Xbox mouse support could be going live with the next Insider update wave

Microsoft just shipped the new Fall Xbox update, bringing a revamped dashboard, 1080p game DVR recording, a new light theme, and many, many more new features. But Redmond isn't finished there.

We already know new Avatars, game gifting, and OG Xbox backwards compatibility are all slated for a near-future Xbox update, but we now have some of the first details about future builds being prepared to hit the Alpha ring on the Xbox Insider Program. Mouse support could be a part of it.

The new mouse menu will sit under Kinect & devices, in the main settings menu. As of right now, it only allows you to control the pointer speed, and it only functions in apps and games that support the API.

So far, only Minecraft supports mouse and keyboard inputs for gaming on Xbox, but that is expected to expand in the future. Microsoft has categorically stated that it won't incentivize developers to force cross-peripheral competitive play. Those using a controller won't be forced to go up against mouse and keyboard players in competitive shooters, but the option might be there for those who don't mind, as seen in Gears of War 4's separate mixed playlist. The bottom line is, mouse controls will be an option in competitive play, and available in co-operative and single-player experiences for those who seek it.

It shouldn't be seen as a coincidence either that Halo Wars 2 just announced cross-play support between Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, if it plans to also support mouse and keyboard on Xbox One for specific playlists. Naturally, Halo Wars 2 would be the perfect game to test this sort of environment, since real-time strategy players using mouse and keyboard inputs can generally achieve a higher actions-per-minute levels than those using a controller.

It shouldn't be too long until the Xbox Insider Program's Alpha ring is updated with the new round of features to test, which could include new Avatars, game gifting, OG Xbox backwards compatibility, and maybe mouse support as well. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Great !
  • Really looking forward to mouse and keyboard. Still waiting for Miracast support as well. Any updates on that?
  • Miracast support has been isolated to the preview programme from almost the beginning. Thus it seems that Microsoft deems the experience is nowhere good enough for release.
  • I just hope to play Halo with mouse again
  • Yeah it's awesome on PC not the community is really small on PC. I'm talking about the free halo 5 version on PC.
  • Finally!!!!!!
  • I hope they go even further and bring the whole Microsoft Store to the Xbox including desktop Edge with extensions. And a "PC-Mode" would be awesome in the future. CShell. This could possibly replace my old tower PC. Not my Surface for sure.
  • I want League of Legends and Dota 2 on Xbox, now!!!!
  • If they allow mouse and keyboard to online fps I'll be abandoning online xbox and jumping to ps4. Unfair advantage to people who are accustomed to using that style.
  • Cry me a river everyone should have at least a M/KB lying around.
  • Sorry, but you are wrong, Hilltoppot .   The games will have the option to choose, in the lobby, if you want to play against players with any type of control or only with joystick. What many can not see is that the XBOX platform is increasingly giving options to the users, which makes the XBOX platform even better than it already is.
  • Well draco that's nice being able to choose to play against controller of mouse but that also means longer wait time in lobbies/ matchmaking.
  • Unless it brings a whole new emphasis on cross-play play
  • Not necessarily, , Hilltoppot . It depends on where the developer puts this option: in the lobby, or in the general settings. In the lobby, i must agree with you, but in general settings, no.  If it is placed in the general settings (which I believe to be the best way) the player already goes straight into specific lobbies for what was previously configured (mouse or control).
  • Yes!! Finally, controller is something that holds me back from XBox...