AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 drops to just $0.99 on contract

It looks like AT&T is finally put the nearly year old Lumia 920 from Nokia on heavy discount as the phone has now dropped to just $0.99 on contract ($439 without). It was back at the end of August when the phone dropped from $99 to $49 in preparation for the launch of the $99 Lumia 925.

Can we read anything into this? Probably not. As we mentioned, the Lumia 920 launched on AT&T on November 9th, 2012, nearly one year ago. In addition, around its one-year anniversary date we’re expecting AT&T to launch their Lumia 1520 phablet device, perhaps finally putting the Lumia 920 out to pasture. AT&T’s lineup would then be the Lumia 520, 925, 1020 and 1520 (with the Lumia 620 on its subsidiary, AIO wireless). That’s a fairly nice but subtle refresh by AT&T, no?

Since early on, savvy shoppers have picked up the Lumia 920 for 99 cents or even free through various third party retailers, but this price point for AT&T proper is new. After all, most people still buy their phones by walking into the carrier, not via Amazon.

Accounting for 13% of Windows Phones in the US, the Lumia 920 is the third most popular device in the States. It has also held up surprisingly well despite being 11 months old. Its wireless tech is top notch, the polycarb colors continue to look great and the PureView camera is still top in its class. That’s a rare thing to say about a smartphone and when the AT&T version finally gets Amber (and Bittersweet shimmer), the phone will still be a contender going into 2014.

In fact, the Lumia 920 may go down as the one of the greatest Windows Phones to date in terms of market share, longevity and uniqueness. Agree or disagree?

Source: AT&T; Thanks, Brandon G., for the tip


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 drops to just $0.99 on contract


Love this phone and will probably still have it around after I get the 1520. Still waiting on Amber update AT&T

Technically the 920 is better than the 520.. Saying that the 520 is better because it sales more is like saying the GS4 is better than the 920 because it sales more... What's your reasoning❔

Whatever.. Quit sugar coating it. This is the real world and let's just be honest.. Most will agree that the 920 is the better phone because it has more to offer.. But, you are right about that being subjective.

It depends on the size of your wallet. For me, the 720 is a great thing than either 520 or the 920 because cash. 

Well lets see it has
32gig memory
1280x768 HD with 60hz and 600nits of screen light
Windows Phone 8 wireless charging list goes on and id say nothing is better

I love mine! Just wish I could update that sucker, but at&t is just screwing around. I love windows on my phone

Can't you replace the firmware with the country variant? I had a carrier branded version of the Lumia 820 (Dutch) and replaced it by the country variant. My carrier was quite timely with updates (compared to others), bit I didn't like the boot logo :).

How can you achieve this? If I understand correctly, after that you end up with and unbranded phone ?

I would like to see a lower off contract price.   It has only dropped $10.  I know most people buy off contract in the US, but people like me don't.

The price hovers around ~280-290 Euro here in Germany. So, it's a very competitively priced premium phone :). However I get the impression that it might be dropped from the line-up. It seems that most stores ran out of them mostly. So, either they are too popular, or they are clearing out stock in favor of the 925 (which makes sense).

For AT&T, I think the same sort of applies.  The articles hints at this being a method of clearing out supply.  It doesn't make sense for one carrier to be offering the 920, 925, 1020 and soon 1520.

Did you buy it from an AT&T store?  It is often more expensive to buy off contract at other retailers.  I bought mine day one or two (can't remember) for $450 with the free wireless charger.

Yes, very frustrating. As soon as it releases I will get the 920. I just wish it was still available in Cyan.

Best phone I have ever owned. Love the OS as well. I still have periodic battery drains that I hope the firmware resolves (all of a sudden the phone gets warm, if you don't catch it, it'll drain within a few hours, even if previously full).

I still don't believe Amber will ever come to the 920 on AT&T.  Sad but there has been zero evidence of it.

Now we see why GDR2 did not come to the 920. Its being kicked to the curb. Time to to upgrade. I just know what Windows phone I want next or if I need to stay with AT&T to get the WP I want.

You think a smartphone phone being available nearly a year after launch and selling for $0.99 in "being kicked to the curb" by the carrier?

You either have unreasonably high standards for smartphone sales through carriers or don't follow tech news enough ;)

You know I practically LIVE here.  I mean is is one of my daily hops through techo cyberspace.  Anyway, I know how these things go and some of what I'm expressing is bitterness with AT&T's lack of forward motion where the 920 is concerned with GDR2 and even GDR3 for that matter. Not ready to give up my 920.

