Xbox reveals ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight, showing off over 30 different indie games

Voidtrain Image
Voidtrain Image (Image credit: Hypertrain Digital)

What you need to know

  • Xbox has revealed the ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight.
  • This series of videos shows over 30 indie games coming to Xbox platforms.
  • Some, like Call of the Sea, support Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X.

Earlier this year, Xbox announced ID@Xbox Spotlight, a series of videos showing off a wide variety of ID@Xbox games. This style of showcase is continuing as today, Xbox revealed the @ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight, which features over 30 different indie games.

Summer Spotlight #1

The first of these videos takes a look at SkateBird, Spellbreak, The Falconeer, The Forgotten City, Trash Sailors, Call of the Sea, Dead Static Drive and Welcome to Elk.

Summer Spotlight #2

Next up, we've got Carrion, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Atrio: The Dark Wild, Black Book and No Straight Roads.

Summer Spotlight #3

The next batch of games is Everspace 2, Foregone, Going Under, Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game and Paradise Lost.

Summer Spotlight #4

The next video shows off ScourgeBringer, Phogs!, Psikodelya, Sail Forth and Super Meat Boy Forever.

Summer Spotlight #5

We've also The Ascent, Cake Bash, The Riftbreaker, The Universim and Cyber Shadow to check out.

Summer Spotlight #6

The final batch of games to look at is Knight Squad 2, Boomerang Fu, VoidTrain, Wintermoor Tactics Club, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII and Backbone.

Plenty to check out

So there you go, there's a wide variety of indie games to look forward to.



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