Watch the full response as to why Microsoft is considering Cortana for iOS and Android

Earlier today it was reported that Marcus Ash, group program manager for Cortana on Windows Phone, was weighing the pros and cons of bringing Cortana to other platforms. The decision to do so is perhaps a lot more complicated than diehard Windows Phone fans would think when all factors get taken into account.

Now, a video of Ash's full response to the question of whether or not Cortana should stay on Windows Phone has been posted. In context, the question and answer is certainly a lot more complicated than one may think as there are benefits with either choice.

Although no firm answer is given, due to the ongoing deliberations by Microsoft, it's fascinating to hear their concerns as to why Cortana by being isolated to one platform could hurt the personal assistant. At one point Ash ponders what happens when Cortana jumps from Windows Phone to Windows 8:

"If I'm a Windows PC user and I have a Kindle tablet and an Android phone, how good is the Windows Cortana experience going to be if it doesn't know anything about what I'm doing with those devices? It's really a difficult question that we're spending a lot of time trying to figure out."

"Clearly we want people to buy Windows, we have a bunch of Windows customers, hundreds of millions that have Windows PCs and would love for them to have a great Cortana experience because once they have that they will probably consider other devices and say 'Well, I want to match them up.' But how do we get Android users or these other iOS users that use Windows to have a great experience?"

Indeed, the problem Microsoft is struggling with is they are not selling just one device and service, but instead, many. That fragmentation makes it harder to shutout potential customers due to company hubris, and while Microsoft could take such a path, the Cortana experience itself could be degraded for non-Windows Phone users. Smartphones, after all, do provide a plethora of personal information about a user that a PC cannot.

It's not a trivial challenge and while it's easy to choose one side, it's only after looking at the full picture does the question go from black and white to grey.

Does the full response of Marcus Ash make you reconsider your original opinion on the matter? What do you think Microsoft should do?

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Watch the full response as to why Microsoft is considering Cortana for iOS and Android



And maybe they should focus on giving Cortana to non US markets on WP first. And also I just wonder if WP is for MS just, so people would have to use their services. That they see WP as kind of advertisement for services like OneDrive, OutLook and so.

I think Microsoft should port only to Windows and Xbox.
If people see Cortana on Windows, they may want to buy a Windows Phone when it isn't available on other platforms.
But I think l that Microsoft will end up offering some kind of Cortana, but not as fully-featured (see Office for iOS) as on Windows.

Yes give Cortana to android. No official YouTube app from Google bit still play a good Samaritan. This debate is much more is it expansion of services at the cost of platform? This is so disheartening to hear for us users who moved from android bcas of a clean and uncluttered experience. It's clear Microsoft is opting for services market share that platform market share. We saw it with office being free without office 365 subscription on android and ios. Thank you Microsoft for making us look like beta testers again......

This also help windows phone developers to increase ads revenue because cortana is powered by bing search. More advertisements comes to bing.

Not only that, but given how much effort Microsoft is sinking into Cortana, it seems like a waste right now to keep it on Windows Phone, because WP has an incredibly tiny market share. In the places where WP is gaining popularity, Cortana isn't even officially available without changing your device region.

I think it's so dump. Everthing the create to make wp better. Everthing they give away. Why should somebody buy WP if there isn't a reason. I thought it would be better now but wait android will get that point again!??

It shouldn't be about flexibility, it should be about making Windows Phones better than iPhones and Androids! WTH Microsoft!!! -.-

If I have windows with Cortana and want to use it at everywhere, than just use WINDOWSPHONE!!! We don't have to port Cortana to Android or IOS. Porting Cortana is just like throwing away windowsphone you stupid.
Or abadon WP is your real goal?

Are Microsoft trying to be the next Sega? Might as well bring Halo and Forza to PS4! If iOS gets apps first, has office, Xbox music, smart glass and costs a, why should I buy another windows phone?

The problem here is that there are trying too far too much.  There's nothing wrong with Cortana on other devices but please perfect it first on Windows and Other devices like WP and Xbox. Once its stable and workable then start to think about moving or expanding. These so called bright boys lacks common sense. Just most of so called smart people. Microsoft think first of your loyal subjects and make our experience better than others. You don't have to please everybody. Get your acts together and don't be a wuss.

Just make a wearable that is cheaper than a phone. Which is comparable with ios and android. That wearable can understand Cortana. Pooof. Solution.

The argument is flawed in that it assumes Cortana will be able to access information as easy as it does in the Windows eco system once it is added to the iOS or Android world. It simply will not happen as both Apple and Google will make sure that does not happen by preventing access for Cortana.


Neither of these two moguls will want Microsoft to have that level of access in their playground. Microsoft thinking they can will prove to be wishful thinking.

Android has other voice assistants available in the Play store, they even have hooks into the OS and can send text messages, read you your email, etc. I can promise you that if MS was to release Cortana to Android, Google wouldn't have any problem with it.

What have you been snorting ?

People sync to their computers all the time...end if story my butt...

Thousands upon thousands sync to their computers every day 365 wtf...do you think people just tossed billions if cd's in the trash and completely stopped buying them because of the ability to stream...Do you think everyone has a unlimited data plan,or Wi-Fi connection 24-7

Damn...you really are tripping if you believe this

If you're speaking about people syncing their Apple products to iTunes, they really don't that often. It's necessary for the initial setup, but like Daniel said, everyone makes their purchases through the iTunes app on their device.

Forgive me, I've not yet had much of a play with Cortana. Can't wait for it to come to the UK officially. What makes it better than Siri and Google Now?

It's an interesting debate, definitely. I can see arguments for both sides. Perhaps if it becomes popular it could become the equivalent of Google search on mobiles. They might be able to encourage Google to develop a YouTube app as well...

I guess if Windows was given a chance to implant live tiles on iOS and Android it can do it! Don't say Cortana needs mass functionality to work better... If then, why not attracting rivals' customers with a certain unique feature (like Cortana) that Windows has in order to increase their market share than making their selling point prevalent?

Cortana should only remain in windows as google will not agree to replace google now and apple for Siri for Cortana. Windows phone will lose its significance and Android will for its Google now and apple for its siri

No one would have to replace Siri or Google Now if they have Cortana on their devices. Installing Cortana wouldn't make Siri or Google Now stop working.

If people want the full Cortana experience then they should only buy Windows products. That would mean that they have a Windows phone, tablet and PC. But if Cortana is available for all OS then people could get an Android phone, tablet and an apple laptop meaning that they don't even have one Windows product.

Indirectly MS is acknowledging thay have lost the Smartphone war. Winodws Phone would be history so they decided to get into the smartphone war using their apps and software rather than full operating system. All of us who invested into this ecosystem were stupid. Lets go for HTC M8, a beautiful device and use a skin of Windows Phone on that. We will get Cortana anyway even before rest of the world on Windows Phone. Bye bye Windows Phone

First of all, no one know's for sure if Microsoft will actually do this. Y'all are hammering away at your keyboards like this is a done deal. Daniel said it's far from being decided. 


Second, even if MS did release Cortana to iOS and Android, that wouldn't change the way your phone works, or somehow make it worse. If you love Windows Phone now, there's no reason to not love it in the future should Microsoft decide to do this.

Worst ever Microsoft! I was saying that when I was mad about Skype for iPhone and now it's real? Are they killing their own platform? All other services on IOS and android are better even Microsoft's, so what differentiates them now? Being behind and the last one to get anything?