No so much kicked to the curb but to many it does seem as att just rather us upgrade hence the next program! I've said it before i don't want to leave wp so instead if complaining I'll just upgrade but i would have to wait to get the phone that's months ahead because if not on att if we pick up current phone we'll be last to update . My years with metro pcs price drop means eol real soon

A very debatable statement: I do expect a device not even one year old to be supported and not to have a useless middleman holding off the release of updates to push customers to buy the newer model and get locked for another two years.
In fact you could buy an unbranded 920 for a lower price than what AT&T charges for the unlocked, not Unbranded, one in its stores.

My 920 is still in use though not as much since the 1020 came out. I was wowed when I finally got to see and use a 925 the other day, but the 920 will be with me for a long time. And after almost a year of using it, my forearm strength has significantly increased given that it is so heavy and dense and all.

Yeah, but don't worry: if Daniel from WPCentral says it won't get kicked out then he's probably right because he's always very informed :)

So I would expect Lumia 520 sales to come to a screeching halt on AT&T. Why would anyone buy a 520 when they could buy a 920 for 99 cents. Anyway the 920 is a legend and as you mentioned will be a worthy phone 2 years after its release which is amazing!

You can get plans for about 20 dollars less a month with an "off contract" phone. Att doesn't pay Nokia .99 for the phone they just make it back by overcharging you each month.

I think the 920 is the perfect windows phone 8 handset. GDR3 update will change the standard quite a bit but I expect the 920 to be good for another year.

Sadly, I am inclined to agree at this point. I hope people remember how AT&T treated them. I suspect not though.

Why don't you all just flash the damn thing. Its not that difficult. I got tired of waiting long ago, haven't looked back. From now on will only buy unlocked and unbranded phones, no more carrier restrictions. Att can go f themselves.

I honestly think the L920 is still the best Nokia Lumia around. It's still better than the L925 imo.

(The L1020 is good, but it's a niche phone and it's just a L920 with a special camera)

I agree DJCBS. The 920 is the standard, albeit with a lot of stature. I like the 1020 but its not for me. Not sure about the L925 and I can't say today I want to sport of phone/tablet on my belt clip. I'm looking though.

I agree with you 100% but if I had to choose between the 920 and the 1020 I would pick the 1020 just because its a 920 with a fancy camera. I think the design of the N9, Lumia 900, Lumia 920, Lumia 1020 is the best Nokia has ever made

Not even close. Why do people say that the 1020 is a niche phone? Fact is that the 1020 isn't that much more expensive than the 920 was at launch but the 1020 has twice the RAM, a miles better camera and a better screen. It's also thinner and lighter and the matt finish of the polycarbonate looks and feels better than the glossy finish of the 920. My 920 had build quality issues too, with dust in the FFC and a creaking body everytime you picked it up. My 1020 has none of those issues and feels as solid as a rock.

I'm much preferring my 1020 to the my 920 and wins hands down all day long.

Because it IS a niche phone. In case you haven't noticed, the normal user doesn't need nor wants a phone with a monstrous hump that hold a super-high pixel camera. YOU may want it and like it, but you're not the average consumer (none of us at WP are).
The L1020 has twice the RAM to manage the camera demands (and still, the camera is slower in processing than the L920's). 
It's lighter than the L920 because it lacks wireless charging. You need a special cover for that. Which brings the phone up to the L920's light and weight. So...
As for your point about the matt finish, it's invalid. I have a L920 in black. It's matt (as was my L800 before it). Only the red, white and yellow colours were gloss. They just extended that normal matt finish of the black and cyan versions to the others.

Obviously you are not in possession of the 1020 because if you were you would know that the wireless charging cover adds very little weight to the phone. And with the cover attached it is still lighter than the 920 is.
My point about the matt finish was made because of my own personal preference to the way it looks and feels. Both of my Lumia phones are yellow so I was just expressing my opinion that the matt yellow is nicer than the glossy yellow.
Also, the camera bump is hardly "monstrous" (as you put it) but is actually quite subtle in its aesthetics. Comparing the bumps of the 1020 and the Nokia N8, the 1020 is very nicely done. The N8's bump is sharp and rectangular as opposed to the circular and smooth bump on the 1020.
For me then (and I would expect for a lot of people) the 1020 is a natural upgrade path from a 920.

