Lumia 920T acquired China's CCC certification, one step closer to retail

Word's coming from China as the global roll out of the highly anticipated Lumia 920 draws nigh. On the official website of China Quality Certification Centre, sharp-eyed folks just spotted a new entry for Nokia Lumia 920T acquiring China Compulsory Certification (CCC). As to what is CCC, just imagine it as a Chinese version of FCC. This is a major milestone before a new gadget hits the country's legal market.

As the CCC status says, Lumia 920T got the weird "T" in its naming for being on China's homegrown 3G network: TD-SCDMA. All over the world there is probably only one major carrier using this standard: China Mobile. The frustratingly "unique" network has caused the carrier great headaches over the years, because few phone makers would like to produce TD-SCDMA phones, when those can't be sold to anyone else. China Mobile repeatedly tried to communicate with Apple for an iPhone deal, failing each time. So it's great to see the carrier finally getting a first-class cool phone, and its 3G users having a great device to burn their data plans on.

Getting CCC isn't the final step before Lumia 920T's availability. Before that, it still has to acquire an network access license from the Chinese government. That usually won't be very long though. With some luck, the Chinese could join the rank of Lumia 920 owners before this year runs out.

For those who can read Chinese, and are interested in what exactly the CCC certification said, please hit this link, paste "2012011606576412" (cert number) into the only text field on the page, and hit the button.

Source: WPDang


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Lumia 920T acquired China's CCC certification, one step closer to retail


Unfortunately we've known this for a hell of a long time and it's extremely disappointing. I ranted that EE shouldn't be able to get a single customer at those prices, but now it seems I'm going to have to be one of my self-proclaimed "idiots" just in order to get the 920.

The problem is price, first generally inflated pricing in Euros, then inflated conversion rates from the bank card we pay on, and then finally delivery charges which are normally through the roof.

Since the iPhone5 has just recently received CCC also its looking like a race to see who will get to market first.
I believe though (could be wrong) that the iPhone5 is only available to the #2 and #3 carriers in China, whereas it seems that the 920 is available to the #1 carrier (which from what i have heard is 3 times the size of each of the others at 600million subscrbers)
My money is on the Lumia 920 T :)

This is correct. China Mobile is over twice the size of China Unicom and China Telecom combined.
China Mobile is also the only carrier to NOT carry the iPhone and the only carrier to have an LTE network.