"How could I match that up?" By buying a Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet! That's the whole point of an 'ecosystem', that's why most ios users think of getting an iPad before something else, and why android users would think of getting a galaxy tab or nexus. Continuity. If MS look to getting its platforms better than the competition, then users will have a reason to switch. Make Windows work with WP, so we can call, text, play/share files between our phone/tablet/pc/xbox one, really push the fact that if you have a pc or laptop running windows 7 or 8, you will want a windows phone and/or tablet to really complete that experience!

It doesn't bother me at all. At first it was a bit shocking. Then you realize that android and apple users use Microsoft products. Well, many of them. Office, for example, is used by Mac OS users. Like they said, they are a tools company again. It could provide a nice pathway to bring developers to the windows platform. Even users to the WP.

Again, get Cortana (specifically Cortana-linked services) out to all WP users before worrying about Android and iOS users...

"Looks like wpcentral guys r android lovers...no wonder dey want cortana on android (and/or iOS)"

Can you read?... at all?

No where in this entire comments section did Daniel ever say that he wanted Cortana on iOS or Android. You are purposely being obtuse in an effort to add drama to this god-awful thread. He is being understanding about how tough of a decision this has to be for the blokes at Microsoft.  

Well I spent good money a coyote I'd years ago on an Xbox 360, been waiting for Skype for almost as long. I want Cortana on all my Microsoft devices, before it goes to IOS give it to Xbox 360!

Okay. I don't know about you guys, yet I think it's good to get Cortana improved, I still don't think it's a good idea for Windows Phone.. I also own a Nexus, and by hearing all this MS strategy lately, I can just say like : Wow, I can just go back to Android Phone, to enjoy both best of MS and Google in one place..

In my opinion if Microsoft port Cortana in other platforms as a trial (something weaker than WP version) it can be smart move.(some kinda advertising)

They are killing Windows Phone slowly... And if they actually bring Cortana to iOS or Android, I'm leaving Windows Phone.

I think Microsoft will soon kill Windows Phone and some of us will be glad to dump this platform for iOS if all the unique features are available there, why but Windows Phone again when I can get everything on iOS even better optimized apps? Someone isn't thinking in Microsoft!

This is pointless, really.
Don't do this, Microsoft, because it is ridiculous. Before Cortana came, did Apple or Google ever offer Windows to have their personal voice assistant? Google doesn't offer any features to Windows phones, instead they stole away the YouTube app and refused to add Google play books or something... Microsoft should keep it as an exclusive feature of Windows because it sure makes Siri and Google Now suck. As Cortana itself said, its name is a lot less bossy than Google Now and doesn't know Siri because all they gave her was an iPhone 3G.

Living in the UK and not wanting to switch my settings over to US 'just to get Cortana', I'm still left wondering what the fuss is about. I don't see/hear many people using voice services like Siri or Now other than for a bit of a laugh and I don't hear of people buying iPhones because they must have Siri.

My worry with Cortana when it eventually arrives in the UK is Bing search. The search service is probably pretty good for US based users, but here in the UK I find it often misses badly what I am looking for (even if I add UK to the search string). Accurate, meaningful results which appear top in Google are nowhere to be found in Bing (with region set to UK) so I often find myself going to the dark side for searches with Google. This irks me greatly when I am trying so hard to untangle myself from Google's tentacles.

If Cortana's responses will always be based on results obtained from searching with Bing, then I fear she will be pretty useless for me. I'm remaining optimistic and hoping that she will be more useful than I imagine; having low expectations is a good starting point ;)

It's funny how you are all "If Cortana comes to iOS and Android I leave WP". That would mean that somehow Cortana has been your only reason to use WP - so why did you use it before Cortana was even released in the first place? If you plan to quit a platform because other platforms are getting that same feature as well (a feature that in fact wasn't there until two months ago) you were probably planning to quit that platform anyway and are just looking for an excuse. It seems too many of you guys are so fixed on the belief of Cortana being so incredibly unique and totally the only reason people would ever use WP, which, first of all, is obviously wrong since Cortana has been out for only two months (in only a few countries, where WP marketshare isn't even high, in fact), and second, if the only reason you use WP is Cortana then maybe you should indeed switch to another system since obviously there isn't that much keeping you in this ecosystem after all. That or you are just ranting without thinking about what you are actually saying and eventually forget about it. Reminds me of how everyone went crazy insulting Microsoft and ranting about how WP was becoming so bad when the Games Hub was accidentally removed from the apps list and it obviously returned a few days later (not sure why anyone expected otherwise). This is word from one single employee stating that internal discussion is taking place and honestly, Microsoft would be stupid not to consider all possibilities. I think you all need to calm down a little. But well, I guess that's common sense for you, or lack thereof. All this immature ranting and even insulting is ludicrous. But honestly I've found this site's comment section quite notorious for that. For some reason you all seem to think that Cortana is the only reason anyone would ever actually buy a WP (you are way overhyping Cortana's uniqueness and importance to the platform, in my opionion) and, which baffles me more, that WP would somehow become worse if other platforms get Cortana? How's that supposed to make any sense? To be fair though, it is good to see there are some voices of objective reflection on this site - for both sides of the argument, actually.

We had hope. I've been a fan since WP7, ignored the WP7-8 transition bullshit, and hanged on until 8.1. Everything is better now, but development is just too slow.

I can't even share files on skype. Seriously. Other than Live Tiles (which they made kind of obsolete with Notification center) there isn't much uniqueness in WP to hold onto anymore. 

Users need Cortana to be WP only to differentiate from other platforms. iOS / Android has most of the features WP has. But MS is giving away WP exclusives to iOS and Android. Users don't really care what MS's business plan is, as users, they feel screwed. You make it sound like we need to be religious or something. We're just users seeking a better platform, and when we are using WP, we want it to be different than iOS and Android. It's common sense really.

I do understand your concerns, and I do at least hope that Windows gets Cortana before any other mobile platforms possibly do. I'm just baffled by how so many people say they are going to move away from WP because of this. First of all, it's just being considered and that's good, second WP is not becoming worse from this. I doubt Cortana on iOS or Android would be comparable with the power of Cortana on WP, simply because it's integrated into the OS there. I do understand you want WP to be better than other platforms, but as I said, if Cortana is the only thing keeping you on WP, then maybe WP needs more than Cortana to have a chance against iOS and Android after all and maybe you shouldn't use WP if Cortana is the only reason you do. I understand the concerns of WP having one less reason to attract users but saying you are quitting WP because of that doesn't seem the right reaction, after all, WP isn't becoming any worse for you. Personally I see WP's chance in the continuity with the newer Windows systems (same apps, similar design and interface, maybe features like Handsoff for iOS 8 and Yosemite in the future?). Obviously, the thing is that Cortana on both WP and Windows would be great for that. Microsoft simply needs to consider and carefully plan out all possibilities. I never said I would agree with such a decision, I just see too much unreflected ranting because the neighbour kid would also get that cool toy you felt unique for. People also said Office on Windows tablet would be a major selling point but apparently it didn't so Microsoft needs to consider what to do if Cortana doesn't prove to be enough a reason to use WP. I don't think you need to be religious, much the contrary. That's just my whole point. I do see reflected criticism like yours (and I totally agree about Skype by the way, but let's wait and see what the new update holds in store) but I have the impression too many people are not thinking beyond the obvious. After all, how many people do actually use Cortana and would actually switch to WP for that? Wouldn't the Microsoft ecosystem benefit more if, say, Windows and Android/iOS get Cortana, then people first get Cortana on iOS or Android, decide they like it, and then get the newest version of Windows with Cortana, decide they enjoy the continuity between the two, and eventually decide they would get even more of it (like apps on both systems and more features I hope we will see in the future) if they use WP instead? Instead, people may think "I do like this Cortana feature but I'm not too sure if I would get WP only for that, so bummer, I guess I'll have to do without". It doesn't have to be this way but it can, and that's why Microsoft totally needs to consider it.

