Official SharePoint app now available for Windows Phone

Microsoft has released an official SharePoint app for Windows Phone, enabling users to stay connected with colleagues using service backend functionality and features. Newsfeeds from SharePoint sites are displayed, which can be added to, with the ability to follow people, access documents, tags and more.

With the built-in Office suite, Windows Phone has the advantage of the competing mobile platforms when it comes to document processing. Microsoft is busy adding more products to the Windows Phone Store, with Lync also readily available.

SharePoint App

Some highlighted Newsfeed features of the SharePoint app:

  • Create new status posts
  • Add comments to ongoing discussions
  • Read and “like” your colleagues’ posts
  • @mention a colleague directly
  • Use #hashtags
  • Upload pictures
  • Discover people profiles
  • Work with followed documents

You can download SharePoint from the Windows Phone Store for free. Note that it's a preview so be sure to leave feedback where possible to improve usability, and reviews already published on the app listing reveal that users are experiencing issues with connectivity. via: Plaffo

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Reader comments

Official SharePoint app now available for Windows Phone


Are you guys entering a proper "my site" address as in the example? Cause when I enter a correct one (https://[company-name], which is hosted on office365, the app simply crashes.

Well that won't work. The app requires a "my site" site collection address on a SharePoint Server with social features enabled. Not any sharepoint site. The question is: is MOSS 2010 enough or is 2013 required?

It only appears to work on Sharepoint 2013, either through Office 365 or self-hosted. Makes sense, since there are loads of new services in 2013.

The "SharePoint Newsfeed" app for Windows Phone will only work with SharePoint 2013, and currently is scoped to work with the Office 365 Enterprise Preview (create a new tenant/account today: ( Final version will be configureable to work with a SharePoint 2013 on-premises deployment. And when you sign-in to the app, use the following Office 365 URL structure: (where "contoso" is the name you chose for your company when signing up for the O365 preview trial). You then enter your O365 user name and password, and the app will resolve properly. We're working on auto-discovery of your tenant -my root site, but require it now in preview (beta). - Mark. Grab the app here: and then read more here: :-), enjoy and keep the feeback coming.

To be honest pretty stupid to release the app and not make that clear especially as next to nobody has the 2013 back end. Would of made more sense to release at the very least when the normal 365 backend servers had been upgraded to 2013 when ever in blue blazes that is due to happen.

Doesnt work for me on Office365 but then the backend is still 2010 unless you are on the preview for Office365 in which it is using 2013 backend servers.