Agree.  I have a N8, so the 'hump' on the 1020 doesn't bother me.  I will be getting a Lumia 1020 as soon as my one year warranty ends on my Lumia 900 in November.
Not everyone wants or needs built in wireless charging that the Lumia 920 has, me especially; I want the best camera available that Nokia has to offer that doesn't utilize Symbian...and the Lumia 1020 provides that requirement for me.

Can I recommend that you also get the camera grip accessory to go with the 1020? It really does help you to shoot decent pictures by forcing you to hold the phone like you would a camera. Its got the added bonus of having its own built in battery to give you that extra juice in case you need it while out and about.

Why is the 1020 a niche phone when it thinner and lighter than the 920 and is only missing built in wireless charging technology? It is available in the same stores, same online shops, same on contract prices as other phones but has a vastly superior camera.

Tell yourself what you want but the 1020 is a mainstream device just as the 920 is. In the 1020, you get the 920, minus the wireless charging plus a better screen minus the size and weight plus better pictures, videos and sound.

Buying, using and carrying the 1020 is no different than buying, using and carrying the 920 and people need to stop acting like it is a niche device or something separate from a normal smartphone.

The 1020 is a normal smartphone with a great camera.

See above answer.
If you want to argue it's not a niche device, suit yourself. Almost no one will agree with you though.

I'm your huckleberry... The worldwide massive launch of this you-called "niche" device makes said niche a Grand Canyon. There has never, ever, ever been a Windows phone that has drawn such dramatic attention. It's the first device ever that gets the "Is that the new iPhone?" response from strangers interested to hear all about it. I each day get several "Is that that new Nokia?What do you think? I've been thinking of trading in my Android/iPhone". I'll bet others here have seen it as well. My 11-year-old's 1st phone is the 920. No one ever asks about it, though.


When Nokia launched the N8 everyone said"wow" because of its 12 MP camera. However, nobody called it a niche device even though its camera technology was far ahead of the competition at the time. It's the same scenario now with the 1020. It's up to you if you want to insist upon calling it a niche device but if you want to know what a niche device really is then look up the Nokia N900 and the Nokia N9. Those two are true niche devices.
As somebody else has already pointed out, the 1020 is widely available on multiple networks, on or off contract and runs on a mainstream operating system. The N9 on the other hand wasn't even available in the UK through any of the networks or High Street retailers. Come to think about it but neither was the Nokia 808 Pureview either. So you could argue that that was also a niche device due to its limited availability.

It would be a good phone if weren't for my now 13gb of this "other storage" and random battery drains no other phone.has this problem

Though that's a Microsoft problem and not really a problem of the phone itself. You have to blame Microsoft for it. (And yes, they're to blame. I had 2GB of "Other" storage and GDR2 jumped it to over 5GB. Not only they didn't solved the problem, they aggravated it) 

It's not a case of playing the blame game. Fact is that some people have a real problem with the "others" storage issue. Incidentally, the "others" storage on my 920 is currently at 517 MB and has been like that since updating to Amber and performing a factory reset. Microsoft said they have fixed the issue and I can only agree according to what my 920 is telling me.

Yup. 1020 is almost the same as the 920. It only has twice the RAM, a better camera, a different but better screen, a more matte finish and it's lighter.

The Lumia 1020 is unique; but I do not doubt that if the Lumia 1020 had launched on AT&T at $99 (the same price that the Lumia 920 launched at) that it would sell as many, if not more than the Lumia 920, because of the great camera offering.
You may feel as though the camera makes the Lumia 1020 niche, but if the launch price were comparable to the Lumia 920, it would have been the most popular, best selling 'niche' device released.

I'll replace mine with another Lumia someday but only if it has wireless charging...im hooked

I've been thinking about the update thing and unfortunately the big push for any phone carrier is for you to get the new phones. Which is primarily the reason they all push this new upgrade plan so easily...like, "...forget updating and refreshing your beloved old phone, get the NEW one! We'll make it 'easy' for you..." =/

I'm from India and I wanted my brother who right now is in USA for some business to buy me a 920(at&t) while coming back.
Here it's worth a lot of money therefore this plan..wanted to know what this 'under contract ' is.
I currently use Lumia 520.
Will I have to face any problem if I did that?

"under contract" means that, instead of paying the full price of the phone as you normally do, that price is divided by 1 or 2 years. You're then obliged to pay monthly to AT&T for the phone. You normally have the contract attached to your mobile needs, meaning you're paying monthly for the phone AND the service (phone calls, sms etc) in total.