If this is something they're really serious about - bringing cortana to competing platforms, then it needs to be executed nearly perfectly. If Cortana doesn't work as good as it does on windows platforms, then they risk creating a devil effect - people won't want to buy more windows/ microsoft products because they see how cortana is inferior to siri or google now. Is this a risk they're willing to take, while they're still trying to fix their windows 8 brand image, and even their xbox image?

If this is something they're really serious about - bringing cortana to competing platforms, then it needs to be executed nearly perfectly. If Cortana doesn't work as good as it does on windows platforms, then they risk creating a devil effect - people won't want to buy more windows/ microsoft products because they see how cortana is inferior to siri or google now. Is this a risk they're willing to take, while they're still trying to fix their windows 8 brand image, and even their xbox image?

Edit: sry for double-post

Look i understand that as a corporation the main focus of any company is to generate revenue so that being said if you want to release cortana i,to other ecosystems do it in a controlled manner that would cause users to consider the original platform as a better solution such as 365 integration with cortana through cloud only not as an added feature to another os if john q. user decides to use sky drive app on android then give access to cortana within the skydrive app planting cortana into every os would absolutely kill what could be an awesome differentiator amongst the 3major ecosystems access to her through proprietary apps is another story all together and if revenue generation is your goal make it a premium feature for other ecosystem apps,and enhance integration within windows phone.

It just saddens me to see the fact that Skype on WP still does not have file sharing, which is a feature that should be around half a decade ago.

Yea I could share files with other apps, but Skype, in such a business oriented platform, should have this from start. It baffles me to see why they still lack this important feature. MS's apps are way ahead of their own platform. 

Now Cortana, what was suppose to be an exclusive to WP might make it to other platforms. How dumb is that? Cortana may not be the most exciting feature for WP but this OS needs as much differentiation as possible to lure new users. WP is already behind in 3rd party support and it took them 2-3 years to get to where other platforms are now (iOS8 just left WP8.1 in the dust IMO. See how much they can cram features in a year?) 

There's just less and less reason to hold onto WP as the season passes. 

I've been a fan since WP7 (L800) but this might be the nail in the coffin. It's still a very good platform but I just see no future with things going so slow.

""Now Cortana, what was suppose to be an exclusive to WP might make it to other platform"

Show me anywhere that Microsoft ever said that Cortana would be exclusive to Windows Phone.

Third party support for Windows Phone has been greatly improving in the past months with many services releasing official apps. I agree about Skype on WP, though and also about iOS 8, but I hope we can expect many of the awesome new features there for Windows and WP 9.

Microsoft should start to focus on their own product rather starting to stray to other platforms. This lure thingy, is it really working?

F*** off Microsoft dont give cortanna away because all the kids in school will say sooooooo... I've got her took that really pisses me off and windows phone will lower again on the selling market!!!;!!

Seriously I don't understand MS strategy. They have a platform, with lots of first party apps. But they want to give priority to other platforms with application, when it comes to new version and features (Skype, Office etc). So next update to Cortana will be to iOS and Android prior to WP??? Then everyone better switch to iOS & Android!!

They should do a deal where they get Cortana but we get iMessage in return. iMessage is one thing I sorely miss from iOS

I was one of the early adopters of the iPod and at that time Apple only provided sync software for OS X. To increase adoption they had to develop Windows software. This increased sales of the iPod which suited Apple as they were and are primarily a hardware company. Google has Google Now on iOS. IMO cross platform is good.

Does all of the financial investment in Cortana and Windows Phone generate enough revenue to satisfy major shareholders over the long run? Would the market cannibalization of Windows Phone software to be used on competitors devices generate more revenue for Microsoft?  If the end game is for enterprise, yes it would and here's why;
For all its name recognition among consumers, Microsoft generates surprisingly little money from its consumer offerings, including its Xbox game console, Windows Phone, and Bing.  In fact, if it weren’t for sales of Windows on consumer PCs, Microsoft arguably wouldn’t be making any money at all in the consumer market - a stark comparison to companies like Apple that derive nearly all their revenue from consumer sales. 

Microsoft breaks revenue down into six basic areas:

1. Windows and Windows Live services
2. Business Division
3. Server and Tools
4. Entertainment and Devices
5. Online Services

If one were to order Microsoft’s revenue segments in the order in which consumers are exposed to them, the list might look something like this:

1. Online Services
2. Windows
3. Entertainment & Devices
4. Business Division
5. Server & Tools

How well does that list line up with Microsoft’s revenue?  Here’s how that list looks in Microsoft’s bank accounts:

1. Business Division
2. Windows
3. Server & Tools
4. Entertainment & Devices
5. Online Services

It’s almost the opposite.

Over the years, much digital ink has been spilled over Microsoft’s seeming inability to resonate with consumers. For every success Microsoft seems to have had - the Xbox ecosystem, and (arguably) Bing - the roadside is littered with mass consumer popularity failures like Zune, FSX, MSN Messenger/Music, Games For Windows Live and Urge.

Ultimately, Microsoft doesn’t answer to consumers. It can’t. They aren’t the ones who pay the bills. Microsoft’s principle customers - by a wide, wide margin - are corporations, enterprises, governments, schools, computer makers, and other big accounts that engage in high-volume licensing for Microsoft products. Everything else is just a nice side-dish for Microsoft - including its efforts to make products and services for everyday people.

The reason for Microsoft having and spending money on the consumer side is just to market the Microsoft name and really nothing else. Microsoft wants to stay in the game for marketing reasons with consumers. This is why Microsoft is going in the direction they are with Windows 8.  Whether you agree or not, Microsoft is betting that Windows 8 fits better with what companies want to see when it comes to tablets and desktops that are tied to servers for companies' IT departments to manage.

Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/in-business-what-is-cannibalization.htm

All of that analysis looks right to me but still does not answer the question that you posed at the beginning.

"Would the market cannibalization of Windows Phone software to be used on competitors devices generate more revenue for Microsoft?  If the end game is for enterprise, yes it would and here's why."

1.  How does Cortana "generate more revenue for Microsoft" by being on competitors devices?
All of the rest of that analysis is not an answer to the above question.   How does Cortana generate revenue at all in any context is still a question, let alone help to generate revenue on competitors devices in support of enterprise.

The answer is PROBABLY mostly for Bing, which you've put in the consumer category, not an enterprise "endgame" or mission critical usage.


I found this interesting video, from MMWC 2013. S. Elop is explaining why Nokia brings HERE maps on 'rival' platforms. And I do agree with him.

I think Dan stated the main point, that the platform will become even more powerful (i.e. Cortana) while available on much more devices, but at the same time the best experience will be present ONLY on Windows Phone.

Looking forward to an even better Cortana!

"but at the same time the best experience will be present ONLY on Windows Phone"

Maybe, but not necesarily. Microsoft is known to sometimes makes their apps and services better on iOS and Android(look at Skype). For all we know, Cortana could end up working better on Android than it does on Windows phone. 

