Have you ever wanted to control a tunnel boring machine with an Xbox One controller? Have you dreamed about it? Well, if you have, then you should work for "The Boring Company." The Boring Company is Elon Musk's tunnel boring venture which aims to revolutionize the niche industry.

The company has already won a lot of contracts in the United States, but even to this day tunnel boring is a dangerous job and certain technicians are always at risk. Simplifying the technology is a step in the right direction because you can be further away from the devices in order to accomplish the same task. Plus, the simpler it is to use the drill, the greater the chance that employees won't make mistakes.

The Boring Company's latest venture appears to be using a simple Xbox One controller to adjust a tunnel boring machine. The video is impressive to say the least because instead of using a complex panel, it's all being accomplished through the use of two thumbsticks and some buttons.

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While it's unclear if The Boring Company is currently using Xbox One controllers in day-to-day operations, the concept is still neat and shows you just how beneficial everyday technology can be. Have you used the Xbox One controller in industries other than gaming? What other examples have you seen on YouTube? Let us know.

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