If you're from India, there's no point in doing that. You'd be paying monthly to AT&T for the phone, you wouldn't actually benefit from their network (as you wouldn't be doing phone calls nor sending sms's inside the US) and you'd have a locked phone for 1 or 2 years. Oh, and lets not forget the time AT&T takes to release the updates (I think people with AT&T are still waiting for GDR2).
You'd be better off by buying the phone at full price in Europe (where you can now get it for 300€)

You don't have to pay monthly for the phone if it's a new 2 year contract. The only money you'd pay is the 99 cents and the sales tax on the retail value.

What are you talking about? Your answer is plain wrong. The phone cost isn't divided up monthly on AT&T. You pay the same for the plan no matter if you bought a phone or not, or if you're under contract or not. The only thing it means is that buying a phone under contract means you have to sign a contract where you agree to use that phone on AT&T for two years (or one, if you choose to pay more for the phone upfront), or pay a penalty to break the contract. That's why AT&T is such a ripoff - even when the contract period is over, you keep paying the same monthly cost, even though your phone might have been paid off years ago. And it's also why AT&T has no interest in updating your phone to GDR2 - they want you to buy a new phone and tie yourself up to an other two years of being with them.

That's about how I see it Mikeso. AT&T might push the product but once they make the sale, its all about the contract. Seeing is they won't make another dime off the hardware, there is very little incentive to support updating the firmware. We are tied to the contract and there is a cost for breaking it.
I will probably update the phone myself and keep it moving. I'm not ready to give up my L920 as there isn't anything much on AT&T that moves me, except for maybe the HTC One.

How much is the penalty worth?
Like if I buy the phone under contract and break it instantly for bringing it back to India,would I have to face any legal allegations?

I think th penalty depends on the phone. Doesn't seem like a good idea to buy a contract phone with the intent of never using it, you have to go through the signup in the store and all that hassle... better to just buy it and pay full price.

i don't know exactly how much, but trust me, it's not worth it. the minimum phone plan equired on a 920 costs about $50-$60/mo. the reason is that any smartphone on att requires a data plan on top of the regular minutes/sms. now, the monthly figure by 24 and that's the money att is losing by you breaking the contract. they're definitely going to penalize you another way. yes, it's insane, but my dad gets a discount from att because he's a state employee, so we stick with them for now.
there will not be legal allegations because you are not able to break the law. you cannot sign up without a credit card. so, you are either automatically charged per month or automatically charged the contract break fee. i guess you could sign up for a credit card then cancel it, but that's a whole different story, and then you'd definitely be breaking some laws.

Love my 920 too. Moved over from the iPhone 5 last December and it excites me in a way the iPhone 5 never did. I have changed the housing twice now - bought it in black, changed it to red and now white. I love the chunkiness and the heft and adore the screen, it's almost perfect. I'm getting excellent battery life now, seems to have sorted itself out after the Amber update, although it wasn't bad before. I'd say the battery life is now better than I got with the iPhone 4 or 5.
I don't like the look and feel of the 925. I much prefer the glossy prolycarbonate housing and the slab-like look of the 920. I have three wireless charging mats and the Nokia wireless car charger. Don't know why Nokia made wireless charging part of the add-on case on the 925 and 1020 - especially having read the article on here about how you can put the wireless charging coil inside the 925 if you don't maind opening it up.

Hey, I want to swap the housing cover too, but where did you buy the genuine Nokia ones? I saw a lot of fake Chinese junks on ebay.

I loved my 920. Had the red one, but for some reason it died on me twice. Got it repaired the first time, changed to 925 after the second. It was a lovely phone though, really turned heads and took great pictures.

I can honestly say with hand on heart. My 920 is the best phone I have ever had to date. And I have had pretty much everything out there excluding the Samsung Notes. Just showed this to my mother-in-law as she is due for an upgrade and she is pretty excited to get her new 920 :-)

Not really. If it was, Daniel wouldn't be defending AT&T but instead bringing us news about 1520 launch.

I work the the mother ship wireless carrier and let me tell you this, when this phone came out, it sold much better than any other windows phone before it, or after. We sold out several shipments over a period of time like no other windows phone. $0.99 a year after release is good. Remember the HTC first dropped to $0.99 after what, a month?

@blackhawk556...No doubt that $99 entry price and the free charging plate are great incentives for people to jump on the Lumia 920.
I can only imagine how great the Lumia 1020 sales could have been had it launched at $99 with a free camera grip by AT&T.