The team working on Skype is another than the one working on Cortana and Windows Phone. Skype support on WP has indeed been pretty bad so far, but let's wait for the update to see what it holds in store.

Sure, the question is difficult. And Windows Phone/Windows aren't just defined by having Cortana. There are more reasons to buy a PC or Windows Phone. But I don't like the idea that Microsoft treats Windows Phone so badly with realising other stuff first to other platforms. And does Google is making apps for us? Does Apple do this, I can't remember that. We won't get Now or Siri ( not that I want something like that on my phone) so why should they make everything for those tow platforms? I think that Cortana should stay on Windows not as THE reasons but instead of one reason more to buy it. And the more people are choosing the Microsoft/Windows ecosystem the better will be the experience with Cortana. I know that not all people will switch to Microsoft, many people are hating this company and don't think good of their products but if some are coming back it'd be good. Microsoft is a big company and has to consider how to please all customers even if they don't use Windows or Windows Phone. But I really don't like the idea, that Cortana is ruining on other platform then Microsoft's. Sure, Cortana, if she'd ruining on other platforms, she would get more input which would help her to get better and better but I don't think that's more important as being an Microsoft only feature that no one other has.

" so why should they make everything for those tow platforms?"


It's like Daniel already said(but nobody listens), Windows Phone is a distant 3rd on mobile, and not really gaining any ground. If they want to see a large ammount of people using their services, they absolutely have to put them on other platforms. Keeping everything on WP means barely anybody is using them, does that sound like a financially sound move to you?

Yeah, in that way it is, and I know that it makes MS getting more pepole using their services, I also know that WP hasn't much from the cake, but it does't feel right. And yeah, business is  not a place where feeling right and wrong you make decisions from, but it just doesn't feels right (to me).

Please don't...

"Cortana is a unique feature of Windows Phone"

So keep it only for Windows/Microsoft related stuff.

And get your first priority on having Cortana in different languages.

Let Android and iOS drool on it.

"Giving cortana to ios and android is like giving the wp guys wife's for use to android and ios guys.. That's bad...real bad...."

No, it isn't. If your wife has the same worth to you as your cell phone, you've got serious mental problems.

You guys are acting like Cortana is the single most important thing in life to you, it's absolutely nuts. I've never seen platform "enthusiasts" like this in my entire life. It's a god damned cell phone for heavens sake. 

Imagine the cat fight if Siri and Cortana were on the SAME device! :D That's MY data! Data wars are a commin'.

I say bring Cortana to all platforms. But I think the differentiator will be the sensors she uses. So, on Windows Phones, she may be able to tell who is logging in with some sort of "kinect sensor". That may not be available on othe phones.

So Microsoft is taking care of android and ios more than windows phone, thats really awful of you guys.. I mean first Office now cortana whats next?

Someone should make a poll and take a vote. I'm interested in seeing how many people think Cortana should stay exclusive. Im guessing it will be the majority.

"Me now" Cortana which is the best phone? "Cortana now" Come on chief Windows phone. "Me near future" Cortana which is the best phone? "Cortana near future" I'm everywhere just pick one.

I think that if Cortana could go to iOS and Android, there would be much bigger sales! I think its a good idea to give it to Windows 8, Android, iOS and of course, Windows Phone!

Should put it on Xbox PC's windows tablets yes but not on ios and android they would be shooting them self's in the foot pulling this kind of shit they don't give us Siri or s search why should Microsoft give them Cortana still seems like a dumb move to a degree

This is a no-brainer.  Of course they'll bring Cortana to other platforms.  It's a Google-killer.

For years Google has been trying (and failing miserably) to undercut Microsoft's revenues by giving software away for "free" and devaluing the entire concept of software.  Fortunately for Microsoft, Google's software is pretty crappy.  Then again, it's forced Microsoft to up its game and write better software.  Cortana does to Google what Google's been trying to do to Microsoft.  It undercuts their revenue base and devalues it.  With a a smaller revenue base and crappy software, Google suddenly looks vulnerable.  Their business model is thin at best.  Cortana threatens to give everyone their own "personal Google" in only a few years.  Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

If the user has a Windows 8 PC and Android and a Kindle Tablet Cortana us one of many ways to get them more integrated into the ecosystem and to have the replace the android phone with a WP and the tablet with a Surface and possibly get an Xbox.

I don't need to watch the video, my feelings about this are the same as they always have been. I have concerns that Microsoft has lost all confidence in the Windows platform, and are preparing for a world without Windows in it. I'll explain what I mean.

They are giving away all the key features of WP to other platforms, Xbox services, Office and now, possibly, Cortana. The problem with that is that those other platforms are gaining superior versions compared to WP, so what is going to make people switch? Nothing, if they can get superior versions of ALL the key features on their existing platform then why would they switch.

Do we have Siri or Google Now on WP? No, so why should Cortana be available on rival platforms. To use a quote from the article

"But how do we get Android users or these other iOS users that use Windows to have a great experience?"

That's easy Marcus, by advertising the unique features of the WP platform instead of giving them away to other platforms.

Alright so if I want a premium Windows experience, I guess I should just give up and buy a freaking iPhone then... I miss WP7, when we didn't have much but at least had a bright future ahead of us. I think I'm losing hope Microsoft, I'm sick of this one-way relationship...

Fuck them and there ideas , we now won't have any thing exclusive , no office no Xbox games no Cortana , why they are making this ??!!!!!

Thinking more about this, they should consider bringing companion apps to the other platforms. I say companion because they shouldn't and probably can't be as full featured. However, that should be after Cortana is rolled out globally on WP, Windows, and XBox.

I don't like it, but what are MSFTs options at this stage? They still haven't surpassed 5% market share worldwide and if they don't reach 10% very soon, as a big company they may as well throw in the towel. It's not easy playing catch up, just look at the Zune Music players, late to the dance, and in the words of Billy Idol, "dancing with myself". Here again WP another great product that is late to the game, and in my opinion they need to pull a proverbial rabbit out of the hat if the are to be significant. I really don't think they have much time to get WP rolling. Like its been said in this post, roll out a less than featured Cortana to every platform they can, run advertisements of the full fledged product on WP, and hope that a significant number wants it so bad they jump ship.

Last weekend I witnessed Cortana on my 1020 go head to head against Siri on the latest and greatest iPhone. Needless to say apart from Cortana being unable to answer what time it was, Cortana was a clear winner. Not bad for a US only beta!!!!, I think Microsoft should put Cortana on Windows 8.1 PC and rt and Xbox first before considering moving her to other platforms

I completely support bringing Cortana to every device and is they can. They just need to ensure Windows Phone is the lead platform. It should get updates and improvements 4-6 weeks before everywhere else.

Wrong way round. The PC is the least locked down, most configurable, most multi-purpose device in the mix. That being the case, one should install one's assistant of choice on the PC (or Windows Tablet which is the same OS anyway) to match other devices owned. Of course, if your PA of choice is not available on the PC then that would influence which would be one's PA of choice. Otherwise there seems little point in taking on the extra restriction of choice that will be the only trademark feature of the Windows Phone device.

Wrong way round. The PC is the least locked down, most configurable, most multi-purpose device in the mix. That being the case, one should install one's assistant of choice on the PC (or Windows Tablet which is the same OS anyway) to match other devices owned. Of course, if your PA of choice is not available on the PC then that would influence which would be one's PA of choice. Otherwise there seems little point in taking on the extra restriction of choice that will be the only trademark feature of the Windows Phone device. Seems odd.

