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Zombie Village joins the Windows Phone gaming line-up, no end in sight to the zombie incursion

You can add Zombie Village as one of the many gaming titles making the move to Windows Phone. The game has had some success over on iOS and Android platforms and in just tinkering with the game for a short time, it comes across as a nice time waster of a game.

Zombie Village throws you into a village over run with...well...zombies. Your task, as is the case with most zombie games, is to kill as many zombies as possible before they eat your brains.  If you're into the zombie genre of games or just looking for a new game for your Windows Phone, Zombie Village is worth a try.

Zombie Village is a multi-level platformer styled game with options off the main menu to control sound effects and music. Records for zombie kills and highest level completed is also displayed on the main menu.

The gaming screen has your ammunition and cash count in the upper left corner, a pause button in the upper right corner and your directional/combat controls running across the bottom of the screen.

You have two weapons available to keep the zombies at bay. A baseball bat that will not only cause damage but will also push the approaching zombie back a few steps. You also have a firearm choice that ranges from a revolver to a sub-machine gun. You can upgrade your weapon with the money you earn (from wiping out zombies) in between gaming levels.

Game play has you traveling through the village, killing the zombies that pop-up from beneath the sidewalk. Along the way you can take safe haven in the many houses that line your travels. Just stop in front of the door and tap the screen. When you enter the house, you can earn bonus cash or extra ammunition. To re-enter the game, when the coast is clear, tap the screen again.

Zombies take multiple hits (by gun or bat) to go down. If they make contact with your character, they'll begin nibbling on your flesh. A small health meter appears over your character (who resembles a mini-Duke Nukem (opens in new tab)) to give you an idea how much fight is left in him.

If you survive the zombies, you will eventually make it to the end of the sidewalk where you move off-screen and advance to the next level. In between levels you'll have an opportunity to buy bigger and more powerful weapons and health packs. When you're through shopping, just move to the right of the screen to face more zombies.

Zombie Village makes a decent first impression. Graphics are rather peachy,  sound effects and music are nice with a classic horror feel, game play is challenging, and overall Zombie Village comes across as an entertaining way to pass the time.

Zombie Village is a free, ad-supported game for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices that you can pick up here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Good
  • The zombie faces look like those from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • That's cause they are. I've been seeing a lot of copy and paste games on the marketplace. I kinda wish more people would make something different, but I guess in this day and age only a handful can and the rest will be making the same thing over and over. Meh...
  • That and the premise is a total ripoff of Zombieville USA.
  • OMG WP8 need seriously better games, seeing this makes me wanna go back to iPhone.. :P
  • Heresy lol
  • Dude or dudette, IOS has it's own share of bad games, don't act like it's only Windows.
  • If you're that into gaming, every thought of trying an Xbox one, 360, ps vita, hell even DS or gameboy?
  • Even when you have those I still like gaming on the road
  • Did you miss the bit where it said this was already on iOS and Android, so its not like it is any different there. We have much the same games, a few good exclusives, really little point moving back to iOS.
  • This looks like a rip-off of Zombieville U.S.A. from iOS, which launched several years ago and was actually quite a fun, polished game.
  • Zombie Village?  Looks like Zombieville to me.  
  • Developers: can you please publish your games here in Brazil! You can use PEGI and ESRB certificates to do this. Please.
    I can help.
  • Maybe this game's popularity will bring the zombieVille devs over to windows phone.
  • Or enrage them, cause them to issue a S&D to the dev of this game, and then boycott Windows phone. You know, sort of how Instagram is being. But I'm with you, bring Zombieville USA! That game rocks!
  • It's not too bad.
  • This is a clone of Zombieville from iOS...
  • Enough of clones...
  • No Xbox Certification? I'll hold onto my money
  • Well it is free...
  • Has anyone think that Zombieville has a familiar Menu Layouts as Skulls of the Shogun?(as you can see on the above pic)
  • Looks similar to alien invasion on android...loved that game on my galaxy mini.