Wow, it has been a year already? I am kinda getting board with this phone. Don't get me wrong, I love it! But I'm one of those kinda guys that likes to buy new toys. Lot of nice phones out there.

Well I really hope not but I expect that Microsoft will release more updates across the board with the recent acquisition of Nokia. Also I will hope that we have the same phone across all carriers. Although I have the L920 on ATT, I would jump ship to another carrier if the phone was available, let's say on T-mobile and Sprint. I really hate paying almost $100 for only 3GB of data when I have unlimited data wtih Sprint for less. Obviously, I got very tired of HTC windows phone. I really hope that Microsoft comes with the same phone across carriers.

The price of Nokia Lumia phones keeps dropping and dropping. I think I'll wait a month or two (for the Nokia announcement) and save a ton of money.

I love my black 920. The amber update works fine and there is more to come at the end of this year. I'll stick to this device after my contract (SE Halebop) ends early 2015.

Seems like there was some kind of price cut.lumia 920 is selling at 375 dollars or so on some online stores off contract in India.

I'm sorry for hijacking. I bought my 920 at full price, AT&T locked and used it on Straighttalk. Now I want to unlock it - past the 6m exclusivity, but those sons of b**** refuse to unlock it. Can anyone give me advice?

Picked up my sons from Amazon for 39.95 back in December. .99 is a jump on it now....before they're gone kind of deal! Even with that 2 yr contract, it's a no-brainer.

Great phone. I went from iPhone 4s to it and love the fluidity, style, and large screen. Wireless charging is great and the app situation is steadily improving.

Just give us GDR2/Amber, please!!!!

I have been on FB almost every day voiciing my disgust  over the lack of an update.  For a couple of days I was blocked from posting on their page.  I would get a pop up that stated it appeared I was abusing my right ot post.  I started posting on Nokia and MIcrosoft's pages.  Last week I got an email from Nokai stating they were working with ATT and hoped to have the Amber update releaesd within the next 2 weeks.  I do not know exactly what that means as to why it has not been released yet.

Kinda off topic, but I have the Lumia 822 on Verizon and I noticed it's no longer on their website. Wtf? I heard it was a good seller for them. I know new phones are coming out, but it's obsolete already?!

Here in The Netherlands its brother the 820 is almost getting the boot so I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia decides to start out with the boot on the 822.

Wow, barely noticed a year go by, but I guess we are almost there. Was happy with the 920 when I bought it, and it is just as great a year later. I work in a warehouse and I accidentally drop my phone on the concrete floor every 2-3 weeks and there is not a scratch on it yet. Really wish that I had the radio functionality of GDR2, and I also wish that MS would hurry up and support low power BT, but I was not expecting either feature when I bought it, so if they do get added in the next year then it is technically gravy. Battery life is also just as good as when it was new as well, which was something I feared as almost every one of my friend's smartphones over the years have needed to be replaced due to battery issues around the 1 year mark.
Only real legitimate complaints are that ATT is really getting annoying about support, the front facing camera is covered in pocket lint, and occasionally when playing music or a podcast it will give an error on the first attempt, only to play fine on the 2nd.

As much as I love my L920, it is not going to compare to the new GDR3 devices coming out. By this time next year when quad core cpus, larger storage, bigger gpus, thinner form factors, and longer battery life are much more standard I will happily give my phone up for something newer.

It should be free since they no longer seem to be supporting it. Reminds me of my old Samsung Focus. I'll never buy another WP. But the Surface 2 is a must have for me.

I stopped at my local AT&T store last week and the Lumia 520 was the ONLY Windows Phone on the floor.  It was in a lineup of Go Phones.  The big display for the 1020 was gone, replaced by a Moto X display.  The 1020, 925 and 920 were not even on the floor.  Unless you asked specifically for these devices you would have NO IDEA that they even existed.  

Microsoft just never learns. I understood when Windows Mobile 6.1 hit a dead end and couldn't be upgraded; Windows Phone was really different. I was less understanding when Windows Phone 7 couldn't be upgraded to 8, and not too happy that my Samsung Focus wasn't promptly upgraded to 7.8, although I did eventually flash it myself. But these delays with upgrading the 920 are ridiculous. MS should provide official tools for upgrades, not wait on carriers or make customers do the research to find the tools and figure out how to do a flash w/o losing data. But if Nokia can actually make a profit on a 520 at $100, we may be looking at the end of the carrier subsidy model anyway.