Microsoft is a software company first, i want Microsoft to focus on what they do best. I enjoy there hardware i am a fan boy. I'm not switch platforms and once others get to experience what windows has to offer they might want to explore the hardware, plus Cortana everywhere will just make our experience better.

I think first of all Cortana needs to be made into a killer application on all windows systems, get that right & then see if the other os' respond with copying features, its the casual users that need to be attracted not the fan boys, they will stick with their operating system whatever features good or bad. If everyone wanted cross platform then we would all be using indigo or related app. Cortana is part of the windows package, it needs exclusivity first then cross platform later on, maybe the other platforms will just see it as another personal assistant app.

well. Microsoft is waving white flag. Why not you guy start looking into being fan of IOS or Demon Droid already..

Yesterday I thought no chance should Microsoft ever give this to iOS or Android, but now I am starting to understand the complexity of the question "Should they?"
Microsoft really has got a difficult decision to make.. It does seem to make sense to tie other OS users into a Microsoft product. There other question is will companies like Google go for it?

It's better to be a good guy Microsoft and offer services to other platforms but save the best parts for your own, MS! WP needs to have unique features that other platforms don't have while offering the same services on all platforms for interoperability. Offer Bing as an app as much as you want but don't give away Cortana which is another interface/method of interaction for Bing. It should exist only on WP as a unique feature!

What else is going to draw non-techie normal people to the platform? OS architecture? The NT kernel? Can those make people jump and run to stores to buy your phones? If your phone can do that and my phone can also do that, why should I spend money and buy your phone? I already don't have much unique features compared to iOS or Android to persuade people into buying WP.

And then, I would shoot myself to dead if Cortana appears on iOS and Android via software update earlier than it appears on Windows 8 or Xbox One. Given that Cortana is a server based system and our phones only displaying HTML5 data, why can't they release it in a software update on iOS/Android? Given MS' track record of releasing touch-first Office on iPad and planning to release it earlier on Android than Windows, it is a possibility. Maybe next year, they will also release Start Screen and Live Tile API as a launcher on Android. Then again, it will be working better on Android than on WP (eg. Skype)

Instead of this, they should be partnering with non-Google AOSP Android OEMs to load Bing and other MS services by default just like Google does on their phones. This will get them much visibility and usage and also marketshare that they desire.

there happy with being third, or they have apple and android envy, or they don't have faith in windows phone, and is saying that when windows fails at least well be on the winners team, Now that Microsoft own Nokia we can focus on making android phones, Microsoft has a crush on android , they are secretly betting on android, they are trying to negotiate with terrorist, people that are sabotaging windows phone and windows 8, etc

they are delusional IM sure right now both apple and Google are working on some thing better than Cortana as we speak, plus their stupid at ms Cortana and Google voice as well as apple working as main voice assistants cortana on google or android wont work as well as google on google and apples on apple, finally it aint even finished yet on windows product yet

I guess, I get the frustration here. And feelings are subjective and can be easily mis-quantified. So there's no use of pulling facts here and there... This "feeling" is as if listening that the you don't get served in the restaurant that you've waited sitting for an hour, when someone who came 5minutes ago get served and its someone you hated. The general consensus here, its too early to discuss about cross platform integration when the platform itself and its affiliates haven't got it yet. It is hard when you're loyal to the underdogs, when the underdogs prioritize the their competitors. Then again, its only a feeling. Not a fact yet. It hasn't happened yet. It's a premature discussion of who is supporting who. At the end of the day, its all about revenues and profits... Just my two cents, peace guys.

I've been stewing over this all night here at work..and I think I've over reacted a little...so S

My apologies Dan...

The issue I have is how now is just far will they allow Google to use Cortana to data mine and whose going to be transparent enough to say that they (Microsoft) won't change their stance to allow the same on WP or Windows desktop ?


If Google can't get their greedy advertising hooks into it,they sure as heck won't allow it full functionality...IOS...seems to me a no brainer to fully utilize the algorithims in Cortana over that of Siri..Once they do it's lights out and Billy bar the door..


They want folks on other platforms to get the full experiance of Cortana on those devices...well...Apple will take it...polish it more till it outshines anything and folks won't give a tinkers dam to ever switch platforms...they will have everything to move them well ahead of Android and...well... Android users won't be able to use it as we will now namely because Google will keep that from happening provided Microsoft doesn't allow them to change the functionality of it..If they do relient and change this..then our PC's running Windows will be at serious risk to their underhanded tactics..


So...if you want folks to use Cortana with their PC's...they better make sure they don't cave in and follow Googles lead,otherwise...that 8% of the market that uses Macs...I would expect those numbers to increase drastically and take more market share away from them



If MS makes Cortana non-exclusive to Windows devices and apple releases a larger device I for one will be taking a long look at the next iPhone. What reason will they have compelling people to buy WP?

I don't get all the fuss few months back with One Microsoft. Where is this "one" thing? They still behave like a group of different companies competing with each other. There's no push towards windows phone. Why the hell they even made WP if they don't have faith in it? Lets make WP like android. With action center and games on app list... I wonder when we will get widgets. What's the point of 3 oses if they are the same? Microsoft, just delete your WP project. It's some kind of unwanted child for you, you want to leave it in a car on hot day anyway. There's no competition on WP phone market anyway and Nokia stalled with phone development. This whole ecosystem is going down, and XBone not helping either.

Microsoft needs to use Windows as the advertisement platform for Cortona. Make it device aware so that when your mobile device (IOS or Android) is connected to a Windows device via Bluetooth or cable it knows reasonable info on and about that device. If you use Bing as an app or on the web it is aware of you searches. However to take Cortona with you on your phone and to have an integrated experience across your devices you need the Windows ecosystem of devices. You will already be mobile if you have a Windows Tablet. Microsoft will need to focus on marketing there software products and not rely on 3rd party vendors to do that for them. We should be seeing Cortona related commercial's now. We should see commercials demonstrating experiences using the Windows Ecosystem.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? If they want a better experience they should SWITCH to WP! That's the whole idea. Cortana is for Windows devices only. Android doesn't make apps for us, why should we make apps for them?

I think it's a smart move to expand Cortana to other platforms. Windows Phone will not live or die by Cortana, it'll depend on people buying into "the Microsoft way" of doing mobile, i.e. metro, live tiles, etc. Cortana is, essentially, just an app. A very well-integrated, very smart app, but at the end of the day I'm not buying an android phone for Google Now, just as people don't but iPhones for Siri and people don't but Windows Phone just for Cortana. People choose a phone because is the way that phone presents stuff visually and through user interface-- the experience. And, too, what their friends and family are using. Getting more core MS apps and services or there (Office, IE, Cortana, etc) can only help get people used to "the Microsoft way" of doing things, which is a good way to in turn increase the chances someone chooses a Windows Phone next time around.

I don't know what to say.. Cortana is great it can be given to other platforms it's Microsoft's wish.. But won't ask persons then purchase android or ios ... Some kind of feeling like i lost the hope of Microsoft losing its uniqueness brings same Skype on ios and windows phone and even the office improved head been given to android... Now Cortana.. It's Microsoft wish of course but i feel dead and left alone with restrictions alone on WP when all have what Microsoft offers and their exclusives...

