Text Twist 2

After a few hours delay, it’s here! The 100th Xbox Live release for Windows Phone, TextTwist 2 from GameHouse, is now on the Marketplace.

TextTwist 2 is a word-finding game that plays a lot like Boggle. The game presents a random assortment of letters which players then use to create as many words as possible. A dictionary with tens of thousands of words means just about any word you can think of should be accepted (no naughty ones though). Multiple game modes include Unlimited (no time limit), Standard (timed), Daily Word (try to find the longest word possible once daily), Lightning (find preselected words under a strict time limit), and Letter Mania (fill an anagram grid before time runs out).

So far, Text Twist 2 seems to be just as good as anticipated. Making selections on the main menu is a bit wonky as you have to highlight a selection before picking it - not sure why they didn't just use words with large hitboxes like practically every other mobile game. But selecting and deselecting letters in-game is completely painless, and that's what counts. The Achievements pop pretty quickly, too. We can always rely on GameHouse for easy GamerScore - except for Doodle Jump.

TextTwist 2 costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Scoop it up here on the Marketplace.

Oh, and WPCentral will have a new Game House-related announcement soon!

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