Xbox Insider Hub for PC may be down due to the Minecraft ray-tracing beta load (update)

Xbox Insider Hub Down
Xbox Insider Hub Down (Image credit: Windows Central)

Update: Microsoft has acknowledged the issues here, and is working on a fix.

Update 2: It seems like the Xbox Insider Hub HTTP errors are fixed, but attempting to join the Minecraft ray-tracing beta may be slower than usual.

The Xbox Insider Hub for PC is currently experiencing issues, likely stemming from the massive influx of people trying to get into the Minecraft ray-tracing beta for Windows 10 Bedrock Edition that just dropped earlier today.

When trying to get into the Xbox Insider Hub for PC, you're given HTTP errors while trying to navigate the app. It seems like repeated attempts may eventually let you in, but I'd say it's pretty clear that the Xbox Insider Hub on PC hasn't had this kind of stress test before.

Source: NVIDIA Minecraft gets realistic lighting and shadows in this current beta test. (Image credit: Source: NVIDIA)

The Xbox Insider Hub for consoles still seems to be working as of writing, albeit a little more slowly than usual. The Xbox Insider Hub for PC typically gives you access to testing out upcoming games and other Windows 10 gaming-oriented features, such as the new Xbox (beta) app for Xbox Game Pass on PC, and new features in the Xbox Game Bar for PC.

If you can't get on at the moment, you can either keep trying to suffer through the errors or return later, as the load decreases. We'll update here when everything seems to have returned to normal. You can grab the Xbox Insider Hub for PC over here.

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