Expand Cortana's capabilities, expand users' consider and familiarity with the Microsoft way of doing things. That'll being more WP buyers down the road.

Hello!? Giving away your competitive advantage? Classic MS move, but any business student will disagree!

Sorry! I don't understand the frustrations of some people here in this forum, should i say most people. I for one, ABSOLUTELY like the new Microsoft. The path it's taking. And I fully support them. The fact that Dan has to defend this is, to my opinion, is just totally unnecessary. it is easy to earn respect from people who already respect you. the fact that the office suite is available on other platforms won MS praise from all quarters. I love the fact that MS services are totally platform agnostic. whether it is Office or for that matter, Cortana. That IS the future. Focussing on "your" platform alone do not make the cut, in the long run. I personally would love to interact with Cortana, say for that matter, on my PC at work, talk to her on my iphone, ask her for help on my work phone (say if it's Android or blackberry ;) ), Surface on the go and a Mac at home. That's what a personal assistant should do or the idea behind it should be. I am so happy that MS thinks about Cortana this way and not the other way around. Imagine MS beng the first in future having services available across all platforms and Apple and Google trying to catch up. THAT is the future I dream of. "You" may not see it now...but the future MS enthusiasts and fanboys will surely talk about this with high regards.

Just my opinion.... and not sucking up to Dan... :P


I think this is a very positive thing and will push Microsoft that bit further in being the company that cares about their customers. Even though they want their customers to have the full Microsoft ecosystem they also understand this isn't going to happen for alot of people. As it states, someone might have a windows phone and a kindle, or a surface and an android phone so allowing a very good personal assistant over all would be amazing, and proves Microsoft cares about the customer experience even if that customer isn't using the full Microsoft ecosystem.

I'm tired of all of the cloud-services first bull crap. I understand prioritizing one area of their business first, but the other part of their business should come second, not apple or Android second. Apple and android should be right after all MSFT products. I'm fine with them making stuff for other platforms as long as they get it done correctly on their own platform first.

Nope it doesn't change my view on how I feel about the likelihood of Cortana being offered on other mobile platforms... I hate the idea

My question is how does this benefit Windows Phone?

Here's much better thing to do: Make Cortana available for 1.5 Billion Windows users (i.e. not just US) and improve it to be a complete Digital Assistant.

You really think those are the factors that Congress to ones mind before buying a phone. Really iPhone 6 will have retina display. You could always download a file manager from store. You are a fool. It will easily beat 930 in benchmark test.

Cortana as a faux AI could be the one differentiating feature with the other OS and not just on the phone. It depends on how advanced they can get Cortana. Having Cortana do things on your apps via voice or even programed from your voice ("Cortana, open Epicurious and search for chicken dishes when I arrive home after 5pm") that you would normally have to physically input yourself I think would be the next evolution and is a natural step towards input for the Internet of Things. If they can get it to that level then they should not release it on other platforms. To answer the postulated question then: that person would ditch the Kindle and the Android b/c it provides a sub-par experience.

Consumers get what they want rather than adapting what they have. That is why they are consumers. Change what they want and they will get it.

I would love to have the ability to have Cortana manage my various devices.  From my phone: "Cortana, can you turn off my desktop"  From my desktop:  "Cortana, do I have any new text messages?"


You guys called for Ballmer's head, "Well here's Satya"! At least Ballmer knew the value of holding on to a feature for a while before migrating it to others to gain an advantage even if it was for a short period of time. How do you guys feel about Satya now???? He should at least let it be exclusive even if it's for a specified period of time, but to give it away before its out of beta stage...... Really

Exactly.  Satya is all about enterprise. That's all he cares about and that's what Microsoft's major shareholders were sold on at board meetings.  Why?  Because enterprise is Microsoft's bread and butter. 

Ballmer was no saviour for Microsoft's consumers by any means.  But at least he threw them a few crumbs from the enterprise table every now and then.  

If Microsoft ever wants Windows Phone to be anything the the niche player that it is, is *must* bring something compelling to Windows Phone that is not available elsewhere.  Cortana is that thing.  Bring it to other mobile platforms would be a tragic mistake.  Are people going to trash their Windows PC and go Chromebook or MacOSX because Cortana is not on their Android or iOS mobile device?  No chance.  So maybe you bring a seriously dumbed down version of Cortana to Android/iOS as a bone you throw to your Windows desktop customers (who now you care about but why aren't you still investing in the dev platform for desktop?), but some set of the most compelling features must be exclusive to Windows Phone.  Fail to do that, and Windows Phone continues forever as the 4% market share laggard that it currently is.


Push out Cortana only to Windows devices. Keep going on apps to catch up Android and iPhone. Windows is getting better each time and on my understand is a matter of time to kick both Google Chrome and Apple Maverick OS. I love the concept of a 2 in 1 machine. It's a capacity either Google and Apple lack. Plus the fully potential start screen and the all new and different Bing. If you catch up on apps it won't be hard to choose between the similar OS Apple and Google or the ask new one device for everything in your life. But meantime Microsoft needs it products with an exclusivity feature like Cortana and the start screen. It's my opinion.

Microsoft has one huge problem. They aren't putting enough faith in what they've got. Wtf should they care about iOS or Android? Do Google and Apple care about Microsoft, Windows, or Windows Phone enough to go out of their way to put their unique software in the hands of competitors? They answer is no because they're not effin stupid. Microsoft needs to double down on their own platforms and operating systems. They've need to advance their innovation. And they absolutely have to create products that aren't just another smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, etc. They need to create THE SMARTPHONE. THE SMARTWATCH, THEY TABLET. If they do that they won't even need to let the silly idea of putting their most valuable properties in the hands of their competition.

The reasons I stay in Microsoft Ecosystem are: Office, Skype, Xbox and now Cortana. Microsoft has essentially made it hella easy for me to fully switch to ios and osX. I have an iPad coupled with a windows phone, and a PC. Now I can have an iPad, a LG G3 and a MacBook and I still keep my free Microsoft services. Sweet. Motorola watch and google now, here I come.

There is zero appeal to an Android or iPhone user to switch to WP if all of WP services and features can be found on the current platform. It is that simple.

Why would anyone want to buy into the windows ecosystem if they can get all the services elsewhere? Cortana should be an exclusive windows feature.

Microsoft is a software company and they still hold tight to selling their software anywhere they can.

MS will erode their own platform strength forever more it seems.

But, in the long run that has worked for them. So I can see why nothing is really platform exclusive to windows.

I get the let's sell services, but Cortana is free. If they take it to competitors eco systems and make it work just as well, they will effectively make the competition stronger. Since those other phones have a higher user base Microsoft will then devote more time to improving.... The competition and their own product will lag behind. In fact people will start leaving because other mobile OS get more priority. Bringing it to the surface or just windows in general is good.

"how good is the Windows Cortana experience going to be if it doesn't know anything about what I'm doing with those devices?...But how do we get Android users or these other iOS users that use Windows to have a great experience?"

Answer: Enhanced Bing Experience.

Improve the Bing software by adding calendar access, location tracking, interest tracking, and other relative information access, then syncing that information with Cortana. That way, when you use her on your PC or Windows Phone, she'll be in sync with what you do on your iPad or Android device.

Don't make your assistant work for other platforms. Make other platforms' assistants work for you. Turn Siri and Now into agents for Cortana.

