, and your credit rating may be impacted as well.

This isn't a subscription service you can cancel at any time easily. It is more akin to a 24-month cell phone contractual obligation. The financing agency will do a credit check beforehand, and determine eligibility. If you have a bad credit rating or history of breaking payment obligations, they may decline to bring you on board. The agency will issue a statement every month asking for payment, setting up automatic payments or a direct debit may be preferable to avoid missing payments.

The Xbox Series X or S console you receive will be pre-installed with your account details. After you have fully paid up the console after 24 months, the console will unlock and it effectively becomes yours to own, to do with what you will.

Xbox All Access: How much does it cost?

While the prices for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X edition of Xbox All Access has yet to be officially revealed, our sources have given us the following Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pricing information we're expecting to be revealed very soon in September 2020.

  • Xbox Series S will cost $299.99 at retail to buy outright, with a $25 per month Xbox All Access 24-month contract option.
  • Xbox Series X will cost $499.99 at retail, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access 24-month contract option.

What does Xbox All Access include?

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Depending on whether you buy an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X contract, you'll get the smaller, less powerful, but more affordable Xbox Series S, or the beefier, more expensive, 4K beast Xbox Series X. For a full breakdown of how these consoles stack up, check out our Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S post here.

In addition, you'll get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes all of Microsoft's gaming services in one subscription. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games, all of Microsoft's first-party titles at launch, Project xCloud game streaming to mobile devices, and full access to Xbox Live Gold multiplayer servers.

Microsoft also announced that EA Play, formerlly known as EA Access, will also be included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving you access to dozens of classic EA games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, FIFA, and Madden, at no additional price.

What happens to my existing subscriptions?

If you have Xbox Game Pass or EA Play, Microsoft will cancel your existing subscriptions and any remaining time over 50 days will be rolled into your Xbox All Access contract at a ratio of 3:1, based on estimated retail value.

Is Xbox All Access worth it?

If you want an Xbox Series X or Series S console, you effectively have nothing to lose by spreading the cost like this, since it comes with 0 percent APR payments. This is ultimately the same as buying an Xbox Series S or X console outright with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, spreading the cost out over two years instead of all upfront.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99 per month by itself, and the Xbox Series S costs $299.99 to buy outright. 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $359.76. Buying them both together clocks in at $659.74.

Given that Xbox All Access costs $599.76 over 24 months, it actually works out at a $60 saving to get it through Xbox All Access, rather than by buying them both separately. Of course, you may not want Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, in which case buying an Xbox Series S for $299 by itself may be preferable, but if you plan to use both, Xbox All Access is a very great option.

List of Xbox All Access countries

Microsoft revealed that Xbox All Access will expand to many more territories, including the countries below, expanding further to 2021.

Xbox All Access will now be available in 12 countries in time for both the Xbox Series X and S launches on November 10th. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, and the US will all have Xbox All Access options this holiday, with more markets to follow in 2021.

Where to buy Xbox All Access

As of writing, Xbox All Access is currently sold out, as Microsoft sets up to reveal the program for next-gen Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. In the U.S. Microsoft is expanding Xbox All Access to include Best Buy, GameStop, the Microsoft Store, and more. Here are the current companies planning to support Xbox All Access. We'll expand the list as we find more.

  • Australia: Telstra
  • Canada: EB Games
  • Denmark: Elgiganten
  • Finland: Gigantti
  • France: FNAC
  • New Zealand: Spark
  • Norway: Elkjøp
  • Poland: Media Expert
  • South Korea: SK Telecom
  • Sweden: Elgiganten
  • UK: GAME, Smyths Toys
  • United States: Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, Walmart
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