BBM drops beta status on Windows Phone


BBM for Windows Phone is now available to the general public. BlackBerry has just shared news that an update to BBM should be out shortly. Today's update will reflect the improvements the team has made with BBM for Windows Phone during the beta period.

Right now you'll still see BBM version in the Windows Phone Store, but a blog post from BlackBerry informs us that version 1.01 should be out sometime today.

This update will drop the beta status and include changes made to the app during the last phase of the beta. You'll notice mostly bug fixes and performance improvements if you've been using BBM in beta. BlackBerry also says that app load times should be faster.

Update: You should now be seeing BBM version in the Windows Phone Store with no beta label. Enjoy!

Let us know if you see the new version of BBM for Windows Phone yet and what you think of the app.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Blog

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BBM drops beta status on Windows Phone


Off topic,but end of the month will be five and half months sense the last update from instagram.At least Blackberry is showing support for WP:) and pushing updates.

Again.Off topic,but I will give it a whirl.He laid a big fat goose egg with the Microsoft Lock Screen App.Even the best have bad days.

I think that Instagram is waiting for release the full version when Windows Phone 8.1 come out to every single devices. Because of API inside Windows platforms.

Give it a chance again trust me new version is Preety fast n good , m really shocked . Did expect expect it would b tha good .

I'd like BlackBerry to succeed with BBM...they seem very earnest to get it right.. And that's something when you already have a decent number of active users using the product....

bbm got the beta tag off in 15 days, while others have been in beta phase for almost a year( e.g. the nameless photography app).

The way bbm team has worked on this and now dropping beta. Way to go guys! Instagram team take a lesson. It now feels like 'beta' is also part of ur app name. Lol

Try this: Uninstall the private beta if you have and then open the app again after it has crashed. Will work fine after that. Worked at my end.
Else try to reinstall the app. The public version works fine now at my end.

Uninstalled, installed app again. Same issue, maybe I have a bad contact in my list, some contact with a weird character in the name or something, but it just lists contacts from my phone, and hangs with the progress bar dots just moving on the screen, can't scroll the list of contacts and moving to other pivots just hangs the pivot header.

The closed beta is still buggy as an egg covered with chicken pox (for example nothing loads on Wi Fi when app is open on charge or when phone is luke warm yet loads fine on cellular data this behaviour has become more prevalent over the past couple of days), half tempted to install the public app on my dad's 620 and compare.

I have same problem for closed beta(lumia icon) have to switch to cellular then switch back to wifi after it loads. Tried it on my sgh-t899m(ativ s) it loads on wifi every time guess its just a problem with nokia handsets

They added fast app resume! Nice :) Now all they need to do is optimize it for Windows Phone 8.1 so the app doesn't terminate when pressing the back button.

Honestly, I think they should have kept the beta name until they get more of the features implemented. This seems just a salve for those who somehow feel slighted by the site of the letters b+e+t+a. I don't care what it says as long as it works and has all of its features working. This one does not have it's full feature set, so I still consider it a beta. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

It does drop the beta status, glad the developers work fast and hard on bbm. Not like the developers from instagram, lazy as pig !

all the "Most wated" apps for windows phone are here ... EXEPT flipboard wich was announced to come about a year ago.

Loving BBM btw ... been wanting this app on my phone for a long time.

Anyone know if the notifications are actually any good now? Always used to say "You have a new notification". They should have notifications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger...

I have yet to see anyone, outside of Blackberry users, use BBM. It was downloaded quite a few times on Android when it was released, but active user base declined rapidly to near zero. Same will happen here. The core, dedicated BB fans will use it, but not many others will.

Learn something from BBM, Instagram. A beta is supposed to be for when you just release an app without full functionality. It's not a license to release a barebones app and then not develop it ever

I have never heard of this app so i thought I could give it a try and installed it right away.
I let the app search through my contacts to see if some of my friends use BBM... But no... Not a single person of my many contacts use BBM...
So this is probably not most popular app ;-)

BBM not updated, so I uninstalled then I want to reinstall but won't happen as installing couldn't happen. Any other users getting same problem. I am using Lumia 720 on wp8.1( Lumia cyan, not DP) in India. I am installing app on SD card.

The app was working fine for me before but after updating it was completely broken. Tried reinstalling it but now it just hangs trying to login. I prefer and have more friends on Whatsapp but would be nice if BBM was fixed soon.

The closed beta channel is like an actual test platform where the public "beta" was more an RTM test. I am hoping they will continue to use the closed beta as a true beta dev platform for those willing to help test and give feedback on the newest possible versions of the BBM client on WP.

I have to give credit to BBM for making a nice app and updating it regularly. Take some clues WhatsApp and you stupid ass instagram which is still beta after what almost a yr

Unless you still want to be in the closed beta, which there is no indication right now that they are still going go be updating that beta with new features, then the best way forward would be to remove both the closed beta and the open beta from the device, then install the new release version. This should clear up many of the issues some are reporting here.

I see many bugs fix in the official app. Seems faster, more stable, less crash and most importantly, it doesn't ask me to delete my contacts everytime I start the app (as I doesn't have any yet). Will sign my old BlackBerry Id on my WP now :D

But here's my question: with the mountain of messaging apps out there, why does anyone give a damn about BBM? I just don't get it. Between text messages, facebook messages, Skype, etc, why do I want or need yet another messaging app? :p

How do? I type the message, press send, they get the message and reply. It's not exactly a challenging formula. How is bbm any better? I seriously want to know :)

I use my BBM for chatting between my L920 and my son's L520 which is Wi-Fi only. He actually uses it with me and we've had the cutest, funniest chats together. The use of pin numbers is much more practical and the app overall is good. I'd like to see BBM continue to improve overall for all devices.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed because I still have the same issues that I have had on the beta version... Crashes on almost every menu and sometimes on startup.

Hi Sam,

I noticed i don't get notificationz when someone sends me a chat unless i have the app open. This wasn't the case with the very first BBM i installed and I'm wondering what has changed. And, this doesn't happen to me alone, it happens to all four of the other Windows Phone users at work and i was hoping someone would help me with a solution.

I use a Lumia 920 on Windows Phone 8.1 PfD, My friends are on Windows Phone 8.


What do i do?