I think the real question should be can Microsoft add enough to differentiate windows phone if they open up Cortana, and if not is it worth killing Windows phone? And is it worth pouring money into an os that is a firm third place? I hate to say it but Dan is right these are hard questions. I still feel that opening up Cortana WILL kill Windows phone because Microsoft doesn't have a good track record of adding differentiating features. I have not seen any data that proves differently. IF and ONLY IF Microsoft can prove to me that opening up Cortana will NOT kill Windows phone will I agree it's a good idea. Windows phone is a great OS, but you can't just remove differentiating features, no matter how poor they are and expect to leave your platform with enough strength to stand on its own unless you've got new goodies to put in. Just my two cents

Looks like this idiot Marcus Ash is more concerned with the success of Cortana rather than the success of Windows Phone. Since Cortana is already better than Siri and Google Now then why try to make it better now at the risk of the platform? This topic should only be considered 5 years from now only if Windows catches up to the competition. Until then even considering as an option makes no logical sense to me whatsoever.

The dilemma for Microsoft is whether the cloud or the Windows OS is the future of the company.

They can release Cortana to iOS and Android, where it could play a big role in promoting MS services, such as Bing and Office, as well as other MS apps like Skype.

Or, it could be used as a USP for Windows Phone.  For that to succeed, it would need to have considerably better features than the built in voice assistants on Android and iOS.

Until cortana is on par wit indigo on the personal assistant side like consistently saying my man when launch, logically resolving requests like set a timer for two minutes I think MS should hold focus on enhancements on the windows and xbox.

Microsoft needs to put it's devices first. I have no problem with cortana being on ios or android but all updates and new features should be released to WP first. It should be this way with all of the other services too. This still allows others to use the services but gives WP an edge in attracting those who use those other devices to WP. For once a WP user will have special features before any other platform which will make other platform users jealous and may consider the switch because it appears their OS of choice is falling behind.

Apple has Siri and is not going to publish her in the MacBooks or iMacs, Android has Google Now and is not going to publish it on Linux's PC... I dont know why Microsoft is going to publish Cortana in other platforms

stay exclusive!
just like apple did, they just stay on their own course. ofc this will invoke lots of hate, but love as well.
someone who tries to be nice to everyone wont be truly loved!

stay on your own course microsoft and dont play nice to google or apple just to be in everybodies hands!

1. Why would google and apple allow siri on their platform?
2. Would it be capable of changing settings etc? if not wh bother interchanging between 2 assistants

I done even want to watch it. I don't want Cortana on any apple, google, amazon, blackberry or Symbian device(if they were capable).

If they want to give Cortana to other devices, they should do it through the Bing homepage, like google now on google search. (but make it feel alot more ^premium^ than google now. Currently, google now seems and sounds like a web wrapper in the google homepage.

If I can get all Microsoft services AND all iOS services on an iPad, but not vice versa, what reason would I have to buy a Windows tablet device? (The only thing that's saving them in that case is legacy software support, which is losing relevancy fast). This thinking only works in an open ecosystem, which iOS is most assuredly not.

Tired of these back seat C.E.O's that think they can run Microsoft better than Microsoft. They know what they're doing. They've been showing up people who been calling for their deaths since it's birth. I'm pretty sure they're going to keep doing just that.

I think people are confusing having Cortana on multiple Microsoft devices versus having it on every device. The answer in the video of how do you let customers that use Windows on their PC but also use an iOS and Android device is simple. You get them to switch their iOS and Android device to a Windows device. If you put Cortana on an iPhone, iPad, and any Android device, you devalue one of the main reasons to own a Windows Phone or Windows Tablet. It would be reason enough for me to try out other non Microsoft hardware.

Well, I think it would be a better idea to let users on other platforms run Cortana for a limited time, say- 3 months. Register the demo period to the IMEI of the phone. That way everyone gets a taste...but if the want the meal, buy a WP.

we have to remember Microsoft is a software company first and hardware manufacturer second. I dont see nothing with providing it on IOS or Android but must don2 things 1) provide it with a small fee 99c for the app (it wont be native, only to windows) 2) limited features compared to Windows phones. I think that's what MS should do provide as many services they want to other platforms at a price with limited features. if a person wants more they would have to consider switching and by doing that the services will be free and will come will more (all) features.

This is the most sad news I have heard for quite sometime, Cortana should be exclusive,it should be on other platforms years down road but not now and when that happens it should be basic version that does not include all the great features that Cortana has,they should optimize our products for our devices first and foremost,Skype on other platforms rock,I enjoy using WP features and the smoothness of the OS but this won't help one bit,integrate Cortana fully into all of our products,IE,Windows 8.1 along with RT,Xbox One and other ms products ,give everyone the wow factor and you'll see the transition with the WP as best device to use Cortana with.

They are thinking way too far ahead,see how google released google chrome and have many extensions,we need more integration with our own ,then maybe market out Cortana to other OS with a subscription cost,if you check the windows phone store for apps released by Google Inc,most of what else you see are from devs themselves,

Experience can be better by purchasing Microsoft product

Then what's the point of using Windows phone? There's nothing special about WP anymore. Going back to apple, at least I will have more apps and a I phone with unique features!

It's funny, but I was under the impression that WP was growing on many markets and that things could only improve further with Microsoft fully backing the system. News like this leave the impression that MS it's throwing the towel on WP and shifting their priorities. Sad, very sad.

Bringing it to other platforms is not a bad thing, but only if it's not for free but for a charge. Let's say a couple of dollars a month. It would generate some revenue, it would increase popularity for MS and WP, but all those iOS and android fans(who would never switch to WP) could still keep their phones synced with a PC.

The only thing that made me buy a WP is that it's faster than low end androids. It's faster except some native apps like Skype... Oh yeah, I barely use Cortana, cause it's not faster to tell her something, WP interface is fast already.

Just thought id put this out there. If u asked cortana what the best operating system was last week she would say it was her of course or something smart about windows duh...now she simply says no one in particular or I don't think I can choose. Just conjecture here on my part but I believe good or bad that is our answer.

Did anyone notice cortanas change in response to the question which is is her favorite today? I believe we have our answer...dear Watson . +1020

Say they give the other phone developers the ability to have Cortana on everything. Whats left for WP users? Live tiles and hubs?? its not that big of deal honestly unless your using it as a business phone. They dont have a bunch of crap apps in their store that make a phone easy to hack and easy to put malware on but they also dont have all the accessories either, nor do they have the ability to use a WP as a entertainment device. WP users will never have HBO, Cinemax, Starz. Xbox video is on the back burner for phone users as they have tons of problems with people trying to view their collections they got through XBox. MS Office and all the rest of MS suite programs are avalible to iOS and Andriod users but nothing on iOS or Android is avalible on WP with the exception of Google. Year after year I defend WP only to have MS move something else to other phone users. Its getting to the point of Why? Why must I give up entertainment and accesories for Live Tile and Hubs. I guess my next selection I will be an iDiot as well.

Short sighted at best.  The idea that people who can already use all of your services are suddenly going to find a reason to buy your gear to "match them up", which will gain them nothing in terms of the ability to use those same services, is ridiculous.  It will do the exact opposite, it will encourage them to stay right where they are.  I'm surprised these clowns didn't realease it to iOS first in beta and leave WP users hanging.  


Since I am the guy that made the initial Cortana on Android/iOS comments, I thought it would be good to jump in.  And for those who wondered, yes people at Microsoft read these forums and comments because we care what our customers are saying.

First, as many commenters have pointed out, we have a lot of work left to do to make Cortana awesome on Windows Phone.  We are in Beta and we are in the US and we know before we do anything else we need to scale and get Cortana out to more customers.  This is our absolute top priority.  This means actually launching Windows Phone 8.1 to our broad consumer audience through new phones and official updates. And getting Cortana to more countries as quickly as we can.  What is being left out of the recap from these talks is that before the questions about Cortana on Android/iOS, we spent time talking about how important it is to get to more countries.  Half of our customers in the Developer Preview are from outside of the US.  That is amazing and is a testament to the strength of our community and the fact that we built something interesting. 

Our top priority and showcase device for Cortana is Windows Phone.  Any discussion or commentary about us giving up or abandoning Windows Phone is crazy talk.  Our top priority is to make Cortana so fantastic that it pulls customers to Windows Phone.  Period.  No debate, no controversy, no throwing in the towel on our current Windows Phone customers or potential future Windows Phone customers.

After we push crazy talk about abandoning Windows Phone to the side, we have started THINKING about what’s next for Cortana.  And again, this is about planning and thinking and wrestling with questions about what the future will bring AFTER we make Cortana awesome for Windows Phone customers around the world.  Our product design and engineering resources are being applied to making Cortana awesome for Windows Phone.  So what's next is about thinking and planning, not a statement of anything we are committing to do.  And unfortunately none of us have a crystal ball so this is where we will be patient, see what is happening with our customers, talk to our community and do what we think will make the most sense for innovating through products that Microsoft customers use.

We are actively thinking about what it takes to expand Cortana to Windows devices.  Nothing official to report but we want our Windows device customers to experience Cortana at some point in the future.  And we want the experience to be fantastic which means you have to start thinking about how Cortana should work across multiple devices.  Working fantastic and being the best end-to-end experience for customers that have all Microsoft devices will be the natural first step.  Our ideal future state is going to be that a customer that has a Windows PC, Windows Tablet and Windows Phone has the absolute best Cortana experience.  Period.  Again no debate, no controversy.  

As we THINK (again, this is about thinking, refer to the above about Windows Phone about what we have committed to DO where my team is spending design and engineering time) about the future, we want to figure out what we need to do so that a Microsoft customer who has a PC/tablet but a different phone can have a great Cortana experience.  We THINK we will have lots of customers on PC/Tablet in this future state that haven't seen the light and come over to Windows Phone.  And we want these customers to have a great experience because if they do and we show them an even better experience on Windows Phone, there is a better chance of having them to switch to Windows Phone.  If they have a bad experience on a PC/Tablet, there is no chance they will consider Windows Phone.  Like it or not (I have worked on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone for 10 years so I hate hate hate it...) we are a challenger in the mobile space.  This means we need to consider ideas and alternatives to breakthrough and be flexible and adaptable based on what we learn as Cortana comes to Windows Phone customers.  But to be 100% clear, this is only AFTER we build something so incredible that scales to more countries on Windows Phone (where we are spending our engineering/product time) AND we make it available to even more customers that have a set of Windows devices (which is where we are just beginning to figure out our approach.)  

On behalf of my team, we love the passion of our Windows Phone community.  You have done an amazing job of supporting us in the early days of Cortana and it gives us motivation to continue to build something great for you.  There is no substitute for action so watch the next four months and you will see that we are dead serious about giving you the best personal assistant on any Smartphone, something so great that you will convince everyone you know to get a Windows Phone.  And if that happens, then we can stop early future speculative talk about Android/iOS :)

Thanks again for engaging in a dialog.


It's kind of amazing that you guys (you Marcus) actually respond to a community like this.  I appreciate your follow up on this.  Thank you for caring about your customers/fans/loyalists.  While I've learned to let live on whatever MS has done in the past, other consumers might not be easily convinced that WP is MS's primary objective.  Your department may see WP as a 1st rate platform, other departments in MS have not shown otherwise.  Skype (yes, who operates as their own entity -but still is owned by MS) has not given WP consumers faith in this "first class" treatment.  There are other examples I'm sure you're aware of.  -Don't get me wrong, it makes sense from a business perspective to release services where it'll make the most $$ in the long run (iOS/Android -where all the users are at) ... however, from a consumer standpoint, it shows a negative response to current WP/MS customers and to the "other users" on different platforms.  The media (which we both know, we cannot control) is guilty of some of this negative response as well.  Why would any consumer switch to another platform if 1st class services are on that platform already?  Why would any consumers switch to WP if services are provided as 2nd class? 

Now with that said, I understand that you have stated that your department is going to contribute to everything to the WP platform and possible to other Windows platforms in the future.  What makes the rest of MS from doing this?  At the current standing, WP consumers have felt rejected over the years...I've been with MS so long, I've stopped counting the failures and mistakes it has made with their mobile platform.  I'm not that naive anymore to think that MS won't make additional mistakes with the platform.  -Thus, this is why I believe we as WP fans have created this frenzy over the last few days about this. 

 -And I truly believe, that until MS decides to treat it's WP customers as 1st class citizens, I think the sentiment of persuing other mobile platforms for Cortana will not rest easy with us. 

I apologize for this response.  I am just stating what others and I have been feeling about the platform in general. 

Thanks for your clarification and contribution to this community.

It's good to see you are making an attempt at damage control, but the genie is out of the box. the remarks made should _never_ have been made and you (and MSFT in general) should have been smart enough to understand the implications of such remarks. Maybe you should engage in some serious media training as this is not an isolated incident. Especially in the llight of MSFT recently putting competing eco systems ahead of their own and in a continuous fashion the pattern of Windows (phone) being a 'hindsight' and afterthought seems to be the prevalent way of thinking and development now. iOS and/or Andoid development of Windows services apps such as Skype and Office are ahead and better then what we see on Windows Phone. All the big talk we heard during the WP8 Dev SUmmit two years ago seems to have been mostly air and 'if only we could go here'


Then a huge part of your world and you loyal user base gets treated to what could be a great and far reaching unique feature in Cortana only to have it (again) brought down again by a few lines of uncontrolled answers recently.

For MS to be able to get into a dialogue with their customers and be able to float ideas to see what the response is from a part of their customer base is not a bad thing.   It is valuable for the company and for us to be able to have input into the decision making process.

So I applaud them for it.   It probably should be done in a very particular fashion, ie an overt statement of "hey we are thinking of X, Y, Z and wondering what you think of it".   Pretty much how Marcus ended up responding to us.   Unfortunately the internet has a very strong tendency to turn up to eleven at the drop of a hat and that makes dialogue somewhat difficult.

Personally I appreciate them coming out from behind the curtain and interacting, I think there's much to be gained from it.

Once they port cortana to ios and android it basically means microsoft have conceded to apple and google in the mobile space and they don't want to compete. I don't know how windows phone will grow at this rate when microsoft doesn't even show confidence in their own product. Dan you need to stand up for windows phone, this is wpcentral. We all love windows phone. Why give the prominent ios and android users more reason not to switch to wp? Good for microsoft: Maybe
Good for windows phone: No

@Marcus, wouldn't it be a better option to test your product with more people? Surely it will be fine for a NA organisation to test its product in Brazil or India to enable usability, for locals! By creating NA only beta testings you are ruining the fun for the rest of the world. Statistics, damn statistics, NA, happens to be in the minority.

Tested win7&8, office 2010/13 betas without having to change my region, I miss Clippy. Its time someone needs to think out of the box! Resuming...... Ioading........ L625